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A new world to explore

Ugh, another day of packing; I’ve always hated moving. When I started college, when I moved into my first apartment, when I moved in with my ex-boyfriend, that was a mistake, and now I’m moving in with my new husband. My new husband, oh how I love to say that, is at work and I’m packing up things in my apartment. I neatly place things in their proper boxes. This will go to the house, this will...Read On


Mirror, Mirror

Two friends masturbate to separate memories of a single embrace

She is not with me now. I have only held her once, a short hug in a park in fact, and that was some time ago. I remember it as if it were happening right now, but it isn't. It is only a memory.   I am alone. Everyone else has gone to sleep. In the quiet of the night, I have been exchanging messages with her, but she is not with me now. But I feel her. In my mind's eye, in my mind, I still...Read On


Vegas Adventure Part 2

Conclusion of the most incredible night Ellie and I have ever had

This is part 2 of Vegas Adventure…. We partially dressed and decided to have a couple drinks and recover a bit from what had just happened. I could see the look of lust and satisfaction in Ellie’s eyes and I knew this would be a night to make fantasies come true, for both of us. As we drank and talked about what had just happened, Bill and my mystery woman (I will call her Kate to make...Read On


The Girls Getaway Part II

Leah and Her Best Friend Escape to a Cabin in the Woods for a Unexpected Weekend of Fun

Leah awoke the next morning with a hangover. She could tell she was laying in the hammock but after the night before, the person she was laying on could have been anyone. She lifted her head slowly and her eyes landed on Jake, her Luke Bryan look-a-like. She smiled and looked around. Veronica and Brantley were laying on the earth wrapped in a blanket, and Colton was passed out alone in the...Read On


Here pussy, pussy, pussycat!

This story is not based upon reality, sadly, but enjoy it anyway.

One moment I was walking down the Strand at about 3 o’clock, just past Charing Cross Station, when it hit. What “it” was, I have no idea, and all I remember was a light, brighter than anything I had ever seen before, which just burst and surrounded me. Then nothing, just nothing, it was like my mind had frozen, I could see nothing, hear nothing, and think of nothing, though somehow I was...Read On


A Friend In Need

As I comforted a good friend, I gave her what we both really needed...

An old friend of mine from high school, Denise who lived in another state and I had connected through FaceBook. She was going through some very difficult times. We chatted on FaceBook quite a bit. She was 58 and I am 52. We both have had quite a bad time regarding our families and that was one of the things that we had in a common and related to one another with. Her mother had already...Read On


Adventures at an Artists' Colony Ch.2

Two writers fulfill their sexual fantasies at an artist's colony in the woods.

Adventures at an Artists’ Colony Sisyphus Chapter 2 Angel’s idea to get our writing done during the day and sharing fantasies in the evening was intriguing, so the next morning I slipped a note under her door telling her what my fantasy was in case she wanted to prepare for it. I wrote, “You’re the farmer’s daughter alone on the farm and I show up at your door. I’ll be there at 7.” ...Read On


a softer thing

The begging ceased and in time also the flood stopped except for a small escape of cum from her beau

He walked in and saw the girls lying on the bed talking. The mood in the room was quiet and sexual and surprising. But there they were and waiting on him it seemed. Carefully he entered and walked around the bed and sat with her. Looking in her eyes, he searched for a reason for this movement in the relationship and wondered if it was really going on. He had had two women before. She had...Read On


All the Teachers PT3

Young college student does former teachers

Ohhhhhhh god, I can’t believe how this feels she told herself while he held her shapely soft ass in his hands as they kissed. At the very same time, he pulled at her body elsewhere. She loved it. She adored how it felt to have her ass cheeks squeezed and pulled at like he was doing. It had to be the most delightful thing ever done to her. She was embroiled in sensations she could not...Read On


Purity in the Old West

The beautiful lushness of blonde there between her legs was unlike any Killy had ever seen

Cadence stopped turning the wench that brought the bucket of water out of the well to pat the beaded sweat on her forehead with her sleeve. The wind was blowing the dry desert dust around so it stung exposed skin. Her blonde tresses felt mangled as the dust stuck to her ponytail. It was all Cadence could do to manage herself in the dry heat. It had not rained in over a month. Cadence was...Read On


Annie Has Another First Experience

We Japanese women have a fascination with black guys, at least some of us do.

