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Taking My Friend's Mom In The Kitchen

A story about how I first fucked my friend's older mother...

“Dude… I am SO PUMPED!!!” My friend Travis yelled over the phone as I watched TV. It was the middle of July here in Massachusetts, and we were 2 days away from the highlight of my summer, a heavy metal festival coming by. Travis and I have been friends for about 2 and a half years at this point, myself coming into the town high school from a public school and becoming friends with him due...Read On


A Morning To Remember

Let me first preface this story by saying that my wife and I have a wonderful sex life. She is every man’s dream partner. She has an incredible body for a woman of forty who will watch porn at a drop of a hat. She allows me to look at women on the internet and will occasionally join me in one of my many masturbating events, by either stroking my dick or lie next to me and masturbate to what I...Read On


Open Air Sex With Daddy, Mummy and Brother

Annie's first experience of incest involves her whole family

Every year since I can remember, our family used to take a camping holiday in the English Lake District. Some old university friends of mummy had a farm by Ennerdale Water, and they used to let us pitch our tents on a field down by the lake. It was great – we had the place to ourselves, and we could get basic provisions like fresh milk and eggs from the farm – it was like something out of...Read On


My Cleaning Girl

A sexy teasing young woman comes to clean his house and they drive each other crazy with lust

My Cleaning Girl Sisyphus When I saw the notice on the market bulletin board, “College Girl Cleans Houses-- Responsible, Thorough and Fast,” I impulsively wrote down the number. It’s surprising how an idea hits you. I live alone in a small cabin in the woods, but I’m always so busy on my writing projects and gardening that I don’t keep up with cleaning as well as I should. So when I saw...Read On


Melba and Wanda - The End

MELBA AND WANDA - THE END Someone once said that all things must start and all things must end or words to that affect. Thus it was with Melba, Wanda, and me. Since the time Melba married Frank I had limited contact with her because Frank was usually around. I understood her situation and waited on her to contact me to arrange our next "get together". Having not heard from Melba...Read On


Birthday For Janet - Part Three

mother joins her father and her daughter

Janet and I were enjoying the afterglow of our first coupling. My cock was still fully engorged, it was deep in her no longer virgin pussy. She was still purring like a kitten. "Happy Birthday, Janet, now you are a woman, and I love you so. That was such a good fuck. Thank you for giving me your virginity for my birthday present. I am going to really enjoy teaching you all the ways there are...Read On



Aubrey greets his boyfriend home from work in a new way. Slight BDSM ahead.

Aubrey swallowed the lump in his throat as his wrists grew sore from his restraints-being handcuffed to the headboard of the bed, naturally he grew stiff. Speaking of stiff... he peered down, under the frilly black miniskirt of his maid outfit was a visible bump, straining against the panties that constricted it, said lingerie was clinging to his soft pale skin. He bit a plump bottom lip...Read On


Annie and the School-teachers Part 2

A sequel to Annie and the School-teachers - in which things go a lot further

“So do you really think they’ll be back again this week?” asked Mick, as he clambered over a dusty pile of carpet that lay in the middle of the store-room floor. “If Mr Nettleship discovers that I didn’t have a dental appointment this afternoon, I’ll be in detention for a week.” “Don’t worry” I said. “The way they were at each other last week, they’ll be here, I’m sure of it”. But secretly...Read On


My son and I: the ninth chapter

I proposed to my own son. Why, you may ask? Simple: I loved him, and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Although, the only other people that knew about us, were Scott and Alicia, who also were an incestuous couple. It didn't change the fact, that a wedding would mean something to both of us. Two months before, we had no idea that Scott and Alicia were together. Then we're engaged...Read On


It Was Yoda

Nothing more to say, he's my best friend..

