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Nearly Twins - Part 3

It all comes together!

It had been over a month since my first night with Karen and Gerry, and my life had changed out of all recognition. I’d spent every weekend with them, joining them on a Friday night and just losing myself in them for the whole of the weekend. Karen was as open and as sensual as when we first met, and sliding my cock slowly deep into her still made both her and me tremble with the anticipation...Read On


Former Teacher PT4

Potential teacher will agree if has sex with Headmaster's wife

“I can’t give him that” said the headmaster. “No way” he went on to say. Then he thought further. “Let me think about this a little. We’ll figure it out.” That was three days prior. Jonathan Johnson wanted this job. To be a departmental head in a school like this would raise his salary enormously. He knew he’d get it. He was called back in to re-interview with a new group of people,...Read On


Prom night

Part 8, final story

I woke up and looked over at my calendar. It was Sundaymorning, the day of the prom. Last night after we had our fun, I sent Ella and Lily home. I told them both to get ready and that I’d pick them up at 6:30 (the prom started at 7). I looked over at the clock and saw that it was already noon, so I started getting ready for tonight. I got dressed and went to my car to run some errands. First...Read On


The Violated's Payback

He probably should've realized something wasn't quite right when he came home and she was waiting for him in nothing but a sheer top in a candlelit living room. It wasn't totally new to find her this way. Tonight something felt different? Maybe it was that she was wearing a new top he hadn't seen before? But what really caught his attention was that she was playing with the new dildo he...Read On


Sex in the stairwell

A girlfriends fantasy come true

Oh how the years have gone by and the things I have forgotten. One thing that had slipped my mind until recently was an old g/f had a fantasy of having sex with the strong possiblility of being caught. When we had met I only been with a couple of women and it was just plain old missionary style sex. When I met Terry I found myself in a whirlwind of sex. There was nothing that this...Read On


We're more than Just Friends now

We thought our friendship couldn't get any closer. I guess we were wrong.

Most people have a hard time choosing who their best friend is when asked. For me, it's the most easy question in the world. Josh. Josh and I have been best friends since we were 2. We met at the park and we've been close ever since. But ever since sophomore year old high school, I've been finding myself attracted to him ... sexually. Before I get anymore into this, let me tell you about...Read On


My Best Friend 13 - The Surprise Pt. 3

Sam and Jeanette come over and show me something new...

Amanda laid quietly along the couch with her head in my lap while we watched TV. Amanda had talked me into changing the channel so she could watch her stories while we wait for Jeanette to call. I sat there letting Amanda watch her stories with her head in my lap. I quietly wished Jeanette would hurry the fuck up and call letting Amanda know when she was coming over with her asshole...Read On


George Isolde and the Brass Ring Pola Band (Ch IV)

Geroge plays the gig, the car breaks down again, and Isolde leaves him.

Chapter IV When they got to the gig, Will, the drummer, was just setting up. He nodded to George and Isolde as he fiddled with his equipment. The bass player hadn’t arrived yet, but that was no surprise. He had told George three months ago that he was playing a wedding in Ocean City “on a Friday afternoon, for God sakes! Doesn’t anyone get married on a Saturday anymore?” he had...Read On


Bo Peep and the neighbor

crossdresser role play

It had been a hot summer and I had no luck finding a job. My parents did not seem to understand that there just weren't that many companies hiring that year due to the economy so they had really been pressuring me to find a job. They all wanted someone with experience but having just graduated high school I had none. I was nearly at my wits end so when I was asked to house sit for my uncle...Read On


To Sir, With Love Part VI

Mathew leads Jamie to a life of service.

Chapter 14 continued Sam was the first man to recover. He was not fully hard, but well on his way. He straddled Jamie’s chest and stroked his cock and balls though her tits as he held them together. Jamie lifted her head on each stoke, trying to catch the head of his dick with her mouth. Sam let her have a bit more on each stoke, until he was sitting on her tits and fully fucking her...Read On


Roommates daughter #2

Going all the way with the Roommates Daughter.

A few days had passed since Seth had finally been able to taste the sweetness of both Gina’s and Jess’s young pussies. Seth worked nights and got home between either 1 am or 6 am, depending on how fast he worked thru the night. One night, when he got home around 2am, he saw a strange car in his driveway and that the living room lights were on. He shut his headlights off, and coasted into...Read On

Redwood Storm

I will always remember

Redwood Storm Irishmik60 It was back in the 70's. Back when most reading this story weren't even around. Not a glimpse in their parents imagination. I was living in California. A little town between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Just north of where Highway 1 and Pacific Coast Highway split. A little coastal community of fishermen, and artists, and of course the 2nd industry there, tourists. ...Read On


Hot weekend part 1

Three close friends share everything

It was the hottest day of the year so far. We could only bear to stay on the beach for about half an hour at a time. The sea was a welcome refresher and helped wash the sweat from our bodies. We’d all been friends for years, grown up together and been through school together. Anne and I had tried to be a couple once or twice but jeopardising our friendship was just not worth it. Kym and Anne...Read On


The New Boss

Old Job, New Boss

My name is Jacklyn. I am 27 years old and was just promoted to Vice President of BB last week. I'm not a stunner but I have an okay body with a nice shape to it. I begin working here when I turned 20 and found it to be relaxing. However what everyone called the "Upstairs Crew" were very quiet and to themselves and were wondered about a lot. So when I got the promotion, I was very...Read On


Supposed to Be

He started out teasing me, pulling out and plunging back in.

