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Naughty Kid gets dealt with by a Naughty teacher

Not your normal detention

     "C'mon Miss, can't you just put my best mark on the report card" My teacher laughed. "You would have to do something for me." Then I swear she licked her lips but nobody else realised anything so I thought nothing of it. Our Teacher, Miss Jones, was about thirty probably a few years younger. She was the gymnastics coach so had a gorgeous trim body, some say she would have been good enough...Read On


I didn't know she was watching

It was the usual Saturday afternoon, sat round my best friend Mel's house, catching up on the weeks events, having a giggle, watching TV. Her boyfriend was out, so it was just the two of us chatting away. We'd been best friends for years, since school, we could talk about anything. I'd even once told Mel I'd had a sexual dream about her, God I woke up so wet that morning & dieing to rub...Read On


Ah, The Anticipation of Passion

Ah, passion and heat of a first fuck...

Ah, the passion and heat of a new lover, mmmmm what is sweeeter? I really can't think of nothing else. We all know that unbridled passion and first kisses of a new relationship. So let me explain in depth... Ah, I met this most perfect man online, I know seems so strange that you can find love online but it happens, it also happens to be the place to find lust if your looking. So I'm...Read On


Peeping Girl VI

When Peeping Girl Found Him

This was a sickness. A sickness that I had to find help for or get under wraps. Sooner or later this kind of behavior is going to get me into trouble. There was no denying that I had to watch whatever seemed to be the least bit arousing to me. More than that though, I needed to understand the fascination. Where there more out there just like me?   I turned to the only thing rational where...Read On


The house around the tree

The house around the tree can be a palace for a fuck fest . . . . .

Next Monday morning I called up to the resort, as I told Ellen I would do, and talked with one of the twins. Jim, I think it was. “I wanted to know if you guys were going to be at the resort on (Can not remember the exact date)” he said that yes, they were going to be there. I told Jim that I would be bringing another girl with me so we needed a double bed cabin. By the lake if possible. I...Read On


After the first time (Chapter 5)

I have no idea how long she was out. I think I dozed off for a while...

I have no idea how long she was out. I think I dozed off for a while but I heard the door and was praying for it to be her. I know I needed the pee bag emptied. I had a need to pee and everything went well. No mess and I relieved my bladder. She came into our room and she said - I brought you another gift. But I see that I have to empty the bag. And I will also take off the condom with the...Read On


Got more at the grocery than I planned on

It was friday and a hot summer day.  My husband had called and said he would be a little later then usual. The kids were both at friends for the night.  I had been working in the yard all day in cut off shorts and a tank top.  It was around two and I decided to quit working for the day and go to the store and get steaks, beer and wine for a nice dinner for me and my husband.  While in the...Read On


Daily Routine

Ok This is my first masturbating story I have ever wrote so please be kind....I have found that my pussy is one of my best friends so every day I like to give her plenty of attention!!! I sit down in the morning and read some hot masturbating stories and look at cock pictures until I am so hot and juicy that I have to quit and go get an ice cube or 2 and rub it on my pussy until it is so...Read On


A Happy Coincidence part two

...he put his hand on my clit making my hips push up against his touch and as he did he pushed the head of his cock inside of me until he met the resistance of my hymen his fingers on my clit again rubbing fervently,  my wet pussy making me want him  deep inside of me, tears where in my eyes I'd never had anything bigger than a tampon inserted into me and now this full thick cock was about...Read On


A Happy Coincidence

It wasn't planned....

This the story of my first time (although the names have been changed) He was an arrogant egotistical male but she loved him, she would argue probably more than life itself and although she fully believed he just saw their relationship as a close friendship every part of her yearned for more. When she closed her eyes she could imagine the feeling of his lips upon hers, his hands exploring...Read On


Will and Alessia, Chapter 1

A birthday present turns into fun for not just the birthday boy, but the giver as well.

