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RedTails : The Missing Lynx

Short story (500 Words). Young Frelic receives an unforgettable lesson from his Beastlands Teacher.

RedTails - Reckonings The Missing Lynx by Scarletdown Copyright (c) 2004 G. Sutton. Some Rights Reserved via Creative Commons BY-SA-NC Copyleft Terms. See details at the end of this tale for more info. On the peaceful shores of the lagoon, a lone, small figure stood upon the warm sands. Clad in naught but the light of the perpetual day here in the Beastlands, Frelic awaited the arrival...Read On


RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 5

Frelic gives Shaasta, Thissle, and Karma some instructions for their night out.

RedTails: Awakenings A Night Out, A Night In By Scarletdown Chapter V : Safety Briefing Frelic disengaged himself from his sister, planted a tender kiss on her sweet bottom, sat up on the bed, removed the rose in his hair and put it back in its rightful place up her butt, "Come my little tender hawk. Thissle and Karma are probably just about ready for your night out." He pulled her to...Read On


RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 4

While finishing up their bath, Hansen tells Karma and Thissle the tale of his and Shaasta's capture.

RedTails: Awakenings A Night Out, A Night In By Scarletdown Chapter IV : Cinnamon and a Spicy Tale Thissle bent over and felt around the tub's floor until her hand touched an iron ring. She gave it a tug and pulled out the cork stopper it was attached to. As the hot soapy water started its slow exit to the sewers beneath Mistport, she hoisted her wet body out of the large cedar basin...Read On


RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 2

Frelic and company retire to their private suite, where he recaps to Karma and Thissle their tale.

RedTails: Awakenings A Night Out, A Night In By Scarletdown Chapter II : Show and Tell The wizard ushered his little entourage into a modest but comfortably appointed third floor corner room, and closed the door behind him. The heavily-laden shopping packs, along with the paddle and belt, were deposited on top of the wooden, circular meeting table in the center of the room,...Read On


RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 1

This is the sequel to Rescued? This tale is still in progress (10 chapters so far)

RedTails: Awakenings A Night Out, A Night In By Scarletdown Chapter I : Back to the HighTail The trio padded up the cobblestone walk, passing by various shops, inns, and taverns as they headed back to the Hightail Inn to relax and sort out the recent events which brought them together in a union that could not quite be called a family. The central figure, short and lithe, was clad in...Read On


RedTails : Rescued?

Shaasta her adventuring matey have been taken by slavers. Now for their unconventional rescue

This story, and in fact, the entire RedTails and ShadowRealms line, are copyright 2007 - G. Sutton (aka Scarletdown), some rights reserved. These works are released under the Creative Commons terms of Attribution / Share-Alike / Non-Commercial. This means that my works may be reposted elsewhere provided that proper credit is given, the full work is available verbatim, and no fee or...Read On


A Gift For A Friend

Man ties up his unsuspecting girlfriend and gives her to his roomate as a birthday present.

A Gift for a Friend A knock on the door brought me back from the book I was reading.  As expected my girlfriend Amy waited outside.  Unexpectedly Amy's platinum blond hair spilled down her back like a gleaming waterfall rather than the sporty pony tail she usually wore.  The rest of her outfit was similarly impressive.  A short jet-black cocktail dress and matching sandals perfectly set off...Read On


RedTails: The Paddled Princess - Chapter 3

Kennewick pays a visit to Master Toraq before going to school and gets a lesson in the facts of life

RedTails : Reckonings The Paddled Princess By Scarletdown Chapter III: An Awakening "Oh come on, Princess," Kennewick whined, "have a heart. I mean, I don't mind you making me wearing the girls' uniform to school, but this is going too far. What will the other boys think when they see me dressed in that?" He nodded his head towards his sister. Katella was sitting daintily on Amalie's...Read On


M Ch. 4

A married woman finally finds someone. (a five part story)

  Jen called Gregg from work the next day and left a message on his voicemail that she'd be able to make it over to his place about 7:00 that evening. Pretty, dirty blonde-haired Jen had adjourned to the ladies room five times that day to masturbate about Gregg. She knew he was trim, sexy and muscular, but she did not know that he had a 9" cock that had ejaculated deep inside her...Read On


M Ch.5

A married woman finally finds someone (Five part story)

