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Instant Gratification

Opportunity allow me toI discover an exciting truth about my co workers friend

There is a co worker of mine, seems like a pretty low key kind of a girl. Well she’s always taking about this friend of hers that’s supposed to be really wild.   The puzzle is that nobody ever sees this girl she’s talks about so we think Regina has just made her up to put some sort of excitement into her life.   One day I go by her desk to get some files and she says its going to take...Read On


Afternoon Delight

Former lovers enjoy some afternoon delight

They saw each other at a coffee shop and both of them were alone.  They exchanged pleasantries, you know, how are you, do you still work there, who are you seeing.    They discovered they were both between "friends" right now.  They sat and had their coffee together, even though both had ordered it "to go".  They also discovered they still had the hots for each other, even though years...Read On



Goddess Helen begins her conditioning of it.

"I'm looking for a complete supplicant. Someone I don't have to care about or know anything about.  I have a few slaves in my stable but I want something that they can't give me.  I want someone who will be nothing for me." I meet Helen, Goddess Helen as she called herself, on craigslist.  She said she was looking for someone very specific.  Someone over 30 who would let her make him...Read On


Miss Crystal (part 1)

A brief encounter in the mall, after life time of pent up fantasizing, leads downward, quickly

I loved the mall.  I didn't like shopping and the food reminded me of high school, but I loved the mall.  In particular the cheaper malls that sat a little further away and attracted crowds of inner city youth.  I didn't really love the mall, I guess.  I loved these beautiful, hard girls.  I would go and eat and fantasize about them using me.  Exploiting me. It makes me a little...Read On


My Parents Friend

Get's Me Hot Every Time I think About It

The year was 1987 and I was home on leave from the military. One particular Saturday night my parents were haveing a get together with some friends so I decided to go out and try and find someone to have fun with. I couldn't decide what to wear until I just decided on what I thought would make me look sexy. I grab my things and head into the bathroom and put on my sexiest black...Read On


I Love A Rainy Night

A rainy night leads to hot, steamy sex.

She had a thing for younger guys, her motto being, "get them young, train them right".  She met Bruce at work, but he only worked casually, picking up shifts when he needed to, which wasn't often.  He had another job and lived and worked 90 miles away.    He was about 10 years her junior, divorced and had a little girl whom he had on weekends when he wasn't working.    He asked her...Read On


Waiting for Him

A good way to kill some time.

I was feeling out of sorts as I sat waiting for him to get home from work and to log on to IM for our "date".  I was full of sexual tension, my pussy was dripping with moisture and throbbing, literally.  My clit was engorged and erect, and I hadn't touched myself today at all.  There were butterflies lurching in my stomach and I desperately needed something.  At this point, anything would do. ...Read On


Spanked by His Wife

Charlotte takes control of discipline, helped by her Mother- in- Law

  It was quite a scene. David, my 22 year old brother in law, across his Mothers lap having his bare bottom turned a bright glistening sore red. Her hand rising and falling methodically as she splattered David’s bottom with the open palm of her hand before picking up her wooden backed hairbrush and applying that as precisely and so effectively. David was already a crying sobbing...Read On


Camping with my Wife

Man's hot drunk wife is taken by teenager at a camping trip.

My wife and I had been married for 4 years. Even now, I can't believe my luck. At 28 years old she is a revelation to behold. Not only has she turned a lot of heads with her long blond hair, delicate and beautiful face, perky 36C breasts, slim waist and a perfect nice and round ass, but she has always been completely dedicated to our relation and faithful. She kept herself in shape by...Read On


Young Virgin Anal

                                               Young Virgin Anal   I’m a trainer for a large company and the classes vary from new hires to additional training for present personnel. This week a new class started for new hires in our customer service department. The age range for this group ranged from 20’s to about 40’s of guys and gals. Upon completion of training they...Read On


The Office

All he was there for was to fix the desk

Reaching up knocking on the door .A soft voice from within answers ..Come in ..Opening the door I walk in to the office careering my clip board ..Mam I have a work order to fix a drawer in your desk ..If you could just show me which one I'll get right to it ...A slender women wearing a black skirt cut rather short for the office and a white blouse pushes her chair back from the desk...Read On


the bus ride[2]

the bus ride gets to the end

As we approached the next stop she jumped off and for reasons that I cant explain so did I,I hurried to catch up to her ,as I did she turned saying "oohhh so you would like to loin me"with an evil look in her eye we walked down the street turning into a small plaza ,Sue pointed to a little cafe saying "come on lets have a coffee So we found a table and ordered coffee and a bit of cake...Read On

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The Love Letter

A love letter full of dreams, and hopes to an online lover.

This is a letter written to my online lover, who encouraged me to share it here.  Thank you Darling for your wonderful words of love, and encouragement.  I love you, forever and beyond.   My Darling,   Why is it in life, that love can be so difficult?  Here we are, living and working in different cities, with only the words between us, whether by phone, or email, to give us...Read On


The bus ride

on the way to work

a story I have started         hope you like          well after loosing my licence to drive because of drinking I had to catch public transport which on a good day was packed with inconsiderate people and was running late.   The trains never on time and I was leaving for work at 6am instead of my normal 8am.           My wife was angry at my stupidity and thought I deserved what I got,after...Read On


Next Door Neighbor and Friend - Final Chapter

Next Door NeighborAnd her Female Friend

  Carrie spoke with my folks and asked if I could spend Saturday evening at her house as her folks were going away for the weekend. I told my mom that I had no plans and would be glad to keep her company. Got home about 5:00 pm, washed up and headed over to Carries, about 15 minutes later her friend Donna arrived. Donna was one...Read On


