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A Perilous Lust (2 Of 2)

what is the price of a sexual awakening?

The lingering scents of warm shower water and body lotion lingered in the air when I slowly awoke, still nestled comfortably in the cottony cocoon of our sheets and comforters. As my senses powered up, one by one, the events of the day before dawned on me anew, ending the peaceful morning amnesia even before my eyes opened. I’d spent the afternoon and evening in a mental battle with...Read On


British Angel

She was an Angel that changed my life.

Please be patient in that part I has little sex but I promise it will get better in subsequent parts. I am a business man that travels in my job and therefore have met some very interesting people, in a lot of different places. This story is of one meeting that changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined. I was on a business trip to England with a large group of businessmen...Read On


Doctor and a very naughty patient

Who knew a routine test would be so fun.....

I couldn't put it off any longer. Having to go the doctor for a swab of my downstairs was something I didn't relish but it was only every 2 years, I had had a reminder letter and I knew it was time to make the appointment. I rang the doctor's requesting a female if possible but that meant waiting another couple of weeks and I wanted to get this out the way so I booked in with a new doctor,...Read On


First Time with the School Slut: Part 3

Finally Eric and me get to his bed

He carried me naked to his bedroom door and stopped. He seems to have a thought in his head. He starts to kiss me some more and we get into a really dirty make out session. I guess he felt that it's not everyday that he has the school slut's full attention, so he might as well take advantage of me. "You're so fucking hot and gorgeous Stacy!"  He then opens the door to his room, then...Read On


A Camping Trip

A bunch of horny college students go camping in the southern Appalachians

(episode 8) After the weekend on the lake my friends and I organized a camping and fishing trip in the north Georgia mountains. Chip and Brittany along with Vic and Kelli from our excursion on the lake came on the trip. My friends Katie with her so called “serious” boyfriend from back home, my life long friend and fraternity big brother, Nick, brought a hot girl named Tiffany, frat brother...Read On


My Best Friend 6 - The Sleep Over...The Conclusion

She asked me a serious question, how am I going to respond.....

Disclaimer: She asked me a serious question. How was I going to respond? If you haven't been reading the previous stories of 'My Best Friend' then you might want to go back to find out what has been going on. And now I bring you the conclusion to The Sleepover.... I pulled her out of her crevice and laid her completely on top of me so her whole body would be pressed against mine. I smiled...Read On


Erika the Sex Slave, Chapter 5

18 year old college student Erika becomes a sex slave

Gary Weil rang the doorbell the next day, promptly at 2pm. I opened the door and let him and two other people in. The first one was Mark Radler, a teen I had seen around the neighborhood and recognized painting my fence early this summer. Mark was a tall kid with good looking features. His wavy black hair was always unkempt but his goatee was always nicely trimmed. He wasn't built but he...Read On


Our First Meeting

when I meet my beautiful girl this is how I see it going

I was wondering when I would feel your body on mine as I quiver and shake with your skin against me. The feel of your lips kissing my neck as I moan slightly in your ear. My hand sliding through your hair to pull it slightly as I seek your lips for a taste of heaven. Our tongues dancing an erotic dance of passion and delight. I feel my breath faltering as you bring me close to the edge with...Read On


Weekend with Carleigh

Carleigh had not been successful with guys, but then we met online and I flew to meet her...

Weekend with Carleigh The plane banked to the left, aligning itself with the runway in preparation to land. Looking out the window I could see the university campus off in the distance. Soon I would be there, finishing the plans that we had made. After landing and gathering my bag, I rented a car and drove toward campus. There were two motels on my list to check out, one of which I...Read On

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Selfish Sex

My husband gets lustful when other men fuck me.

