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The Succubus

The Succubus must collect the essence of man in order for her species to survive.

The Succubus Succubi and Incubi are Lilin, children of Lilith, who have been cursed since the beginning of man and cannot reproduce. Sara is a Succubus who wanders the night seeking the magic elixir that only human males can secrete, to give to the incubi to impregnate human females…the only way their kind can survive. Sara loved Manhattan. She lived in an apartment in an old...Read On


Homelands Pt 2 Ch 08

Frank helps his two aunts settle in.

A knock came at the door to my parents'bedroom. I groaned in protest. "Go away," I whispered, too softly for whoever it was to hear. Mom smiled, touched her hand to my face tenderly. "We can't stay in here all day." "Yeah," I said, pulling one of her curvy legs over my waist and running my hand up along the smooth skin of her inner thigh towards her ass. "But maybe just a little longer." ...Read On



A day in my life as a slave...

She sighed and stretched. Memories of the night before running through her head. She loved the way he read her body and signals like a sailor reads nautical maps. She didn't think that there was a single inch of her body that had not familiarized himself with.. Her body ached in every place imaginable and some that she didn't know. Smiling from ear to ear, she got out of bed and went to...Read On


Strike It Rich

Another Day On The Picket Line

(This is a First-Timer story. If you would like a Part II, let me know...) It had been another wasted day on the picket line. As Taya and I walked to the bus stop, I had the opportunity to check her out. She was dressed in a light-blue shirt, a slightly-faded jean-skirt and white tennis shoes. It was easy to notice her shoulder-length, silky midnight black hair, supple firm legs and...Read On


My pussycat, right here, now!

My life changes, for the best.

It was six months now since my “episode”, as I liked to term it. I had started to tell my friends about what I had experienced, but their reactions were such that I soon decided to keep quiet about it. My memories were as sharp as if it were yesterday, and while I continued my usual like of work and play, the occasional sexual encounters that I had left me empty and wanting. It was,...Read On


The Green Eyed Stranger - Part 2

Liam calls Sarah into his office...

It had been a week since that night in her house and‭ ‬Sarah had been avoiding him since.‭ Sarah was typing away at her desk when her intercom buzzed. ‭“‬Sarah...could you come in here please‭?‬” She heard Mr.‭ ‬Matthews‭’‬ voice ask. ‭“‬Yes Sir,”‬ she replied and made her way into his office with her notepad.‭ ‬“Yes,‭ ‬Mr Matthews‭?‬” “Please,‭ ‬close the door Sarah,”‬ he said, “and...Read On


Airport Stranger

My first submission, story of picking up a stranger after a flight

It had been a rough business trip. I had to go to St. Louis to meet with an unsatisfied client and try to smooth things over. Mission accomplished and it was time to head back home. I arrived at the airport with some time to kill before my flight back to Atlanta, so I stepped into one of the crowded airport bars. I needed a good stiff drink, badly. As I got my drink and took my first sip,...Read On


Halley, Officer Peter and the Domestic Disturbance

It's her first night in the big city, and once Officer Peter comes to her rescue, things heat up.

I answered the door quickly when I heard the doorbell. It was only my second night at my new house in the big city, just outside Raleigh. I loved it here, the warmth, the beach within reasonable driving distance, being out of my parents’ house, having employment that utilized my college degree! And oh, the sweet southern accents that made my knees weak. My knees were not weak because of...Read On


Sweet relief

Here I am again stuck in traffic, like usual. Yelling to myself because the traffic isn't moving. But the good thing is that it's Friday and a three day weekend. All I want to do is get home, grab a beer, take a nice long shower and relax. Finally the traffic starts to move and I see why we had to wait so long. Some dumb-ass chick was in her phone while driving and slammed into the back of...Read On


Cheating Blonde Hasbian

The blonde lipstick lesbian who turned straight

It was January when Melissa and her long term girlfriend Ruth moved into their new apartment in the city, they were out to all, they we're both in their early 20's, we're both tall and athletic with long blonde hair, people who knew them thought that they we're the most beautiful lesbian couple they'd ever come across, Melissa worked in a shoe store and Ruth was a lawyer, they we're...Read On



The quiet ones are the ones to watch out for.

