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Taking Camryn Again

Camryn needs to be taken again and again.

Camryn hurried into work the next day. She sat in her cubicle hoping to discover the next contact from the mystery man that had taken her the day before in the locker room. He told her to expect to be contacted the next day, and yet, after searching her station frantically, there was no note to be found. She had begun to wonder if she had disappointed him somehow. Maybe he had decided to...Read On


My Awakening

My entry into sex

I lived near a big city and heard about a street at the edge of town that was business and a lot of apartment buildings and a lot of gay men hung out there and one day I decided to see if it was true. I took the bus to the end of the line. It was still light out and I walked around for a long time and saw nothing to make me believe there was any truth to the stories I heard. Soon it became...Read On


Our First Threesome

We met Jeremy in a bar while we were having a few drinks. Somehow the conversation turned to sex, threesomes actually. In the end we all agreed to meet in a local hotel in an hour. Jason and I ended up at the hotel a little early, so we decided to get things started and put in a porn. By the time Jeremy showed up and knocked, Jason's cock was rock hard. While he pulled his pants on and...Read On


To Sir, With Love Part I

Mathew leads Jamie to a life of service.

TO SERVE, WITH LOVE Chapter One Mathew began, “Are you sure you want to serve me?” “Yes.” “Do you understand that service will require your complete obedience?” “Yes.” “Do you understand that any failure to obey will be corrected and that correction will involve some sort of punishment?” “Yes” “Do you understand that I adore you and that I could never cause you...Read On


The Jelly Bean Factory (for J)

A bi curious girl became obsessed with a sexy redhead at a club, unaware she has a girlfriend...

a real quick write - not a literary masterpiece, but fun - hope you enjoy it. I know I did - dedicated to J, who inspired it. ;)  Mist hung like a spectral curtain, clinging to everything inthe heart of downtown Vancouver, turning the night primeval. A brick wall, dingy and home to graffiti rose from rain soaked concrete and was seemingly lost in the clouds. Reflected streetlights and...Read On


24 In Prague

The odyssey of a young woman’s first day in the world’s most beautiful city.

As I was leaving my room in Prague’s Metamorphis Hotel the door latched behind me at exactly the same instant the door to the next room clicked shut. Dressed for my morning run in black tights and a solid aqua colored short-sleeved running shirt, I said good morning to the man who had just emerged from the room next to mine and began down the hall. “Excuse me,” he said in lightly...Read On


The Commando

When the real estate market tanked in the early 80’s I bought a two bedroom condo for $89,000. I put $3000 down and rented the extra bedroom to a friend from work. We worked long hours and had different start times, he also usually stayed at his girlfriend’s place on weekends, so we rarely saw each other. Four years later the place was nearly paid off, and my boarder was about to get married....Read On



Hanky-panky in a theater leads to a steamy experience afterwards

We had the very last seats in the theater. The lights went off and the movie began. A hand settled in my lap and I twitched a little. It took less than a second for Mitzuho to unzip my shorts and retrieve my limp organ. It jumped to life in her hand. It had taken me four months to get the vixen to go out with me. On our very first date, here she was, taking things to the next level....Read On



The room had begun to feel warmish, even with the air conditioning blasting away. A slight sheen of sweat clings to your breasts and your belly. A few full drops pool in your cleavage. Perhaps you may have been tempted to wipe them away, were your wrists not bound together, stretched above your head, and then secured to the headboard. The effect gave your body a long, graceful and sinuous...Read On


Man's Best Friend

Young Abigail comes over to walk Rob's dog, and proves she's not as young as she was...

Man’s Best Friend I had nothing planned. It was supposed to be my normal Sunday afternoon – put the TV on, find some sport to provide some background noise… and catch up on some work, maybe even have a beer or two. I’m not saying I had my priorities right but life had been that way for a few years now, not enough hours in the work week to keep up, so my Monday morning started on...Read On


Justin and Me

This is my first story, so any comments and suggestion are much appreciated. This story is completely fiction, and none of the events happened in real life. Enjoy the story. Justin and I have been dating for six months now. We are the perfect couple; he is tall, dark and handsome, perfect muscles, great eyes and smile. I am small, with blonde hair and tanned skin, a...Read On


Grasping the Moment

Izetta has her man but will he ask more than she can give?

Izetta's eyes close in near-bliss. His hand sweeps across her lovely, caramel-toned, rounded hip and continues on towards its target. With a little thrill she notices just how closely Alphonse is watching her response. How she loves an attentive lover and this man is solely focused on her pleasure. His brown eyes study her face, as though drinking her in. He lies mere millimeters away,...Read On


Our First ( for Eden)

It started one St Patrick's Day in a small Irish bar across town. And of course like every other bar in town it was mobbed with people filling up with drink to celebrate St Patrick's Day. I saw her standing at the bar waiting on a drink. She was wearing a short plaid skirt and a tight white shirt that showed a green lace bra underneath. She was leaning over the bar just enough that the I...Read On


The Walk Home

Tomorrows walk home will be interesting

This is my first story and it is completely fictional. Georgia and I always walk home together from our classes we take at the local college. It was a Thursday, a very fine Thursday at that and as per usual I found Georgia waiting for me at the corner next to the College. As I walked past she started walking with me and Georgia told me the news that she had made the college soccer team....Read On


Two Girls Meet (Part 2)

the second part to a possible series of stories... It will make a lot more sense if you read part 1

I was so happy I was staying at Emma's place for a whole week. I just wish it could have been more than that. We woke up at about 10:00AM, still cuddled together. I woke up, and gently kissed Emma on the lips. She started to stir, and her hand that was resting behind my head, pulled me closer, and we started kissing for a few minutes. "Good morning gorgeous," I said gazing into...Read On


