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Being taught

Young guy Cal seduces his tutor Libby

It was Saturday. I was tutoring Cal today. I put on a little pastel dress and thongs and a touch of make up. I arrived at his house at 11.30. I knocked. He answered the door and grinned easily. He leaned on the door jamb. Cal was 6’4’’, with a huge build and messy dark hair and eyes. He gave me one of his bone crushing hugs. “That’s enough, Cal,” I said, attempting to pry him away, but of...Read On


Slut week - Day 1 ends, let day 2 commence

Slut week day 1 cums to it end, and day 2 is about to begin.

His hard veiny cock slid out of my mouth as I stood up. I sat on the edge of the sink, lent back and spread my legs to reveal my freshly shaved dripping wet cunt. He teased me for a second with the head of his cock, and I smiled into his phone as he took the photo I asked him too before we started. He looked me straight in the eye, gave me a wicked grin and rammed it straight into me. The...Read On


All is fair in love and war (part 2)

Scarlett was awfully turned on by Elisabeth's dominance. It was already making her wet. She liked being controlled, made her feel naughty. "So come on then Scar, I don't have all day!" she said tapping her foot and raising an eyebrow before mumbling with lust in her eyes "take me right now!" Scarlett gulped and extended her hand taking hers and wandering over to the single bed. ...Read On


Laura’s Shopping Experience

Laura goes shopping where the assistant manager is a prefect at her school

I watched Mrs Fellows spank 16 year old Jody and thought it fair enough. I had caught her swearing at 16 year old student Mandy. I asked Jody if she had sworn and Jody said rather sharply I thought that she had only sworn because Mandy had tricked her. Still, I was worn out from a hard schedule and so decided to take Jody to see Mrs Fellows and let her decide if Jody should be spanked f...Read On


It Was Palpable

I wasn't the only one who felt the tension in my spanish class.

  It was my freshman year of college and I was in a lower level Spanish class than I was supposed to be in. Little did I know how much I actually needed to be there. I walked into the building nearly shaking from the nerves. Would I be able to find the room? How hard will the class be? Will I have any friends in that class? To my surprise, I walked in and the room was directly across...Read On


A Lucky Break

A Dream Come True

Where should I start?? Well I just turned a young 46 and have been divorced for a little more than two years. I was married for eighteen years and we never had children (my fault according to the doctor). After my divorce I didn't get back in to the dating mode for almost a year. Once I felt like starting over I dated guys around my age whom I met through friends and family but it...Read On


The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark - Part V

One week on in their cuckold marriage

Mark: Alex didn’t make it on Thursday; work commitments meant that he had to cancel. He called Jane on Wednesday evening and told her. I thought that she would be disappointed but she told me that she was a little tired anyway, adding that she had had more orgasms this week than she had normally got in a whole month. He was still coming over on Saturday though and staying the night with...Read On


The Adventures of Anastasia Sapere

Sophie gets an unexpected treat from Mistress Anastasia.

I'm 18, I'm in my second year at 6th form and it's coming up to my final set of exams. I've applied to the best universities as my predicted grades are good but now I'm panicking I won't make the cut and it's all because of music. I have to do an exam on my chosen instrument which is fine, it's the written analysis paper that I'm not looking forward to. So, each morning I get in to school...Read On


Italian Language Course (Student’s Revenge)

Three of us on the Italian Course had been spanked by the stunning Carlotta, now it was her turn

Out of the twelve that began attending the Italian night-school course run by Carlotta Shoreham (who we referred to as Miss), just four of us remained. Julia, Jim and I had all been given the cane by Carlotta since we had accepted her suggestion that we should be spanked if we didn’t do our night-school homework properly. If we hadn't agreed the course would be cancelled. Only Sharon...Read On


Adoptive Mother Final, Grace does Sheriff

Teacher fucks student and then has oral with sheriff

Breathing hard, as if just having gone through a training program, she couldn’t believe it. He did that, honestly? Max and I honestly, truly fucked like we did, she asked herself. He didn’t know better. This was his first time. He hoped, and it looked like that on his face, that he’d done okay. He wore that simpleton’s expression on his face, the one in which said to others did I do it right? ...Read On


Exposing Cindy - Mistress Sarah

Sarah commands me to do some unspeakable acts....

