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My Brother, My Lover

Big brother Max finds his little sister masturbating, and things go crazy...

I'm Amy. I'm still a virgin-embarrassingly-and it's not like I'm not attractive. I was-I mean, not to brag or anything. I have muddy blonde hair, long and to my butt, which was perky and tight. I have small but firm breasts, and a heart-shaped face with icy blue eyes. I was one of the most popular girls in Marchton High School.   It's just because most of the guys at my school were...Read On


The incest video interviews chapter 15A

Rita goes out with a bang

I did my last interview, and those three became a little clingy. They began texting me, and calling nonstop. They didn't mean to make me uncomfortable, but they did a little bit. At the same time, I was about three months pregnant with the baby. Ted, and I needed to be ready to bring a baby into the world, and that didn't include interviewing incestuous couples. I couldn't have been happier...Read On


Following Orders

My lover orders me to take care of all at the party...

I don't consider myself to be an actual sex slave or a sub with a real master, but just a highly sexual woman who did as she was told by her lover. You're thinking, "What's the difference?" Well, I can look my lover in the eyes, I don't have to look at the floor all the time, I can say no, although I usually don't, I don't wear a dog collar, and I don't crawl. Call it whatever you want, but...Read On


Naked and Horny

I get down and dirty with my new photographer

It was the day of my first shoot of the New Year and I was feeling nervous. I’m always a bit nervous just before a photo session, but I had a new photographer and I just hoped he would be better than the last one. Graham had been too pushy and was always trying it on. I told the agency that either they got me a new guy or I was going to quit. I’m quite fussy when it comes to guys. Graham...Read On


Closer Friends Part II

The girls invite twin sisters to join them

A week had passed since the four girls had had their night of same sex fun and none of them could keep the thoughts far from their minds. They had all agreed it was definitely not going to be a one-off and Zoe was tasked with organising the next get together. The girls had all left Zoe with some cash and told her to find an online ‘toy’ shop. This was like a red rag to a bull and Zoe and...Read On

Riders On The Storm

We haven't spoken in the 10 years since he took my virginity, but now he is back.

Riders On The Storm It is a reflex response, unthinkingly made. He extended his hand, a folded piece of paper held lightly between two fingers proffering it and without a moment's hesitation I have taken it for my own. As He walks away I clutch the paper uncertain as to what I should do. I turn it between my fingers nervously. It reminds me of those notes we used to pass back and forth...Read On


Love After the Business Trip

. . .daintily draped over the curve of her hip delicately concealing what she had between her legs.

The candles, placed strategically throughout the house, were all lit just waiting for her arrival. Their tiny orange flames dimly brightened the whole house. Their sweet scent of lilac and lavender burned and wafted aroma filling each room the way she loved. It would be the first thing she smelled when she entered. It definitely set the mood for the evening. Her favorite meal of roasted...Read On


Durango Bootie

Laura and I have fun with a group of men in a ski town.

My girlfriend Laura and I have been together now for almost three years. Laura is a tall, very voluptuous blonde. She has a great body with the nicest tits I have ever had the pleasure of sucking on. Besides her body she also has a beautiful face that immediately attracted me to her. Last night Laura and I went to our favorite bar in Durango and caught ourselves a nice buzz. Laura had...Read On


Wife's account of foursome

Fantasy box 4: my wife's version

Hi, my husband has been writing about our experiences from our Fantasy Boxes. We both have a box where we put our sexual fantasies in and try to make them come true for each other, I find his writings about our fantasy experiences really exciting and he agreed that could I write about our latest fantasy, so here goes…. This is John’s fantasy, I picked it out and read it in secret so he...Read On


Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser

A story of me being open with my mom as a crossdressing slut andher becoming my pimp. Plz comment :)

When I was younger, my dad had passed away leaving only my mom and I. She is 45 years old with long brown hair, bright green eyes and stood about 5'10" in height. She is also a fairly busty woman with a 30DD chest with about 35" hips and in pretty good shape for a woman her age. I had been crossdressing for a few years and my mother had caught me a few times wearing her clothes. The first...Read On


Hard to Get

Leah plays hard to get with a hard-nosed competitor.

