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Kissing Game

School isn't just for education anymore

So this is my first story hope you enjoy it, please comment and give me pointers, advice and anything else you can think of. Much appreciated enjoy the story. I crossed and uncrossed my legs repeatedly, watching as the clock slowly ticked away. The countdown to end the torture of math class was on. The teacher’s voice seemed to drone on and on. I tensed as the last minute ticked by BRIIINNNG....Read On


Common Interests, Part Six

While Jane and Brian are both gone, Jerry and his sweet lover Brenda have the time to play

I went back home and found the house empty, not only was there no sound, but now even the walls seemed empty to me. I went to the computer and searched the net, read a couple of stories and even they left me empty in ways I needed filled. Writing had always been a thing to take away the idle time of emptiness when Jane was home, but now I simply hungered for companionship, and only one...Read On


An Unexpected Lover Ch. 2

Emma and Kevin get some alone time after the party

The graduation party went off without a hitch, but was pretty boring. The only excitement I had was waiting for later when Kevin was coming over to hang out at the house with my friends. Only one person at the party, my friend Gail, knew about what had happened after Cedar Point and she was sworn to secrecy. “So . . .” Gail said. “So . . . what?” I asked. “So, are you and Kevin together...Read On


Boxing Clever

Alf proves he could have been a contender...

It’s unbearably hot as the mid afternoon sun beats down onto the garden. We certainly made a bad decision to re-lay the lawn on this particular Sunday. The sweat is pouring out of me as I lay down another roll of grass. Thankfully, the job is nearly over. “One more roll should do it, Alf. Will you do the honours mate?” Alf nods and heads off in the direction of the garage where the turf...Read On


Neighbor Helping Neighbor

It's good to be neighborly

Yesterday I had gotten most of the large yard mowed and I had filled in a lot of holes I had created when I had previously removed rocks that protruded above the sod line. Today I was taking it at a much slower pace. The temperature yesterday was bad enough, but today it was almost unbearable. The sun was hotter than I could handle so I opted to work in the garage. My desire was to discard...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline-Part 7

Getting fucked in the squad room was never so much fun!

Liu sat at his desk in the empty squad room. It was 11pm and he was fighting both fatigue and frustration. Needing a jolt of caffeine, he went downstairs to get a soda from the vending machine. He opened the can and took a sip of cola. As he walked back to his desk, he heard laughter coming from the Homicide Unit. “Hey, aren’t you guys supposed to be working?” He asked with playful sarcasm...Read On


Down by the Lake

This is just a little memory of my first real relationship with another woman.

Have you ever been with someone you wanted to eat up? Imean totally consume. Have you ever wanted to just completely melt into someone and have your bodies merge in total bliss? Karen was like that. She was tanned, muscled, and completely beautiful. When I was with her I wanted to eat her and when she left I found myself masturbating until she returned. Karen was my first real lover, my...Read On


18 Hours Together

Internet lovers share a once-in-a-lifetime night together.

It was truly a miracle, baby. You, my darling, my Shirley, and I actually had an entire night safely alone together, one time only; a once-in-a-lifetime gift that just fell in our laps, unbidden. What a wonderful thing it was. I know you remember every detail, just like I do; but you asked me to write it all down as a story, so here it is. And, just to heighten the thrill of it, I’m posting...Read On


It is London

Two internet friends meet for the first time

It is London, it is spring and to me it is a miracle she is here. Months of e-mails and messaging are forgotten as a dream appears. I watch her step from the taxi and walk up the stairs and into the foyer. Even if I did not recognise her face, her shy hesitant steps would give her away. I wave and start to move towards her, shaking apprehensively until I see her smile and move towards me....Read On


2 Days until Revelation

Jared displeases Lady Eva.

On the third morning of his enslavement, Jared awoke to the startling thought that he was quite comfortable with his nudity. He felt liberated and without a care in the world. Coming to terms in his mind, he was ready to go downstairs and tell Eve that he wanted to stay her sub. As he came down the staircase, he was met by Adam, who greeted him cordially. Handing him a piece of paper,...Read On


The Potting Shed - Part 2

James and Michelle finally meet !

