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Changing Room Confessions

Going lingerie shopping with my naughty friend Katie had never been so much fun!

  One Saturday I went shopping with my mate Katie for some sexy lingerie to surprise my boyfriend with on his birthday.   As we looked around the lingerie department my friend pointed to a very sexy black satin corset with a tiny pair of matching thongs and suspender belt.   “I bet that would get him hard” she said as we walked over to the display.   I choose my size and went to...Read On


First Time Anal

Robin does not want to be an anal virgin anymore...

Robin is a very gorgeous girl; she has a beautiful face, long blonde hair to her ass and a figure that is absolutely outrageous. For 18 this girl has what Marilyn Monroe looked like with hips, tiny waist, and big tits. Honest to god she wars a 32D bra. I am 19 years old and pretty normal for a boy I love women and love to fuck them. After all I have not yet had the pleasure of fucking...Read On


Fred and Martha's Cruise Adventure

It is early July when Fred and Martha begin their cruise. He always told Martha that if the opportunity to have a sexual adventure even if it meant some touching with nothing more happening or it involved more then she should consider it. It was not as though Fred did not love Martha as he deeply did love her and trusted her like no other person. However George wanted to give Martha...Read On


Erin's New Toy

Straight roommate and lesbian roommate share a new toy

  Erin's New Toy “Are you ready yet?” Erin asked me. She was waiting by the door with her car keys. Erin was my roommate during college. “Yep, I hope it's not too hot,” I answered her. Erin and I were going for a run to try and stay in shape. We were both being pretty lazy that summer. Our apathy was understandable considering our last semester would be in a couple...Read On


My Day in TheBluebell Woods

Friends meet for the first time with Sex on their minds

My Day in TheBluebell Woods I had known Dave for some years, but only cyberly on an internet forum, both of us being from different parts of the US, although originally from different parts of the world and though he was nearly double my age I felt we always had a special affinity from day one. We had talked on every subject over the years but the one thing that had stuck in my mind...Read On


In the depths of dispair

A ray of hope

My first submission - hope you like Was it fear or trepidation? His tortured soul had never known love, but tonight. Tonight it may be different. Although he had never met Susan69, they had flirted over the chat rooms. He had bared his soul, told her secrets he had never told anyone else, including his therapist. Was Susan69 the person who could break him free of the maelstrom...Read On


Not In Control

Entertainment with strangers in the Hotel Spa

It had been a long hot dusty day of driving as we approached the hotel for an overnight stay on our journey home. Not having eaten all day we headed straight for the restaurant area and enjoyed a great meal, very few people were there so it seemed the hotel was in a quiet period at this time of the year. After dinner we went to our room, Frank went straight into the shower, and came out...Read On


method acting.

garter belt, suspenders, a stolen glances at her employer. he was dragging a sailers shirt over his head. she pull the mini skirt down ‘its got'a face the right way’, it was tattered like a sluty tinkle-bell. a fleeting check of the mirror again. plump mahogany lipstick a little off center she better... “quickly! the seen almost finished” whispered like the rasp of sandpaper. she grabbed...Read On


Joe and Alexis Together at Last

Joe sits in the hot tub waiting for Alexis

It had been a long day at work and as soon as I got home I poured some Scotch into a glass stripped of my clothes and headed for the hot tub on the balcony. Alexis would be here in about a half hour to spend the night, after running home to get clothes for the next day as well as her makeup. Today at work when I asked her to spend the night I thought she was going to jump out of her skin she...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 20

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

Dated this day, the 5 th of May, 2006   For the purpose of providing a framework over which both parties have equal control, this contract informally binds the signatories below to its contents.   Either party may ‘opt out’ of this agreement at any time.   ‘Opting out’ may be defined as ceasing to observe this contract in any way.   It is binding only insofar as it is accepted to be.  ...Read On


The Beginning

Learning to deep throat

The doorbell sounded as I was watching TV.   I wondered who it might be, thinking it just might be the Up’s delivery I had been waiting for.   I peeked thru the peephole in the door and it was an Up’s delivery man.   I opened the door and he handed me the package.   I quickly signed for it and closed the door.     I scanned the outside of the package, fearing that it...Read On


Wife doing me . . . .(Chapter 2)

I continued to enjoy wife's dildos and complete anal satisfaction.

