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Gary, Dave and Jenny Part 1

Dave fucks Jenny after a week of fucking Gary

Jenny stood in the doorway grinning at me. She looked fantastic in a tight pair of jeans, low cut top showing her wonderfully ample cleavage and a new short haircut that showed off her big brown eyes. Jenny is 5’ 3" and of mixed ethnic origins. Her mother is Indian, her father white. She’s what I call fleshy; not exactly fat but she has wide hips and big tits. Her skin is light brown and...Read On


My Son and I: The Tenth Chapter

They plan the wedding, and get a kinky idea

We looked over at the door, and saw Scott and Alicia standing there. “So, how are the voyeurs doing?” I pondered. “Pretty damn good now, and call me crazy, mom, but don't those two on the TV, look familiar?” Scott asked sarcastically. The DVD was still playing, so we were a little embarrassed. Then I got up, and turned it off. “Well, can we have a minute or two?” I asked. “Yes, we'll...Read On


Confessions of a Puck Slut

The goalie lets a little something past his net.

The past 60 minutes of play time all boiled down to these last three shots. 0-0, it really was anyone’s game. Mann skated back and forth in front of his net. It was at these times that I felt the most emotion for the goalie. The entire game they’re stuck in one section, all the blame gets landed on them. They play a great game, a shut-out, and they’re still at risk to get bashed if the...Read On


Dave feeds me my first

I get my first taste that makes me an addict

Dave feeds me my first When I started looking for porn on the Internet, it was really difficult for me. Like so many other inexperienced surfers, I battled to find the right sites. Most were pay sites and there was no way I was giving my credit card details away on the net. There were constant pop-ups and sometimes it became so bad that I had to switch the pc off to stop the pop-ups. I...Read On


Office Quickies - The Executive

Craig's first day at work leads to sex with his boss.

The Premise Justine Baker had been without a man for longer than she could remember. The result? Her only sexual fulfillment came from B.O.B. She thinks that most men are turned off by the confidence that she exudes as an executive at Stanley & Baker, a publishing firm. But, like any other woman, she had needs, and those needs were not the emotional kind but the carnal needs of a woman...Read On


Alice and My Roommate

Alice and I were rolling around in the sheets of my dorm room. She and I had vibrators inside us and we were holding onto each other's toy – pushing it in and out of soaked swollen pussy. Anyone who has ever felt the odd sensation of something so desired, so thought about, so hoped for, finally complete – anyone who has felt that, could know what I was feeling. My virginity was gone. I felt...Read On


Between Two Cute Red Lips

After a romantic evening, Valerie is filled with intense need and desire.

I had just had a magical evening with my new lover, Zach. We went to this amazing diner downtown and had probably the greatest conversation I've ever had. I could just melt in those strong yet gentle arms, those deep brown eyes, that soft brown hair. His top shirt button was undone, so I could see a glimpse of dark chest hair, and I almost melted inside. After dinner, we went down to the...Read On

The Stalker - Part 6

Desolation ... Stale beer, chips and sex ... now what could possibly be nicer?

The Stalker – Part 6 Stale beer and chips. “So you got some beers then, hun?” They are slumped on my gorgeous couch; worn, scuffed trainers soiling the carpet beneath their feet, denim clad legs thrown wide, crotches thrust forward, bollocks and cocks pressing against the unattractive, well-worn fabric. Robert has flung his arms possessively wide along the top of my cerise...Read On


Paula and Gitana

The night I went home with fellow dancer, Gitana.

I crawled across the floor, moving toward Gitana. Her legs were propped up on both sides of the chair, and her hand was down inside her tights. I could see her fingers moving slowly around her clit. I crawled up between her legs, and she slowly took her hand out of her tights and held it out to me. She smiled seductively, her dark lips spreading wider in an almost evil line and she said, "Do...Read On


Sienna's Seduction - Part IV

Minidevilette© 2012 His blood thundered through his veins as he let the sound of her voice wash over him, the sweetest three syllables he thought he ever heard in his life. Certainly the most anticipated. Surrender. And he wasn’t going to give her any time to wonder if she’d made the right decision. He rolled his thumb over her pliant lower lip again, pulling it down from her teeth...Read On


My Military Man

The story of a girl and the love of her life, her military man.

