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You're Fired!

(O is for Olivia) Olivia learns new respect for her subordinates

"Mark!" Olivia shouted her secretary's name from the corner of her office. Her head was buried in a file cabinet. Olivia was in her 40s and was a senior account manager at Wilson and Oldsten, the most prestigious advertising agency in the state. She was tall and blonde, with striking nordic features. She had a hard driving personality that, combined with her good looks, had fueled her...Read On


The Sexy Mistress

One girl dominates another girl in a very dirty way

I sit in class, bitting my nails. For the whole day, all I've been thinking about is my Mistress. She is so beautiful. She has long golden curls that flicker at the top of her perky ass. She has bright blue eyes and I could never forget her 34D sized breasts. Just the thought of her makes me so wet. I bite my lip, hoping my panties and skirt won't be soaked. Finally, the bell rings. I grab...Read On


First Time With a Guy

You're never too old to experience new things.

A forty-year-old man, nearly 20 years younger than me made contact through a nudist website I belonged to and we began to correspond about things. We exchanged a few pics and discovered that we were both in the same area. Then one day he was pushing to meet. I didn’t know about that, I mean, it’s one thing to enjoy fantasies… but to really… you know… with a guy and all… I suppose that’s why...Read On


Cum on Inn - Chapter 2

Steve and Isabel have their first guests

Steve and Isabel started the day with a mix of excitement and apprehension. Their first guests would be arriving at Cum On Inn. It was just a few months ago that they had decided to turn their traditional bed and breakfast into a sex-themed inn. Isabel would be part of the package offering the wife of the couple her first bi-sexual experience as well as her first anal experience. Isabel...Read On



She had been waiting so long for her orgasm and her moment had finally come. Or had it...

“Yes. I think tonight I will allow you to push yourself over the edge and into that orgasm,” he says with a smirk. I smile the smile of a girl that will finally get to feel that rush of pleasure surging throughout her body after such a long time of being left a frustrated mess.  “Thank you, Sir,” I manage, my grin spreading to impossible distances across my face.  “Hmm…I think that the...Read On


The Preacher, His Wife, and Me - Finale

Purely fictional but based on some fact

When we finished our meal on the patio, Paul suggested that we retire to the den where it was cooler and less humid, and that he and Darla wait until morning to clean up other than putting leftovers in the refrigerator. Paul was still fully clothed whereas his wife Darla and I were naked and weren’t as bothered by the outside temperature as he was. Nevertheless, we all went inside. Once...Read On


Office Stalking - ch. 3

Alexis continues her submission to Erica

As quitting time finally came, I was actually somewhat disappointed that Erica was not at my office ready to use me once more. I mentally review the day, how I had allowed myself to become Erica's slave and sex toy. How she so expertly used me both in my office and in the ladies room earlier. She had told me that I was to be here at night, so I naturally thought she would come fetch me once...Read On


Carpenter's Inside Work

Milf invites foreman to house for dinner and ends up doing it with him the following weekend

Life had become hard for her since the divorce but she pushed ahead, telling herself there was a man out there for every woman. Her friends, her parents, and even one or two business associates agreed to that but for Julia life just wasn’t going that way. That is until four or so months afterward, when she had planned to have an addition put on the back of her home, and she knew they...Read On


I Finally Do It

I finally decide to fuck my teasing neighbour

I Finally Do It She was there again, lying naked on a blanket in her garden with her legs apart and her shaven pussy looking so, so inviting. I have seen her lying there many times, secretly looking up to my window, checking to see if I'm looking and most times I am, kneeling with my hand wrapped around my cock, stroking it as I imagine what it would be like to fuck her. Today though,...Read On



My neighbour comes to the rescue again

I jumped at the chance when my agent asked me if I wanted to be Miss July in a 2013 calendar. It was going to be naughty rather than full on erotic and each month would feature a model in some sort of uniform. I was given the choice between police woman or nurse. I quite liked the idea of police woman but I thought my voluptuous figure was more suited to the latter. I’ve actually...Read On


Vacation with Teens -3- The Camping Site

It seems the trip is making Lily more daring than ever. Even Leah starts to show her naughty side.

