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Her first time

Jane had no idea she wanted him so badly.

It was a cool summer evening in Miami, Jane went out with her friends to a few bars and arcades to have fun. Jane was a tall beautiful brunette with a nice rack and a nice ass. She had gone to the beach with her friend, dateless, shockingly. Her friend Eriana, a seemingly short brunette, brought along her main squeeze for the weekend, Ryan. Their whole vacation Eriana had been getting hit on...Read On


Making Love to Devin

wrapped up in only a towel, that was when i made my move.

We were 16. We had just finished 10th grade, and it was now summer break. It was amazing. Our parents were always at work, and Devin and I could drive around and do whatever we wanted. We spent every second we could together. Also, living in Venice beach had advantages. We went to the beach almost every day. Devin was the closest thing that I have ever gotten to true love. This day started...Read On


Frustration Miles High

Taking sexual frustration to the friendly skies

My eyes were drawn to her like a magnet. Her dark hair was pulled back and make up perfectly applied. She wore a navy blue skirt and stockings with heels and a white top. Her body was slim with a very smart chest and matching ass. I couldn't figure out what nationality she was but her exotic look made me rise in my slacks. She shot me a glance but nothing major. I was hoping for a little...Read On


My Mom's Best Friend Or Is She

Even though she wasn't my aunt I always felt that she was

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am Domaneque’s older sister visiting and for sure am new to all of this, so please bear with me. I am a 23 year old, part-time college student, who also works as a waitress in a local restaurant. I'm tall, slender, and have long blonde hair. Several past boyfriends have told me that I have a very nice figure. I have blue eyes, a dark tan (just returned from ...Read On


The Machine

(C is for Claire) Claire orders a curious device over the Internet

The box sat in the middle of the living room floor where the express service delivery man had left it. It had no markings on it other than a standard shipping label with Claire's address and a generic looking return address in Iowa. Claire knew what it was, though. She was expecting it. She knew it would arrive today and called in sick to work to sign for it. Ordinarily, she loved getting...Read On


Damsels In Distress Inc. : Team Spirit

Angel get a ride in a van with some very bad men...

Damsels In Distress Inc. : Team Spirit Angel stopped and turned at the sound of the horn, nervously pressing her pleated skirt against her thighs. She felt her cheeks heat up with embarrassment as a pickup truck slowed down alongside her, the passenger checking her out. She felt suddenly silly trying to pass herself off as a cheerleader. Not that she didn’t look the part, dressed in...Read On


The Bet

The Bet This story is written by Vic and runnergirl Dave slowly walked to the back of the court to pick up the tennis ball. The hot sun beat down on him as he felt the sweat dripping from his forehead into his eyes. His shirt was soaked and he swore he could smell the booze from last night as it came out of his pores with the sweat. As he bent to pick up the ball he wondered why he...Read On


The Princess in Nursing School

makaela is now in nursing school, ironically she ends up nursing her own sore bottom.

Makaela squeezed her ankles as hard as she could, and curled her pretty toes hard. She heard herself squeal as a heavy hide strap exploded across her big bottom. Her legs were spread and she was grabbing her ankles arching her back. She was naked, with a big butt plug in her rear so she could feel it as she was thrashed “oooh” Makaela moaned “s-seven, thank you ma’am”. She knew she had...Read On


New In Town

The proper way to welcome a new neighbor...

My first story ever! Comments are appreciated :) It was a Thursday in late August, and the moving truck had arrived at our new home. I could not believe it; Junior year and I had to switch schools. I stood there in my summer cotton dress with my arms crossed watching the movers struggle to lift our antique chesterfield and mom holding her breath trying not to have a panic attack. ...Read On


Horsewoman Felicity gets 'saddle-sore'

This is a follow-up story of ‘Horsewoman gets her seat improved’ which really should be read first.

