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Summer Night in the Park

My first story based on a true experience... hope you like it!

This crazy night started as any other Summer night. Me and two of my best friends, Nique & Carmen, were sitting in the park on a blanket under a grove of trees. It was 1'o clock in the morning and we were talking and giggling loudly because of the liquor and trees we were enjoying. Our conversations soon turned to sex as we were all feeling ourselves. Nique asked us if either of us had...Read On


A New Beginning

Jake snapped at me, “shut up slut, we’re doing this our way”.

This story is pure fiction and is not based on any real characters. Carlie Love was an ordinary girl in high school. She was about 5’7, dark brown hair and eyes, and puffy red lips. She wasn’t popular, but she wasn’t exactly invisible either. She attended the jock parties and went to all the games. She hung out with popular teens but was never really on the inner group. She wouldn’t...Read On


Best friend

Part 5

I woke up Tuesday morning, turned on my phone and sent Ella a text that read “Good morning baby, I love you and we’ll talk later at school.” A minute later I got a response. “I love you too and I have a surprise for you.” I was shocked and wondered what it was. All through our short relationship, I’d been the one with the surprises, but now she had one. I was a little bit afraid of what...Read On


Twins theesome and Mother-in-law

Tricked by the twins

This happened during my single days many years go. I think I might well have been the luckiest guy alive. I had been seeing Evelyn for 18 months by the time of this story and Evelyn has an identical twin sister Lucy and they are identical in every way as far as I know. Evelyn and I had a great sex life and we planned to get married but we fell out of love. We had just rented a house...Read On


A Surprise at the Pool

A surprising encounter with a gorgeous young black woman.

I was on my last lap at the local pool. It was my standard twenty lap finish to my workout. As I took the last stroke, and as my fingertips touched the wall, I looked up and saw the sexiest young woman I have ever seen. She had a lean swimmer’s body with ample breasts that were just begging to be caressed. Her firm nipples were prominently jutting out from her conservative, but sexy...Read On


My Chat Friend’s Amazing Ability

She proves to me that Deep Throat can be true!

I like to get onto an Adult chat board from time to time, and meet up with people that I have chatted to for a while, and occasionally a new one. One of my regular friends there was Jennifer. She lives in the US, and as I am a Brit, but we found enough time to meet online. We were just sharing photo links, and discussing what we saw, and obviously through that she got some idea as to what...Read On


My Best Friend 4 - Hints admitted

Amanda admits one thing to me

I walked out of my house early in the morning to meet up with Amanda so we can walk to school. As I walked I had so many questions racing in my head from yesterday afternoon’s encounter. Was she showing me that she was interested in me? Was her kiss real or was she playing along so she could get an idea of how I lost my virginity? All I knew is I slept like shit. I had woken up at 4:30 in...Read On


Just a Quiet night In with the Boys

Elise releases her inner sex-kitten to an appreciative audience of two

Elise palmed the other man away from her in an instinctively feline response to being over-stimulated. Harry stepped away obediently and began tracing his own hard cock with his fingers. Harry ran his balled-up hand along it’s length. Carrying on, she supposed, from where he would have liked her to have taken over. Elise couldn’t have cared less. For the moment her attentions were...Read On



So Michael, the guy I was dancing with in the last story, called me the day after we met in the club. He asked if I wanted to go to dinner and a movie. I said yes of course! He is not the sort of person I would ever say no to, and the date was organised. I decided to wear a dress that was sexy, without being too revealing to go for the: “You might get it, if you try hard enough,” look. We...Read On


Introduction to Bryce - Chapter 6

While watching a DP porn flick, Lee, Monica, and Bryce get horny...and busy!