This is a follow up after the first time that I got my wife to fuck me with her strap on dildo. My wife and I continued our growing sexual satisfaction through the use of many toys. Both, her and myself, had been exploring sexual situations quite a bit and had developed many fuck fest at home. Sometimes we would begin on saturday evening and continue through out  all night. We both got...Read On



Bambi wanted nothing more than an A in Biology...see how you got one.....

Ever since Bambi could remember her tits were always bigger than anyone else in her class all through life she was living with these enormous tits that made her self conscious, and ashamed of whom she was. Big tit’s ran in the family, her mom and everyone else she had ever meet had the same problem….HUGE TITS!  It's not as if they were big over weight cows either, the Benson girls while not...Read On


Dinner with Ellen

I was going to make Ellen mine . . . .

Ellen’s Saturday   Saturday morning came up and I began to clean and prepare the apt. for Ellen’s visit and dinner. I planned the food, even changed bed linen just in case Ellen and I decided to sleep together tonight . . . . I prepared my clothing. I had one of those dresses that had a size smaller than my real size. It had a combination of cotton and spandex that made it cling to...Read On


First time . . .

Lesbian, developing more than friendship, sex, sex

Mike’s bomb . . . . .     A month had passed after the “twins” adventure. I had not said anything yet. I was so afraid at Mike’s reaction that I did not have enough courage yet to tell him. I was feeling pretty sad and guilty of betrayal. When Mike exploded a bomb of himself.   Mike asked me for a divorce!. Of course it was a huge surprise. He said that...Read On


..testing the water..

..he dropped me off at my door step and kissed me deeply, promising to call later to make plans, he was planning a dinner party and would love me to help him host it. Not really my thing but after the night we had had I would have agreed to anything! I was also slightly curious as to what kind of dinner parties he has, after last nights revelations... I walked in to my apartment and was...Read On


whatever Lola wants...

Lola's friend was performing at the bar we went to that night, she was a beautiful Brazilian girl, tall but extremely voluptuous, with wide hips, bouncy ass and large breasts just jiggling about in front of her as she turned upside down on the pole. Her many moves included a slow sensuous climb up the pole then turning upside down and spreading her legs apart in to a perfect split. Lola...Read On


Wife fulfills a fantasy - sans husband

Anne's fantasy of having two men insifde her is a reality

SATURDAY MORNING   It was Saturday morning. One of those Saturdays in middle spring that was sunny and delightful with summer pushing spring away. The temperature was in the low 80s and the week end promised to be great.   Mike, my husband of 10 years, and I, were traveling to one of those resorts with golf, tennis, swimming pool and other amenities. Mike’s...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 19

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

Climbing the stairs to her apartment, Elaine was tired but in a good mood.   Snippets of her conversations with Leah and Gary had kept her smiling all day.   It wasn’t until she’d arrived on the landing outside her front door that she was jolted by the memory of her roommate’s kiss.   What was that about?     Elaine wasn’t sure, but she thought Kendra had kissed her because of...Read On


Greedy Girl Gang Bang

Getting gang banged in your own home by 5 stranges.....

Married for 14 years I have had a very satisfying relationship with my husband Joe. When it comes to sex we are both usually too busy to have any fun with it because Joe travels and I work full time as a nurse. Joe has always been innovative when it comes to sex when we do have the time and is always trying to show me how much he loves me by sending me flowers, or leaving a note on my...Read On


Cheerleader Sandwich

A virgin cheerleader enjoys a first time threesome with her boyfriend, and best friend.