I am dedicating this story to Sarah….who is the cause of this entire experience…. Unlike most of my stories which actually occurred in years past, or in the case of the incest stories, are the product of my warped and vivid imagination and fantasies, this story is true and occurred in the past week. It was not planned, it just happened. Introduction: It was Monday evening,...Read On


I was made for this

He puts his finger onto my lips and pries his way inside my mouth. I lick his finger, sucking on it with my eyes wide and staring into his. My heart is pounding, and I’m as scared as I am excited. He takes his finger out of my mouth while his other hand opens the button on my jeans. I’m cradled in his arms, sitting on his lap. My pulse quickens when the button comes open, and I feel my...Read On


One Night

His for the taking

I never understood what it is you have over me. You walk into a room and all I want you to do is take me to the darkest corner of the room and fuck me until I can’t breathe. I’m so transparent. I don’t care. It’s what you do to me. It’s what you’ve always done to me. It took so long to get here but it was worth every long, lonely minute that you weren’t a part of me. I waited all my life for...Read On


The Feel of Sunlight

(E is for Emma) Emma enjoys some spanking foreplay.

Emma awoke, to the feeling of the sunshine, warming her body. She reached over to the bedside table and pushed a button on the clock. It's robotic voice said, "Saturday, 8:42 AM." She sighed. The warmth from the sun felt luxurious. People often told her they felt sorry for her that she couldn't see it, but she wasn't envious. She had simply never known any other reality. Besides, she felt...Read On


Dorm Room Foursome

Dorm Room

Several years ago...  Several years ago while I was in college, I had the best roommate I guy could have. We were in our second semester of our freshman year. I had already slept with his girlfriend several times, we had wild times while he was in class. One Friday night in early spring we were all invited to a party, to celebrate spring break. So all three of us as well as many of our...Read On


Slut Week- Day 1 - The contest has started

Slut week is on, and Amy and Vicky make a great start.

If you would like to read part one before this, it will help with the story. Please score and comment and check out my other stories too! Amy and I moved to a table in the corner, carrying our Unexpected Surprise cocktails with us. We needed a little time to plan. We both knew how slutty the other could be, and both knew that we wanted to win, but we wanted to have fun on the way. Amy is...Read On


Welcome Home

As I sit at home the television on but my mind else where, I think of you coming home. It’s been a long week with you away on business and I’m watching the clock excitedly, only ten more minutes before your home. Settled into your chair I breath in the faint smell of you, I smile as I adjust my robe a bit making sure it’s securely tied. I move quickly to the mirror to check over myself I want...Read On


A Whole New Me - Part 2

Lisa finds out what I've been up to

I had just finished cleaning up in the bathroom. A spontaneous encounter with my best friend whilst wearing my girlfriend’s thong had left me a bit of a mess and as for the thong... well I guess I’d need to find something new. Fully cleaned up, I ran naked into our bedroom and started looking through Lisa’s drawers for a new pair of panties. I wasn’t sure how I’d explain my change to her...Read On


Locker room stories of a hairy lover Part II

Part II "Dude you're insanely hairy! How did that happen?" I smirked a bit, while saying that, to not make it awkward. "My father's Italian, remember?" His father, Frank Ramirez, was the last coach of our team. He was expelled from school, after someone had caught him shagging a student, then our current coach was hired. Jared had a good point, his father IS one helluva hairy man! ...Read On


start of a memorable weekend

after months of cam and dirty talk,,, words become reality in one weekend

Two hours of torturous pleasure; my mind racing with all the promises of the weekend, everything we had ever teased each other was all about to come true. The vibrations of the train’s engine had been teasing my clit for the last hour and half since I strategically tilted my pelvis forward, that and the vivid imagery of your fingers, tongue and long thick cock driving my body insane soaking...Read On


