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Suzanne's secret

To the Victor the spoils and the fun!

This is my first attempt at erotic fiction and any feedback would be gratefully received. Please remember that this is fiction and not based on reality. I hope you enjoy! I'm Mark, a 36 year old partially disabled veteran who was born in the U.S. but grew up and was educated in England. I was always a very fit person, playing rugby for the school team, as well as karate, fencing and...Read On


My first blowjob

Who says band students don't know how to have fun?

It was my junior year in high school when I had my first sexual experience. I was in marching band and it took up a lot of my time. This is where I met my girlfriend Andrea. I played trumpet, and she played clarinet. Every night after marching band practice was over, Andrea and I would sneak off to a secluded part of the school and make out for about a half hour or so. Jen, who was my ride...Read On


The Box

Cherry's Lover brings one of her fantasies to life.

Cherry pulled into the garage after a long week at work. Damn, she thought, I forgot to get the mail. She debated whether to be lazy and get it tomorrow or walk back and get it now. Getting it now won out. As she opened the mailbox she was surprised to find a package. I have not ordered anything, she thought. As she pulled out the square brown paper wrapped box that seemed heavy for its size...Read On


Heather Panics, But All Is Well In The End

Even more fantasy about the lady who lives next door to me

When Heather saw the headlights of her husband, Tim’s, truck as it pulled into their carport, she went into a panic mode. She took her hands off of my cock, jumped off of her air mattress and seemed to figuratively run on the surface of the water of my swimming pool, as she rushed to get out, find and put on her robe and run through the gate of my privacy fence, to her house. When she got...Read On


Office Stalking

My office fantasy come true in ways I never expected

I really never thought I would be one of those people... the kind that would turn into a virtual stalker. But Erica brought that out in me. Turns out she brought a lot more out in me that I ever imagined. Allow me to explain. Erica started working for me about a year ago and from day one, I found myself fantasizing about her. I had never really had bi-sexual tendencies before, but there...Read On


My First Time

This happened when I was 17 years old.

Amanda looked at me as I was walking down the hallway at school. She gave me a quick smile and then hurried off. I was headed to third period and she was right behind me now. We went into class and sat down. Amanda sat behind me and started chatting with some friends of hers. This was a free period so we did not have much going on. She tapped me on the shoulder and asked me what was I doing...Read On


Our first holiday without parents- Day 2

The second day of the friends' holiday, what do they get up to?

Giovanni POV: No, that wouldn't be right. Tiffany wouldn't be happy if she knew I saw her naked so I stopped myself from looking. I heard her walk back out the door and close it behind her. I'm not sure why I was behaving like this. Did I like her or was I just sex starved? Tiffany POV: The next day the girls and I went to the beach, to get tans so that by the end of the holiday we'd...Read On


Olivia-First Time

Me and Olivia have sex.

One day, my neighbor Olivia stopped by my house to get a movie she wanted to borrow from my sister. My sister was at dance practice that day and my parents were at work so it was just me and Olivia. She was acting pretty strange that day. She asked if anyone else was home and I said "no". She asked me if I wanted to watch the movie here with her and I said "sure". We went downstairs to...Read On


The Training of Lucy

Lucy begins her training with her new dom

"Hello, Lucy. You're right on time. Get undressed and we'll begin." Lucy was standing in the living room of Sean's house. She had had one session with him before, and it had only left her hungry for more. In the intervening time, they had continued their online meetings and play, but since she had experienced Sean's domination in real life, the virtual meetings were now just a pale...Read On


Dating Kelly Part V-Spring Break Part 1

Kelly joins JJ's family on Spring Break in Cancun

Several months after my last story took place my family went on Spring Break to Cancun, and they decided to let Kelly come along. Obviously, we were really excited, even though we knew we were going to have to find more creative ways to have sex, as my little sister was staying in Kelly's room and my 11-year-old twin brothers were in mine. Still, we were excited. On the plane ride down, Kelly...Read On


Goodbye gym teacher, hello math teacher!

