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My first driving lesson

Friend of the family -Bi Curious story This is my very first story, I hope you enjoy reading it and I hope it inspires you to contribute My name is Jools I grew up in the west country from the late 60’s until the present day My tale based on a true story happen in 1970. At the time I would be at the tender age of 16. When your young the time can't pass...Read On


Pregnant And Horny: The Marlboro Man and Me

Cathy is turned on by a 17 year old voyeur and makes it on the kitchen table with a cowboy

When I was just a little girl, I told everyone that I was going to marry a cowboy and live on a ranch in Texas when I grew up. I grew up and married a Connecticut Yankee but I still loved everything cowboy/cowgirl. I loved country music. I loved to go square dancing. I love to go horseback riding. I loved to go honky-tonking. With my Connecticut Yankee I never got to dress western, listen...Read On


A Fantasy Fulfilled ( part 1 )

Nicole gets talked in to cheating on her husband with another woman

A Fantasy Fulfilled Hi, my name is Nicole and this is the Story of how i fulfilled one of my husband greatest fantasies. Let me go ahead and give you some details so you can have a better mental image through the whole story. I'm Nicole I am 25 years old, I am in great shape ( 5'3 about 115 lbs ), i have brown hair and hazel eyes. My husband's name is Gabe he is 28 , he has a really...Read On


My Best Friends Mom

Tommy's fantasy comes true one night.

  Laura is my best friends Mom. Some might describe her as being on the large size, but I think she looks great. She's tall, about 5' 9” with a full figure and long brown hair. Lots of curves with a round shapely ass and huge breasts. She has a belly but it's actually flatter then you would think. She's in her early 40's and always smells great and smiles at me when she sees me. There is...Read On

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trying out mums new man for size

     On arriving home from another term at school I was introduced to Jeff, mums sexy new boyfriend. She had been seeing him for around 5 months now but had never brought him with her when she visited me at school. He had, like all the previous Mr. rights, moved in with her already.      I was feeling hot and horny after my experience in the taxi with Andy the cab driver and was eager to get...Read On


David's Landlady Part 4

David's landlady continues to educate and use him, and introduces a friend.

Over the next 2 weeks Mrs Robinson called upon David on four separate occasions to service her pussy. He was a most willing pupil and was ever eager to please his landlady. On one occasion it was as they were going to bed that she invited David into her room and between her thighs. On the other 3 occasions she was watching TV in the evening and called upon David to pleasure her orally....Read On


Cindy by the pool

Cindy waits for the pool cleaner to arrive

            Cindy smoothed the last of the oil on her body, luxuriously rubbing it into her skin.   When she finished, she picked up a tube of sun block, SPF 35.   Carefully, she squeezed a small amount into her palm.   With one finger, she took a dab and traced the white tan lines around her crotch where her bathing suit would normally be.   She took a little more and covered...Read On


TiaLing's Excellent Adventure

A virgin comes to America, and has one hell of an adventure on her first night.

TiaLing was flying from China all the way to New York City and she was so excited.  She was just nineteen years old, and was coming to America for an arranged marriage into another wealthy, traditional Chinese family.  It was her first time to fly.  It was her first time to leave her home town!  And of course, it would be the first time for her to be married, and to see her new husband, and...Read On


Correction Multiplied

Mother and daughter discipline mother and son

David and Janet were getting on better and better despite, or maybe because of, the age difference.   Tessa living with them was fine, and David got used to being spanked by the 18 year old on a quite regular basis. There was talk of marriage and Janet reckoned she should get to know her mother in law to be so David’s Mother, Rita, came to stay for a month.     David said to...Read On


While riding home from school one day

Last day of school! I couldn't wait to get out of these navy blue knickers into my sexy little thongs again. It was a hot summers day and the thought of diving topless into my pool at home was making me so excited. Mum has a new boyfriend to tease too who I hadn't met yet.         I ran to my room and changed quickly.I took the train ride home and smiled sexily at the men who couldn't...Read On


A whole new set of firsts (courtesy of Altargen)

A couple changes genders in an attempt to repair their relationship - a night of firsts results.