The Potting Shed – Part 2 Life on the allotment, was never going to be the same for me, how could it be? James was there working alongside me every day, so naturally, we became close friends, with our love for horticulture and vegetable growing our common ground. But the sexual tension between us was hot and constant, neither of us bowing to it, but you could almost see the heat rising...Read On


Lets go shopping

Shopping for shirts will never be the same

Our wonderful dinner was just about over, when I asked you if you had any plans for the evening. No, you said, you thought we would watch a movie or go for a walk and end up fooling around, like every night. I smiled and said I love the way you think. "I was thinking, I need a new dress shirt, and was wondering if you would like to go to Burlington Coat factory and shop." "That's a...Read On


Losing My Religion and My Virginity

My first time with a beautiful stranger

We are traveling south bound on West Coast Highway, the planned destination being the unit of these two chicks. What could be better than being driven to the home of two older nurses for a night of wild sex? Yeah, on face value it sounds too good to be true, well it is mostly true, but definitely not all good. My position in this Corolla is causing me some concern. I am sitting on the lap of...Read On



A new day brings a new surprise.

You know what it's like. You drift out of a dream toward wakng, but you are still more than half asleep and more than a little drunk from the night before. The only thing that you are conscious of is the immediate demand of your throbbing hard-on. So somehow you throw the cover sheet onto the floor and somehow you rid yourself of your boxers. Your hand descends to your rigid cock and...Read On


My Mistress

She is my Mistress and my lover

I never thought I could find true love, especially one like this. Life seemed more like a dream, unreal, unsolvable, untouchable. But there she was in front of me, her body like a work of art. Her mind and thoughts created an atmosphere that I could sit in for hours, breathing deeply, marinating in, taking in every scent, sound and taste that could possible stimulate my senses. She was...Read On


An Unexpected Lover Ch. 1

Emma finds love with the younger brother of a classmate

So there I was, 17, single for about a month, just graduated from high school, still struggling to adapt to a world without the friends I had for the previous 6 years; who knew when you broke up with an asshole he got custody of the friends. My church youth group (that he was a part of) had organized a trip to Cedar Point and I wasn’t too sure I even still wanted to go. I didn’t want to face...Read On


3 Days until Revelation

Jared learns of Lady Eva's kind of punishment.

Jared spent the rest of the day andnight naked, dressed only in that plain collar. His ass cheeks were sore, and his mood labile. The next morning Lady Eva spent a lot of time talking to him, instructing him. He caught most of the conversation, but mostly his mind wandered. He could not forget the feeling he got when he finally let go of his control and begged for permission to cum. It...Read On


The Trip Home

Having a little fun on the way home

It was getting late. We had to tear ourselves away from the bar, and get to the BART train, before they stopped letting people into the system. I paid the bar tab, grabbed your hand and we headed out the swinging doors. Even though its 1:00am, the weather is fantastic, still very warm. We walk the short block to the BART station and get on the escalator. I stand two stairs below you, so we...Read On


Allie's Birthday Present, the Conclusion

Aliie gets her big birthday present

Wednesday Evening (your birthday) The day passes achingly slowly. You work retail and your sex-addled brain considers the masturbation potential of every item. You’re very creative and your need makes you fantasize about being spanked, penetrated, clamped, bound, and made to suck on a surprising array of objects. In the quieter moments, you try to imagine what’s in the gold box. You...Read On


The Tease at Work 2

I finally got mine.

“Get my shit and leave? I don’t fucking think so. I took your shit for almost an hour. I watched you get off over and over again. And you think I’m going to leave without getting something out of this arrangement?” “W-what are you going to do?” she asked. For the first time since I came in the room, she wasn’t totally in control anymore, and she wasn’t all together pleased about it. In...Read On


Four days until Revelation

Jared leaves his old life behind for the new one.

