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Vet School Part 8 M/F

Her trial and punishment

Vet School Part 8 The policeman who had arrested her had just spanked Melissa with a wooden paddle. Once the handcuffs were taken off, she pulled up her rough orange jail uniform and went over to her mattress to eat her lunch. She was very hungry, since she had not eaten breakfast, and this was her first meal. She had to kneel down to eat, because she couldn’t sit down since she had...Read On


Recollections and reflections..PART 1

My first time was as sensual as it was special.

My wife and I had just finished making love. I glanced over at her as she lay there naked. She was sleeping contently without a care in the world and I smiled to myself. I leaned over and cupped one of her big brown nipples with my mouth. She stirred and mumbled something and I laughed. A s I lay back, my mind raced 20-25 years back to my childhood days in a small rural town....Read On


An insatiable woman

This woman in her 50's deserved a good attention, and I was not going to miss her this time.

  replied ,  think ,  table ,  receipt ,  cautiousness ,  apron Her husband never paid her any attention. That´s why she felt so sexually unsatisfied. She almost passed out, her eyes popped up for so much screaming and lust.  I was burning from pleasure, as I saw my step mother sucking my dick so anxiously, full of madness. %%%%%%%% It was a very quite and foggy...Read On



It wasn't going to be just another Sunday

I had just turned 20 the day before but it wasn’t exactly a rocking party or anything except that I woke with a huge hard on and I was wondering where the hell that came from because last night was just a quiet evening with my brother Matt and his family. “Hey you, you up?" it was Matt, who was going on a week long business/vacation tour with his wife Ellen and the two kids. I was...Read On


She turned me into a nympho

Attractive black lady wanted to experience a real orgasm and Kim was just that teacher

                                                     SHE TURNED ME INTO A NYMPHO                                                                            pART 1        Let me tell you a little about myself first. I am a 28 year old black lady and l stand 5' 10, I weigh 115 and have long black curly hair. I have nice size breats 36 cc and sensitive perky nipples.      I...Read On


Dominique Ch. 10 (final)

Still half asleep, I started turning over. Whoa! Not a good idea! By the time I'd returned to my original position, I was wide-awake. Complaining quietly in the almost pitch-blackness, my eyes where drawn to the thin arc of yellow moon illuminating the room. It was almost at the end of its nightly trek, low in the sky and on an angle. Rolling a little onto my right shoulder, I took...Read On


Dominique Ch. 09

Memories of sultry summers scudded though my mind like hot afternoon clouds. Dim recollections of wafting mosquito netting fought with the smell of sun showers for my attention. Without opening my eyes, I knew the side of my face was stuck to the training table. The dull ache of my ass felt a million miles away. In fact, it felt good. "Mmmmm," I murmured, as it throbbed in time with my...Read On


I cheated my husband

I was as mad as hell enjoying this stranger fucking me on my way to the store.

These days I´ve become into a fan of erotic stories and my hobby has been to read them as much as I can.  But I´ve seen some  are made up or fabricated.  That´s why I´ve decided to open a new mail account, a secret one, for I´m married and I don´t wish to be caught by my husband, and write a real one based on what happened to me recently. To begin with, I´m married and I´m living in...Read On


Best Friend I Go Camping

Best Friend I Go Camping and discover each other in a new way.

Best Friend & I Go Camping by floridaguy2001 Tom and I have been friends for 15 years, we are both married with kids and we always hang out together. Tom is about 6 foot 2 about 220 pounds, well tanned and blond. As for me, I am 5 foot 11 about 230 pounds, a lot more muscular than he is, with brown hair. We are both 39, almost ready to hit 40, or as I call it the new age of discovery....Read On


How I Got My Wife To Try Black

She's seduced into taking pics with Black man.