No more gym teacher. Now with my math teacher.

The quarter ended to the school year, that meant I was no longer in gym class. The last day of gym I made sure I fucked my gym teacher very well because I knew I wouldn't be able to see him much more. But that was okay because without him knowing I was admiring my math teacher. I was switched into that class about a week ago. He's about 32 years old, has a shaved head, clean cut beard,...Read On


A Chat With Maxine Part 3

The story continues. Max finally gets fucked.

‘I thought you’d suddenly realised you’d done the wrong thing,’ I said gently. ‘Don’t worry about me. I can soon get back to where I was!’ ‘Get back on the bed. I want to see you cum,’ Max said gently, making my cock stand to attention again. I got back on the bed, in the same position I was in before. Max knelt in front of me and watched intently as began to masturbate again. ‘I love...Read On


One night only

One night fling in florida

I remember our first sexual encounter because it was our last. Before I met my marine I was an explorer. That led me to travel with my best friend to Florida for a weekend to visit her family. I met everybody from grandparents to aunts then there was Ish. Ish was her cousin and a small thing, in stature and size. He was so cute and muscular like a body builder muscular, I guess it was to make...Read On


Let's Go To The Bahamas Pt. 1

Not your ordinary business trip.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry, my seat seems to be the window seat,” I say. You look up into my eyes and your mouth drops open. I smile at you and scoot over your legs to sit beside you. You look at me and say, “How did you…why are you here?” I say, “Well, you told me you didn’t want to go to this convention by yourself and I thought I’d tag along for kicks.” You say, “But how did you manage…” ...Read On


Clients Daughter


Man was she a bitchy woman. Bitchy, but her daughter sat with a slight smirk on her face. What was up with that I asked myself? I couldn’t explain it and I didn’t want to. The daughter walked me out. 36, she was short but in my mind, a nicely moulded woman and I hadn’t found anything wrong with her, including her personality. I heard her call out my name and I stopped and turned around. ...Read On


Homelands Pt 2 Ch 04

Frank tries to find a place for himself at court.

The palace had changed a lot since Brianna's reign. It looked like nothing so much as a modern mansion. No smaller in size or less impressive than before, but far more inviting. Like some place you'd actually want to live, rather than a symbol of power. There was also no longer a throne room. Jack held court, if you could really call it that, in the back garden. He sat in a lounge chair...Read On


The Boss's Wife

Mike gets a visit from the boss's wife and gets an extra benefits package

Mike had been working for the company for about 8 months and had just been watching the interactions of the people who worked there. The company was small, only eight people worked there and most of the time the boss, Lucas, was out of town. His wife, Lucy, ran the administrative side of the company so she usually stayed behind, alone. Lucy was about 48 years old but with the most beautiful...Read On


First Time at the Gym

A frequent gym goer has a different work out this time...

Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. The weights seemed to get heavier every time I lifted them. Up. Down. Up. Down.  I began to breathe harder as I lifted the bar over and over, worried that my arms would eventually give out and the steel bar and the heavy weights on the ends would come crashing down on me. I didn't have a spotter since I usually prefer to work out alone. All I needed was...Read On


Neighborly Feelings: Part 1

Jennifer has fun with her next-door neighbor

My neighbor is one sexy man. I've never been one who is focused on looks, but sometimes I can never resist myself. Zane lives nextdoor to me, a tall, blond man with nice blue eyes and a solid, muscled body. He lives alone, although he rarely spends the night so. I often hear loud thumping and screaming girls, our bedrooms seperated only by a thin wall. On horny nights I'll lay alone in my...Read On


The Birds And The Bees.

A Sweaty, Outdoor Encounter.

Hello all, I'm so sorry that I haven't written. I'm working every day now, and have my boys in afternoon, so I've been busy. I 've been thinking about all of the hard cocks out here who enjoy my stories, and how I've been depriving them. This story took place 2 years ago, in late Summer. As I told you in a previous story, there is a park near my house.(The same park as in my...Read On


An Unexpected Reward

An unexpected reward for a favor done.