I like being the center of attention. I know I’m selfish that way. Oh, I admit I like having sex with other couples. It’s great to have the sustained all night sex brought on by the excitement of swapping and sharing, and it’s great to have the touch and taste of another woman at times, but somehow the sex is always more reserved then if I’m alone with one man or better yet, two men. Women...Read On


The Promise

Hello everyone, I think it would be best if I introduce myself first. My name is Rose; I am eighteen years old and this is my first story. (Be warned, there is a bit of background, but my story will eventually get to the ‘good stuff’) I would like to share with you the day I lost my virginity. I want you to feel like you were there with us. I want to feel your eyes on my body as you read...Read On


Cindytranee meets the maintenance crew

Cindytranee gets caught crossdressing and gets fucked by three men

This is a true story that happened a few years ago when Iwas living in an apartment complex while looking for a house. I had taken a small one bedroom on the 2 nd floor. It was very nice and private and I really enjoyed being there. This was the first time in years that I had lived alone and I loved it. It gave me the freedom to enjoy my favorite thing, cross dressing and having sex with as...Read On


Tina's Play Day-Party Girl Journals #2

A woman gets the suprise of her life in a public place...

Tina’s Play Day-Party girl Journal # 5 As Tina settled back in her big comfy chair and closed her eyes in pleasant tiredness, she grinned. Running through her mind were images of the last couple of weeks. She laughed out loud in her apartment as she listened to the song “My Baby’s got a secret. “ Something’s coming over me, My Baby’s got a secret with me. Happiness lies in your own...Read On


A teasing blindfolded fantasy part 2

Time to reverse the roles!

Since we had acted out my husband's fantasy of me being tied up by him, we had waited for the perfect time to act out the reverse. We had a free Friday night coming up and I decided that would be the right time for our next naughty adventure. I sent my husband off to work with the promise that tonight I would be tieing him up to our bed. I had the day off work so I knew that I would have...Read On


Submissively Gagged!

She will do anything for her Master ......

There is a room, it is of medium size, has a couple over sized arm chairs with big backs and large arm rests. There is a fireplace and some rugs spread about the floor; one in front of the fireplace, one beside each chair and then one over by the big picture window on the wall that touches outside. The room is dimly lit by a few candles scattered about on the coffee table and little end...Read On


Threesome, second time around

Second time around is more intense

Having been a few weeks since our first threesome, I didn't think it would happen again. Everyone's schedules have been crazy so finding time to relax was hard but finally all of our schedules matched up. I, being a healthy male, am pretty much ready to go but my 2 pets need some liquid encouragement even though they both want to be with me in bed. So after a few hours of drinking,...Read On


Fight for the Girl

part 7

I woke up the next morning and both girls were still asleep next to me, Ella on my left and Lily on my right. I still couldn’t believe that I was dating, and fucking, Ella. Now that Lily had joined the party, I was in heaven. I wanted to wake up like this every day. I got out of bed and stood at the foot, just watching my two gorgeous girls sleep. I started getting ready for school when...Read On


Meeting Marcel's Mistress

Crysta's lover treats her to an afternoon drenched in sex and seduction

She's afraid for the wet, salty stain her pussy lips will likely leave on the sofa. Crysta shifts in her seat and wishes fleetingly that her skirt wasn't so short, that she wasn't so aroused and most of all, that her brazenness hadn't prompted her to abandon her knickers at her rented apartment. Marcel chuckles into her mouth, feeling her shift, wondering at her sudden anxiousness. Crysta...Read On


Kelly's First Time

Tutor sees that student always looking at her boobs.

"Do you like them?" she wanted to ask him. However, she knew she couldn’t seeing as she was his tutor and that was it. Okay, so what if he is a sweet kid. So what if he’s only 19 years old. She was 39. She was way out of his league. Although she was only semi-attractive and faintly pudgy, she could be sexy too, if dressed right she knew. Then she thought "what’s he going to do anyway?" Say...Read On


The Interrogation of Natalie Rogers- Part 2

I wear a cloak of vulnerability

Xiong left the room for what seemed to be a few hours. I didn’t know exactly- he had taken my watch. When he returned, he had a clear plastic bag under his arm. He handed me my clothes and told me to get dressed. I grabbed my panties from him and quickly put them on first. Wasting no time, I put on my jeans. I turned my back to him and put on my bra and t-shirt. He stood expressionless...Read On

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The Exchange

With a sexy gift, a friendships takes a slow turn into something more.