How I Got My Wife To Try Black by floridaguy2001 © Copyright © 2003 by Floridaguy2001. All rights reserved. I have always fantasized about getting my wife to have sex with other men especially a black man. But every time I brought up the subject she acted as she was not interested. Let me describe my wife Linda she is 33 years old 5 foot 6, long blond hair, she has 38c breasts and...Read On


I Seduced My Black Next Door Neighbor

She seduces her young black friend

I Seduced My Black Next Door Neighbor by Floridaguy2001 Copyright © 2003 by Floridaguy2001. All rights reserved. I live next door to this really nice black couple; they have a teenage age son that is very, very cute. He is 18 years old and has a slender build, but I find myself fantasizing about him every time I saw him. I can't stop the thoughts from invading my head whenever...Read On


Dominique Ch. 08

I was suddenly struck with the gravity of the situation . I could lose everything here! Clasping my hands tightly behind my back to stop them shaking, I tried to slow my breathing while Andrew, Paul and Kate looked down on me. My Judge, jury and executioner. I felt very small. Would I ever master this game? Was I cut out for this? It wouldn't have taken much for me to burst into tears and...Read On


Dominique Ch. 06

After the weekend, Andrew gave me some space to get my head together, which was good. To be honest, I was 'on autopilot' all week, and hardly able to concentrate. I was glad work hadn't noticed. The experience at Dean's tilted my world on its axis, and I started to wonder about all kinds of things. Going up there was a good idea, I decided, even if it was only to open my eyes to...Read On


Dominique Ch. 05

Friday morning. I loved public holidays. It's funny, but I wasn't even thinking about the weekend. Lying in bed watching the sun come up, my thoughts were on the previous twenty-four hours. Closing my eyes and replaying it in my mind, I was getting horny all over again. Two cocks. Two! God. I'd seen the porn. I'd wondered what it would be like. I could see it so vividly in my mind. It...Read On


An educated, fine lady

Ambar was a pretty delicious woman in her 40´s, ready to be fucked!!

An educated person, her beautiful manners attracted me at the bar, only for old ladies.  I was impressed at the way she spoke some words into the microphone.   But now she was moaning, saying broken words into the head of my dick!! %%%% I felt like if my cock could reach to the bottom of her old pussy while she rode wildly on top of me.  She took her tits out of her bra for me to...Read On


Dominique Ch. 04

I moved in with Andrew sixteen days after meeting him. I still can't believe it when I think about it. We boxed up my belongings in a couple of hours and that was that. I was worried about 'notice periods', and cleaning and getting my deposit back. Andrew said he would take care of it and he did. He also said I didn't have to work if I didn't want to, but I liked my job and wanted to keep it....Read On


Ivey's Story

Ivey grows up in more ways than one.........

This is a first time story from me and I hope that you all enjoy my writing. If anyone wants more, feel free to drop me a line and I will submit more stories. This is the story of Ivey James. Ivey is a 18 year old male who is of black and japanese descent. His father was in the military and his mother was japanese His childhood was one of being a typical military brat, moving from base...Read On


Dominique Ch. 03

I decided a few moments alone with her thoughts would be helpful to Dominique. Stopping in the doorway and buckling my belt, I gazed back at her while she swung back and forth in her own world. Now, THAT is a beautiful sight . There was more for Dominique to learn, and much more she would discover, but for now she could relax. A smile played across my lips as I took one last look at her,...Read On


The Dear John Letter

“Oh to be naked! Seeking joy and repose, Our fronts turned to our allotted backs, each Free to whisper glorious sobs”   A. Rimbaud “ Nos Fesses Ne Sont Pas Les Leurs …”             This is a recounting of a time I fucked a famous person who once used to fuck an even more famous person. The names have been heavily disguised as to protect the guilty in my...Read On


Dominique Ch. 02

Inside the front door, Andrew put down my suitcase and picked up a remote control from a side table, pressing a series of buttons. "I'll give you the alarm codes later," he said, pointing the remote in different directions, pressing more buttons and bringing his home to life. "And I'll show you how to use this, too." "Wow," I said softly, gazing in wonder as lights came up and soft music...Read On


Dominique Ch. 01

Fate lends a hand in one girl's search.