An Unexpected Reward Following graduation, I had moved to a distant state to take a job. A couple of years later, I received a note from the Placement Director of my former school, asking if I might help one of their current students get a summer job with the firm for which I worked, or in nearby town where the student's parents lived. The student was a young woman enrolled in a...Read On


Howl Of The Full Moon

He pulled me to him so our bodies clashed together and our hands ran passionately over each other

It was a hot summer's night in middle of August and I was walking back home from the shopping centre, walking along the pavement. I stopped suddenly and looked around me and saw just occasional vehicles driving past. I sensed someone behind me so I whirled around but nothing or noone was there. My heart was pounding against my chest as I slowly began to walk again when I heard the click click...Read On


Wedding Reception Sex

Meeting a friends horny slut daughter at a wedding reception

About a year ago a friend of mine invited my wife and me to a wedding reception that he and his family were going to. It was a not so close relative of his, but he said they throw a good party and there would be plenty of food and drinks to go around. My friend has a very attractive 24- year- old daughter who has a pretty well known reputation as a party girl and this party was no...Read On


Life on the road with Jo

An early trip with Jo

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, our relationship grew and strengthened. Jo began to travel with me not only for pleasure but as a hostess when I entertained professionally. She had the ability to be the professional partner in public and an absolute slut behind closed doors. One of our early trips involved entertaining a key client. Jo selected her usual purple business suit with a...Read On


Ana and Carla - Part 3

In the moonlight, Ana returns the pleasure

[Just then, they heard people trickling back into the house, and quickly – or as quickly as Ana’s happy-tired muscles would allow – got themselves presentable again, and headed back downstairs.] Two o’clock in the morning, the moon shining onto her face through the split in the curtains, Ana awoke. She sat up slightly and glanced around at the other beds, everyone else quiet and still. She...Read On


Jacking and Jilling with Heather

More Fantasy

Heather grinned with a gleam in her eyes, told me she would be over to my swimming pool within five minutes, and then quickly disappeared into her house. I went into my house, took off all of my clothes, wrapped a large beach towel around myself, and then went out to my swimming pool to wait on Heather. I didn’t have to wait long until Heather came through the gate in the wooden privacy...Read On


Our first holiday without parents-Day 1

A group of friends' first taste of freedom. How will they use it?

Tiffany POV My god, the day I had been waiting for was finally here. Ever since my older sister went on her first holiday without our parents, I'd been counting down the days. Her holiday didn't sound nearly wild enough for my liking though. School had closed a week ago, (which meant that everyone had turned 18), and I was getting ready to leave for the airport with my closest friends. My...Read On


Dinner at the Athelstan - Part 2

Continuing the story of me, Sam and Judith

Judith was attentive during the meal but her mood seemed to change as we finished. Abruptly she stood and told me to follow her into the sitting room of her suite. I stood, holding my dress in place but she said I should leave it behind so I slipped it off and, in stockings, heels, suspenders and knickers followed her – she did not once look back at me. I stood uncertainly in the...Read On


Adoptive Mother, Teacher and Reporter slowly come closer to deeds to be done

Mom knows of son's desire to be with teacher and reporter ready to do it with mom

And…if you can believe this as well Max agreed to tell her exactly how he felt about her. Cynthia was a bit surprised but happy, and I was too, seeing as he was only 18 and Grace Templeton was 25. You think to yourself what 25 year old wants to be seen with an 18 year old? She has to be a little “messed up” upstairs. But weren’t they all? Weren’t Cynthia and Max messed up as well?...Read On


A Chat With Maxine Part 2

The confessions continue until we have to go to bed and wank.

‘Debbie said that when I first started chatting to her,’ I teased. ‘Did she?’ Max asked a little concerned. ‘Not really, she was already shagging a guy she’d met on the Internet when I got in touch with her. I used to be at school with her and found her on Friends Reunited. I never really liked her much at school, she was always a bit prim and proper and I was more interested in girls...Read On