The Houseguest Part 2-Gettin' a Paddlin'

He makes me so helpless

It’s that time of year again when mom and dad leave town to attend one of dad’s crazy annual conventions. It’s always great to see them get away (and out of my hair) for a few days. While they’re gone, I am able to do anything that I want. Unfortunately, this year would be very different. The drama started as they were getting ready to leave. Of course, it has to be an event. It’s...Read On


Lydia and Andrew Chapter One

A love story between a mature widow and a mysterious neighbour

Lydia was walking in to the front door of her apartment with the shopping. She held one bag of groceries in her hand, using the other to text her daughter, Sulama. She didn’t even know what had hit her. The shopping fell from her hand, the contents scattering loosely across the floor. She looked up with shock to see a tall, middle aged gentleman wearing a pint striped suit. He was...Read On


Poker Game

The young woman had finished bathing, dressing, and putting on her makeup, and she was ready to leave for work. She stepped out of her bathroom and was confronted by a tall man she had never seen. She was frightened and about to try to run when another man appeared, a man she knew and despised, her nearest neighbor who lived a half mile down the gravel, country road that wound its way within...Read On



A surprise for my birthday

I was sitting at my desk going over some students' essays. For the most part, they were very boring and I found myself awarding dismal scores to students who felt they deserved better. There was a knock on the door. 'Denise, how many times have I told you not to knock?' I asked without looking up. 'Come in.' The door opened and my colleague Cheryl walked in. She was dressed to...Read On


Tiki Hut

FIRST DATE The first time we met. Of course it would be a public place. Someplace with people. Someplace you’d feel safe. The hotel bar was perfect, as it was packed at happy hour. Did it seem like a strange request then when I instructed you to wear a mid-length skirt with no panties? Perhaps. But I was sure you’d be eager to display how obedient you could be. I let you linger alone in...Read On


The Summer I'll Never Forget 5.3 - The Footage

Steph takes a quick shower and decides to find out what was in the box...

With those two indisposed for the rest of the evening knowing Nate she would need to do something to entertain herself until she was ready for bed. All she knew was that she really couldn't think all that good and decided that after a nice hot bath with Amanda's special soap she could figure out what she will be doing for the rest of the night. Steph got up to her room and started the...Read On


My Friend David's Mum Pt 3 the appetiser

She promised a gormet meal experience

After our first explosive encounter Helen said: “Now we can take our time and enjoy the rest of the day. Consider that a taster of the gourmet meal to come...OK?” "OK, yes OK" I said. We lay still for just a few minutes. "You are not going to fall asleep now, are you?" Said Helen As my breathing subsided and a slight throbbing returned to my cock I said "Oh no I am ready for anything...Read On


Gloria's Sex Diary 7.19.08 part two

Sex with boss' brother-in-law

Last week, my boyfriend David and I had sex in the hardware store that his dad owns. It was all captured on the surveillance video. Both Mr Chang (my boss, David's dad) and Mr Kwan (Mr Chang's brother-in-law) had both watched it. Mr Chang seduced me into having sex with him on the same table that his son and I had sex on the week before. Even though Mr Chang had cum inside me, he left...Read On


The Encounter

Master meets pet for the first time

As we made the plans for the first meet anticipation was building inside. Questions were racing through my mind. "What is he like? Does he look like his picture?" But I didn't let it stop me from sleeping. The day approached quickly. We began texting as we do as soon as the first persons eyes opened. He sent the final text that he would call when he was close. I lay in bed for another...Read On


Policewoman in drag

She pretended to be a lady of the night.

Pure Fiction... As a long distance lorry driver I have to park up for the night in different places away from home every night. This night was in late winter or early spring so it was still quite cold once the sun set. I had showered and had my evening meal. I was sitting in my nice warm lorry cab on my laptop surfing the web, curtains closed and heating on. I was wearing just my boxers...Read On


Remembering old times (part II) (Chapter 22)

We went over to Carmen and Mandy's home

When I heard Gaby walking down with another girl my brain went on a spin at the speed of light. Gaby says "Hey hun, we have an idea that I know you will like". Remember, I was on the pummel horse, impaled to the dildo on the wall. And since I was also still gagged, I really could not answer or ask – "What you talking about Gaby?." So I waited patiently for Gaby to disconnect me from the...Read On



My dreams of a supernatural lover

His hands stroked my spine as he tried to comfort me. His gentle touch soothing my fears and replacing my earlier panicked state with a consuming heat that started and built in a place I thought would remain untouched. Uncertainty caused me to pull out of his embrace, to look into the fiery depths of his caramel eyes. His eyes smouldered with the same intensity I had seen only once before. ...Read On


A Real Wet Day for an Open House.

Open Houses could never be so great.

Working an Open House in the Real Estate business can be really great or it can be a complete bomb. This Sunday paid no billls but definately made me want more Opens. I often work with a Mortgage broker that I have a close business relationship with and this weekend was no different than others. Sarah is a sweet 30 something girl who's been in the business for a while and she has...Read On


Raging Storm

Damien was driving home from another uneventful day at the office. It was a very snowy December evening and he knew it was going to be a night on the couch with a beer, alone, again. Maybe he'd catch a game, find a movie, then go on the computer for a bit. Tomorrow would probably be the same, especially with the harsh snowstorm expected to arrive soon... It was days like this that he...Read On


The Real Fantasia

A wacky, out of control world.

This is an old story I wrote in 2007 when I had too many fantasies floating around in my head. It was my second week at Q Corp. Everyone was friendly and seemed to go out of their way to make me feel at home. I'd met a few of the girls on my team and they were real lookers. I was waiting to survey the lie of the land before making a move. "Hello Clarke!" someone stuck her head through...Read On