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Strawberry Lips

Strawberry Lips Carley and Beth lived together in a small town house in North London. They’d met whilst travelling around Australia a few years ago. Beth was a diving instructor from Sydney and Carley and her boyfriend Tom were a young couple experiencing everything the beautiful country had to offer. Carley and Beth stayed good friends and when Beth said she wanted to come over to...Read On


The Perfect Prescription Part II

In Part II, Dr. Johnson prescribes severe therapy for Krystenah, which Master J happily administers

After Master had come in my ass, he went over to the sink and washed up. He walked over to me and pressed me back down on the examining table. “Spread your legs,” he told me and ran a cloth up my legs, over my pussy and finally over and inside my well-fucked asshole. He slapped my ass one more time and told me to get dressed. I reached for my bra, but he shook his head no, so I buttoned up...Read On


My First Time With Another Woman!

My first lesbian experience!

It really has not been that long since the first time I ever had sex with another woman. I had never thought of it as revolting or anything like that. And in fact by the time I first did it I had fantasized about it and actually once made an attempt at it. Right after college I rented an apartment in New Orleans with one of my three closest friends, Rhonda, a sorority sister from college....Read On


My Samantha

My first and very special MILF experience. True Story.

This is a true story about my first MILF experience. I have changed the lady’s name for obvious reasons and I’m not disclosing mine…well, just because I don’t want to . Old beats before my time filled the nightclub; it was Friday Disco night – a place where Flock of Seagulls could combine with Jimi Hendrix in the same setting. It usually catered with people slightly older than average than...Read On


Honey, Sweet Honey pt I

She was so hot! So sweet! Honey dripped on my tongue!

After several years of futile attempts at maintaining gainful employment, my husband, Tommy, and I decided to try to make a living as truck drivers. We thought of it as an opportunity for adventure since we were both young and had never traveled farther north from our home in Florida than Tennessee or farther west than Louisiana. We quickly adapted to the lifestyle. Living, eating,...Read On


Second Visit to a Gay Sauna

str8, bi or gay? An erection doesn't care!

I promised to write about my experiences in the sauna and in the Jacuzzi, but, to be honest, I had a far better experience lately on a visit to a different club. Well, there was no Jacuzzi, but they had a steam room, a sauna, a dark room, a glory hole, a TV lounge showing porn and a relaxing lounge with soft drinks and normal TV. After stripping naked and donning a skimpy towel, I...Read On


Moon light charm

Samantha and Joseph go to a summer camp.

Why do My parents always make me come here? Samantha asked, leaning back against the bus chair, lifting her legs so her feet nestled against her butt. Samantha had been going to Camp Moon Light since she was thirteen, she was seventeen now, and a Senior in high school. Her hair was naturally a reddish brown rust like color, but she had dyed it black so her eyes could pop more. Her eyes...Read On


Nearly Twins - Part 1

Fun with a couple of bisexual cousins.

I met her one evening after work in the Red Lion, a pub just round the corner from my office in the City. We talked for most of the evening, sharing a few more drinks, and just before she left to get her last train, she pressed her phone number into my hand and raising herself up on her high heels, she brushed my lips with hers, and her tongue slightly licked them. Then she was gone, and I...Read On


Claire's Awakening 8: Field Trip - Part 2

Claire's just sucked her first cock. Now it's Scott's turn to return the favour!

I started to panic. I was sat in Scott’s house, in my underwear on the sofa in his living room. I’d just sucked his cock. My boyfriend ’s cock. We were an official item!? What was I doing? Biding my time, I picked up my glass and slowly sipped my drink, desperately trying to think of an answer. Scott was still smiling at me, waiting for his answer. “Come on Claire, I’m a gentleman. You...Read On


A dirty bike ride!

Countryside bike ride turns into some dirty sex in the woods.

Blue skies, warm sunshine, the perfect day for a bike ride and the perfect time to try some alfresco sex..... My husband and I have been camping several times and this time we were on a trip to Devon. Sex when camping is always interesting, normally a quickie in a tight space therefore unadventurous and a quiet affair. This can be a problem for me as I tend to be quite loud during sex,...Read On


The Professor's Daughter--Part V-Bedtime Story

Stephanie explores her fantasies......