Alessia was a beautiful young woman.  Tall, blond, long legs, nice ass, and incredible pair of breasts that were all natural.  Nope, no implants for her, she didn't need them with her lovely set of 38C's.  Her skin was porcelain, so fair she was.  She knew she was beautiful and she used her beauty to her full advantage, when ever she had to, to get what she wanted.    She had been with...Read On


First BDSM, (Chapter 4)

We need to go to the mall to do some purchases . . . . . .

-          Wake up, you lazy bum – came the voice of my wife. I retorted, whaaaat, it is Saturday, let me be . . . . -          No, we need to go places, we have things to do and you are coming with me. -          Can’t we do it later???? Was my poor pleading for mercy . . . . -          No, wake, wake, and with that she slapped my ass . . . .   We had a bit of a breakfast...Read On


Claire's Awakening 5: Mr Williams

Mr Williams enjoys watching Claire's journy of self-exploration..

Dave Williams lived alone. He was 46 and looked good for his age. 6”2, dark brown eyes with long curly lashes and almost black hair – short and tousled. His wife Helen had left him a year ago for his best friend John. The split had left him devastated and he hadn’t left the house much since. His days were now spent surfing the internet for porn. Sweet virgin teenage pussy. It was a...Read On


Long Distance Love

A chance meeting in a chat room leads to romance

Never having been a techie I was leary on meeting people on the Internet, but I was lonely and needing some companionship and joined a chat room to do just that--chat.  Well, one evening I was in the room and in pops a man with a marvelous sense of humor.  I sat alone in my living room and laughed at his comments.  I sent him a private message and asked him where he'd been all my life. ...Read On


Was it only a Dream.....part 2

Steve and Shannon take the next step.

Continued from Was it only a Dream.....part 1 Shannon and I got into my car, she scooted over to sit right next to me as we drove the short distance to her house.. neither one of us spoke on the drive over.. she just quietly held my hand. Once at her house she pulled me into her bedroom, shut the door and turned around. she had a dreamy sort of smile on her face. she slowly walked over to...Read On


Was it only a Dream.....

Was I Dreaming ? part 1

I have had this dream several times throughout high school,  and altho it never accually happened..... I sometimes wondered... What if??   A little Background first.....My name is Steve, and I am going to tell you about how I got re~aquainted with Shannon and her parents.  Shannon's parents and mine had been friends forever,  David,  Shannons father had been the best man at my...Read On


Birthday Present

Natasha's virginity is taken by an older man.

Natasha stood naked in front of her bedroom mirror looking at her body and wondering what was wrong with her. Today was her 18th birthday and she had never even been kissed by anyone who wasn't family. She looked over her full figured body, true she was a bit big in the stomach area and she had 36D tits, but she didn't think she looked bad for a bigger girl. She was tall, which made...Read On


There's a First Time for Everything

This is a story about very very friendly girlfriends

Sitting with a girlfriend of mine laughing and talking casually about our best and worst relationship moments and confiding in each other our sexual escapades and life lessons learned she reaches out spontaneously and touches my cheek with her palm leaving her fingers in the soft hairs at the nape of my neck a little too long for merely polite contact. While her hand rested on my neck just...Read On



She alway wore that panty too tight, so this hand turned me on, until I ripped it off her.

My new young maid   This story I'm gonna tell you is a true one. Mi name is Mark, I was 22yo at the moment but experienced enough to accomplish sex without problems.  It was now a few days since my mom had kicked out the maid, a mature lady who made all the housework for us, but my mom had decided to hire a new one instead.  I still don't know what reasons she had to  send away this woman...Read On



young guy seduces older woman and has rough sex with her.

It was 10 years ago on a long weekend holiday that the whole family was gathered at my older uncle’s house in Seattle .   My uncle John was a 68 year old retired Colonel.   Some 50 or 60 people were invited to celebrate New Year the evening after.   Among them was Felicia, my 2 nd cousin’s aunt.   She was a very attractive 38 year old woman with a lusty look.   She stood at...Read On


Claire's Awakening 2: Claire Clean's up

Claire washes Scott right out of her hair...

