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Chris and Sarah Part 1

Is their faith strong enough to fight a desire hotter than hell?

Sarah pulled up to Chris's house, smiling as she saw him race out of the house towards her. She shut off her car and giggle happily, squealing as he yanked her car door open and snatced her out of her Cirrus, lifting her in the air for a great big bear hug. "I'm so glad you're finally here!" He exclaimed, burying his nise into her rose scented hair, breathing deeply. Sarah, still suspended up...Read On


Chris and Sarah Part 2

a continuation of Chris and Sarah Part 1. Gets a bit more intersting this time around....

Sarah waited patiently as Chris locked up the house, and she put her hands in her pocket, walking side by side with him. They talked about a ton of subjects from what was going on in the country and how it was affecting his job, to the classes she was gonna be taking in school. After about an hour of walking they turned and headed back home. "Well, the move was a hard one." She said,...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 11

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

Elaine was suddenly attacked by a severe case of hyperventilation. Her heart rate skyrocketed and her chest tightened, making her fight for air. I just wanted to know ‘hypothetically’, not ‘actually’! her mind screamed as she typed desperately. “I’m sorry! That’s not what I meant!” A second later, Gary messaged her back. “Let’s pause for a moment.”   Sitting back in her...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 12

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

After booting up the Internet and logging on to Messenger, Elaine was notified of two new messages in her email box. She knew one was from herself. She’d emailed a whole host of links she’d unearthed after Googling the names ‘Gloria Brame’ and ‘Jay Wiseman’ on the library’s computer earlier in the day. They were the authors that had set Gary on his path. Between classes she’d had a bit...Read On


Books and Sex

It was only supposed to be a quiet read trying to wait out the storm. But then he walked in

             The couple was in front of the fireplace, clothes strewn all over the room. The male, clearly dominant, the woman spread beneath him. Every now and then the room would be filled with the high pitched sighs of the woman, and the deep throated groans of the male. Kalen's knee nudged her pale, slender thighs further apart. Her hands clutched at his shoulders, ran down his flanks...Read On


The Long Way Home

Once I had him bound and gagged in the back of my car - the rest was easy!

Having watched him secretly on several occasions, I know the routes he takes when he’s walking home from the pub, or from friends who live nearby. The one he uses most will suit my purpose well enough and I make plans to intercept him. I get quite aroused just thinking about it I can tell you. That’s part of the pleasure of course, anticipation.   As you might guess,...Read On


A New Experience

At long last Paul made a move, bared Ronnie's cock and wanked him.

There was no more than a couple of year’s difference in the boys’ ages and they’d been close friends since they were at primary school. In time they’d become true confidantes, and even now, in their early twenties, they shared secrets that they never disclosed to anyone else. Every week they spent hours in each other’s company, generally in one or other of their bedrooms as their...Read On


Live Food

virgin men are orally raped

The two young, naked men huddled together in the bushes. "If they get their mouth on it, there's no way you can escape." said one. The other young man listened in shock, appearing terrified. "They do some kind of magic that paralyzes you as they move their mouth, and you actually want them to take your life." These two young men, no older than 18, had been brought up in a...Read On


Be My Mom

A young man and a mature woman find love and sex.

The 54-year-old woman knew she had him as soon as soon as the 17-year-old man walked into the antique store for his first day of work as the delivery driver. She hadn't really thought too much about a younger man before, but when she saw his smile and his butt, she knew things were going to change. She was already going a little grey, but at 5' 6" and only 148 lbs, she still had a decent...Read On


M Ch.1

Married woman finally finds someone

"Damn it, she's single.", thought Gregg. He had been surfing the dating sites, looking for a married woman for three days now, with no luck. How he hated to see that dreaded "S" beside a woman's name. He wanted a married woman to romance and seduce. He'd had seven already in the last three years and he'd found them all on sites that allow you to select "married" in your search for a...Read On


Encounter at the Restaurant

Sometimes you find holemates in ordinary places

Encounter at the Restaurant. Damian and Sasha are travelling together from the west to the east of Australia. Damian is driving and Sasha is a young girl of twenty or so he picked up as a hitchhiker. They have been travelling together for the whole day and have pulled into a Road House for dinner and a stay overnight. They booked into the Road House in separate rooms for the night. “I'll...Read On


The Cold Ride

I did not think this ride would cost me anything.

    I live in the outskirts (25 Miles) of a very small town in North Dakota, in the middle of nowhere. It was the 15th of January, the day after my birthday, and my parents headed into town, which is a labored task here, due to the heavy snowfall the previous night. I was home alone, and decided to walk to my friend's house, which is about a mile away. Due to the cold (a high of 8 degrees...Read On


A Dream Come True-2

next fantasy of different people

A Dream Come True - 2 By celeb fan© Dear friends, I am continuing where I left off the previous part of this series. If you want to read the precursor to this, read the story with the same title but, part 1, I hope you like it. After she passed out, I kept kissing her tenderly along her neck, her boobs and licking her pussy. She awakened after quite a long time and her first reaction...Read On


A Dream Come True-1

one idea to seduce a celeb

A Dream Come True -1 By tarun© Hi! I am from India. India is home to some very pretty celebrities from our film industry(bollywood). They may not be as drop-dead gorgeous as those from Hollywood but, each to his own tastes and preferences. Many of us here would probably pay much more to see some of our 'stars' than those from hollywood. They do have a 'something' in them. This...Read On


Cream Filled Sandwich

We had a need to explore the world of group sex, this was to be our first adventure

A few years ago, I got married to the most wonderful woman.   We had flirted with each other for months, laughed and played, gone places and just plain enjoyed being together 24/7.   It was a natural that we would end up together when we made love, we both very much liked being adventurous in the sack, among other places, in fact lots of places, lots of positions, lots of slow and fast...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 05

From 'online' to 'real life' in 23 chapters.

