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The Fantasy continued

is this real

The Fantasy Continued. What had I started? We fucked all week as she chatted about the imaginary guy we had met. I don’t know where she got the energy as she told me she had to work late 3 nights that week. She always seemed horny and turned on. I ran her a bath when she called to say she would be home soon. She loved to soak in the tub and it was not long till she slipped her...Read On


She looks so beautiful! Part 3

What would that hard, black cock look like, buried in my wife?

Chapter 2: "Sunday night, I put on some good Flamenco guitar that Bill had recommended to us, and was just finished wrapping the blindfold on my wife when I felt the air move slightly from Bill opening the door. I immediately went around the corner to tend the food. I wanted Bill to see my wife, naked, helpless in front of him, pussy open and inviting...  " Chapter 3 Sure enough, when...Read On


Laura’s Temper

Laura answers back rudely and pays the penalty by being spanked by several women

I knew my temper would get me in to trouble and as I left the room and ran up the stairs to Beccy’s bedroom I knew I was going to be given the most awful spanking. I knew I deserved it as I had been really silly and should have known better, did know better, and now I was going to pay. Boy, was Beccy going to make me pay. It was another group meeting, my third, and we had all prepared...Read On



A feverish dream blurs the line between memory and fantasy

The fever broke. A long night, sweating, having the heat of my body pour out, drenching me, soaking my pillows, my sheets. A long night, my body writhing in discomfort as the heat escapes and slowly the haze lifts. Awake. Drenched. Still unsteady as I stand and look in the mirror. A shower should help, but it doesn't. It only washes away the sweat. But the long night is still on my face, and...Read On


Hottie at work pt 3

One step closer to her naked body?

I was trying to hide the obvious cum stains on the front of my pants. God, I looked like a 12 year old. Arriving at work, sheepishly sliding into the office without being noticed, I saw an envelope lying on the desk. I dropped everything to get to it, forgetting about work AND the cum stains. The note was from Katie, and it instructed me to replace the note with $300 cash and then leave...Read On


Adventurous Sheryl

She wanted to lead, he was excited to follow

Adventurous Sheryl The day dawned in a splash of color and clouds. Warm sunlight glinting off the river bounced rays of color along glass canyons. It would be a hot day. The brisk walk down Wacker Drive already caused a trickle of sweat to run down his back as he hurried along. He was heading to his office and work, but his mind was far from there. It had been several months since he...Read On


High School: My Teacher Moves In Next Door

My sexy english teacher rents the next door apartment.

Hello everyone, my name is Brian. I'm a senior who lives in Holyoke, Colorado. I live in a decent apartment complex near the edge of town. My dad divorced my mom after she went through some destructive habits when I was just 3 years old. I've lived with him and my 2 younger sister in this small but cozy apartment for 14 years now. I've never really had any neighbors to brag about, just a...Read On


Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Two)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!

Chapter Two I woke up the next morning after finally getting some sleep. Looking over it was gone nine am. I laid there, too frightened to even get up and go down and look at her. Time flowed by, as I kept checking the clock. 9.15... 9.30... 9.45 am. I heard movement outside, and downstairs. I knew she was up, and she probably had a faint idea I was awake. It was just gone ten am when...Read On


My First Time

A social outcast finds love in an older man.

Last night on Lush, I met the most amazing guy and we hit it off from the very beginning. I have never been inspired to write a story about a guy before, but this guy is special to my heart. I have a secret hidden deep in me that I have never told anyone before except for my best friend and last night I spilled that secret to him. This story is dedicated to holychristmas, who has won his...Read On


Exposing Cindy- education our youth- Chapter 5

The law of unintended consequences - Stephen's reaction

Chapter 5 exposing Cindy- education our youth “The law of unintended consequences” As I entered our master bathroom, I raised my skirt hem, showing my husband that I was missing my panties; but what caught his attention was how red and swollen my vulva was. “Good lord girl! what happened to your cute little pussy? That looks absolutely raw.” “It is raw; I feel like I have been riding...Read On