Note about the formatting: text between sets of ":::" shows which character's perspective that portion is in. ----Thursday Night---- :::George::: George collapsed on the bed next to his girlfriend Lucy. “That was the best yet sweet buns. Night”. He laid down his head, closed his eyes, and smiled as remembered the big game the next day. “George Hallis Lindern, what do I tell you...Read On


La Vita Bella in Perugia

Love was in the air. Love was always in the air in Italy.

The wind wafted up the valley carrying citrus and olive grove smells into the stone farmhouse. The cold stone floors seemed to hum with life, history and a certain joie da vie that I was unsure what to call in Italian. "La Bella Vita" didn't seem to quite explain these feelings - sure it was "the Beautiful Life" but it was more than that. It was heaven. "Cielo!" Heaven. The decision, journey...Read On


Predators: The Stalking

We had been doing this for years now...

The water flowed and candles flickered; the sweet scent of lavender filled the air. I walked in with a towel wrapped around my naked body, more than ready to enjoy a nice, relaxing bath. As my toe touched the water, my cell phone rang.   “Hello,” I answered, obviously annoyed.   “Hey Mia! I’m not feeling too good. I need a lay --- and of course my...Read On


The morning wake up kiss....for the girls

One hot kiss to wake up to

You are sleeping next to me as I start to wake up and look over at you, feeling horny at the sight of your sleeping body.   I move my hand over to you, moving slowly across your belly.   You look so sexy lying there on your back with your legs parted slightly under the thin sheet.   I slowly crawl under the covers, sliding down your leg smelling the scent of your body as I go.   I reach out...Read On


The Toy Party Accountant

I was the only guy at a ladies toy party, and met someone I knew.

A woman Sherry I met online in a chat room owned a small business selling sex toys. She and I really hit it off and she told me she thought it would be awesome to have a demonstration model to show off how things worked to the participants at her "parties". I asked what did she mean by "model" She told me that it was always women that came to these parties, with the exception of a stripper,...Read On


The Volunteer: The First Visit

Charley signs up for a medical research project and gets jacked off by the doctor

Old Mother Nature plays a nasty trick on us guys, she makes it harder for us to get it up and keep it up as the years go by. The girls don’t have that problem. In fact, when we start down the wrong side of the mountain they are at the apex of their horniest. I was in my late fifties when the decline struck me. I was as healthy as a horse, I was just taking a lot longer for me to get it up,...Read On


That Old Black Magic

Diplomat's wife has her first black cock

We were watching the ten o’clock news, Vee beside me on the sofa, when I thought I saw him. Just a group shot on the red carpet at the Cannes Festival. The camera didn’t linger and in a few seconds the image had disappeared. Vee, aware that something had caught my attention, raised an eyebrow. I said, “Ntombe. There was a suggestion about the south of France, wasn’t there? When...Read On


Forbidden Lust - quick read

She wanted her for herself

 Claire was 25 years old, small, blonde and willowy.  She lived with a flatmate named Sarah who's favourite pastime was fucking her lover noisily all night.  Usually Claire could block this out but lately she'd been getting really turned on by the sound of them, and as they were very loud there had been mornings before when she'd been woken up and made herself come listening to Sarahs moans...Read On


A 'clean' start

A story delving into the first spanking of young Olivia.

At 18 years old, I was just starting out in the ‘real’ world. After leaving home for university, I found myself in a vibrant and hectic environment. A place where I could lead the life I had always dreamed of. In previous years, I had squandered many opportunities , leaving my self confidence levels relatively low. Any romantic occasions would lead to disappointment on both sides as...Read On


Underneath Her and her proposal!

My first face sitting.

I was a freshman in college on a basketball scholarship at a state university. I signed up late for classes, but seeing I was pre med taking a jr. level science class seemed undaunted. I soon learned this wasn't high school anymore. I was always in the gym, a red shirt freshman gave me time to add some weight to my 6ft 180 lb frame. Women's volleyball practice always coincided with...Read On


Miss Teresa's Beauty School

Princess has been caught stealing at work and has to pay the price!

