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The Favor

Covering for a friend at her job gets me more work than I expected

The Favor  by Miss Anonna JoAnn called me early one Friday and asked if I could do her a favor. Her boss was having a game party at his home office and all I had to do was dress business like but hot and sit at the secretary chair looking good and answering the phone. I had met her boss and he was a doll so being that I would see his house along with getting paid $500.00 I told her to count...Read On


Train Ride Part 2

After the little sex group, Scott sneaks for more fun...

After the group's sexual activity, there was a common feeling of satisfaction and pleasure as everyone in the compartment lay on the floor or collapsed into a seat, panting for breath. Jackie and Richard, who obviously also just finished making love, observed the rest. Jackie was giving Amanda that 'I told you so' look again. Amanda had to agree, Jackie couldn't have been more right about...Read On


Confessions, Part 2

A girl decides to see how far to push the new priest.

This is the part 2 of a story I am working on with WorkAlone. We will be alternating parts. I really hope you all enjoy this story. WorkAlone will be writing from the priest's point of view, and I will be writing from the girl's point of view. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing it!! I walked into Mass thinking about the night before with my boyfriend. I had worn my favorite...Read On


Daddy's Surprise

Babygirl give to Daddy

I pick her up about an hour before you get home from work. Making sure she is ready, hair, make-up and dressed for you. I paint her nails the color you like, deep red wine. Then, dressing her in a pair of 6” heels, bra and white cotton panties. She lays on the bed and waits. I return to the living room, watching out the window, waiting to see you pull in the driveway. I send you a text,...Read On



Deliberate seduction of ex step father

Surprise! I had not seen her since my divorce 4 years earlier, but she was still my step daughter, although now 23, and educated, and still very beautiful. Her mother’s mother had passed away and I was enlisted to help my ex-wife dispose of the contents of the home. Having come up from Florida , I had spent the day with the ex, doing an inventory of the contents and what course of...Read On


Extinction Has Its... Perks?

Set after nuclear apocalypse, Angie discovers why she's always hated falling.

Extinction has it's … Perks? Part one She was fleeing from a group of lizard mutants. She was hopping across rooftops in a city, fast. She's lean, she looks hungry. Her piercing blue eyes spot the roof tops, mark her steps through her loose lanky brown hair. Wearing a pair of blue jean shorts that have seen better days, a tank top, ancient converse sneakers, she darts expertly. With...Read On


Three bears

Do you give away more than you know when choosing a gift?

Amanda loved Christmas. The piped music in the shopping centre reminded her - it was the most wonderful time of the year. She never needed an excuse to shop and she enjoyed buying things for others even more than buying for herself. It was great to be out of the house too and being productive. Since her two girls had started school and with her husband often working away, she had found...Read On


The Birthday Gift

Written for a special friend - Happy Birthday x

The text on his mobile was clear enough:- Meet me, 10am, Friday 19th November, Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Room 472 xx OMG was she serious! Adam's mind had gone into overdrive:- Could he make that day? Would he go? Should he go? If he did, would she like him? Would he like her? What would he wear ? DAMN NO! His moral conscience was so strong too. He couldn’t possibly go, he shouldn’t go,...Read On


Learning How NOT to Cut Corners

krystenah learns that when she cuts corners, she will be disciplined

My Master, J, and I had been working with each other for a few weeks. He had been working to tame me. I had been working to serve Him. As we were both very busy with work and family obligations, our time together was very precious and Master kept me very busy during the week. For the first several weeks, I had been very diligent writing my reports every day, keeping up with my exercise...Read On


An Unambiguous thought

It’s our fantasy, but neither one wants to admit it.