Pretty Please With Daddy On Top

A pretty please gets you everything

Sophie placed a picture frame on the small table and stepped back to look at the room. She started her college classes soon and that had meant getting her own place. She had been busy for the last few days getting the place just right. Her daddy was coming to visit for the weekend to see that she was all settled in. He was coming alone; her mother would be here the following weekend. ...Read On


Trip to the Drug Store P9

Clyde visits Ann before his date with Jill

I was sitting at work on Friday morning and I called home to see if there were any messages. I heard, “This is Ann. You should remember me from Wednesday night. Anyway, I will be working at the Quick Health Center until noon. I know you are used to taking off work early to get shaved, and I thought I could take your shaving stuff to my house, and I could do a touch up shaving job on you. This...Read On


Catwoman prowling

Halloween party is more fun when hot strangers fuck

2 years back for Haloween I was dressed slutty as usual. My costume for that year was Cat Woman. A tight body suit held with a clasp behind my neck, a zip on my ass to keep it tight around my waist and criss-cross strands that exposed my back and abs. Boots, mask, whip, the works. The tight body suit complemented my tiny frame to show every one that I had no fat on me. My girlfriends and...Read On


How Cuckolding Saved My Marriage

Wife's curiosity peaks, hubby says do what your heart desires

My name is Francine and my husband is Mark. Both of us recently turned thirty. Shortly after Mark and I graduated from college we went to work in sales for different companies in Tampa, Florida. A mutual friend introduced us and we hit it off immediately, two years from our first date we married. Mark was different than most of the guys I met in college. He was kind, respectful and he...Read On


Blindfold Wife Fantasy

My husband's fantasy but my fun

We have a fantasy box each and my husband's last fantasy was for me to be blindfolded and have sex with an unknown guy. We usually arrange the fantasy for our other half but he was to arrange this and film it so I could watch it afterwards. This was something new for me and I felt rather nervous at first but the more I thought about it the more exciting I found the idea. Loads of...Read On


Sudden Urge

I get a surprising request from a good friend

"You know, I really think I need some cock right now." I nearly splurted out the hot chocolate I was sipping on. I'd never heard Catríona say anything like that before. She was always ever-so polite and somewhat of a goody-two-shoes. So when she said that, especially in context, it was incredibly hard to believe. I had know Catríona for years. We lived in the same small city in the...Read On


I move in with my lover

Despite our age differences I was getting quite comfortable dating Catherine, she was quite happy to drive me where ever I wanted to go anytime I chose. Picking me up from work each night, she would drive me home, or to her house on Wednesday and Friday nights, when I would spend the night with her. Wednesday evenings we would usually take in a movie, then back to her house where we both...Read On


Daddy's Princess Part 7 Changing Of the Guard

Second Stage of Erotica

Sorry for the delay of this chapter. I have received numerous requests to continue this saga. I hope you enjoy it as much as the previous ones. For those of you who have not read the other chapters a number of things that happen here are explained in the previous 6 during her training. Early Morning "As I lay here in the early morning, holding my angels body close to mine, my thoughts...Read On


Truck Sex

As I would touch myself my cold finger tips rubbing my clit sending all those good sensations, I remember the truck ride with my boyfriend. We go for coffee and drive around. As we drive around the sexual tension builds. Wetness creeps between my legs and an obvious bulge in his pants. We pull off into a secluded wooded area. Grabbing me and placing me on his lap. Our tongues dancing in...Read On


Hottie at Work Pt 2

How far would I go to get her in bed?

I was very anxious to see what Katie was up to next. A few days after she had me jerk off for her, I found out. Katie called me and told me to meet her for lunch. I arrived and found her in a corner booth in the back……….with a female friend. Interesting, I’m thinking. As I said hello, Katie introduced me to Jennifer and told me to sit next to her friend. Sliding into the seat next to...Read On



After the stroke of midnight you might just see a leprechaun.”