I decide to drop in, with my boys, to the club on 117th Street, an occasional stop for us. Once inside, we greet a couple of childhood friends who made it out. In passing, we greet with handshakes, and hugs. The usual wallflowers hug the wall, but one of the girls from the block, Felicia was there and that surprises me. I never saw her here before, but I wasn't in here EVERY week, so I may...Read On


Wife in Swinging Webcam Sex

Wife's fantasy becomes reality and more.

A little background first - we are a happily married couple who are still very much in love. We first started seeing one another in our late teens and are now in our early forties and have a young family. As you can imagine after all that time we have had a go at most things that a couple can do together. We have always been keen to try anything new in the bedroom or anywhere else for...Read On


Adventures at an Artists' Colony Ch.4

Two writers fulfill their sexual fantasies at an artists' colony in the woods.

ADVENTURES AT AN ARTISTS' COLONY CH. 4 Sisyphus I thought about the sexual adventure I was having with Angel, how wild, imaginative and honest it was. Role playing lets us be more uninhibited and explore places we might not otherwise go. I thought about how we played off of each other and got so fully into each other’s games. There was definitely chemistry between us and I found myself...Read On


Cuckolded by Blue Collar Cocks

I was sucking some blue collar cocks and the men ended up fucking my wife.

My name is Ed, and in my story ‘Sucking Blue Collar Cock in a Storm’, I described how my wife Sue and I were in our 50s and had just moved from Minnesota to Knoxville. We previously lived in a very tight knit community with lots of close friends and family so the move was rough for us. I started jogging on some very nice trails near our home, one of which passed by an electrical...Read On


My Friend, Staci

This stays between us.....

(purely a work of fiction...enjoy) Mini dress showing off my kicking curves?? Check Heel that make my long legs longer? Check Hair pulled up? Check Make up on? Check Okay, I grabbed my keys and headed to pick up Staci. She looked kicking hot as well. Now, I am 5'7", blond, green eyes, curvy. She's 5'3", blond, blue eyes, skinny. But in a good way. Not that I don't eat or I stick my...Read On


Little Sister Pt. 1

Jared goes from hating his sister to loving her pussy.

It was the summer after my senior year. I would be leaving for college in just a couple months, and like most people my age, I suspect, I couldn't wait to get out. I was sick of living way out in the country, sick of being a loser at my school, and sick of my controlling parents. Maybe that's why I was so excited when my parents told me they were going on a two week-long trip. ...Read On


Fucking on the balcony

Anna tries to resist her husband...

Ray was‭ ‬outside‭ ‬in the yard training‭ ‬shirtless,‭ ‬his body‭ ‬glistening with sweat as he‭ ‬pummelled energetically at his punching bag.‭ ‬The hot sun beat down on his toned tan‭ ‬body and his dark‭ ‬brown locks tussled as he moved. On the balcony‭ ‬above him,‭ ‬sat his beautiful wife Anna,‭ ‬her long red hair tied back into a simple plait,‭ ‬studying all the papers in front of...Read On


My Old Student

A chance meeting with an old student leads to an unusual proposition.

I was returning to the car from the cashpoint when a voice came out of the darkness, “Hey, honey. Looking for business?” I turned around, the refusal on my lips dying as I looked at the girl in front of me. “Rosie?” I asked, shocked, “What are you doing here? I thought you were at university?” “Mr. Grey! Oh God! It’s not what it looks like, honest!” exclaimed the girl, her...Read On


Out of Time and Space

A mid-life chance for pleasure

Out of Time & Space by gossamer © It all began innocently enough. When I first met Sandi I found her attractive, if a somewhat skinny. She was an incredibly bright woman, with her CPA and an MBA in finance. She managed the accounting department for a major manufacturer. Intelligent, competent women who are comfortable with their sexuality are a huge turn-on! I had sold a...Read On


Italian Night School

Carlotta spanks night school students who fail to do their homework.

Out of the twelve that began attending the Italian night-school course run by Miss Shoreham, just five of us remained. We were all in our early twenties, Mike, Jim, Julia, Sharon and me, Angie. Our teacher was a stunningly pretty Italian lady, a couple of years older than us and married to an English guy. The five of us enjoyed the course and going to the pub afterwards but we were not very...Read On


Glen and Casey - Doing It The Hard Way

Sixteen year old Casey asks her big brother for something special. He gives her what she wanted.

