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The Goodbye Fuck

Hearts hurt as two young lovers make love for the last time.

Jake was dreading the evening to come as he deflated the beach floats and stored them away in the shack. He gathered the surf boards and stacked them on their shelf like he did every evening at closing time. Once finished Jake locked the cash away in the money box, then closed up and locked up the beach shack. Jake strolled slowly up the beach, stopping to hose the sand off his feet...Read On


Sissy Bitch gets an Exam

Anthony goes to the doctor and gets a thorough exam by a beautiful doctor and nurse.

Nicole knew the minute he walked into the office that this guy was going to be an asshole, and of course, he was here to see Dr. Jackson. She watched him sit down in the waiting room. His posture indicating that he thought he was someone important. She rolled her eyes. Dr. J was just gonna love him. She checked his chart, noting that he was here for a physical exam. “Let’s get this over,”...Read On


Sexting Sister Chapter 1:Part 1 (Inspired by Kinkybelle)

Inspired by Kinkybelle.

“Finally, a day off from work.” Today I am finally off of work. I been working nonstop for the past five days; I’m off for the whole weekend. From the very start of the day was weird for me. First, I woke up around three in the afternoon, the last time I did that was before I had a job. Second, nobody was calling me phone today. Shelly (Girlfriend.) would call me all the time, but today...Read On


Meeting Jackie and Derek, Part 1

Swinging couple meets another through a website.

He watched as the large cock stretched his wife's pussy. It looked as it would split her in half. He never thought his wife would do this no matter how much he dared her. He smiled watching her act like a total slut as the huge cock pistoned in and out of her. Now he just had to get her to admit what she had done. Jay and Sheila were both in their mid thirties and both were above...Read On


Why do fools…Jack 2 (Chapter 5)

Jack finds himself in a sticky situation, again and again...

Again, intentionally short, hope it works. Let me know what you think Jack stood silently outside Jacie’s bedroom. On the other side of the door, he could hear her chatting and giggling with Laura like old friends. He needed her on her own. He needed to speak to her, to tell her it was a mistake; he was too pissed, too stoned. He did not know what was happening until it was too late. What...Read On


Deflowering Allie

It had been months since Allie had any attention from her brothers. It seemed the emotional weight of the their transgressions had taken their toll. Ending a very brief, but sensuous love affair. Allie could not wrap her head around the reasoning behind the sudden constraint of affection. Everything she tried it seemed, brought her back to the same emotional standstill. She filled with anger...Read On


Aunt Maria Has Fun

Aunt Maria introduces her newphew to some fun at the family cabin.

Since I am now 38 years old, this story took place 22 years ago, when I was 16 and very, very horny (what 16-year-old boy isn't?). It happened at the "cabin" my parents owned, on a small plot on the shore of a lake in Michigan. The cabin was really a small, old and well-worn house, with a kitchenette, two bedrooms, one small bathroom, and a small dock jutting into the lake – fine for a...Read On


The Stranger Ch. 1

A writer of erotic stories invites a stranger to her place to read him.her stories

I was sitting in a corner table in our local café writing in my notebook when he walked in. He stood at the door, looked around. Our eyes met then we both quickly looked away. He then went to the counter where it was self-serve coffee, ordered a croissant and sat down at a small table next to the wall on the other side of the room. Again, our eyes met briefly. I went back to my writing and...Read On


Marathon Masturbation

A carefully planned weekend of endless, alone-at-home masturbation.

  It was during the mid-eighties, I was in my late thirties; early that week, my wife made plans to take a trip (with all the kids) to see her folks about 200 miles distant, and it would be the first time in many years that I would be home alone for a full weekend! It has always seemed to me that being able to plan a session of self-pleasuring heightened its alure & pleasure immensely, and...Read On


Aunty Barbara part 2

We slept late into the afternoon and I gradually woke up to find myself being gently fondled and caressed by Aunty Barbara. As she realized I was awake she asked me if I had had a nice sleep, I replied “Yes,” and then thanked her, although I have no idea why. She said it was now time for a chat and that I could ask her anything that I wanted. First of all she told me that when she was...Read On