I love teasing guys and playing hard to get. OK, it's a cruel, but I can't help it. I was born a natural flirt, with big green eyes, a tight little body, and luscious brown locks. In high school, I was always known as "that girl." It's a compliment, even though it doesn't sound like one. I never worried about being tossed into the trashcan as a freshmen, or getting soup dumped over my head. I'm...Read On


Nice surprise when you get home from work part 3

More hot action but it's not the end!

Crossing over to your right pec, I could feel your body tense up as your need to be touched increased. You rubbed your hand up and down my side giving me chills as you hit just the right spot right below my boobs. “Baby, I can’t take it anymore. You are driving me crazy!” You tossed your head back on the pillow. Coming face to face with you, I smiled, loving the fact that I can simply...Read On


Ride of Her Life

Tired of being the good girl she went looking for trouble, finding a bar full of fun.

She was tired of always being the good girl. She went to church, obeyed the speed limit, visited or called her parents every week and was always on time for work. She always followed the rules. It was exhausting. Why couldn’t she break a rule every once in a while? One night she had had enough. There was a bit of bad girl in her that was screaming to get out. She dressed conservatively with...Read On


Curiosity Killed My Kitty Kat (Part 1)

How far has your curiosity ever gotten you? Have you acted upon your inner most desire?

She had me at goodbye. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the conversation. I was just too afraid to tell her that I loved the way she smelled, looked, and spoke to me. It was the middle of August and still hot, so we were both wearing bathing suits. The summer air escaped from outside relieving those of us who had decided to dip into the bar from the heat. Only difference between my bathing...Read On


Hawaiian Ala Cunt, ch 3 Balcony

The mere thought of the two men taking care of her, and each other was more than she could stand.

That evening after they dined at one of Hawaii’s five star restaurants. Afterwards, they returned to Todd’s room for a night-cap. Todd unlocked the door, and Mark and Kandy followed him into the room. Todd walked over to the small refrigerator to get out some wine, and chilled glasses. Before he could get it, Mark tapped his shoulder and whispered, "Forget the wine, let's you and I have...Read On


Izzy and Mr James p3

It was the next day; would Izzy and Mr James carry on where they left off?

Izzy Reeves couldn’t sleep, she could still feel Mr James’ hands on her skin, his breath on her face, his lips on breasts; she wasn’t a virgin anymore. She had never imagined that her dreams would come true, that it would be Mr James’ who turned her into an adult. She had constant butterflies in her stomach, she just wanted to touch him again, for him to touch her again but what if he...Read On

Attention Seeking Whore (I Am An ...) Part 2

Darkside and Kirawildgirl use this Attention Seeking Whore ... and I love it!

Attention Seeking Whore - Part 2 You have returned. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful. I am nothing without you, just a simple desolate attention seeker bereft without her adoring audience. But I have been loved, have been attended to, have been written to by so many. I have made myself available to be taken, teased, and tantalised; to be used and abused; to be treated to...Read On


All the Difference

An innocent response to a Craigslist post leads to an affair, friendship and fingering

Robert Frost. Thinking about Elaine, all that comes to mind now is Robert Frost. That poem we all read in high school, “The Road Not Taken”. I’m not going to quote from it now. I’ll leave it to you to look it up if you’re not familiar with it. But the words come to mind as I think about her now, thinking back around one year to when she first came into my life. More precisely, thinking back...Read On


Laura’s Chummy Mummy

Laura meets Beccy again, they become friends but with Laura subject to Beccy's maternal discipline

Beccy snapped, “Laura, go upstairs to my bedroom, take your skirt and knickers off, and wait for me to come up. You so deserve the spanking I am going to give you.” 28 years old and about to suffer another spanking. Me, a teacher, every day telling off one student or another, giving them a detention or lines, the one in charge. Here though I am definitely not in charge and am very much...Read On


Good Friends

We finally had the courage to meet. It was worth the wait.