‘Felicity Benson-Smith’ I recalled my House Mistress Miss Fenton, at the Ladies College shrieking. ‘You girls should always remember just two simple rules; keep your knees firmly together and your thoughts pure.’ She had just caught me in my dorm, naked on top of my bed with my trusty ‘battery boy’ firmly between my thighs, I was only 16 and sex was always on my mind. With no boys around we...Read On


I want you, Uncle Kerry

We wanted each other for a long time

First let me begin by saying that I have wanted my Uncle for a very long time. Though we were close I never told him how I felt but I longed to. Now, years later at my age of 26, we were talking on line about the usual stuff when he said that I was beautiful. The way he said it made me question, but this couldn't be! He mentioned something about himself and I decided to take a chance. ...Read On


The Cuckold Journal of Jane and Mark - Part II

More on the steps of Jane and Mark into their world of cuckoldry

Mark: Jane seemed quiet that afternoon; her mind was elsewhere as she laid out her clothes to wear that evening. I thought that maybe she was missing the children. My mind was elsewhere as well; I saw the new lingerie she had bought, or rather that I had bought. A red and black lacy Basque with matching panties and black stockings of course. She was going to look super sexy! I ran a...Read On


Office Stalking - ch.2

Alexis continues to please Erica

It had only been an hour since Erica made me her slave, but it seemed like an eternity. The smell of her sex still filled my office. The taste of her pussy lingered on my tongue. Trying to work was useless. I could only think of Erica and our new 'relationship' - my undeniable desire to serve her and please her. I could only dream of how she would use me for those purposes. My daydreams were...Read On


The Gift

This story looks back with great affection on both a gift given to me, and that gift’s giver.

Here I am at the start of my sixties, looking back on special moments in my life.   Unquestionably the best gift I have ever been given was my niece’s virginity.   She was nearly eighteen, had just finished sixth form and was ready to go off to college.   A sweeter girl you could not wish to imagine.   Bubbly and beautiful, full of the exuberance of youth, yet...Read On


months after harvey

Our horizons expand

After our first mmf with Harvey, she and I talked a lot, and the sex just got hotter and hotter. Instead of me getting fucked outside our marriage, I was completely satisfied at home. Our honesty with each other fueled our passion. She confessed she was really surprised at Harvey going down on my cock but extremely turned on by it. Not to mention when I went down on him. She said it was so...Read On


One Mistake

He knew he shouldn't be doing this. He was married, he had a daughter, he had a reputation to protect. It was wrong in every single way imaginable. Yet, as he stared down at the woman before him he couldn't stop himself. His blood was flowing to all the wrong places, his hormones were raging, and she looked so damn beautiful. She was perfect in the simplest ways. She had a button nose...Read On


The Ordinary Model - Part 2

She was a model wife, until she became a model...

To say that he was stunned, at the sight of the middle aged woman, apparently being sexually molested by the caretaker, was an understatement. His initial shock would have quickly transformed into protective action. He was about to leap to her defence and drag the old man from her, when something about her stance fixed him to the spot. She had assumed no defensive pose. Realisation...Read On



After the breakdown... Came some punishment

This story continues from my previous story “Breakdown”. It had been a few weeks since I had experienced being with a shemale. Alison was a beautiful big breasted, black-haired shemale. My wife, Sally, had found her underwear, hidden beneath the armchair on which we'd fucked each others brains out. Now she wanted to arrange a time for Alison to come over and spend some time, showing me...Read On


Simon Says

(B is for Becky) Becky and Simon play a very naughty game

Becky sat up in the kitchen chair with an exaggeratedly straight posture. She tried to keep a serious demeanor, but was struggling not to laugh. Simon sat in the other kitchen chair opposite his girlfriend. She had a mischievous sense of humor that manifested itself in playing silly games, but always with an erotic undercurrent. It was that mischievous streak that led to the current game. ...Read On


The missing piece

Forbidden Love...High Risks

Can you please comment after reading this as this is my first time on here? This story is about me having my first time with the boy I could never be with. He was about 6'2", big brown eyes, a killer smile, and a six pack. As for me I'm about 5'4", tiny waist , medium size ass, 38D cup breast. I rolled over and looked at the clock. Wow it was already 3:00 am. Then my phone started...Read On


Good night Mr. Thompson

*Not a true story* A tall figure slinks through dark streets, moon light and a few neon strips all that is to help men find their way. The high-rise tower block stands above the city, on the penthouse floor is where our man is travelling, rain beating down hard as he travels home. Bursting through the door, raincoat and the bottom of his suit trousers soaking wet. A sweet young...Read On


Generation Gap in Poetical Prose

Would you call this a fetish? A coed and her older poet? Her IQ is 140 plus...