Jared woke the next morning. Withdoubt in his mind, he began to wonder what he had gotten himself into. Sitting on the side of the bed with his head in his hands, he questioned his decision about putting his freedom in someone else's hands. Could he submit? Would he be able to trust her enough? He looked at the mess on the wall. Lady Eva had said he was to clean it up. She, also,...Read On


One Night Stand

It was the Saturday night following my college graduation, and the next day I would be moving back home with my parents. Oh, how I dread that stifling environment. Perhaps I should have one last fling. I head to my bedroom and remove all my day-clothes. My boring jeans and T-shirt. My Nike sneakers. My cotton undergarments. Even my ponytail holder. I stand naked, looking at myself in the...Read On


Intro to Girl Fucking 101

College Education.

It was the year I graduated from high school. I had been horribly sheltered. My parents were very strict and religious. I had been controlled and told what to think my whole life. This was my big chance. I was doing orientation at the college I had chosen. I was terribly nervous and wanted to make a good impression. I wore my prettiest skirt with the flowers on it and brushed glossy brown...Read On


Allie's Birthday Present, Part 3

SassyCheerGirl on the morning of her birthday

Wednesday Morning (your birthday) You wake late again, sleep fading slowly. This is the one perk to the later shifts you’ve been working: the leisurely morning wake-ups. You look at the clock and see the pattern of numbers “10:28” and smile, the 28 reminding you that today is your birthday. You stretch, then catch yourself, worried (and maybe hoping), needlessly, that you will be caught...Read On


Pretty Polly

Ross discovers the power of the press...

The doorbell rings, snapping me out of a daydream. I rise from my armchair and make my way to the front door. Through the frosted glass I can make out the frame of a young woman. I open up and am immediately struck by the vision of loveliness standing on my step, she had long black hair, brown eyes and a waif like figure. I find myself staring into her eyes for a second longer than I...Read On


The Further Adventures of Kitty Girl - Part III

The conclusion of my little adventure with being cat-sat.

She toyed with me mercilessly, keeping me so wound up I began to wonder if I someone could die from being denied on orgasm. The conclusion I came to was unsettling, as every nerve ending began to scream, an overload of promised pleasure becoming too much to bear. I began to beg, telling her I would do anything, and I meant it. She pinned me once, lay on top of me until I was both still...Read On


Limo and a picnic

She had a surprise for him

Ring, ring, rang the phone. I open my eyes, look at the clock and think, "Who would be calling me at 8:00am on a Sunday." I roll over and decide to let my machine answer the phone. "Get your lazy ass out of bed, and pick up the phone," I hear you say. I jump up and reach for the phone. "Hi, I didn't think it would be you." "Get in the shower and be dressed by 9:00am," you tell me. "We...Read On


Vicky Bound for Vacation Part 5

Vicky gets to give and receive punishment her last day in SFO

These two beautiful, women were ready to fuck me and each other. One a tall redhead, one a slightly shorter blond. Both were nude except for their 'Fuck Me' shoes. Two of the hardest bodies I've ever seen on anyone, anywhere. One was going to be submissive. One was going to be dominant and submissive. I was the lucky son of a bitch that would play 'Master' of ceremonies and dominate both....Read On


The Hut

Short but sweet....and true

We had just got together, but due to complications we hadn't a place of our own. I would meet up with her at lunch breaks and at first we were very happy kissing and cuddling, but after a while our animalistic urges kicked in. One particularly adventurous day I met up with her and just knew we would get up to mischief! She was in a "boring" office get up, dressed as a stereotypical office...Read On


The Potting Shed

I have always been a keen gardener, acquiring my love of horticulture and vegetable growing as a child, when I spent many a happy summer’s day at the family’s allotment watching my father and his friends cultivating, then invariably competing with each other, as to the size and beauty of their annual crop. Now I’m all grown up, I am delighted to have an allotment all of my own. It is my...Read On