In five years I've had four 'dates', and none lasted more than a few hours. They didn't feel right. Nothing 'clicked'. But I haven't been completely out of the picture. On occasions I was called upon for demos, and happily agreed, pleased my skills were appreciated. And I've been involved in a number of scenes with my friends. I wouldn't say I 'dropped out' of the lifestyle, but I...Read On


Mom's two best friends

My mom loved her work she enjoyed turning people from fat ugly slobs to beautiful sculpted bodies.   She owned her own gym and spa with two of her life long friends from college, Stephanie, and Ashley.   Since I was a kid I had fantasized about them over and over in ever way shape form and fashion.   My mom had called me up while I was at college and said that her and the girls as...Read On


Student Nurse

While camping alone in northwestern Montana , Ben accidentally brushed his penis on the leaves of a poison huckleberry bush when he went out of his tent to urinate during the night. Poison huckleberry causes intense itching but no visible rash, and it is not transmissible from one person to another. By daybreak he was in intense discomfort and could hardly refrain from scratching his...Read On


Vet School Part 6

Vet School Part 6 It was now Friday, and Melissa wanted to get away from campus after this first week of school. She couldn’t believe that she would be spanked so many times during the first week of classes. She slept on her stomach every night and had to sit down very slowly during the day. The other girls in her classes felt sorry for her, and they also made sure she followed all of...Read On


Vet School Part 5 M/F

Vet School Part 5 Melissa had just finished her class at barn six on “Basic Care of Barn Animals”. When she got to her dorm room, specials signs were posted that everyone was to meet in the school’s auditorium for a special presentation. Attendance was mandatory, and you were supposed to wear your regular classroom uniform. Also, you were to sit with your first hour classmates. It...Read On


You Want Me to Call You, What? Ch. 01

An exposition of Ageplay, how it works, and why it works for these two people.

This is a repost, because I noticed the original was cut off half way through.  It has now been split into chapters.  For those returning, the unread portion begins in the middle of Chapter 02. So, I was shallow. By twenty I'd tried just about everything sexual a college girl could try, and with a few exceptions I'd loved it all. From being fingered in the back of a taxi to sucking off...Read On


You Want Me to Call You, What? Ch. 02

This was soooo delicious. Kneeling beside the bed looking up at Stephen wasn't exactly unusual. Yet this time, and with little provocation, I was as wet as I had been the very first time I'd been in this position. God, I loved this position. I never used to. I thought it was demeaning. But unless Stephen was 'on a mission', I was completely in control down here. Rarely in my life had I felt...Read On


Mom's friend comes over to congradulate me

James was a young man of 17 he was in excellent shape, was a letterman in  three sports, football, basketball and baseball at his 5-A highschool in Texas.  He had signed a letter of intent to play football the following year for the Texas Longhorns. In Texas,  football was king and if you played and you where good you where king, which needless to say made you very popular with the...Read On


Julie almost caught

Julie venture's to Dave's house for sex but finds plans changed and his wife is in town

Saturday after work I had just gotten in the door and the phone rang; it was Julie, my fiancee. She wanted me to come over to Dave's house right away. "Sure, I'll be right there;" he lived just a few blocks away. Once there I noted Dave's wife was busy putting away groceries as Dave led me into the livingroom. There was Julie. Dave spoke quietly, said "Julie and I were all by ourselves here...Read On


Julie Goes Out Dancing With Dave And Ward

Julie goes out dancing with her fiance and Dave

The three of us had one night of sexual fun the previous week. I thought it'd be exciting to watch my sexy fiance out with us and dancing with another man. Dave was game for it. He took us in his big Oldsmobile to a country and western bar he liked. It was kind of a slow night at the place, but we danced with Julie plenty of times. I'm sure she enjoyed it, having both us men wanting her to...Read On