Gregg had dozed off on the loveseat, so didn't even hear Dorothy enter. She was already kneeling, her hands on his cock as he woke. He looked at the clock. 2:14 a.m. "Don't worry. She just left." she said, and rubbing his cock to erecton, smelled it. "I think somebody got some pussy!" she playfully taunted. Taking another big inhale of his shaft, she said "Mmmmm. I can smell her on you....Read On


M Ch. 2

Married woman finally finds someone

Gregg looked at Dorothy's thin body as she took her skirt and then her blouse off, and, moving close, wrapped an arm around her and mouthed her left nipple right through her bra. Then he unsnapped it from behind and took it off. He pulled off his thong, and as Dorothy stroked his long cock, he slipped hers off too. She secretly wished her husband could see them fucking, as long as he was not...Read On


In Your Hands

A new couple takes the next step, but will she accept what he as to reveal?

@@@@@@@ The restaurant, her choice, was as fine as she'd said it would be, and the play, my choice, was as good as the reviews had promised. Her dress, black and slinky, teased me all evening, with her shoulders and back semi-hidden under a filmy shawl, and the skirt slit up to just there... She had learned that part of me rapidly and well. We had learned each other actually, and surprisingly....Read On


The Lake

Just a nice quite weekend if you could ignore the moans and screaming.

The Lake This is more than just a fuck story, more than just a one night stab at something that may, or may not make you feel bad afterwards. This is a plan to bring three people to a spot in their life where it don’t make any difference if it is a dick or a pussy that makes them happy. A spot where it is more than just the act of sucking dick or eating pussy, it is bringing extreme joy...Read On


RedTails : The Ringtailed Terror - Chapter 1

Calypso, a young Furling Raccoon secretly witnesses her best friend getting spanked.

RedTails : Awakenings The Ringtailed Terror By Scarletdown Chapter I - A Lunchtime Lesson Calypso huffed indignantly, pacing up and down the dirt path which meandered through the schoolyard's colorful garden. The swishing of her bushy, ring-striped tail betrayed her impatience as she clasped her dainty paws behind her back and grumbled to herself. "What's the holdup, Koney? We have...Read On


The Night Train

Strangers on a train get acquainted.

One train service ran all night at the weekends, transporting to and from the city a motley crew of passengers comprising sweaty revellers and bleary eyed shift workers. Steve, one of the latter, was in good spirits after finishing his shift, and, once on board, he had successfully avoided the attentions of the angry drunks, whose stops had come and gone. The train was out in the...Read On


The Orals

It was a first but not the last

The Oral’s You know there is a lot of talk about the sexes and this has been going on for years. Men fuck women, and vise a versa, and that is that. We have men, women and nothing else. I really feel that there should be a third accepted category. The Oral’s. The Oral’s are pretty normal people, they work and pay taxes, they have families they love and they take care of. But there...Read On


Waiting For Dawn To Come

Dawn finds her friend's porn.

'Typical,' Ed moaned, pulling up his trousers and staggering to the ringing phone. On the TV, an extended tongue was paused on its way to a shaved pussy. He picked up the phone and managed a reasonably polite 'hello'. 'Hi, Ed?' A woman's voice he couldn't place. 'Yes?' 'Hi, it's Dawn.' Dawn from work? She had never phoned his house before. 'Hi, how you doing?' he said. ...Read On


Final Fantasy 7 - Underneath the Rotting Pizza

Don Corneo is not interested in the ladies, but his lackeys are more than willing to compensate.

The Video Gamer's Sex Stories Volume 31: Final Fantasy 7 - Underneath the Rotting Pizza Rating:    NC-17 Pairings:  Aeris+Tifa/Don Corneo's guards, nc            Aeris+Tifa/Cid, oral Summary:   Don Corneo is portrayed as a man more bereft his position.            He's not interested in the ladies, but his lackeys are more            than willing to compensate.     Aeris and Tifa exchanged...Read On


Harry Potter - The Woes of Dumbledore's Army

Umbridge's inquisitional squad turns out to not be completely incompetent.

Movie Guy's Sex Stories Volume 5:  Harry Potter - The Woes of Dumbledore's Army Rating:    NC-17 Pairings:  Ginny/Hermione/Luna/Millicent/Draco/Crabble/Goyle/Ron,            nc, gang, les, inc, oral, anal Summary:   Umbridge's inquisitional squad turns out to not be            completely incompetent. Warning: contains heterosexuality,            which might frighten and confuse many readers...Read On


Lord of the Rings - The Golden Gate Opens

Poor Eowyn has a bunch of secrets from her time in Edoras before the war -- involving pesky Grima.