THE PROFESSOR’S DAUGHTER--Part V Bedtime Stories My old professors daughter Stephanie is a just turned 18-year-old knockout. She has cutest face you have ever seen and a slim Korean-Caucasian-mix body with a tight, petite Asian frame. She’s slim, quite tall and athletic (toned by ballet and gymnastics) with a nicely rounded firm ass and small but very firm tits. In my opinion...Read On


My College Roommate

I arrived at my university in Colorado in late August for my freshmen year of college. Orientation and classes were starting and I was eager to meet my roommate. Lee had been on campus all summer prior to me arriving. He was a Linebacker on the football team and was also a true freshman like me. Lee was up early each morning and very busy each day but had time to help me with...Read On


1st swing club experience

first experience at a swing club

1st Swing Club Experience For many years I had wondered what this thing called swinging was like. I loved sex. You could say I was a sexual addict. But to consider having sex in front of others, possibly in group situations? I didn't know if I could do this. I was not built like Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery. More like Brian Dennehy. I was 6'4", 270, and not in the midst of my...Read On


Initiation by the Dozen

Sharon earns her XII tattoo

Sharon was using some inheritance to get away for awhile and explore the dark, wild and kinky side of life. Before going to LA, she had gotten a clit hood ring and 2 nipple bars. With the right pair or panties the ring rubbed her clit arousing her. Her nipples were stayed stiffly aroused all the time. Sharon met some wealthy older guy who took her and some other chicks to Las Vegas...Read On


Mutual Masturbation at 40,000 Feet

My wife and I rub each other off on a packed plane

 I would like to share with you an exciting and real sexual experience my wife and I enjoyed on a recent journey from Australia back to the UK. The action took place during the second leg of our journey from Taipei to London on a China Airlines Airbus A330. My wife and I were seated in two seat on the right hand side of the plane, with my wife by the window and myself by the aisle. We...Read On


16, Naive, and Seduced

I didn't notice Ramona until my second year in High School when her locker in the hallway was just a few feet from mine. The school we attended was a 3-year High School, so we were in the Junior Class and 16 years old at the time. I noticed several times that she would seem to be watching me and smiling. Then she began to walk by me and smile more and sometimes say, "Hi". "Just a classmate...Read On


Small Opposites: Part Two

She was just dirtying herself again and she was ready to have his small cock inside her tiny slit.

She watched the result of their desires that happened on the pool’s concrete deck wash off of him and down the drain of the hot shower in which they both stood. Even though having got him off happened minutes ago, the thought of it was still hot to her. She kept replaying the moment over and over in her brain as she watched the water flow over his hard body. The thought of his small cock...Read On


Happy Birthday Julie

To the girl who knows how tomake me smile!

Did you ever work with a woman that you thought was so fucking hot that you would do practically anything, just to spend one night with her? Such is the story of Julie, the Julie that I work with. It didn’t quite start out like this. It all started innocently enough by me asking her mother what her name was, and it just kind of took off from there. The first thing that caught my attention...Read On


My Little Trip To Miami

Great sex on a short vacation!

A while back I had just signed a new really big client to a two year contract for my company and received a large bonus. I decided to do something really nice for myself so I decided to fly to Miami Beach and spend a few days. I’d been seeing a guy fairly regularly for the last year and he seemed pretty hurt that I didn’t want to take him. I told him I just needed some “me” time. I...Read On


Revenge in Moonlight

A young woman upset at an arranged marriage, takes revenge, a woman's revenge.

This is my first story. I hope you enjoy it. It is set in a past era. ----------------------------------------------- In a moonlit forest Elizabeth was running for her life. The life she knew, the life she cared about, the life that she adored. Sobs mingled with the exhaustive intakes of air, tears streaming down her face. She clung on desperately to an oak old tree and screamed in anger...Read On


Sex With A Stranger

I went to China for an experience of a lifetime-and that's what I got!