Awkward seconds passed as Elaine waited, unsure of what MasterServant might say. Though she was expecting his reply, she jumped when the private message box popped up on her screen. “Welcome to the BDSM room,” he typed innocently.   “Thank you,” Elaine replied, her hands shaking.   “I should tell you acquiescent suggested I speak with you.”   “Why would she do that?” ...Read On


Immaculate Conception

True story

    Immaculate Conception   This is a true story, as seen and experienced by self at the age when I was stepping out of childhood. My first vision of man and woman in intimate relations. Though this may be termed by some as adultery or extra marital relations I personally do not judge it or consider that perspective, though this is directly connected to...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 10

From online to real-life in 23 chapters.

12.06 A.M.. Elaine’s teeth were brushed, skin moisturised, ready for sleep. Kneeling tall on her bed in the dark, she’d opened the sliding window widely. With her elbows resting on the windowsill, she smelled the fresh air. A warm breeze caressed her face, billowing the gauzy curtains. Street lamps and house lights dotted the hills that rolled into the distance and Elaine stared. Her...Read On


the Card Game


It was a late Saturday morning, one of those odd days when the kids weren’t bouncing on the bed yelling in my ear to wake up. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed that the sun was shining through the partially closed curtains. It was a great morning. I got to sleep in. I looked over to the other side of the bed and noticed Kristi was partially still asleep, with a grin that went from ear to ear....Read On


Dominique Ch. 07

As I slept, Andrew crept into the bedroom and quietly climbed over me, virtually in a sixty-nine position. When I woke with a start, his black leather-clad butt was right in my face! Giggling, I said, "That's quite a view there, Master." I struggled to smack his smooth muscular ass, but I soon realised I could hardly move! My upper arms were pinned under his calves and all I could do was...Read On



Strange things happen the first week at a new job.

“Maybe”     My first week on a 911 ambulance in a large city was stressful.   Being new, I was assigned to the busy trucks in the heart of the city.   However, one day, I was assigned to a slower truck.   My partners for the day were Angela and Mike.   Mike was a totally cool dude who was about 6 foot 7 inches tall, strong, muscular build and thought he was a...Read On


Rich Man's New Acventure

Bret is tired of the same old routine of getting his, and wants to try something new.

Bret was one guy who never had trouble finding a piece of ass when he needed to get busy, needed some satisfaction, and needed to bust a nut, so to speak.   He was rich, drove a great car, good looking and the loneliest guy in town.   Sure he could always go down to the local pub and find some sweet young pair of lips to suck his cock dry, or some tight little snatch to stroke until...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 02

From 'online' to 'real life' in 23 chapters.

Chapter 02 Sitting on the side of her bed, Elaine looked at the vibrator and her mind raced. If she cleaned off the lipstick, whoever kissed it would know she’d seen it. Would they check? If she left it how it was, could she pretend she hadn’t seen it?   She quickly put it back in the drawer and shoved it closed, accidentally making a banging noise. She hushed the errant...Read On


Checkout Girl Part 3

Jenny's mum just would not leave me alone

When it had finally sunk in that I had laid the mum of the most beautiful girl I was ever likely to have any chance of marrying I began to tremble. What was Natasha’s game? She evidently wanted me out of her daughter’s life. Or did she? I was very cautious with her in the flat even though she kept teasing me. Worst of all was that before breakfast she came into the bathroom while I...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 04

From 'online' to 'real life' in 23 chapters.

Chapter 04   Leaving the store, Elaine stepped off the kerb and blinked in surprise. With the added length in her stride as she stepped down from the gutter to cross the road, the seam down the middle of her jeans parted her labia, pressing more firmly against her clit. She hoped she wouldn’t chafe. Shorter steps lessened the pressure, but lengthened the walk. She rued the couple...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 03

From 'online' to 'real life' in 23 chapters.

Chapter 03   Elaine enjoyed being kurious . She could be true to herself.   That’s what she liked most.   The shy, mild-mannered virgin was much closer to her heart than the loud, slutty Naughtygirl . Whereas Naughtygirl ‘took it up the ass with glee’, kurious was more interested in actually getting to know people.   She decided to ‘retire’ Naughtygirl . She didn’t think...Read On


She got more than she bargained for

She'd hit him....and it turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of her life

            Sarah moved slowly around her room lighting candles in various places; on her dresser...on her nightstand, and by the window. She had just turned 18 and a couple months ago had moved out of her parents house and into her own home. She had been working two jobs since she was 15 and hadnt spent a penny of it. The result of her hard labor was a spacious 4 room home, with a big...Read On


girlfriends mum 2

When he came down stairs he saw pat wearing a bikini top and short skirt, she was doing something at the sink so he walked up behind her and gave her a hug. In doing so his hands cupped her breasts. “ iv been thinking about you while I was in the shower, feel how big you got me.” while holding her breasts he pushed himself to her, his cock thrust into her bottom and that’s when she slipped...Read On


Culture Shock Ch. 01

From 'online' to 'real life' in 23 chapters.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:   Welcome to my final erotic work, 'Culture Shock'.   By way of introduction, I’d like to explain that this long story was written to fill a niche that is largely unexplored in ‘real’ BDSM erotica, and that is, ‘How does a submissive actually get from online to real life in the world of D/s and BDSM? What kinds of things have to happen? What questions need to be asked...Read On


the Dance Party

Spicy spouces mix it up with another couple after an evening at the Club

    The club was packed, and Kristi and I were stuck up against the wall, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time.   The band was in the middle of their set, and with the music blaring loudly from speakers that were positioned directly over our heads, Kristi spent most of the time grinding into me, pressing her ass right onto my cock.   Moving in sync with the band,...Read On