She was the first to spot them. “Over there.” Lily said. The whiff of excitement in her tone revealed she had gotten sight of a hot guy. The other girls, even Sarah, looked at where Lily had nodded. “Mmm, the right one…” Jessica licked her lips as a way to amplify what she had just said. “What about the blonde guy?” Sarah added. “He looks pretty cute. I think he…” A shout overruled...Read On


Let's Go To The Bahamas Pt. 7

Not your ordinary business trip.

Lila lays on her back and you step up to the console, keeping the boat under control as I kneel over her face. She says, “I don’t know what to do.” I say, “Just do whatever you like having done to your pussy. Stick out your tongue and taste me. That’s it Lila, just like that.” Her tongue slides around the outside of my pussy, licking up the flavor of my leaking pussy. She pauses and...Read On


Running into Coverage Ch.5.5

A little gala and a little fall out

A light knocking on the front door interrupted the girls as they sat on the couch watching a reality show. Hadley placed her tea mug on the coffee table and dashed to answer it, figuring it was Marcus. Usually he sent a text after leaving the complex letting her know he was on his way only this time he didn’t. The door swung open swiftly, blowing her hair off of her shoulders. Marcus stood...Read On


Love in Late Afternoon

As we walked in the partial shadow of the buildings, I strode, one foot in front of the other with my arms out, balancing on the wall while he walked on the flat ground beside me. “Hey, careful” he laughed, extending his fingertips to steady me by my hands. I jokingly retorted, turning my head toward him. “Oh, shut up! I’m perfectly capable of walking on a little wall like this.” I...Read On

The Trespasser Surrenders

An older American man and younger Scottish woman enjoy a special day.

Alice's POV I learn online that a 'hood ornament' is the bow seat person in a canoe. The term is sometimes pejorative, especially when the that's a woman and the stern seat person is a man, because some women don't "pull their weight" when they've got a big strong man behind them. I vow to not be a slacker. I learn that the person in back does the majority of the steering because the taper...Read On


Mirror, Mirror

(N is for Nancy) Nancy gets a spanking from her identical twin

Some identical twins struggle to retain a sense of individuality. They'll style their hair differently, dress differently... anything they can to differentiate themselves from their sibling. But Lisa and Nancy were different. They reveled in their similarity. Growing up, they vexed their parents because it was never possible to discipline them when they were naughty behind their parent's back...Read On


Night Time Romance | A Series of Unfortunate Events

Night time stranger turned lover

The night in question was spontaneous; I was at an old friend’s house who I hadn’t seen for about a year, with my best friend, Loz. We sat around, drinking and having a laugh whilst Loz played the guitar and sang with her cooling voice. We ended up there purely by coincidence but I loved it. I soaked up the contented atmosphere in which I felt comfortable, even though I’d only met half...Read On


A Time of Discovery

Getting older doesn't mean you can't have new experiences.

Adrian had not had sex in eleven years! Well, at least not in the traditional sense of two people mutually satisfying each other and wrestling in the throes of passion. When his wife passed away, he was at loose ends. He had been out of the dating scene for almost 30 years, and all of his female friends were either married, or so straight-laced you would have thought that they wore corsets to...Read On


My best friend

Her hands slid into my panties, her fingers brushing my clit... I wake up suddenly, sweat dripping down my face. My pussy wet and throbbing. Another dream about her...and how embarrassing, this time she's lying in my bed. My best friend of 13 years (have we really known each other that long? It's hard to believe we're both 18 already) is asleep next to me, with no idea that right now my head...Read On


Glory hole tax (The Mall Part 2)

My hands trembeled as I unbuckled his belt

My clothes are still in a pile on the floor of Jim's stall. I walk in to get them when Jim pushes me against the wall and kisses me. My mouth opens in surprise and his tongue slides inside my mouth. After a moment of shock I responded by sliding my tongue over his. He pulls back and looks down at my hard cock. He steps back, pulls down his shorts and pulls me to him tight. He kisses me...Read On