Dinner, Dessert, and TV Knock, knock, knock. “Shit, I forgot all about the food,” I told Bryce. He just smiled as he got dressed quickly. “Hey, just a sec.,” Bryce stopped me before I left the bedroom. “Do you think they could take my clothes to be cleaned tonight before I leave?” “Oh, yea, sure. I don’t see why not. Let me have them and I’ll ask,” I told him. Bryce folded...Read On


A Random Guy From The Internet

Hooked up with an internet man, and sucked him as he look at pics of my mouth

I'm married but often bored and neglected at home. I have an ongoing affair with my boss at work that is described in other stories. Occasionally I find myself needing more satisfaction when my boss isn't available. So sometimes I chat with random internet guys. Questions like "what are you wearing?" and "what are you doing today?" tend to put me to sleep, but sometimes I'll find a guy who...Read On


Met Through a Swing Club III

two's company, three's a menage, fours an orgy

Met Through a Swing Club III irishmik60 The morning arose with the 4 of us tangled in a naked jumble. Jim laid sprawled on his back snoring. Mary between he and I, her head on his chest, arm across his waist. me, my arm was across Mary, hand on her tit, shrunken cock laid at Mary's ass cheeks, dried cock and pussy juices on it. Phyllis, the only one that hadn't had fun with us last night...Read On


Just Another Gang Bang

She may be a regular at gangbangs, but she's extraordinary!

She sent me the email on Monday. “I’ll be at the theater this Saturday at 9pm. Hope you can make it!” I was sure I’d make it. Carrie was throwing another one of her gangbangs this Saturday and I knew it was going to be a great time. I’d met Carrie and her husband, Mike, a few years ago at a house party for swingers. She caught my eye immediately that night because she was the most...Read On


Employees Must Wash Hands

I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes before my group showed up for our reservation and checked in with the hostess. She showed me to our table while I waited for my five dining guests to arrive. This was a dinner event to celebrate a friend’s birthday so we chose a special restaurant that happened to be near my apartment downtown. The usual white table cloth, mood lighting, and...Read On


The Shoot

University student Louise reply's to an ad that she finds on the internet.

Hey this is my first story so please may I have no spamming :) I'm gonna try things from both sexes points of view (not in the same story) but i'm gonna start of with a Girls one. Louise was walking along the street as she saw the house coming up. It was on the largish affair and was strangely multi-coloured. She had found completely on accident an ad on the internet for starring in a porno....Read On


Katie's Story

Katie's first lesbian sex, more wonderful than she would ever have believed.

I will get the personal details out of the way quickly. My name is Katie I am 19 and am studying history at University. Oh, and by the way I have always considered myself to be the sort of girl that is only interested in men. Well that was until I met Suzie. She had enrolled on the same course as me and the first time I saw her I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds. She...Read On


The True Story Of How I Took My Friend's Virginity

This is my first story. 100% true though her name is changed. All feedback welcome. Hope you enjoy.

Jewel and I have been friends since high school. We met in math class and quickly became friends because of our love of anime, manga, and the Japanese culture. We could always talk to each other about anything; from classwork to relationships. One day as we were chatting on yahoo messenger, she started talking about her boyfriend. Jewel: I really really love him Terry: thats wonderful. im glad...Read On


Bred By the Light of the Super Moon

Master gives his cum slut the gift of a lifetime.

Getting out of the shower, I run the towel down my clean, wet body. Even as I dry my skin, my body betrays me, and I can feel the moisture reappear between my legs. As you come into the bathroom, I smile. “Almost ready, kitten?” “Yes, Master.” You step behind me, your body aligning itself with mine. I am trying to brush the tangles from my hair as you take a step closer to me. ...Read On


Please Don't Go

I'll do anything to make him stay

It was shortly after 6:30am when Liu got out of bed. His bare ass was red from the spanking Melinda gave him just a few hours before. I held in a giggle as I watched him slowly walk into the bathroom and lock the door. A few moments later, I heard the sound of the shower running. The honeymoon was over. It was back to reality. I looked down to see Melinda’s hand cupped on my breast,...Read On


Company's Xmas party

Party fun with Stacey.