I was enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon on Qianmen Street in Beijing. It was the first time in my 21 years that I travelled outside of the United States. I clutched onto my Chinese-English dictionary for dear life as I strolled the shopping area dressed in my white sundress with only white lace panties underneath. My sandals completed my rather light wardrobe. I could not help...Read On


A night at the bar

Hey, the names Gabriel, I'm 22 and I stand 6 foot 1 with an average build and a six pack. I don’t really stand out in a crowd, or at least I wouldn’t if I didn’t have red hair. Yes, I’m a ginger, my hair is kind of shaggy, but has a stylish look about it; I have freckles going across the bridge of my nose and some on my shoulders. Other then my hair I blend in pretty good with the crowd, but...Read On


A trip to the Mall

The girl from the Christmas Party asked me to meet her friends and go to the mall with her

Trip to the Mall (episode 4) Normally I will do anything to avoid a shopping trip to a mall, but when a truly beautiful and super sexy girl asks me to go then I GO! Jennifer from the Christmas Party wanted me to meet her friends and go to the mall with her. Jennifer came to the door when I rang the bell wearing a denim mini skirt and black stockings, high heeled clog shoes, a tight...Read On


Seducing my English Teacher

"Paxton, I going to kiss you." I told my English teacher. "I'm not going to stop you." He grinned. I put my hands on the sides of his face and pulled him toward me. I kissed him hard, I pushed my tongue through his lips and massaged his tongue with mine. * * * It was a cold December evening in North Dakota, I had just gotten off work at our local grocery store. I only lived about a...Read On


Birthday surprise

Birthday threesome

Yesterday was my birthday and I had the surprise of my life. I finished work early and drove home thinking about the surprise my wife had promised me. I was about to find out it was nothing I could have imagined.   I showered and shaved and slipped on my new tight jeans that showed off my manhood very nicely or so my wife tells me, a casual shirt and was waiting for her to arrive believing...Read On


Former Teacher PT1

Older teacher invites former student in; some sex is the result

She was exhausted. Simply worn out from teaching and counseling and as well, listening to all those students and administrators throughout the past year she was relaxing on her bed, and reading a new romance novel she’d heard about as she drank some of the favorite wine she’d bought. Lying on her bed she stripped off the skirt and unbuttoned her blouse, leaving her only in that top and also...Read On


Coffee and secrets

Girl meets boy, boy turns out not to be what he seems, boy = girl, girl + girl :)

This is my first story. Please comment, I will appreciate the feedback. I hope you enjoy it :) It was a warm day. In Britain, notorious for it's dreary weather, that meant that everyone was jumping at the opportunity to shed some layers. Men were sporting loose shorts and baring their chests to the magnificent sun god. Women were wearing the shortest and tightest of shorts and skirts and...Read On


Bad Behavior Corrected

A fictional story

The story "Bad Behavior Corrected" is a fictional work written by me. Any use or reposting of this story without my permission is not allowed. Your behavior has been terrible the last week. You have been disobedient, lazy, and disrespectful. I order you to report to me for your punishment. You arrive wearing a shirt that shows off your pert little tits and jeans that are like a second...Read On


Sharing is Caring at School

What surprises he gives to her while she attempts to teach a class...

“You do know I have to get my arse out the door to work?” I said while laughing into the camera of my computer. He looks at me and smirks, while I jump off my bed and reach for my clothes on the edge of the bed. “So. I want to watch you get dressed. You can get ready and still talk. And I get a show.” Again laughing at him, knowing he still had plans to get me back for all the countless...Read On


Over his knee, under his spell

What would you do if your biggest fantasy came true... with a complete stranger?

She walked into the diner with no less than a hundred butterflies dancing in her stomach. The online flirtations between Jon and her had gone on for months now and they both anticipated this first face to face. Shay felt a kindred spirit in Jon. They shared many of the same thoughts and desires, and to top it all off, he was sexy as hell. It was completely unlike her to just jump in the car...Read On