Trip to the Drug Store P7

Clyde is spanked at Jill's company

I rode with Sally to Jill’s work, which was about a 20-minute ride. Once I entered the building, the event was taking place in the lobby of the building. I was surprised at how big the company was. All Jill told me was she worked for a company that did major event planning for large companies. Apparently, by the congratulation signs, her division had landed a large company that put on...Read On


Sunbathing leads to sex: A development

I have sex with two sisters

You should first read my story "Sunbathing leads to sex" to understand this one. At another of my sex sessions with Audrey she told me that besides her brother she had a widowed sister, Emily, who sometimes comes to stay with her for a few days. She can be accommodated in the bungalow part of the house because she has no children, so is alone. Audrey had told her on the phone about the...Read On



A honeymoon is turned upside down by a seductive stranger

Kathy and I were on our honeymoon, strolling along the lakefront. There was an art festival on the lake and we were admiring the work on display. Kathy became involved in a lengthy discussion with one of the vendors, a jeweler, so I wandered away on my own.   I found myself in a Potter's tent. Just outside the tent was a makeshift, wooden potter's wheel used for demonstrations. His name...Read On


New Years Party

It’s 8pm on New Years Eve. I’m standing in front of the bathroom mirror and just finished applying the final touches of my make-up. I’m wearing a long black dress and just hope it won’t offend anyone at the party. It looks like a very simple dress from the front, but the back is cut out very low and with a back like that, there is just no way of wearing a bra. After a final check in the...Read On


Home for Christmas Again

My relationship with Emma deepens!

The next morning I felt different, as doubts started to plague me, while I admit to having enjoyed what had happened to me yet it also scared me. I had butter flies in my stomach as it occupied my mind as I sat there trying to eat some breakfast. Mother told me she had some errands she wanted me to do for her, and in a way I felt relieved. It gave me a chance to get out of the house, as I...Read On


New mother Gloria

I met up with new mom Gloria at the grocery store and boy was I lucky.

A few weeks ago I was out shopping at the local grocery store, when I noticed a beautiful young woman juggling a basket full of groceries and a baby. She was catching hell and looked in trouble. As she was a beautiful woman, I approached and asked her if I could lend a hand. The sweet young thing looked up at me and said "Oh hi Mr. B. I'm Gloria. I went to school with your daughter Penny." ...Read On


Front Seat Fuck

Sex in a truck.

Hello all, I'm back. I took a bit of a break from writing, one of my boys was very sick and spent some time in the hospital. He had a touch of pneumonia, and he's asthmatic, so he needed to be hospitalized. I'm happy to say that he's doing just fine now. He's back in school, and I'm back at work. Right before my son got sick, one of my clients asked me on a date, a younger man named Todd....Read On


Grandpa and I Ch.2

A fulfilling love

Grandpa and I Ch. 2 A fulfilling love A couple of times over the next few months, Pa encouraged me to go out with other guys. As much as they tried they couldn't match the feelings I had for my darling Pa. As our relationship became more intense over the next few months, Pa suggested that I move my things into the master bedroom, which made me very happy. After about 6 months, I started...Read On


His Voice

I thought to my-self, He'll never know how much I want him.

My heart was still racing as Ihung up the phone, his voice still in my head. I stretched out on my bed with a silly grin on my face. I know it’s something that will probably never happen, and maybe that's what makes it all the more exciting. I began to play back our conversation in my head; nothing really sexual ever came up but his voice made my body tingle. I let my hands begin to...Read On


The Little Red Light - Part One, The Seduction

A predatory sex-starved woman takes her sexual frustration out on her neighbors - part I

They sat at the small table in the night club, nervously looking around the dimly lit room. The club music pounded as they watched a room full sweaty bodies, much younger than they, enjoying the night. The idea to spend a night out at one of these local clubs seemed like a great idea earlier in the night, but it had become painfully obvious that this was not what Guy and Jamie needed to...Read On


Coming Upon Celeste

A man interrupts his girl pleasuring herself... passion ensues.