I am just a man. Yes, I am tall and I am "built" so the young woman said.. But, I really don't think that I am that great looking, average looks, perhaps. So, why are young women attracted to me? I can honestly say "I have no idea!" Beauty, sexiness and sex are in the eyes of the beholder. “I’ve waited all day, ”She said, “What kept you anyway?” She sat on my sofa with a pout, Early I...Read On


Festival Fuck

Re losing my virginity in the dirtiest way imaginable,

Festivals, probably one of the best experiences a person could have, definitely one of my favourite things. The people, music and alcohol consumption rolled into one is an atmosphere I thrive on. One of my favourite festivals as yet began on the 24 th August 2011. Now, if we’re being picky, this whole thing began with an idea. I was sitting on the train with a group of my friends on our way...Read On


The Meeting - Part One

The first time is always the best

They had known each other for a very long time, but they had only spoken online. They were both married, but had somehow found themselves madly in love. He knew her darkest secrets, and was eager to meet her. His wife had asked for a divorce, and his lover was ready to leave her tortured marriage for a week while her husband was gone on a business trip and finally meet him. "I'm on my way...Read On


Lisa's secrets

The story of a first experience of submission.

Standing in the corner, Lisa remained silent but could feel his eyes on her nude body. Her shoulders drooped slightly as she realized there was nothing she could do to hide herself from his gaze. If only the room was darker; if only he would allow her a robe. That was not to be at this point. She had agreed to submit herself to him on a trial basis for the week so that they could determine...Read On


Little Black Dress

The allure of a little black dress

I, like every woman, have a little black dress. A dress designed specifically to accentuate my look and to draw in the unsuspecting man. My little black dress is silk with a sweetheart neckline that curves over my breasts and allows the onlooker a teasing glance at the tops of my breasts. It’s floor length with spaghetti straps and fitted snugly but not so tight as to reveal all the details...Read On


Between Friends

A dissatisfied wife makes an extraordinary request

“Shonda, I have a huge favor to ask you.” My ears perked up with interest. Simone was my girl . You know, the one you planned mischief with since you were seven. The one who you giggled with as a teen and had so much dirt on you she could bury you in a heartbeat but you knew she would go to the grave with your deepest secrets. I couldn’t understand why she was being so formal. ...Read On


Mr R teaches me a lesson

I wanted his attention, so he taught me a lesson...

This is my first story so feel free to leave constructive criticism. I have always enjoyed older men, they seem to satisfy my urges better than any other could and, as of late, I found myself increasingly attracted to my lecturer. My lecturer was middle aged at late thirties and yet still held his youth in his well-proportioned body and broad shoulders. He had a dark tan which was...Read On


Stacy Couldn't Sleep

Stacy laid in her bed staring at the blinking numbers on her alarm clock. According to the clock it was 1:42 in the morning, but Stacy knew that it was wrong. The power must have gone out for a bit while she was asleep because it was actually closer to 4 a.m. according to her wrist watch. Stacy sighed as she closed her eyes to try to force herself to sleep. It wasn"t working. The ceiling fan...Read On


harvey part 2

continuation of our entry into swinging

HARVEY Part 2 After my wife and I reconciled and we resumed our marriage, we began to communicate our true likes and feelings as regards sex. A lot of things were confessed to her, but because I was on active duty, I resisted any temptation towards another male not wanting to risk my career. Not that the desire ever went away. She even confessed a little passive interest in other women, but...Read On