Cum on Inn - Chapter 1

Steve and Isabel open a new kind of bed breakfast

Steve owned a traditional Bed & Breakfast. His girlfriend, Isabel, lived there with him and helped him to run the inn. They had enjoyed several years of steady business and a good life, until the recession hit. Business slacked off and the discussion turned to how to increase business. There was the typical discussion of reducing rates, offering a free night's stay, special packages and...Read On


Summer Favor

She gave a nice young man some deserved confidence

I was having a banner day at the apartment complex pool. The day was clear and hot and Seraphine was there with some friends. Seraphine was a 34 year old with a nice round butt, full natural breasts and a perfect tan. I had gotten to know her from our mutual time spent at the pool. I liked being at the pool when she was there not just to watch her climb out of the pool but also because she...Read On


Blindfolded Lover

I grabbed a handful of your long hair, keeping you from squirming away from me.

The anticipation and excitement was building. I had never had a real life encounter with a woman from a website before. You were so beautiful that I was willing to take a chance. I felt nervous and extremely aroused all at the same time. Over the course of sharing fantasies with each other, you had shared a particular fantasy that aroused you more than the others. Now, I was going to do my...Read On


His parents condo: day 1

A girl finaly meets her dream guy, things get heated pretty quickly

I arrived at the station a little lost and confused. I wasn’t sure where to go or what to do. I stood there looking around till I heard “Conny! Conny, hey!” I turned around and there he was. The guy I have been waiting to meet for a long time. John waved his hand in the air as he practically ran towards me. I smiled the second he said my name. He stopped in front of me smiling. He had the...Read On


Weekend Away

The start of a couple's weekend away

This is my first story so be nice. I stand admiring a golden statue as I wait, wearing a floor length blue dress, which cuts low down my back, framing my ass perfectly. My long, dark brown hair is flowing down, lightly caressing my bare back. You smile as you take in my beauty, watching me standing there in the middle of the hotel lobby. The posh hotel in the heart of central London was...Read On


Teaching Mom About Orgasm, Ch 4

Mom and I touch each other.

These are the last 2 paragraphs of chapter 3: "Well, how about a plain dildo?" I suggested and pulled up a page of penis-shaped dongs. That got her interest. We went through several pages of dildos in all shapes and sizes. She was getting visibly turned on. Frankly, so was I. My cock was hard inside my shorts. I felt her hand slowly creep up my thigh. She looked at me and said,...Read On


His Love

She asks him to show her how much he loves her.

Sometimes I think it's only my love for her that brought me through. Every time we went down range, when every step could be your last, all I could think about is how I have to get back to her. And I made it. Only a couple of scars to show. On the outside that is. But it makes you appreciate what you have. I got dealt a plate full of serious. I don't fuck with life the way I used to. ...Read On


The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark - Part VII

Jane increases her hold as a cuckoldress over Mark

Mark: There is a case to make that far from cuckolding being a threat to marriage, cuckolding actually enhances a marriage. Yes, giving your wife sexual freedom can be quite risky. There is always the chance that she will fall in love with her lover and want to leave the marital home and be with him. It does happen and will continue to happen but the majority of marital relationships last....Read On


Courtney - Who Needs Pictures with a Memory Like Mine?

I never knew post breakup sex could be this great!

You may want to read about my first date with Courtney but it certainly isn't required reading. Courtney and I dated for only 3 or 4 months. It turned out that since we didn’t really have that much in common and came from completely different backgrounds that we weren’t as compatible as I had hoped. Don’t get me wrong, when we were between the sheets, life couldn’t get any better. Once we had...Read On


Linda's Awakening Phoenix Style

Wife's First time interracial encounter arranged by hubby

Linda’sAwakening Phoenix Style Linda awoke to the buzzing of an alarm. What the hell? Dan must have left it on accidentally. He had told her he was going to get an early start, maybe sneak out of a session early, and she might have an exciting day, or something to that effect. She reached over, had to rise up and scoot across the bed to hit the alarm. At the same moment, she heard a quiet...Read On