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Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 24

Good news, bad news, and parents.

© 2011 All Rights Reserved Four weeks later, on a Friday in the middle of January, Ryan was at work but all of her attention was on Lara. "We got it?" Ryan kept her voice down as she gripped the phone. "Are you sure? Are you serious?" "I know! I know!" Lara all but squeaked. "I'm sure, I'm so sure! I just talked to him and they mean it. Once we calm down, we need to find a lawyer....Read On


A humiliating and hard lesson in showering

A compulsory second shower in front of the p.e. teacher

“Turner!” shouted the P.E. teacher. Turner looked anxiously back towards where the shout had emanated from. “Get in my office, at once!” bellowed the teacher. Turner hurried nervously into the P.E. teacher’s office. “And close the door, Turner!” shouted Mr. Murray. Turner swiftly obliged. “Turner, at the end of last lesson, do you remember what I told you miserable lot?” Turner looked...Read On


Great Position for Anal

A new position for great sex, especially anal sex

This is my first time to write anything like this and submit on the internet. But I just have to share about the amazing sexual experience I had on New Year’s Eve. There is so much I could share but I want to keep this as brief as possible and share the best of the best moments of the night. First, I need to make one thing clear. I am a female and I absolutely love anal sex. Yes, I said it....Read On


A Cuckold to My Slut Wife from the Start

I meet a slut dancer in Germany and become her cuckold husband before and after we were married.

My wife Liesel and I are now in our 50s and living an active cuckold lifestyle in the Indianapolis suburbs where I grew up. This might seem unusual to many people since I am a doctor and she is a nurse and we live in a very conservative small town. But the real story here is how this way of life came about. My name is Ed, and I graduated from high school in 1972. I had some interest in...Read On


Caught - Part One

Mandy almost gets caught with her toy.

Mandy's alarm clock woke her up on saturday. Grumbling, she reached over to shut it off. The stupid thing was too annoying for her, but her mother refused to let her get rid of it, as it was a birthday present from her Aunt Gladys for her sixteenth birthday last month. Mandy rolled out of bed and walked across the hall into the bathroom. Locking the door, she looked at herself in the...Read On


Family Friend

Late Bloomers First Experience

To say she was a family friend might be an under statement. She was the wife of my fathers's best man and had known my parents since their early teens. That said I didn't know her at all. My parents had moved from southern California, shortly after they were married. Which by the way was when they were eighteen. I was their second son and born before their second anniversary. As couples who...Read On


We meet again... And Again

Emma's chance encounter with her ex and a friend turns into a night out that she'll never forget.

We hadn’t seen each other in months. The end of my “relationship” with Michael had been pretty ugly. We had been reduced to arguing every moment which resulted in many things being left unresolved. There was too much anger, too many hurt feelings. On this particular night, I’ve gone out with a few friends to a local pub. It’s one of those places that are off the beaten path and unless you’re...Read On


The Dirty Affair

The dirty affair The house was all quiet, home alone! Yes that’s right. Now what can I do to keep myself entertained? BOOTY CALL. I decide to text a very nice friend of mine indeed, fingers crossed he was free and not tied up with his girlfriend. My body began to tingle whilst anticipating his reply, yes he was free to come round, which certainly put a smile on my face. So I put on...Read On


Meeting A Stranger...the Sweet Seduction...

Taking a chance on a stranger? I find out what it's all about....

Author's Note: This one's 100% true, (names are changed) so enjoy the ride.... As a professional type, (psychologist) continuing education is something you never escape. At least twice a year I'm doing seminars or short classes to keep up on the latest developments. I kind of envy my husband as he's a graphic artist who simply reads blogs and magazines to keep up on the latest info about...Read On


Trip to the Drug Store P4

Clyde meets Jill's girlfriend and is spanked, milked

Trip to the Drug Store P4 For this date with Jill, she said she had something special planned for me. We weren’t going out to eat, this time, and she wanted me at her house at 5:30. Since Cindy and Jane at the Quick Health Center had shaved me, I felt good about myself. Also, since we were not eating out, I was looking forward to a home cooked meal by Jill. When I got to Jill’s house, she...Read On


Diversion -- Part 4

They finally meet...