Claire burst through the door; she couldn’t believe what had just happened. She had just had her first sexual encounter, and it had been with Scott. The class clown with a reputation for being a horny beast. Her head was spinning. The way he touched her had made her feel like a sexual goddess, but in her mind she felt like she was just an innocent little virgin. Leaving her dad to...Read On


Long Distance Love, Chapter 2

Long distance love, kept alive on vacation

After months of phone calls (thank god for long distance bundles) and emails, I needed to see my lover again.  I took vacation and booked a cheap flight to Seattle.  I was going to see him again and just the thought was enough to send me looking for my vibrator. (I've even named the damn thing Norman!)  I mean, what does a single girl do when her man is 1100 miles away!  I was flying...Read On


Claire's Awakening 4: Lesson 2

Lesson 2 is finally here and Claire gets to see her first penis!

The day started strangely, I woke up naked on my bed. The sun was just starting to come through the light fabric of my curtains. My body was illuminated in all its glory by the sunrise. My skin had a wonderful glow and made me feel beautiful. My mind began to wonder back to last night. I must have fallen asleep straight after masturbating... Gosh that orgasm, it was the most amazing feeling...Read On

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Sneaking Out

Sneaking out has its benefits...

Samantha paced across her bedroom as she waited for Trent to call. Thoughts of being caught sneaking out filled her head and she grew more nervous. Even though she was eighteen, her parents were still very strict.  Suddenly her cell phone rang. Samantha's heart pounded as she answered. The caller id read: "Trent." She cleared her throat and opened the phone. "Hello?" "Hey. What's up?" ...Read On


Long Distance Love, Chapter 3

We find a way to keep our love alive over the phone lines

I had just finished a stretch of four night shifts in a row on a busy cardiology ward in the hospital affialiated with the local university.  We had very busy nights and not time for breaks, there are nights when you don't even get a chance to pee.  The past four nights were those kinds of nights.  I went home the morning of my last shift with the beginnings of a migraine headache, and...Read On


Last Night Changed It All

This is a story about a truly hot steamy shower

You’re the one in the shower, but I’m the one soaking wet!   I’m trying my best to be patient, but I don’t think I can wait for the water to stop! Closing my eyes and imagining the mingling water & soap cascading over your regal head, flowing down your sinuous neck, and over strong broad shoulders, running down the channel of your spine descending over your tight waist, firm athletic ass...Read On


The Affair

An internet affair turns a dull marriage into something that can last the years.

I am a middle-aged woman whose marriage is in decline.  I *do* love my husband.  Didn't I?  I mean we had four kids, the two girls were in their 20's and both in university.  The two boys were "Oops" babies, and at nine and 12, they kept us young and very busy.    My husband and I had been married nearly 30 years.  We got married right out of college.  I got pregnant right away, much to...Read On


The Blizzard

Stranded at work, caught up in the lust.

The Blizzard of The Century, or at least that is what the media was calling it.  It was snowing so hard that the hospital didn't let the day shift go home, that is how dangerous it was.  Not to mention the fact that the night shift couldn't get in.  I was working with one of the male nurses that I have an absolute crush on, which is kind of silly, since we are both pushing 50.  We have...Read On


Camping with my Wife, Chapter 2

Beach party pushes things further.

The tape had stopped playing for a while, yet I remained there, motionless. I couldn’t help but think that it was one of those awful nightmares, the ones you become overwhelmed with relief when you wake up. Except it wasn't the case, despite the surreal nature of the situation. It was real alright, and I was feeling a mix of rage and madness taking over me. My head was spinning with all...Read On


Will and Alessia, Chapter 2

The threesome gains a new partner

Will and Alessia had met a couple of years ago at a lounge on a Friday evening.  Both had come with friends, but they ended up together that night, in a hotel room, for a night of fabulous fucking, and had been a couple ever since.  Will was three years older than Alessia, and for weeks before his thirtieth birthday, he had been quite vocal about one of his fantasies; a threesome, with...Read On