A Master For Julie Jizzbucket

A story i have written in regards to my master and myself

I had spent the last couple months indulging in some mild cross dressing. After a few nights wearing clothes that made me feel so sexy and womanly. Until recently I had only worn panties, bras and a few sets of stockings and teddys that I had bought for an old girlfriend before she broke up with me to date a guy that had more money. I have also been going online to a site called Lush...Read On


Nancy and I Skype Sex

Another LUSHIE and I get each other off on Skype cam

Author’s note: This story was inspired by a lady LUSH author. She knows who she is. The facts contained herein are true. However, the names have been changed to protect the guilty. I met Nancy through Lush Stories. We started the relationship as most such involvements begin. I made a private comment on one of her stories and we began corresponding on Lush and eventually moved over to...Read On


Confident and Controlling

I hear his keys in the door and move into the bedroom, leaving the door open behind me. He sighs as he enters the apartment, closing the door behind him. I sit patiently on the bed, knowing that after he takes off his jacket and puts down his bag that this will be his next stop. In a few moments, I am proved right. He looks tired and worn down. I get up from the bed and walk over to...Read On


Just One More Thing I Had to Do Before I Got Married

A guy is obsessed with his sister, and just wants to do it with her once

My name is Eric, I'm twenty-six, and I'm about to get married. I have brown hair, and I'm 6 feet tall. My fiance, Julie, is only 5'6, and she is twenty-six too. We have been together since we were twenty, it just took me a while to pop the question. The main reason why it took me so long was, I really wanted to have sex with my sister. It's true. My sister Shelia and I lost our parents when...Read On


The Park Ranger

What will the park ranger see through his binoculars?

There was no doubt about it;this was the best job in the world. Half of his time, he spent driving his truck down the isolated paths of Redwood National Forest. The other half, he spent in the Ranger tower, looking down from the heights to scan the forest for fire or campers in need. And though he has had to, on occasion, climb down from his perch to keep idiot, drunken campers from...Read On


The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark - Part IV

Jane and Mark become more entrenched in there world of cuckolding

Mark: The house Jane and I owned had been our home since we first married so going back to it after breakfast that morning was somewhat strange. We had left it the day before as a normal married couple but we were not the same people coming back to it. That bond of fidelity that unites a married couple was now broken, admittedly by mutual consent, but broken all the same. Jane and I...Read On


My Older Brother Part 3

Alyssa and Ethan's relationship dramatically changes.

When I got home from school the next day, my 19 year old brother told me that he had a surprise waiting for me. I became very excited because I knew that he always had the best surprises.  "So what's the surprise?" I asked him. It was wonderful dating Ethan. I didn't have to pretend to be all 'cool' for him because I knew that he loved me just the same way as I loved him. I loved the way...Read On


Lexie's Master Part Two

Alexandria takes her first punishment spanking

"Alexandria."He was sitting by the fire in a red leather arm chair. He looked handsome, other worldly, like something out of the eighteen hundreds. "Come here." I approached him and looked at him defiantly. "Have you settled in?" I nodded. It had been a few hours. He had prepared me a nice room. It was big and everything was purple, blue and silver. "Is everything to your liking?" ...Read On


The Learning Curve

Mature couple spice up their sex life with a fabulous voyeur

THE LEARNING CURVE This is a largely true story. The two people are known to us and have asked us to write it for them. They want to let others know that if you focus on exactly what you want, and are patient, it can happen. We have obviously changed names and one or two other details to protect their identity. There is more which we are allowed to tell if readers would like it. We...Read On


13th I Join Up!

My first Days in the Military!

Now my mind was made up that summer seemed to pass slower than ever. I had written to Alan and told him of my plans and his letters got fewer and fewer. He had moved back home after his school year ended, so I managed to take a few days off to go home and see him over one weekend. Emma was off on her holiday to the continent somewhere, so I didn't tell her about going home. I was able...Read On