Deana and Mark have planned for a three week trip to Ireland for the past three years. It was the home of her ancestors. This year, their dreams would come true; they have booked the tour through Magical Escapes. On the fifth of March they’d fly to Dublin, see the sites, look up distant relatives, and immerse themselves in Irish culture. She could hardly contain her excitement as they...Read On


The Morning After The First Night You Were Cuckolded

You won’t have slept well that first night; in fact if you slept at all it would have been in fits and starts. You will lie there begging for the morning light to come peeping through your curtains and when you finally drag yourself out of bed you will feel so weak that it will be as though you have had a night of battering. You will lie there in the silence listening to the thoughts that...Read On


Young lovers: part 1

First chapter of the story. Not too long but the next chapters will be longer and better.

Chapter 1 A cold winters night in the middle of nowhere. The air obscured by heavy winds and sheets of snow. Amongst all this chaos sits a small cabin, lights shining out of the windows into the snowy darkness. Inside the cabin all is still. A fire gently crackles and keeps the cold at bay, the sound of the wind can be heard all around as it buffets the sides of the building....Read On


Ten Years Gone

The best night with the girl I love...

I've been to Paris several times before this, but only now do I understand why it deserves to be called the City of Lights. Maybe it's the warmth of the gentle summer breeze, maybe it's the lingering darkness of the deep red wine on our tongues, but more likely it's the beauty of the girl on my arm who makes the Parisian night shine. As she turns to face me, I can see the flashes of...Read On


Reawakening 2

The new lovers continue their relationship

Lying in bed that night with Andrea I wanted to make sure she was entirely happy with what had happened and that she wanted Lillian and me to continue with our new relationship. "Of course I do," she told me emphatically, "It took me a long time to persuade my mother that this was a good idea. She really enjoyed herself tonight you know. We had a little chat when we went upstairs to...Read On


How Do You Scratch A Seven Year Itch?

A match made in heaven... or... just an anal love story

"Do you want to wrestle?" a soft spoken voice whispered in my ear, while I sat absently swirling my drink with my straw. I felt a shiver run up my spine, recognizing that voice instantly, I spun my chair around and right into Shawn's chest. I did everything I could to stop myself from practically beaming at him. It had been seven years since I'd seen him last, and I could still remember...Read On


The Last Bus

A mother has her life erotically changed after a chance meeting on the last bus of the evening.

Shae rushed to the corner hoping to catch the last bus of the night. It was almost 1am and she knew if she missed the bus it would be several hours before the next one would be by. Just as she got there it was pulling up and she sighed with exhausted relief. Working at a bar to pay her way through school and raising 4 kids was over-whelming at times but Shae knew it would pay off soon and...Read On


Three in the Afternoon

I help a young girl discover her sexuality

This is a bit shorter than most of my stories, but everything I need to say is here. It was the fourth day of my holiday in Tenerife with my hot girlfriend, Laura. On this particular morning the owner Victoria was about and she took breakfast with us on the patio. Victoria had a dream figure. She was slim but with beautiful curves and her boobs were amazing and natural. “I’ll be...Read On


Surrender by Surprise

A self-contained introvert is encouraged to open up.

Veronica sighed softly, admiring the slumbering figure in her bed. He was much younger than she, with less experience as well, but that lent to the sweet eroticism between them. A dim overlay of light shone softly on his face. Feathery breaths escaped parted lips; dewy and rich, capable of broad, curlicue smirks. He wore a snowy shirt in bed, three buttons left unfastened at the hem. One of...Read On


Exposing Cindy - educating our youth - Chapter 4

Stephen's training begins

Exposing Cindy – Educating our youth Chapter 4: “Training begins” Stephen remained quiet on the drive back from the drug store, and as we entered the house through back door to the kitchen. I knew we needed to clear the air so I decided to 'tee up' the issue. “OK, let’s talk. What is wrong?” I asked motioning for him to join me at the kitchen table. He sat, placing the bag of condoms on...Read On