This is a story about my first time ever to be with a black man, it happened over four years ago and I still remember it like it was just yesterday. Ferguson is an old friend of my husband’s. They went to the same university but a few years apart and met at an alumni function a few years ago and stayed in contact thru the years. He was a football player in college but hurt his knee real bad...Read On


Lost Trail Cabin (chap. 2)

Romantic Getaway

Lost Trail Cabin (chapter 2) As they drive up the mountain, they come to a lookout point. Nancy perks up at the view, “Jake, let’s stop and take some pictures.” “Sure, honey” Jake replies as he looks into her eyes as he pulls into the parking area. Jake gets out and goes around helps Nancy out of the car. As she gets out the car, a gust of wind comes through opening her still unfastened...Read On


Little Beach ch 1

Little Beach where one can enjoy the sun and friendship of the other nudist”.

My name is Genevieve, but you can call me Ginny. I’m fifty-seven years old and live in a small town in Ohio. Right now, I am going through some real rough times right now, most of it is due to the removal of my left breast, due to breast cancer. Everything is healed, and I have a clean bill of health now. However, the depression that goes with is bad enough, but I had to deal with one...Read On


Cindy's Diary - Mama

Mama let's me in on a little family secret

October 5th     Diary, mmmm, I wish you were a real person and could see me just lying here with my sore and stretched open pussy ready for anyone to come in and use me in any way possible. But that isn’t going to happen. I’m going to do what Mama told me. What did she say? Well let me start from the beginning.    “Cindy, open up.” Mama demanded outside my door. I didn’t open it, diary....Read On


My First Time With Man

My first gay experience

I was in my late teens when this happened. I am a 5' 4" Filipino, with slim built at the time. I had just finished surfing. It was a slow day at the beach. It was the middle of the week, hardly anyone was there. Had all the waves to myself. After surfing I headed into the showers. There was an older white man sitting on bench a reading. I did not think anything of him as I started to shower....Read On


Trans-Office Affair

My first story... so please be gentle. This is a fictional story based on a friend's fantasy.

Andrea and I had been working closely together on a work project for close to a week, often spending time together after work so that we could get it done on time. As the week went on, I had grown more and more attracted to her, but I tried to keep things professional in order to get the task at hand completed. One night, we were both standing side-by side, leaning over the desk to look at...Read On

Audio version available

Burning Passion, Secret Love

Secret lovers meet in a park to explore their lust, only to discover something deeper.

A gentle spring breeze rustling through the tree tops was the only sound as they walked quickly down the path. They paused, looking around for other people. Time was short on these lunchtime meetings, but caution was always a concern. Seeing no one, he squeezed her hand and smiled as she met his gaze. With one last glance around, they left the main path, heading down a narrow trail. He...Read On


Part 1: Trip to the Gulf Islands

My girlfriend and I enjoy our Gulf Island vacation

These are the true events that transpired during a weekend trip to a small group of islands located in British Columbia. This is the first story I wrote and published on lush once before, let me know what you enjoyed about it and how I could improve. Thanks and Enjoy! My girlfriend Katie was pushing me to take a vacation with her and we finally agreed on a short weekend camping trip to BC....Read On


How I Became A Hotwife Ch. 07 [Young Temp Staff]

My hubby offered a temp staff to stay over

My hubby called me one afternoon and told me that one of the junior staff, John, would be dropping by in the evening and told me to be prepared. Of course I knew what he meant. During that evening, we had some drinks together and found out more about him. Since John would only be here for three days, my hubby offered to let him stayed over for two nights so that he could save on the...Read On


Kristy's submission

Dominant woman turns to submission for the right man

“How much more time will this meeting take?” Derek’s voice was bored. “Excuse me?” snapped Kristy Anderson. She spun around to glare. Her legs, heightened by another new pair of designer 4-inch pumps, spread slightly making the slit in her skirt rise up a firm thigh. She did not get to be the head of ForEx Trading by putting up with arrogance such as this. No one had ever taken power from her....Read On


Adventures at an Artists' Colony Ch.2

Two writers fulfill their sexual fantasies at an artist's colony in the woods.