Hey guys, this is my newest story called My Military Man, and it's dedicated to one of my special friends on here, Kent1734. He has started his retraining and has only recently come back to Lush. This is a story of when he returns to port. The sun beat down on me as I stood on the concrete landing of the Navy port in Norfolk, Virginia. Sweat was running down my body, but it wasn't because...Read On


A Different Kind of Encounter – Pt 1

Two people meet in a chat room and find a common interest.

Please note that my stories are often based solely on my imagination and that I may or may not be a character in them. We met in a chat room one night. There were many conversations going on, just as there normally are. We interacted with each other here and there. There was a lot of flirting and teasing going on in the room and we joined in with the others. After awhile, you...Read On


Seducing You

Unable to get you out of my mind

I have just got out of bed and am in the kitchen doing the washing-up in my bath-robe (nothing underneath) when you pad barefoot into the kitchen. You have been in the garden, and have slipped on only just enough clothes to keep you decent – a baggy old tank-top covering your unsupported breasts, and a pair of old denim shorts. The pale skin of your arms and legs is like delicate china....Read On


Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, Ch.06

An upgrade in the relationship.

Chapter: June “Ties That Bind” *** In a parallel universe, anything is possible. A world might exist where you’re the president, a prize-winning journalist, a loud-mouthed radio host, or maybe just a homeless bum. An ideal you might even exist, a you that never had any regrets, made all the right choices, and walked through life with a song upon their lips. It’s an appealing fantasy...Read On


Lessons From Miranda - Chapter One

My summer experience with Miranda

When I turned seventeen I was sent out into the country to do yard work and house renovations for my aunt Miranda whose husband had been killed in a tragic car accident the previous winter. When I arrived there I noticed that quite a few things needed to be worked on, not to mention the large garden she had that she needed help with weeding and cultivating. It was a large property she owned,...Read On


Family Love on the High Seas

Part 3 of a series on mutual masturbation

The sun was rising in the clear eastern sky and as I walked down the driveway carrying the heavy cooler I heard the joyful song of the birds in the trees.   It seemed to be about seventy degrees or so and it promised to be a warm, sunny day.   The boating report said the winds would be at a minimum and the seas would remain calm until late afternoon.   Perfect boating weather!   ...Read On


Cumming home after work

Paula finds her release after a hard day out and about

A bus. An ordinary bus on an ordinary day. Its not peak hour any more, I've worked late and the time has passed since the heavy tussle that comes with the afternoon. Now things have slowed down with more places to sit on each vehicle. The book I am trying to read isn't good. I look up and about. Such is the world that we live in, few people are doing the same. Even those without a phone to...Read On


night of surprise

this is a true story

After a long time of working, I was ready to go home and go to bed but what I soon found out was I wasn’t going to go to bed when I got home. When I pulled up in my driveway, I saw your car parked in it. I smiled as you stand by the steps to my house. I stepped out of my car and was greeted by a hug. Your strong arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me close to you. It has been a few...Read On


Mindy And Me - Continued

This is a follow up to a previous story

As I was leaving Mindy’s home that first day we met when she had taken me to Melba’s grave site, Mindy said, “I hope we can stay in touch and see one another again soon”. I said, “I’d love to, but staying in touch may be difficult because I’m married and if you call me on the phone my wife will be able to see your name and phone number and wonder what’s going on between us.” Mindy said...Read On


Puppy love

James goes to his favorite pub for a drink, but finds much more than he bargained for.

This is my very first story. Being totally blind myself, I think it’ll be a cool idea to write some of my stories from a blind man’s point of view, but not this one. Any way, let me know what you think. It was a hot Saturday night. As James was standing under the shower washing off a hard day’s work at his garage he thought again about that dammed Jeep. He wondered for the millionth time...Read On


A Present Turns into Punishment

She wanted to surprise him for his birthday but he surprised her.