Why did it have to be this way? He was just a dorky kid a few years ago. Now, he is definitely grown up. He comes home from college every weekend, making me long for him. Ugh, why did I get married so young? I have always been so rash. Seeing him every week just helps confirm that I am not with the person that I was intended to be with. What makes it worse is that he is with one of my very...Read On


The Magic Lamp - Part One

Miriam had worked for an antique dealer for the past three years. Her job mainly consisted of visiting estates that her boss had purchased at foreclosure auctions and searching through those buildings for valuable antiques. She always found her job interesting but there was one particular day at work that she would never forget. She had been rummaging through a large attic in an old...Read On


Library rendevous

Jason and I have had some really great and exciting sex. We have tried threesomes with a guy and a girl. We have had sex with another couple. So we wanted to try something a little different for us. We decided the next sexual experience we would try would be just him and I. It was about 10 am Sunday and I decided to head to the library. Usually at this time the library is empty. I chose...Read On


While the wife's away the men can play...

While his girlfriend went out he had some fun with her gay friend...

I'd finished doing a long stint at work and hadn't been able to 'unload' for three days. I was very sexually frustrated! I decided I'd go round my friend Sarah's flat for a coffee with her and her boyfriend. So I arrived at the flat, rang the bell and she buzzed me in. I walked up the stairs and through the door. I sat and chatted with Sarah about work while I smoked a roll up out the window....Read On


Sex Show At A Wild College Party!

A girl and two guys decide to put on a sex show at a college party instigating more wild sex!

(episode 10) This story follows “A Frat House Party Turns To GangBangs” Those downstairs/upstairs gangbangs ended up being the dominant topic of discussion around the fraternity house for quite awhile that fall semester of 2005. And Jennifer was proving to be very curious about the gangbangs of that night, quizzing me thoroughly and pushing me into giving her a detailed description of...Read On


George, Isolde, and the Brass Ring Polka Band

As soon as she did, she would feel guilty; she had committed another mortal sin and was going to bur

Dedication This dedication is long and necessarily so. The book has taken me three decades to write, mostly because I didn’t start actually putting pen to paper, so to speak, until I had all my background ducks in a row. Putting ducks in a row is like herding cats; patience becomes the primary virtue. This book is Tom Woolfolk’s fault. Well, actually, Tom’s and Sheila’s jointly. We...Read On


Krystenah's Inspiration Part II

Master J surprises Krystenah with some party guests who are invited to punish her

“Get up and go take a shower,” he told me. “I have a surprise for you.” I was always the most obedient when I heard my Master say these words. I sang in the shower as I washed away my sweat and the evidence of our lovemaking. As I wrapped the towel around my body, I saw the nightie hanging from the door. It was a fire engine red see-through baby doll nightie and was the trashiest thing I...Read On


To Sir, With Love Part V

Mathew leads Jamie to a life of service.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN “So let me get this straight. We get the suite and Mathew gets a regular room?” Don asked in disbelief. Cindy answered, “His instructions say to pick up keys to the suite at the desk. That’s all I know for sure.” Wednesday morning, Cindy received an email from Mathew that was addressed to her and Don. It read: “We will be spending the weekend at a...Read On



First person perspectives of an encounter at a dance concert.

Percussion There are these transcendent moments in my life, moments when my consciousness expands beyond the normal, day to day concerns regarding the next patient, what to eat for dinner, toe jam, the fucked-up state of our Union. Most of these moments have happened during times of intense physical exertion of some sort. I think my first happened when I was playing ball in high school -...Read On


Friends Forever

Will they be best friends forever?

It was around eight thirty in the morning and Bea laid in bed staring at the lovely man next to her. No they aren't in a relationship and no they didn't sleep together but they were friends and had been friends for years. Bea seemed to take notice of his features this morning. She had never done this before. His eyes which are normally so blue, a light blue, almost grey were closed. His hair,...Read On


Just A LIttle Bit

It was just a lunch date, maybe not even a date. A walk in the sunshine later...

Just A Little Bit Gerry looked forward to his lunches with Tammy. He was careful to call it “lunch”, rather than “lunch date”, because he just couldn’t quite be sure what was developing between them… or if it was anything at all. He liked her, and she seemed to like him, but there was just that horrible thought in his mind that she wasn’t interested in him beyond sharing some time at lunch....Read On


The Hiker

After skinny dipping the lone camper steps out of the shallow stream at her campsite. The midday sun is hot and, being so far from civilization here deep in the woods, she sees no harm in lying naked upon her open sleeping bag and letting the warms rays of the sun dry her off. She lies there staring up at the swaying branches of the towering trees above her and listens to the sounds of...Read On



Man dreams of fantasy that mystery online friend shared

I close my eyes for a moment and thenreluctantly tear them open again. My desk is a mess and I start to tidy up my desk. I see the time and realize it is so late and by now I should have been home already. I leave my office and walk down the corridor and soon realize that I am completely alone. The quiet is so welcoming after a day of challenges. My iPod is a welcome companion and I put on...Read On


Spanking Lucy

My thanks to EnglishRose28, for her guidance and candor about where my story crossed the line from hot to scary, especially when it came to her luscious nipples. I’m seated on a small armless chair in the center of the room, and you stand before me, your beautiful hazel eyes cast downward in supplication. You wait for my instructions, and with a slight nod I bid you to proceed. You turn...Read On


What are friends for?

Friends don't let friends suffer!

“Never?” I asked. Charlie pressed his lips into a thin line and raised his eyebrows. “Nope, not once.” “How come?” “Long story.” I leaned forward over the table, hands clasped over my coffee mug. “But you’ve been married for nearly as long as I’ve been alive! How can you have never had oral sex?” “It’s complicated.” “And you’ve never contemplated, you know, having an affair?” ...Read On


The Marine's Reward

My girlfriend and I have always been able to talk openly about sexual fantasies fictional or not. Most of our more memorable sexual experiences have actually come from these conversations. One of our earliest conversations that started our ritual of talking about these fantasies had the ability to come to reality. Lacy and my girlfriend continued to be friends after we had our explosive...Read On