It’s our fantasy, but neither one wants to admit it. It’s an unambiguous thought, those engaging words that I whisper into your ear while I’m fucking you, satisfying your aural fixation by phrases like ‘you wish he was here with his big cock’ and ‘suck it, suck his cock ’ and ‘how does he feel.’ Just making reference of those thoughts spurs your arousal. Similar to sticking my fingers in...Read On


Playtime For Babygirl

Babygirl gets a suprise from Daddy

I lay in bed completely naked. Slowly rubbing baby oil all over my body, paying special attention to my tits and my pussy. I begin to pull and tease my nipples, my other hand finds my swollen, tender clit, I feel myself slowly pinching and rubbing my clit. As the fever builds, I stop and tie my tits as tight as I can get them. They change to a deep purple. Next, I clip clothes pins on each...Read On



Inspirition returns with a storm

The night was a stormy one, as dark as the bottom of a deep well. The only break in the black sky outside my window was the flashes of lightning that lit up the entire area. The wind was a steady drone and the crash of the thunder sounds like explosions just outside...... "Damn, that really sucks." As I stand up from the computer and walk around the room. "Why the hell do I have such...Read On

Editor's Pick

Kathy’s Dilemma

A woman faces up to her aging sexuality and enjoys one last fling

Mrs. Kathleen Mary Thomson (Kathy to all who knew her), a trim 39 years young, mother of two girls and a manager at a financial services firm, leaned against the door jamb of the office tea room holding her thermos mug in her right hand whilst using the other to tuck her long, lustrous, flaming red hair back behind her left ear. She could not help but smile at the furtive...Read On


New Lengths for Obedience

krystenah is disciplined in front of her Master's friend and learns what it means to be a good pet.

i had lost the privilege of wearing clothes for the weekend. I wasn't that worried about it. I didn't think we had any plans and it seemed like a pretty easy punishment to endure. You called me out into the garage and I hesitated at the doorway because I knew I could potentially be spotted if someone were to drive up. You called again, which meant automatic additional punishment and I rushed...Read On


The Peeping Tom - Day Five

Day Five Of My Leave And Yet More Voyeurism

As I work away in the garden my thoughts keeping returning to the morning. What a show Trevor and Elaine had put on for me, fucking in the window like that, knowing the entire time I was watching and wanking over them. At the same time though I wondered of the repercussions, would they tell the other neighbours of my dirty secret. Would they tell my wife? How would I face them next time I...Read On


Jeanette's Song

Jeanette and I may have met on line and enjoyed each other, but reality was even better.

It had been a year or more since that fated day when I was purchased as a pet. Me? A pet? I had to laugh at the thought, yet was intrigued to know what that involved. Though I had been a participant in a few activities on that nameless site I had not often visited it so didn't know what that meant. For the most part I still don't, but will soon find out. I clicked on the tab to see who...Read On

A Christmas Gift From the Guys

A special gift from her new friends for Christmas

Christmas day was finally here, I'm at my families Christmas celebration and all I can think about is getting home to find out what 'special gift' Bob has planned for the evening. We did what we always do, open presents first, it seems like everyone got twice as much as the years before. This day is going to take forever to get over! Mom forget to turn the oven back up after the pie got done,...Read On



This is my first story so please comment to help me improve or tell me what is good.

Claire and Mike had been friends ever since their bus rides in the 6th grade. She was a grade below him in school, but he always felt that she was closer to him than anyone his own age. She had blond hair blue eyes and a smile that could make Satan happy. Mike had always had a slight crush on Claire in school, but never said anything because he felt awkward about the age difference. On the...Read On


Watching My Wife Masturbate Right In Front Of Me

I made my wife masturbate in front of me while checking out a college mens soccer team

My wife and I had recently been on a real exercise kick. We had been doing a lot of walking lately at a small college near where we live. They had just in the past year put in a brand new updated track around their athletic field. It was a beautiful but very warm day as my wife and I had gotten off work a little early so we could walk. When we arrived there were a few other people doing the...Read On


The World of Sexcraft 2

Cara heads back to the Inn. She is tired and knows she has a long journey ahead of her. The kings words echo in her head. She will be leaving the Kingdoms soon heading into some very dangerous places, but first a good night’s sleep is in order she thinks as she walks back into the Inn. As she enters the Inn she sees Sean talking with the Innkeeper and she cant believe her eyes it is Tika....Read On


Looking for Holmes

A young man shows me a house I am interested in.