I wrote this story as a narrative and I made it into a 45 minute audio story. The Interview: Come in, I've been expecting you. I had a long talk with your boss the other day and it seems that you have a little fetish for women's underwear, isn't that right? In fact-you've been caught stealing things from the other girls lockers. Mostly their panties and pantyhose. Is it just too hard to...Read On


Pregnant and Horny: My first Time With Betty

Cathy wakes up horny and experiences her first real orgasm in the arms of her bestfriend Betty

Sex has always been something that I could take or leave. It was never very important to me. I could go for weeks without sex and it didn’t bother me. Then I became pregnant for the first time and that all changed. Suddenly all I could think about was sex. Suddenly I was horny all the time. Then, I gave birth last fall but my new need for sex remains. I’m just as needy now as I was during...Read On


The train ride

A long journey but good company

It was going to be a long train ride on my own, so I went well equipped with my laptop and a very good book. The weather was bright so I thought I could just wear a summer dress and hope for the best. I arrived at the station in plenty of time as I knew that the train would be quite full as it had a big stop before it got to my station. It duly arrived right on time and I tumbled in...Read On


My first gay experience

Being curious about sex with guys...

I'm in my 30s and have been completely straight all my life - other than some fondles at boarding school which were as much about sexual exploration as anything else.  But now, having done a fair amount of straight stuff, I find a degree of curiosity about pushing boundaries with another guy.  Here's one experience I had at school which has been recurring to me lately and a fantasy which gets...Read On


The Appointment

A lucky patient gets a naughty examination

For once she was excited about going to work.  She knew who her last appointment of the day was and planned to have some fun. She took special care getting ready, making sure her legs and pussy were smooth and her nails were painted a deep red.  She slipped on her usual nurses uniform but took another bag with her, one that she packed with special things.  She got to work and started her...Read On


I’m not above the law, the law is above me…

Why did I hurt so bad, yet feel so good..?

Damn it..! I should have kept my mouth shut, why do I always do this..? When will I learn..?   I rolled my eyes, “look bitch, I don’t give a flying fuck about you, the manager, or anybody else in this fucking piece of shit restaurant.” I was getting loud now, “I paid for my shit, I put up with your shit, and quite frankly this place is SHIT..!”   “Mara, please calm...Read On


Caught in a Prom Dress

I Should of Listened to What my G/F Said!!!!

If you can remember the stories LUCK RAN OUT AND I GOT CAUGHT then good this has escalated from there if not please read it first. It was a few weeks before my G/f college prom and said had her prom dress all prepared and hung up in the spare bedroom where i stayed. (her folks where very strict) As you can probably guess by now i wanted to try it on, it was a gorgeous gold long dress...Read On


3 Some Revenge

I stood looking at myself in the mirror, wondering if I was actually doing the right thing. Two weeks ago, I caught my boyfriend of 18 months in bed with my best friend! There'd been lots of shouting, crying, apologising and so on, but I just couldn't forgive him - and now he was spending the weekend moving out of our flat whilst I had booked myself into the big hotel in town (on his credit...Read On


first holiday without my hubby

my fantasy fulfilled

First Holiday without Hubby There seemed to be an extra urgency to the phones ringing tone. Picking up the receiver I tentively said, “hello?” “Oh thank god you are at home,” it was one of my best friends, Jan. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “Ian has gone and broken his leg at the football, and we are booked up for our holiday to Turkey. We are supposed to leave tomorrow, but now he can’t...Read On


The Velvet Glove


I’d been seeing Carla for almost three years. It was a fading romance, with the emphasis on fading, rather than romance. A year of separate colleges hadn’t done anything to pull us back together after the fading started in our last year of high school. I’d looked forward to the Memorial Day holiday as we’d both be home and maybe things would be better. In hindsight, looking forward...Read On