Beep-beep-beep. I reached over and slid my finger across my phone to stop the noise. I looked at the screen, it was Friday August 5th and unfortunately six in the morning. I hated getting up early I thought as I crawled outta bed. The hot water did wonders to calm my nerves that have been building since I got on the plane. I hopped out of the shower and quickly got ready. I spread...Read On


Rides, Crowds, And Oh Wow You Are Sexy (Part 1)

Part 1 of an adorable lesbian love story. This part is mostly the storyline to build character.

It was a dark place in my life. I had absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to go, no job, no friends. I needed to get out of my house because my parents were fighting as usual. Yes I know what you're thinking. "Why don't you move out instead of complaining about how you hate living with your parents?" Well easier said than done. It is not exactly easy to just find a steady job and actually...Read On


Rolling in the Hay

Hired farmhand seduces shy farm girl on her grandfather's farm and they make hay in the barn

Rolling in the Hay Sisyphus I wanted to get away from my old routine and decided on an adventure. “Why not,” I said, wanting to add a new chapter to my life and two days later, took off. I had been working my way west in my beat up Subaru taking one day at a time, living my philosophy of no expectations when I answered an ad for a temporary farm hand on a little cattle farm just outside of...Read On


My Birthday Present

My wife gives me a very special birthday present - her daughter!

I finished my Saturday morning yard work about twelve-thirty; grass mowed and edged, water-feature cleaned and water added; barbecue scrubbed down for steaks, later; patio hosed off, and the few weeds along the fence-line, pulled. Ruby and Roxy, my two, three-year-old basset hounds, romped on the new-mown lawn. Roxy took off running, Ruby close on her heal, baying for all she was worth. Up...Read On


The Succubus

The Succubus must collect the essence of man in order for her species to survive.

The Succubus Succubi and Incubi are Lilin, children of Lilith, who have been cursed since the beginning of man and cannot reproduce. Sara is a Succubus who wanders the night seeking the magic elixir that only human males can secrete, to give to the incubi to impregnate human females…the only way their kind can survive. Sara loved Manhattan. She lived in an apartment in an old...Read On


Homelands Pt 2 Ch 08

Frank helps his two aunts settle in.

A knock came at the door to my parents'bedroom. I groaned in protest. "Go away," I whispered, too softly for whoever it was to hear. Mom smiled, touched her hand to my face tenderly. "We can't stay in here all day." "Yeah," I said, pulling one of her curvy legs over my waist and running my hand up along the smooth skin of her inner thigh towards her ass. "But maybe just a little longer." ...Read On



A day in my life as a slave...

She sighed and stretched. Memories of the night before running through her head. She loved the way he read her body and signals like a sailor reads nautical maps. She didn't think that there was a single inch of her body that had not familiarized himself with.. Her body ached in every place imaginable and some that she didn't know. Smiling from ear to ear, she got out of bed and went to...Read On


Strike It Rich

Another Day On The Picket Line

(This is a First-Timer story. If you would like a Part II, let me know...) It had been another wasted day on the picket line. As Taya and I walked to the bus stop, I had the opportunity to check her out. She was dressed in a light-blue shirt, a slightly-faded jean-skirt and white tennis shoes. It was easy to notice her shoulder-length, silky midnight black hair, supple firm legs and...Read On


My pussycat, right here, now!

My life changes, for the best.

It was six months now since my “episode”, as I liked to term it. I had started to tell my friends about what I had experienced, but their reactions were such that I soon decided to keep quiet about it. My memories were as sharp as if it were yesterday, and while I continued my usual like of work and play, the occasional sexual encounters that I had left me empty and wanting. It was,...Read On


The Green Eyed Stranger - Part 2

Liam calls Sarah into his office...