I woke up dazed and confused. When I fell asleep, I was bound to the bed post, gagged, cuffed, and wearing only my collar. Now I find myself on my bed, wrists red and raw from the cuffs, my throat sore and dry, and a blanket over my naked form. Was it a dream that my Master had moved me? My master had every right to punish me. I had disobeyed his rules. Sorry I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. ...Read On


Hot, Hungry and Horny

A pizza delivery guy gives me a good seeing to

I was in my first year at uni. I was 18. I was cute and cheeky and I thought the world was my lobster. We were in halls and on this particular occasion me and two of my crew had been on the wine for a couple of hours. It was a hot summer evening and a guy in the second year had done a little barbecue with his mates, up the road from the university. Everything was going nicely until some...Read On


Hubbys birthday gift...

It was my husband's 40th birthday today and I had been planning his surprise for months now. I had taken the day off to make sure everything was perfect. I had showered, taking special care to make sure all of his favorite areas were silky smooth and that my hair was clean and soft. I had bought a new dress that was black with a slight shimmer, it was short and made my boobs and my curves...Read On


Her First Affair Part 3

Mallory's affair with Tom ends.

It has been about seven weeks since Mallory started her affair with Tom. Mallory loved her husband Steve, but sex had become infrequent and stale. However, Tom is something special. Mallory loved how Tom licked and sucked her pussy. Also, Mallory cannot get enough of Tom’s cock. During their affair Mallory has rediscovered her sexuality. It was late Wednesday afternoon and the office...Read On



Unhappy marriage turns to angery sex

Starvation… We’ve been pist at each other for some time. Like when you’ve been around someone for too long. Their existence pisses you off how they eat, sleep or breathe disgust you… We have sporadic arguments about tooth paste and nonsense. He came home. “I want to come home to a food on the table,” he bitched I laughed. He bitched some more… it quickly escalated into a...Read On


Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 8.5: Cops and Prostitutes

What Missy needs to do instead of going to jail for prostitution. (continue of part 8)

When morning came, I told mom what had happened the previous night. She had a surprised look on her face and I could tell she was feeling uneasy at the thought of me getting arrested while dressed as Missy as well. We talked for a while and she was glad as well that the police officer was a Missy fan. “We can definitely let him have a free night in exchange for not getting a criminal...Read On


Sienna's Seduction - Part III

It's been a while in the making but Sienna's time to make a decision is rapidly dwindling.

Minidevilette© 2012 This is part three in Sienna's encounter and it would probably be beneficial, although not entirely necessary, to get up to speed by reading the previous two chapters. My abject apologies to people who enjoyed Sienna Pt I & II and posted to let me know of their enthusiasm for more ~ I know it's been awhile but I'm getting it together again & Pt IV is in the works. I hope...Read On

The Stalker - Part 5

Delusion ... Picnicking on the grass with Suzanne Manet.

The Stalker - Part 5 Interlude There is a picture that hangs in my living room, dominating its surroundings. It is famous and I’m sure it will be familiar to you. It is called “Le Dejuner sur l’Herbe” and was painted in 1863 by Edouard Manet. The original hangs in the Musee d’ Orsay in Paris where they have a security system adequate enough to prevent its liberation, so...Read On


Mister Muscle and LoveBug Issue #2: Taking the Bull by the Balls

Mister Muscle and LoveBug Issue #2: Taking the Bull by the Balls Chapter One: A Bug in Cheap Clothing “What the heck are you wearing, Squirt?” I did my best to keep my voice level as I looked her up and down, not even bothering to hide the stern frown creasing my face. At least she had the good manners to blush before she started playing with her zipper. I made a mental note to take...Read On


Sex Diaries: Night with the babysitter

babysitter lust

Cindy slid out of bed and gathered her scattered clothes off the floor. She turned around and saw that he was still sound asleep before quietly slipping out of the bedroom. She headed for the bathroom where she quickly got dressed and splashed some cold water on her face. Cindy looked in the mirror and smiled as she remembered what happened last night. The thought of it got her excited all...Read On