Full-Body Massage

Eva needs relaxation, but gets much, much more

My name is Eva, and I'm a stressed out workaholic.  I grew up in suburban San Diego but moved to Los Angeles with the idea that being in a bigger, more bustling city would introduce me to more people and give me a more 'active' lifestyle.  Unfortunately, in the 3 years since I graduated college and moved here, the only 'active' part of my lifestyle has been my workload.    My friend...Read On


girl friends mum 3

    After being at her home for a few days sex was on the cards a great deal, not that tom minded, as he loved sliding into her pussy, but when she climaxed her whole body seamed to tremble. At times tom wanted to give up, and take a rest but sue had other ideas, and with her mouth brought him back to hardness. That was one thing he love her doing, sucking his big cock even if she...Read On


A Farewell to Last

Oh God, Brad is moving to the west coast.  There was so little time left, and work was bound to interfere with what I had in mind.  I had had a crush on him from the time I met him.  It had turned into a wonderful friendship, but he was more like my brother.  I was going to miss him, that is for sure, but I was also determined to have my way with him before he left for the coast.    He...Read On


Succulent Desires Chapter 4

A twisted Faery Tale set in Scotland with lots of BDSM, fetish, voyeurism, and much, much more.

When the scene was over, Alice realized the music had turned off and everyone came into the main room.   There were a good 30-50 people milling around and Natalya brought out a cake with candles on it.   As Happy Birthday was sung and Alice blew out the candles, a bondage table was being brought into the center of the room and set up.   Alice didn’t notice at first until people began moving...Read On


Succulent Desires Chapter 3

A twisted Faery Tale set in Scotland with lots of BDSM, fetish, voyeurism, and much, much more.

As the elevator reached the lobby, Alice took a few deep breaths and made sure her ample cleavage was covered adequately before the doors opened.   She also realized that whatever had been ordered from room service had not arrived, so she stopped at the front desk and asked them to have room service re-deliver the order at closing and leave it in the room.   She knew they would be back by...Read On


Succulent Desires Chapter 2

A twisted Faery Tale set in Scotland with lots of BDSM, fetish, voyeurism, and much, much more.

Aidan stood there wondering how he let her slip from his grasp.   Rubbing his shaved head with both hands while he waited on the front porch, he wondered how he was going to survive a car ride to Edinburgh with her sitting next to him, how he was going to get her to kiss him again so he could taste her sweet, intoxicating lips again, and if her cum tasted just as sweet if not better than...Read On


Once in a Lifetime

This is a true story that happened some years ago

 Once in a Lifetime I awoke one morning to find myself a single father of two sons. Both still in diapers. My ex-wife wasn't ready for the responsibility of motherhood, but to my surprise I was very ready to be a father. I had a good job for a guy with only a high school education, a foreman for an underground construction company. As good as my job was it wasn't good enough, the expense...Read On


Long Distance Love-The Final Chapter

The end of one story, the beginning of another

Those of you looking to find sex in this story, will be disappointed, but it is the final chapter, one that needed to be written, to end the story for the readers who liked the first three chapters, and for the characters, who also needed their own ending.   This is the final chapter of this story, and the final chapter of this part of my life.  To Jack, who was a wonderful lover, who is...Read On



I didn't know I was fucking a real queen.

I was damn wrong!   I was progressing into Elvira's asshole, attempting to prod my dick well within her while she shook her hips to ease for a good penetration. No question I was working at a cunt which  squeezed your shaft as if it crushed  an orange,  making you feel like   in heaven. This lady turned out to be a pro  at sex.    This story began on one ocassion  I  visited and old buddy,...Read On


Professional Seduction

A doctor and his nurse find love after work

He was a doctor, a Medical Oncologist.  I was a Registered Nurse.  We worked at the same Cancer Center at University Hospital in the large city we lived in.  He was widowed, I was single.  When he asked me out, I was surprised, to say the least.  I had always found him incredibly handsome.  He was a man that had been devoted to his wife, and when she died with breast cancer, he was...Read On


True Love Found

I was raised an only child by very strict Protestant parents.  As a girl born int the 1950's, it was expected you would grow up living at home until you were married and then have your family.  Sex before marriage was not permitted and that was drilled into my head, daily.   From the time I could talk, I wanted to be a nurse, and when my dad had his first heart attack when I was five, he...Read On


Next Door Neighbor lll

Series continued.....

For the last couple of months our sexual relationship continued. There was very little that we did not do for each other. We were back at her boyfriends house and as usual we did not waste any time getting undressed. Just pulled our clothes off and dropped it in a pile on the floor. We were stretched out on the bed and Carrie started playing with my cock and after awhile taking me deep...Read On


when i used to spy

i would sneak around the apt complex ever so quiet looking for a blind cracked open

  When i lived in mississippi i was station in the military but i would live in apt complex off of the base. i loved watching porn and had always thought about what it would be like to watch real people in action not just the tv with my cock in my hand.  Well it was about 2 am and i ran out of my faviorite beer  Miller so i grab the keys to the car and was about to head to...Read On

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Sex In The Woods

As we walk down the pine scented path through the woods I glance over at you. You seem a little pale and nervous, a slight smile plays on your lips. "You don't have to be nervous," I tell you smiling. "Here we are!" I say as we arrive in a small clearing with a gazebo standing in the middle. The gazebo is draped in gauzy airy curtains that when closed give the occupants complete and...Read On

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Kara and Pete

A tryst between an older woman and a High School Football Player in a Motel

Kara lied casually on the bed, an arm behind her head, her feathered brown hair rubbing against the pillow. Her red blouse was open and she was naked, her legs slightly apart showing her dark black bush. She was smoking in bed with a 1920s cigarette holder. Her body was thin, but her breasts were plush and laid nicely to the side. Her lover, Pete, looking a little younger but strong,...Read On