After I let myself in, I stealthily made my way into her spacious bedroom, expecting to find her still sleeping. I looked to see Celeste reclining on her bed peacefully, lying on her side, presenting me with a delightful view of her superb ass. Although there were no lights on, the early morning sun was spreading out over her bed through the horizontal blinds. She hadn't realized that I was...Read On


Fixing It

Ally and Jen found a new playmate while at the mechanic's...

SluttyBi: I need a ride. MissyJ: *devilish grin* I just gave u the ride of a lifetime last nite, babe. SluttyBi: *lol* not that ride, silly. I meant I’m picking up my car from the mechanic today. I got a message last night saying everything’s fixed and ready for me to take it home today. MissyJ: OK, where is this place? SluttyBi: do u remember Kev? ...Read On


Things arent always what they appear

Things arent always what they appear on the outside

My name is Kristen and my best friend Matt is the prime example that things aren’t always the way they seem. Matt was as gay as they came, or so I thought. I never expected what was going to happen. I was sixteen and Matt was seventeen. We had been best friends since the first grade and our friendship took a drastic but amazing turn. “Oh, my god Matt, really!” I replied to my friend matt. ...Read On


First Fruits

A day out of town on business leads to my first time straying

I once was a good boy. I played by all the rules, including the fidelity rule. In fact, I played by the rules and went beyond them. Like everyone, I had my moments of temptation – not in terms of situations, but I noticed a lovely face or a shapely figure. But that was it – at times I even went so far as to look the other way if my wife pointed out a pretty woman, so as not to be tempted...Read On


Sexhitching Diary: My First Time AND the Rodeo

Caution is tossed to the winds on the high plains

It was a pretty warm day in southern Colorado as I was hoping to catch a ride to Pueblo where they held the National High School Rodeo championships each year but in order to get there I had to traverse about 75 miles of high desert. I was spending another summer at my grandparent’s ranch on the high plains of eastern Colorado. Helping them tend to their horses and cattle as well as riding...Read On


The Shy Student Part II

Emma's adventure continues

Jenny and Emma exchanged knowing glances during their lectures the next week, until the tutor approached the younger girl on Friday afternoon. “What you doing tomorrow night? Fancy coming over?” Emma didn’t have to think about the offer, of course she wanted to get together again. “Love to.” she replied The next morning, Emma was lying in bed. She’d already planned to pop into town to...Read On


Working Days: Lynn, Chapter 2

Bryan acts upon his desires for Lynn, his boss. 21+ End of a two part series.

I held her securely in my lap above my softened phallus as we sat on the floor beside the bed. The delicate sensation of her lips on my neck and a second set of lips, folds rather, slipping along the length of my shaft caused it to harden. As much as I wanted to have her again I insisted that we return to our respective duties. It hurt to feel and hear the words escape into the silence of...Read On

Audio version available

A Hotel With Candy

originally an audio story however became a short story. plz rate and comment.

I got out of bed and looked at my sexy green camisole with bright pink fishnets, bra and panties that I liked to sleep in after I had just spent the night masturbating with my favorite dildo. I looked back at my nightstand to find it was still beside my pillow where I had left it the previous night and stilled wrapped in a condom all sticky with my favorite lube, strawberry flavored. I...Read On



He didn't feel so lucky after the accident, but maybe the hospital stay could change his mind

“Well, Mr. Phillips, it seems your luck is holding. I’d say we can have you out of those casts in another week or so.” John chuckled, while glancing at the casts on his arms and legs that had left him bedridden since the accident weeks before. “If you want to call it luck.” Doctor Davis smiled, enhancing her already attractive features, and shook her head, causing her curly brunette...Read On


A Family's New Year's Eve - Part 2

The family's hot night continues

A Family New Year’s Eve – Part II If you haven’t already, please read “A Family New Year’s Eve” first so this makes more sense.   “Oh, yes…that’s right, Matt…God, yes…” Laurie was crazed with the feelings washing over her as she slid the tip of her son’s engorged cock between her wet, swollen cunt lips. “Do you want to fuck me, Matt?” Her words were barely audible. “Do you want to...Read On