We did our best not to giggle as we exited the girls’ bathroom together, our book bags slung over our shoulders. Not that anyone would have noticed if we had. They’d probably have thought we’d been talking about boys. I caught Stacy’s guilty smile from the corner of my eye, relieved to see that I wasn’t the only one blushing. Unable to stop myself, I reached out and flipped the hem of her...Read On


The Summer I'll Never Forget 4.3 - The Auction 1

Steph Decides to Be Auctioned Off

Steph walked out into the noisy chaos from the mysterious Matt Rockler as the guards closed the doors she felt completely woozy from the alcohol that Matt provided. This was going to be interesting. She headed down to where Amanda was last seen on the monitors so she could catch a drink with her friend before they parted ways and had their own individual fun. On her way to the bar she...Read On


Party Time

Unlike some of the people my age, you could not consider me a party animal.And if I ever did go to one, I would not put a lamp shade on my head and make a fool of myself. When my neighbor Lita picked me up. she was wearing a tight sweater ,leather skirt, and spike heels. Now I knew I was going to enjoy the party, because even if it was a total bust,.all I would have to do is look at her...Read On


B has a Bad Day

How a good Pet turns a bad day around

Ben came home in a lousy mood; things hadn’t gone the way he had planned today at work. These are the days, which may surprise you, I enjoy the most. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I adore the days when he comes home hard and ready, having thought about me his entire ride home. I love that he calls and gives me a chance to “prepare” for him. The running around the house thinking of new and...Read On


The Collar Part IV

After being punished at work, Krystenah is punished at home by her Master

“Strip out of your clothes and get me the ribbed plug and the lube.” I sprang up and did as Master commanded, my pussy still throbbing from my stolen orgasm and my ass still sore from the spankings he and my boss had given me. When I came back into the living room, Master took what I had in my hands and set it down. He then attached my collar to my doggie chain which he had attached to the...Read On


Making the Grade

I needed the grade or my life would be ruined. What else could I do?

Once I got stopped for speeding and showed my boobs to a cop to get out of a ticket. He didn’t ask. I just unbuttoned my shirt as he was looking at my license. He seemed torn between arresting me and letting me strip, but he didn’t say anything, so I kept on going and unclipped my bra and took it off my breasts. He glanced around to see if anyone could see, and then he helped himself to a...Read On


Party Girl Journals #3-Deni's Surprise

A woman's awakening of pleasure leaves her craving more....

Deni looked over at her friend one more time, and wondered, “What the hell has she got up her sleeve for me??” She was unsure what her best friend had in mind, but she trusted Peggy and obeyed without question. Peggy just told her to dress up a bit, and be ready for a great surprise. She dressed in a small, slinky, summery dress and looked so very hot. Her short blond hair was combed until...Read On


Welcome to the neighbourhood part two

sandy returns for another encounter

Sandy reached between her legs and caressed her aching pussy. The thoughts of what she had done with Nathan filling her mind. Moving her fingers with perfect expertise she massaged her pussy. Rubbing her swollen clit frantically with firm fingers bringing her to an orgasm that made her cry out in ecstasy. Laying there with heavy breathing she wanted more. The self pleasured orgasm...Read On


Jen's lesson

Jen learns not to flirt, the hard way.

Jen slowly dropped to her knees next to the heavy wood door that lead outside of the home. She knew what was coming, and she knew it would be painful. Her pussy started getting wet as she thought about it. Her Master would be home soon, and he was going to punish her. She had made the mistake of disobeying one of his orders three times in a row. She had flirted shamelessly with the...Read On


Uses For a Wingbacked Chair

A savage gentleman, an adoring virgin, and the beast with two backs

The armchair is in his study. It's upholstered in exquisite jacquard-woven fabric, with wings at the side to shield his face from the glow of the fire, propped on short, stout, sensuously curved legs, as is typical of the style. The study reflects his tastes - it's a picture of Victorian luxury - filled with objets d'art, shelves of books and rich furnishings. A low fire flickers in...Read On