151 proof and a best friend just don't mix. First of all, we have been flirting like crazy for over a year. He knows that I want him. On Valentine's Day 2011, he stayed overnight while my friends went to a hotel (his parents). Oh, he's 21 and I am 33. That night, we laid in bed together, watching television, and talked about everything. He showed me that night just how much erotic fun...Read On


Honey Moon

Cassie and Mark just got married and are on their last day of their honeymoon. A week long in a hotel together and they had only left the room to eat. They fucked the whole time. Cassie was not quiet at all as she liked to moan and scream especially when she came. Today was different from the others because they needed ice for their champagne. Cassie, the good wife she was, saw her husband...Read On


Masturbation in the Park

Budding transsexual takes her first step into the world of exhibitionism

The car had barely been put into park,and the exhilaration had already started. I had already driven around the park's nature reserve twice, no cops anywhere. Unfortunately, there wouldn't be any other visitors to “accidentally” walk on me either. Of course, that was part of the plan. Living in a rather straight laced part of Dallas, I wasn't ready to do this during the day where it was easy...Read On


Daddy turns Jessica into a Woman

Make me a woman then, I challenged as I pulled down his pants.

I didn't care anymore, I wanted him to hear me now. I wanted my Daddy to come inside and see what I was doing, I wanted him to look at me as a woman not a little girl. I was tired of trying to be silent so he wouldn't hear me, I simply didn't care anymore. I licked my fingers and slipped them into my pussy, positioning myself on the bed that if he came in the first thing he would see would be...Read On


Sex Diaries: After School

high school tease gets the tables turned on her

Eighteen year old Sonia Kay admired herself in the mirror. She stood in front of the looking glass naked, her blonde hair still very damp and her skin slightly moist from her morning shower. Sonia placed her hands over her D-cup breasts and squeezed. She then ran her hands down her stomach, her fingers lightly touched her neatly trimmed pussy. She turned around and admired her tight teen ass. ...Read On


My son and I: the fourthteen chapter

Now it's time

After a big dinner like that, the two pregnant women needed to just sit down and relax. So we did, and of course chatted it up some more in the process. “Who the hell knew that we'd fall in love with our sons so hard?” Alicia wondered. “I guess a gypsy, if you believe in that stuff. That's all I can figure,” I replied. We made sure to feel each others stomachs. It was nice feeling,...Read On


Train Ride

Charlie wakes up with a start - if he isn't quick he's going to miss his train ....

Train Ride Charlie woke up with a start and looked at his watch. Fuck. Fifteen minutes to get the train. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Jumping out of bed too quickly he bends double as the searing pain runs through his brain. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Hangover. Never again. He throws on the clothes that he’d had the foresight to leave ready before he went out last night and grabs the bag that was all ready...Read On


All by mistake

A chance encounter

It all began by mistake. I had spent the morning at home, relaxing in one of my favourite outfits. I was starting to think that work beckoned, and had begun the transition back to drab. I took off my wig and make up, but decided to keep my panties, tights and bra on, as my clothes would hide what I was wearing. My attention was caught by a news item, and I sat watching the television for...Read On


The apres ski virgin

My good samaritan act is well rewarded

Shortly after my 16 th birthday my father took me on a ski holiday to Austria. To keep me company my 20 year-old cousin, Victoria, came along. We stayed in a chalet along with around twenty other people. Amongst them was a family with a son just a little younger than me (but over 16 years of age). Although of similar age to me, Giles was slightly built and seemed a little shy. One day...Read On


Motel Fun

Divorced, horny soccer mom.

All of my stories will be a mixture of both fiction and fact. Names, locations and descriptions of certain things, such as cars, will be fictitious. The descriptions of all of the events, both personal and sexual, will be factual as they happened. Hi, if you've read my profile, then you know who I am and what I do, so I won't bore you with the details. The photos are really me, so no...Read On


California Dreaming

I held her head and watched as she administered the best blow job of my life.

This is a continuation of California Dreaming so I suggest you read it first. Our bodies were like two limp noodles as we lay entwined and breathing hard. Both of us momentarily spent. I gently kissed her and picked her up and carried her to the large couch in her living room.  I found a large throw and covered us both up and as we lay spooning, we both dozed into bliss. I awoke to the...Read On


Her Wake Up Surprise

This is my first story so I thought I'd make it a true story...