Over the past ten years I've come a long way from a sweet, innocent, extremely naive 18-year old from Alabama, I was a debutant, a princess, and one of the rich girls that everyone was jealous of. I was cute, perky, and a straight A student. My boyfriend was the Quarterback of the football team and I was one of the cheerleaders. To say the least I was one of the most popular girls in my class....Read On


Private tutoring

Before class tutoring sometimes helps.

History class was always kind of exciting. My history teacher was a tall, middle aged black man, and had not quite let himself go for teachers in high school.  I guess I looked kind of young for my age, even for the 12th grade. I was rather skinny, but a taller 6'2" young man, dirty blonde and not much body hair. History was one of my favorite subjects. He drove by my house on his way to...Read On


Imogen - Chapter Two

Continuation from previous chapter. Enjoy.

Imogen – Chapter Two (Please read Chapter One first if you haven’t already!! It will make better sense! Thankyou.) Our love affair was getting harder to hide. I’m always on edge now, careful to keep my darling Imogen a secret.    Our relationship is blooming. It has been only two and a half months after our first sexual contact. I have loved every second of it. She is astounding. Our...Read On


Getting wife to do me. (Chapter 1)

Started with prostate, convinced wife to do me.

I am a 50 year old male that about 10 years or so ago "discovered" my prostate. Although happily married and with a healthy sexual content at home, after 15 or so years something was missing. Maybe it was our very frequent sex. We resembled rabbits . . .  I think. But after some time we began to get a bit "been there done that". We were looking for some changes to make our love making...Read On


Coming ashore (part 2)

Further adventures of two sailors ashore

Marlene moved closer, dropping her hand to Stu’s fly, groping him through the cloth and looking him in the eye. He let her for a second then brushed her hand aside, unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his prick. It was fully extended and Marlene ran her palm along the underside of it. “ Mmmmm”, she said, running her tongue over her lips. “what a big boy”. She dropped to her...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 18

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

Elaine grabbed Kendra’s arm before they entered the clinic. She looked around before hissing, “I thought we were going to see an Ob-Gyn...” Kendra shook Elaine’s grip. “I’ve seen an Ob-Gyn. This is the doctor. You know, The Doctor . I’m getting rid of it. Jeez, Elaine. What did you think I needed? My hand held in the waiting room?”   Elaine’s eyes narrowed. “You could’ve...Read On


Coming Ashore [Part 1]

Bar encounter for sailors ashore

As a first port of call after twelve weeks at sea, the King’s Head wasn’t bad. The beer was good and reasonably priced, there wasn’t too much noise and the bar didn’t slope. The smell of stale smoke was in keeping with the faded upholstery. It was just after opening time and the bar was almost empty. The barman was watching a replay on the telly, only coming near us when we called for beer....Read On


...he loves to taste a smooth pussy

Chapter 1

"hollywood please, I don't want any hair down there at all!" he loves to taste a completely smooth pussy. Its been a longtime since I had sex. He had asked me out to dinner and I am not leaving anything to chance. We had been text flirting and he has told me something about what he likes to do and what turns him on.. I'm wearing my red high heels- makes my legs look endless, a slightly...Read On


Taming Of Damon

Unsuspecting Damon gets a fuck he will remember.

Damon Morris was a 19 year old freshman at the local university going through the motions. He was finally able to leave the confines of his home and experience life on his own with out mom and dad all over him. He was in his history class listening to his professor go over the lesson, which was rather boring he almost fell asleep a few times. When the bell rang, he quickly gathered his...Read On


The Quickie

anonymous sex at its best

"He looked at the beauty laying on the king size bed, naked before him, his arousal evident with the massively thick cock standing at full attention before him.  He knelt across her thigh and pulled her other leg upward, laying it across his hardened abs and chest, her body rolled onto its side as he pulled it upward, her sweet petals opened slightly at the parting of her legs.  He...Read On