It had been a week since that night in her house and‭ ‬Sarah had been avoiding him since.‭ Sarah was typing away at her desk when her intercom buzzed. ‭“‬Sarah...could you come in here please‭?‬” She heard Mr.‭ ‬Matthews‭’‬ voice ask. ‭“‬Yes Sir,”‬ she replied and made her way into his office with her notepad.‭ ‬“Yes,‭ ‬Mr Matthews‭?‬” “Please,‭ ‬close the door Sarah,”‬ he said, “and...Read On


Airport Stranger

My first submission, story of picking up a stranger after a flight

It had been a rough business trip. I had to go to St. Louis to meet with an unsatisfied client and try to smooth things over. Mission accomplished and it was time to head back home. I arrived at the airport with some time to kill before my flight back to Atlanta, so I stepped into one of the crowded airport bars. I needed a good stiff drink, badly. As I got my drink and took my first sip,...Read On


Halley, Officer Peter and the Domestic Disturbance

It's her first night in the big city, and once Officer Peter comes to her rescue, things heat up.

I answered the door quickly when I heard the doorbell. It was only my second night at my new house in the big city, just outside Raleigh. I loved it here, the warmth, the beach within reasonable driving distance, being out of my parents’ house, having employment that utilized my college degree! And oh, the sweet southern accents that made my knees weak. My knees were not weak because of...Read On


Sweet relief

Here I am again stuck in traffic, like usual. Yelling to myself because the traffic isn't moving. But the good thing is that it's Friday and a three day weekend. All I want to do is get home, grab a beer, take a nice long shower and relax. Finally the traffic starts to move and I see why we had to wait so long. Some dumb-ass chick was in her phone while driving and slammed into the back of...Read On


Cheating Blonde Hasbian

The blonde lipstick lesbian who turned straight

It was January when Melissa and her long term girlfriend Ruth moved into their new apartment in the city, they were out to all, they we're both in their early 20's, we're both tall and athletic with long blonde hair, people who knew them thought that they we're the most beautiful lesbian couple they'd ever come across, Melissa worked in a shoe store and Ruth was a lawyer, they we're...Read On



The quiet ones are the ones to watch out for.

I decide to drop in, with my boys, to the club on 117th Street, an occasional stop for us. Once inside, we greet a couple of childhood friends who made it out. In passing, we greet with handshakes, and hugs. The usual wallflowers hug the wall, but one of the girls from the block, Felicia was there and that surprises me. I never saw her here before, but I wasn't in here EVERY week, so I may...Read On


Wife in Swinging Webcam Sex

Wife's fantasy becomes reality and more.

A little background first - we are a happily married couple who are still very much in love. We first started seeing one another in our late teens and are now in our early forties and have a young family. As you can imagine after all that time we have had a go at most things that a couple can do together. We have always been keen to try anything new in the bedroom or anywhere else for...Read On


Adventures at an Artists' Colony Ch.4

Two writers fulfill their sexual fantasies at an artists' colony in the woods.

ADVENTURES AT AN ARTISTS' COLONY CH. 4 Sisyphus I thought about the sexual adventure I was having with Angel, how wild, imaginative and honest it was. Role playing lets us be more uninhibited and explore places we might not otherwise go. I thought about how we played off of each other and got so fully into each other’s games. There was definitely chemistry between us and I found myself...Read On


Cuckolded by Blue Collar Cocks

I was sucking some blue collar cocks and the men ended up fucking my wife.

My name is Ed, and in my story ‘Sucking Blue Collar Cock in a Storm’, I described how my wife Sue and I were in our 50s and had just moved from Minnesota to Knoxville. We previously lived in a very tight knit community with lots of close friends and family so the move was rough for us. I started jogging on some very nice trails near our home, one of which passed by an electrical...Read On


My Friend, Staci

This stays between us.....

(purely a work of fiction...enjoy) Mini dress showing off my kicking curves?? Check Heel that make my long legs longer? Check Hair pulled up? Check Make up on? Check Okay, I grabbed my keys and headed to pick up Staci. She looked kicking hot as well. Now, I am 5'7", blond, green eyes, curvy. She's 5'3", blond, blue eyes, skinny. But in a good way. Not that I don't eat or I stick my...Read On


Little Sister Pt. 1

Jared goes from hating his sister to loving her pussy.

It was the summer after my senior year. I would be leaving for college in just a couple months, and like most people my age, I suspect, I couldn't wait to get out. I was sick of living way out in the country, sick of being a loser at my school, and sick of my controlling parents. Maybe that's why I was so excited when my parents told me they were going on a two week-long trip. ...Read On