This happened at the company annual Xmas party.   I work for a large haulage company so the guests were either drivers or the office staff and their partners.  Last Xmas my wife and I attended the company Xmas party held by my boss at a very fancy hotel.   Everything was free that night, including the food and booze so we all went to have a good time at the company's expense. The boss...Read On


I take control

This is my first story, so please write me and tell me what you think, Thank you. I open the door to our apartment. Suddenly my back hits the wall, I hear the door slam shut, and a set of lips are on mine. I can see this is going to get rough. Body flushed against mine, tongues wrestling with each other, rabid breathing. Lips still on mine, I go airborne, then I am flung onto a bed....Read On


The Summer I'll Never Forget 3

After a night of group sex all of them wake up

Day 3 The next morning everyone woke up at about the same time in the same exact places that they passed out in. Amanda was the first to wake up. Then Chris. Then Stephanie. Finally Jack woke. After a little bit of awkwardness from everyone. Mainly Steph thought she was the only one that was awkward especially towards Amanda. After the boys left the only ones left were Amanda and...Read On


My Audacious Lover

Woman, craves sex from man who turnes out to be an arrogent, exhibitionist.

This is the sequel to The Night That Changed My life Forever. You may want to read that story first, otherwise the beginning will not make sense. If you are not concerned about continuity and just want a hot read, push on. It has been nearly a year since that incredible night with Jock. I thought about him every day. My life with Jonathin had not changed very much. He continued to be...Read On


Introduction to Bryce - Chapter 5

Lee had watched his wife, Monica, with Bryce for too long. He just had to join in!

…And Lee Makes Three Trying not to make a sound, I approached my wife by her side. Her left hand was still clutching her breast, kneading it roughly, stopping only occasionally to pinch her hard nipple, never opening her eyes. I just stood above them and watched for a few more seconds, then in one synchronized motion put my hand over hers and kissed her gently on the lips. I never closed...Read On


Cheating on my fiance at my bachelorette party

bachelorette party turns sexy

A few days before I married my husband, I cheated on him. There, I've said it. Only a few people knew, and he never knew. So, here is that story.... I was fairly introverted at the time and usually had been faithful to the guy I was dating at the time. I didn't expect anything wild to happen the night of my party. A few girl friends, and one very gay guy friend, took me out for drinks and...Read On


Under Arrest

who knew that being arrested could be so much sexy fun?

Our town's night shift cop is a total jerk. I live in a very small town, a hamlet really. We have a population of about 2500. The landmarks are a town hall, a small grocery, a gas station, a post office, six churches and four bars. There is a town Marshall, who works the day shift and is a very professional and personable man. Just about everyone likes and trusts him. Then there is the...Read On


Encounter 1

An encounter to remember

We're in the room. Standard. He didn't seem impressed by it and I'm a bit embarrassed about my comment that it was a nice room. Of course he's been in better. So, here I am in a hotel with a complete stranger that I met, not from a bar or social event or even on a dating site, but from a site where arrangements, trades, bargains like these are implied between the lines. It’s no mystery that...Read On


Alice's Dirty Fantasy

Alice has a dirty fantasy that I help in making happen.

Why the fuck haven’t I been packed until now?! I began cursing myself as I realized I only had a few minutes before my ride to the airport was to show up. I scrambled through the mess of clothes that happened to be lying in a heap on my bed. Would it have fucking killed me to do this shit last night? No, instead I had to go to the fucking bar and get plastered with my friends before...Read On


I become my wife's girlfriend. Part II.

This day at work was unusually tedious and seemed like it was never going to end. At the beginning I occasionally dropped my boss's cup and the coffee poured on floor, but luckily the cup survived. After this some guy stepped on my toe and caused me much pain, I bent to touch it and suddenly had a feeling like my butthole was cut by the string of thong. Later my boss was very angry all the day,...Read On


Strict auntie deals with naughty nephew

Aunt Clara has suffered enough of her nephew's nonsense, and is determined he'll mend his ways.

There are three things I must tell you about Martin. First, he's a tall, gangly youth, lean and fidgety, with a shock of black hair, earnest brown eyes and cute button nose. Second, he's a perfect brat, mucky minded and insolent with it, and third, I had the misfortune to be his aunt. He usually stayed with me for a week or two during the summer holidays, to give his mother a break. She...Read On