This story continues on from my previous two stories, A Sleepover With Aunt Stephanie, and A Sleepover With Aunt Stephanie – Part 2. If you have not already read those stories, here is a brief rundown on the story so far, to put you in the picture. In A Sleepover With Aunt Stephanie, seventeen-year old Glen lost his virginity to his Aunt Stephanie, aged thirty-one. They then began...Read On


Adventures at an Artists' Colony Ch.3

Two writers fulfill their sexual fantasies at an artists' colony in the woods.

ADVENTURES AT AN ARTISTS’ COLONY Ch. 3 Sisyphus After a wild night with the farmer’s daughter fantasy, we cuddled then fell asleep. I got up early and, after a light kiss on the cheek, went back to my cabin to start my day of writing. I was intrigued when she said her fantasy would make me see what a devil she is, even though her name is Angel. That night, she knocked on my screen...Read On


All the Teachers PT4

Young lady wants to learn about sex with a friend of aunt

It had been one hell of a night. He walked out, of the bedroom, wearing a smile as he told himself how fun and enjoyable the night had been. Before he left he made sure he wrote her a note. He told her how terrific he thought the evening was. He also told her how gorgeous he thought she was and that he’d do what they’d done “a million times over” as he smiled. He wrote on the note that she was...Read On


The Green Eyed Stranger

Will a chance encounter make the office prude lose her attitude?

Sarah was the office prude. All the guys in the office agreed that she had a great figure. She just needed to dress like someone her age, rather than a librarian. Walking home from work one evening, the skies suddenly opened up in a torrential downpour and she was almost immediately drenched. “Dammit!” She yelled up at the clouds as she dashed to the nearest open door she saw and...Read On


Little Beach Ch 2

My name is Scotty and I decided to take my vThanks for making my stay in Hawaii, enchanted, Scotty

My name is Scotty and I decided to take my vacation this year in Maui, Hawaii. I am a nudist and my friends told me about a great nude beach here on the islands called Little Beach. He pulled his car into the parking lot, his skin trembled with lust. He got his stuff out, locked the vehicle and headed toward the entrance to the nude beach. After paying the attendant, he received a key...Read On


All She Wanted Was A Job

A young black woman stops to ask about the help wanted sign.

I was opening up a new retail store that was part of a statewide chain. The cabinetry and flooring were installed, as well as the painting, but I had to go in and wire the PCs and configure the network. There was a help wanted sign on the window that instructed people to leave a resume with the store next door. My plan was to get a bunch of resumes, scour through them, and then arrange a bunch...Read On


Sodom Eyes ( Part 2 ) -- Trucker Trade Off

Uncle Jake trades me to another trucker

That big, black cock hit my tonsils, as it sought the entrance to my gullet. My eyes grew big as saucers as I took six, seven, eight inches into my mouth and still was looking at least three more extending from my lips. The man paused, letting my throat get used to the girth, as tears welled up in my eyes. I grabbed his butt cheeks with both hands and pulled him closer ; I figured if I was...Read On


Me and Maria Part 1

Me and my best friend and my temptation..

I used to be so convinced that I was completely straight, "all beef and no sushi". This was my mindset when I was a teen. However, as most girls going through or who have gone through puberty can tell you, I sometimes had lesbian thoughts about my friends, especially my friend Maria. So a couple years ago, when I was 17, me and Maria (17 years old at the time, Latina, perfect ass, 36b...Read On


Late Shift Surprise

A Canine Officer comes across his ex Parked with another girl during a routine patrol.

Late shift surprise It started out as any other shift my partner and I were on patrol for our last shift before a 7 day stretch off.  Which we were both looking forward to, a little rest and relaxation. I guess I should tell you a bit about myself, I'm a 22yr old 6'2" Brown haired rookie cop who got lucky enough to be the youngest officer on the force to ever make it onto the forces...Read On


Sleepover Surprise

It was just a sleepover, but she had to dare me.

My name's Jennifer and I'm an eighteen year old virgin. My boobs are C cups and I'm physically fit. I have curly, blonde hair and brown eyes. My best friend is Katherine, who has virtually nothing for breasts. She seriously is as flat as a newly paved road. Anyway getting back to me, I've never had a loving boyfriend. That is, until Katherine called me. If it wasn't for that one call, I'd...Read On