Adventures at an Artists’ Colony Sisyphus Chapter 2 Angel’s idea to get our writing done during the day and sharing fantasies in the evening was intriguing, so the next morning I slipped a note under her door telling her what my fantasy was in case she wanted to prepare for it. I wrote, “You’re the farmer’s daughter alone on the farm and I show up at your door. I’ll be there at 7.” ...Read On


Diversion -- Part 3

Getting to know her...

This part has no sex! Please please stay with me! It's building up to something good! I promise! I check into The Hotel on Collins Ave and jump in the shower. I washed quickly and wrapped my towel around me. I lay on the bed and turn my phone on for the first time since I began this journey. My phone buzzed, I don't even want to know what it says but I check anyways. Three voicemails...Read On


The Diary of a Slave

I decided to see just how bad of a slut my master made me... This is my diary...

( This is purely a fictional piece on my part. In no way have I ever done any of the things described. Thank you, Soith.) Dear Diary, Valentine's Day! Master says that He has something special planned for me today., He won't tell me what, but I know that I will fully enjoy it. He came home around 4 this afternoon. I instantly dropped to my knees, pulled his cock from his pants, and...Read On


April In June

This is my first attempt at writing. It was the beginning of summer, me and my cousin decided to spend our first week out of school at out grandmas. Every year we would spend our summer staying at different family member’s house. This was great for us because we got to spend time with distant family members. If we weren’t feeling the vibe of one place we would pack up and go to the next...Read On


Vegas Adventure

Two people find a whole new world of sex and adventure.

My name is Keith, and my friend Ellie and I have a lot in common. We are married….but not to each other and we have an incredible sexual attraction to each other. We also like to explore new things and just go with what feels good. We are both much more adventurous than our partners and have, over the years, explored that side of ourselves. Recently I found myself in Vegas for a week...Read On


Living with daddy Part VII

THE DOCTORS VISIT I sat in the waiting room with my daddy and it sucked that we could not hold hands. I was under age and daddy said that when in public we needed to keep our distance from each other. I knew that if he got caught, it would be bad, but that did not stop me from wanting to reach out and touch him. “Moira,” a woman called my name as she opened the door leading back to all...Read On


Special present for an overworked boyfriend

A day at work Max won't forget for a long time...

My boyfriend Max had been working long hours and I had barely seen him due to my schedule and I was getting especially horny, so I decided it was time to take things into my own hands. As I walked into the massive home improvement store, the young greeter eyed me suspiciously as I was wearing a long trench coat. I grinned wickedly and gave him a small flash of my bare body. I’m sure it gave...Read On


A Toy's Touch pt.2

Chapter 2

The year-and-a-half after Maddy’s first encounter with her sister’s toys was filled with more of the same. She would often find herself home alone, would become frisky for one reason or another, and would eventually make her way back into her sister’s room for some pleasurable private time. This all changed when she turned 18. The time is 12:03am, December 3: Maddy's birthday. ...Read On



2005 It was a hot, gritty night. The kind you experience only on the high desert. The long, flat highway rolled-out ahead as would a path through a mountain meadow. Except that here the peaks were rising towers of mist, the valley, sand, wind-blown off the desert floor across which the blue/gray Navy hearse was forced to crawl at snail-speed. A cloud enshrouded full moon did little to...Read On


A Good Day At A Bad Job

My first attempt at writing, let me know what you think!

I mop the floor angrily, listing all the reasons in my head to pack this stupid job in once and for all. The demeaning uniform, the bad pay, rowdy customers and rubbish tips all added up to a job that wasn't worth it any more. The new manager and all his 'new' ideas meant that my friendly diner wasn't so friendly any more. I sigh, finishing up the cleaning. I wearily climb the...Read On