Myself & F (My GF, I'll describe her in a second) had along day of running around and decided on an afternoon nap. We both like to sleep naked so we helped each other disrobe. I started, first with her pants; I unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled them past her hips and then her legs. I followed kissing down and back up her legs as I went; next was her shirt, I pulled it over...Read On


First Time Was By A Homeless Guy In The Woods

cutting wood for gramps and ended up getting fucked

My first time was just after I turned 16, I was born a boy, but always had a girly type build, that caused me to get lots of razzing at school. Just after I turned 16 my grampa wasn't feeling good, and needed some fire wood, the neighbor had a logging crew on his place a year ago, and told me I could cut all the wood I wanted over there. It was good seasoned oak wood, so Saturday afternoon...Read On



From the gentle touch of your hands as your fingers caress my ears with palms clasping my chin. You tilt my head up as you bring your lips to the nape of my neck and kiss a line around and up to my chin, where you slowly press your wet lips firmly against mine. I feel your fingers run into my hair grasping as slowly your warm flesh slides into my mouth. I my part my lips and let your tongue...Read On


Slick and Slide

Sex, manipulation and loads of cum to keep this whore nice and slick

Slick and Slide ©2011 C.J. McNally. All Rights Reserved. This publication is protected by copyright. Any attempt to steal it WILL result in prosecution. Plagiarism is a crime. ‘No! I can’t – I won’t!’ Darren begged. The burly body builder squirmed beneath his tightly clad leather bound mistress. ‘Yes, you will.’ Her voice was cold and distant as she straddled his chest. She teased him...Read On


A Late night follower

a walk home to remember

Friday night, and after a long week of files and paperwork at the office I was finally glad to be leaving my dull workplace. I worked in an over crowed office in central London. I liked to stand out from the crowd so I often wore the shortest possible skirts and the lowest tops that my boss would allow. Today was no different. I wore a tight black skirt, that I'm sure if I bent down would...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 23

Brody watches his musician

"They're good, Langer," Bax shouted over the crowd. "Really good." Brody nodded and watched his musician up on stage. She looked fantastic and the band sounded great. He wondered once more if she knew how happy she looked when she was performing. The first song ended and Lara thanked the crowd before they moved on to the next one. Ryan moved over to the keyboards, keeping her guitar on...Read On


Claudia Incarnata...Part IV

The mystery of Claudia's beautiful new house on the shores of the Mediterranean deepens

  Hast thou heard the butterflies What they say betwixt their wings? Or in stillest evenings With what voice the violet woos To his heart the silver dews? - Tennyson, Adeline.   Claudia awoke and saw that the sun was already well above the horizon. The view from her bedroom window was of a cloudless azure sky and a sea more tranquil than any she had yet seen. It was...Read On


Showing off

How I exposed myself accidentally on purpose...

I am a male, age 48 and would like to share an experience I had when I was a young man still living at home. My parents had left for the weekend to visit my grandparents out of town and I was left alone for the entire weekend. I was always fantasizing about various sexual scenarios and one of the most powerful for me was exhibitionism. I was young, healthy and athletic and it was the...Read On


Good Little Kitty

Something different..

 “I trust you’re going to be a good kitty whilst I’m at work!” he says as he slams shut the door to my cage and secures it with a heavy duty padlock. “Meowwww” I mock and add a wink for which I earn a scornful look, and then my master is gone, and as the front door closes, the scent of his aftershave lingers in the air to torment me. “How am I supposed to be anything but good!” I state...Read On


Lust and Love: Ch. 2

Two stranges meet in a bar late at night in the middle of nowhere and satisfy their lust

Lust and Love Sisyphus Chapter Two The next morning I woke up feeling the warmth of Megan sleeping next to me, remembering the wild and lusty hours we enjoyed. Was meeting this smart, sexy, beautiful woman in an empty bar in the middle of nowhere a fantasy come true? Two strangers seducing and fucking each other's brains out in a seedy motel was something out of a dream, but here I...Read On