Movie Guy's Sex Stories Volume 6:  Lord of the Rings - The Golden Gate Opens Rating:    NC-17 Pairings:  Eowyn/Grima, first, oral, nc, impreg Summary:   Poor Eowyn has a bunch of secrets from her time in Edoras            before the War. Grima was quite a pest!     Eowyn walked briskly across the seventh level of Minas Tirith, taking comfort in the early morning hours that brought a lull...Read On


Confessions of My Reflection

Two new lovers discuss past loves and tastes to discover a lot more than they expected.

We lay there in his bed with the tangled juxtaposition of discovering a new lover. It is a moment filled with relief because here I am: living, breathing, actually even panting a bit on the other side of an anxiety-filled first encounter. Once again I did not turn into a pumpkin. My new lover is a gentle and caring man. No alien split out of his skin in the throes of orgasm. He treated my...Read On


Moonlit Maize

Co-worker helps new girl discover some of the recreational possibilities of living in the country.

The heavy lock turned with a loud clunk as Jessy closed the front doors to the pool hall. “Finally! Just a few more closing items and we’re out of here,” she said to her closing partner, Bronwen. “And what a night it was,” Bronwen replied, sifting through the change from the tip jar, counting and changing in the coins for larger bills. “Looks like we pulled in $382 in tips between the two...Read On


M Ch.3

A married woman finally finds someone (5 part story)

Gregg lay gently on top of her and thought of the womb he had just filled with semen. Another man's wife's womb. He knew as well as anyone else, though, that actions speak louder than words, and the married woman underneath him had spread her legs even after pledging her fidelity before both her husband and God. Those words were meaningless, now, as Gregg slowly shrank inside her and they...Read On


Identity - Part 2

Mystery woman used and abused

(C) 2006 Rachel Gumm. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the first part! The doorbell rang over the sound of the hi-fi. Not having much of a party music collection, Kevin had stuck a Fatboy Slim album on, hoping it would create the right atmosphere. He dutifully headed towards the front door. "So, have you worked out who she is yet?" he asked Dave, the only guest so far who...Read On


Identity - Part 1

Wearing a rubber catsuit, she is chained to the wall ready for his guests

(C) 2006 Rachel Gumm. Kevin felt himself get an erection as he looked at his now safely anonymous friend. He'd left the lounge to fetch a few items while she got changed. Now he'd returned, he finally realised just how breathtaking her transformation was. She was covered from head to toe in a black zentai spandex catsuit. The only parts of her body exposed by the tight fitting item...Read On



Punishment for last night

(C) 2005 Rachel Gumm. I glanced up at Mark as he finished wiring two leads to a small box of electronics. The other ends of the leads were connected to a cold, metal dildo, which was strapped firmly inside me. This was my punishment for last night. I shuffled slightly on the bed, the bonds allowing me very little movement, but the device stayed firmly inside me. My ankles were tied to...Read On



A journey of lesbian self discovery

(C) 2005 Rachel Gumm. Ani stepped out of the taxi and closed the door, shivering. She knew better than to wear her small, black dress in the rain, but had made an exception for tonight. Glancing in both directions, she walked to the list of companies next to the door, each step making her knee high, heeled boots sound on the old, concrete floor of the street. She could still back out,...Read On


Teacher's Love

Scout Master gets together with a former pupil

I was a young rebel in my days, when I was a lad of 22. I was always horny, and being an aggressive and accomplished fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force with a medal for being the best fighter pilot in the IAF added to my stud appeal. During the days leading up to my joining the Air Force, I was a Boy Scout and later became a Scout Master at the age of 18. Yes, I was pretty young to be...Read On


Road Passion

Guy and Gal get together while on the road

We were on the road from Mysore to Ooty in India. It is a beautiful road, with picturesque lodges along the road, and it passes through Karnataka's richest wildlife sanctuary. For miles, you can just see green trees, densely populating either side of the road. Deer, jackals, gaur (wild bison), peacocks, elephants, and sometimes even tigers can be seen on the road. It is a sure bet to raise...Read On


Night of Passion

Doing it in a train in India

When I was young, I had a dream - to join the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot. The dream became an obsession, and I wonder today how my parents and friends put up with me during my childhood. As a result of my obsession, I joined NCC when I reached college, and I joined the Air Wing, no less. Due to my unusual high interest, I excelled and was chosen to represent my unit at...Read On