Looking for Holmes By Miss Anonna I was looking into buying a new house and had a few in mind so I called a realtor and asked him to show me a few. He sounded young on the phone and I had asked him how much experience he had. He told me he had just received his license and I would be his first sale if he made one to me. He had asked me if I wanted a more experienced realtor that his...Read On


Swim Coach (chapter 8)

Amy and Matt consumate their relationship.

I got up, grabbed my new letterman’s jacket from the arm chair in the living room and crossed over to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom I took a moment to straighten my hair and then to reapply my lipstick which had mostly been kissed off on Matt’s lips. I felt so wonderful, feminine and graceful; I felt wanted. I looked into the mirror and unzipped the skirt, letting it fall to the floor...Read On


The Farmer's Daughter (Part 2)

What happened only hours earlier made me realise the power I had

Being Part 2, it would probably be useful for those of you who haven’t read Part 1 to do so before embarking on this second chapter. It will fill in a few blanks and help you to understand the way the second chapter is written. I arrived home and it was mid-afternoon. Knowing my parents were still out ploughing it didn’t bother me that I probably looked flustered and dishevelled even...Read On


A Friends Treat 2

A divorced mans treat gets better

Tracey had small pert breasts and although she was not tall, slim shapely legs. She had a neatly trimmed bush. (I now had proof she was a real blonde). Tracey walked to me and kissed me slowly. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth and I responded passionately. My cock was again becoming hard and my hands began to explore her lovely body. As we kissed I felt hands undo my trousers...Read On


Pure Innocence

Well, maybe not...

It was an unseasonably warm Saturday and I decided to go out for a walk and clear my head. Instead of my normal guy garb, I decided to go out dressed as Aimee. But I was looking for a different look—totally cute and innocent which was not like me at all. I put on a little blue cotton dress, a pair of sandals, and donned a blond wig. The wig was long enough that I could put pigtails on...Read On


The Price of Desire

Amy will do anything to have Dan, even if it's not what she wants.

The Price of Desire Chapter 1 "Oh how I want him!" I would often think to myself when I saw Dan. Everything about him was perfect. From the cut of his suit to his gorgeous hair, from his laugh to his choice of coffee. We had been working together at the bank for six weeks, since my transfer from the city. When I first saw him my heart skipped a beat, he was the personification of what I...Read On


Ellis the Warrior Girl - Chapter Three

Time for Ellis to meet her new boss...

I should’ve figured out that I was going to have to prove myself to whoever this overlord was. This didn’t hit me, of course, until I went to the lobby of the Inn one dark, dreary evening and noticed that there was a certain…feeling in the air. I couldn’t describe it, but the entire place seemed warmer. Which was good, since it was a very cold place. It hit me when I noticed Stein...Read On


Wicked Way

Some dreams can cum true, if you dream well enough....

Please leave feedback so I can improve my stories. WICKED WAY Marcia lay sleeping in her bed on a hot summer night. It was so hot that she had stripped down to just her panties. She rolled over to lie on her stomach. Her large breasts pressed up against her chest and she shifted them automatically. As she lay sleeping, she never noticed the dark figure that...Read On


Swim Coach (chapter 6-7)

Amy and Matt get very close.

So the next few weeks went by quickly. I swam very well at the next three meets, winning most of my races and consistently swimming at times that were the best in the state. It was all a bit strange - I’d never been the focus of attention in anything I’d done but now, at least as far as the swim team went, I was the queen bee. Youngsters on the team would ask me for advice and help. The...Read On


All I Want for Christmas Is Liu

My Christmas wish comes true!

I looked out the window on this cold Christmas Eve night. The unmistakable stillness in the air announced the impending arrival of the holiday. It was around 8pm our holiday party was in full swing. Mom was dressed in her holiday best awhile dad tended the bar. Sounds of laughter, clinking classes and Christmas music filled the room. The red and green lights blinked joyfully as the...Read On