I own a small business based in Arizona and took over a similar company in Newport Beach a couple years ago. As my wife hates to travel, I was delegated to visit the store mid-week to assure the operations run smooth. I found myself staying in a nice hotel near a lagoon and each morning I would enjoy sitting on the balcony having coffee and watching the area come alive. This includes the...Read On


My introduction to swinging parties

Friends show me how to swing

I had been a widower for two years and very much missed the sex my wife and I had had. I didn`t want to try to get a "girl friend" which other men had done. Instead, I masturbated pretty regularly. Always standing up and in the nude in my lounge with newspapers on the floor to catch my cum when I ejaculated. I had been jerking off and had a good erection when the doorbell rang. I put on...Read On


My Encounter With A Pregnant Hottie

Lilian straddled on top of me sitting down on my hard, throbbing member on the beach

I had gone out with some mates from college to a beach party where we drank beer and cider all night. I'd got it on with some hot chick in one of the empty college dorms and gotten a slap from her and a pint of beer over my head after I told her she was rubbish in bed. I suppose I deserved that. What can I say? I was a typical twenty- one year old whose arrogant knowing he's good looking...Read On


Miss Karen's Basement: The Conclusion

The third installment in the Miss Karen Trilogy

I knew Karen was serious about me fucking her down there in the dungeon. I also knew that she was serious about Carlos fucking me. Not only had Miss Karen turned out to be a dominatrix, she had a fully-equipped S&M playroom in her basement. First she greets me at the door festooned in leather and lace. Then she leads me downstairs where I end up suspended from the ceiling naked. Next,...Read On


Teasing My Boss

I get naughty with my boss and end up with a good fuck

When the top man at our little firm asked me to be his PA for a few weeks, I was overjoyed. The regular one had gone on maternity leave and I was chosen ahead of two other older and more experienced women. I think being the new girl, I had wanted to make a good impression when I started last autumn. I reckon Jim liked the idea of someone fresh and excited by fine art as his right hand girl....Read On


Generation Game - Part 3

Twenty years on, life has sorted itself out - for the good.

2008 I've been lucky in my work and in my life. I moved to a small start-up company 12 years ago, and 5 years ago, we sold out and made enough money to be able to retire comfortably. We now live in Spain for half the year, spend several months in Texas, and the rest back in the UK. We were married about 19 years ago now, and have been very happy. Our house in Spain is a conversion of a...Read On


My coach

Sometimes taking that leap does pay off

My name is Tina and I'm on the college basketball team. At 22 in college, I'm not quite the star, but also not just someone that stays out of the spotlight either. So after a while I made a small name for myself on the team, but I still didn't play as much as I would have liked to. I told my coach that I wanted to talk him, but he was busy and he said he would set time to the side for me at...Read On


Ripped Ass and Lick O' Lot of Puss

In my first instalment ‘First I fucked my Sister-in-Law’ I told how my wife Aisling had offered to let me fulfil my sexual fantasy (which was to fuck her younger sister Davina) if I let her have her way in an unspecified matter. This instalment continues from where the first finished. A couple of hours after Davina had left me well fucked I heard the door opening. My wife was home from...Read On


Under his control

first submissive story all feedback welcome

I did as you ordered, I am wearing such a shirt skirt I felt entirely uncomfortable in, and a top so skin tight you could see my hardened nipples protruding through the thin silk like material. I am on my knees before your masculine body. You are wearing just your boxers which are not doing a good job of hiding the large bulge of your hardened penis. “Suck it”, you order. I’m starting to...Read On


My New Lovers

I receive new toys in the mail or should I say new lovers?

While reading a spanking story on lush one night I became so turned on by it that I couldn’t help but run my hand down my stomach and slide my hand into my lace underwear. I was freshly shaven after my shower and my fingers felt amazing rubbing my warm and moist lips. After rubbing my fingers around my slit a few times I slowly pushed in one, then two fingers. I shoved them in a few times...Read On


The Guitar Player Gets A Personal Lesson

This is a real story from my life in music, if you like it I will add more.

THE GUITAR PLAYER GETS A PERSONAL LESSON I was an 18 year old senior in high school and lead guitarist and vocalist in a good rock band that played at least four or five gigs a month locally, making good music and better money than we used to make cutting grass or washing cars. We were getting a rep as a good party band! We were the happiest guys in school — and I was soon to learn there...Read On