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Nurse Practitioner Makes House Calls - The Finale

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional

So there we were, the three of us, myself and two ladies who had the bodies of Greek goddesses, all naked, on my bed. My Nurse Practitioner, Sherry, and her trainee, Marilyn, had come to my home, on a house call, to give a treatment to me, but at the moment, they, lying on my left side, were fervently kissing, caressing, and fondling each other while occasionally moaning with delight. I...Read On


The Hayloft

This is a first person perspective story about making love in a barn after invigorating horse ride.

Let’s see, it is a nice sunny day, like today, maybe a little warmer. I take you up to my relative’s farmette to go out horseback riding. I am wearing jeans and my boots, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt, not buttoned or tucked in, and my hat. You are wearing the same, except no hat. I take you into the barn to grab the saddle, saddle blankets and reins and introduce you to the horses. I show...Read On


How to please your girlfriend

When she gives me the puppy dog eyes, I can't resist....

(Some of this story may be slightly fabricated, but don't worry about what is and what isn't, just enjoy the story.) It was back in February when me and my girlfriend plus a few friends decided to go to a con. We hung out together and thought it would be fun. A friend bought my ticket and the closer it got to the con, the more we were excited. Not only did we get more excited, the closer...Read On


Not Myself Tonight

I'm not usually the type of girl that goes out to bars or clubs a lot. Last Friday was an exception to that rule. I had a bad week last week. I got fired from my job, I was fighting with my best friend, and to top it all off, right after storming out of the job I was fired from, I broke my favorite pair of heels on the way to my car in the parking lot. Not a good week at all. On Friday, after...Read On


The greatest night of my life Part 1

a night of partying leads to more than just a kiss.....

Late one afternoon, I began reflecting on my recent history with guys. Things have not worked out the way I had hoped so I think I’m just going to swear off guys for a while. I often wondered about being with a girl and the thought keep resurfacing. Tori, my best friend, especially came to mind and all of this was about to change. Almost drifting off in my own dream, when my phone rang with...Read On


Amy's First Time

It was early January and Amy had just turned twenty-one. She was a dainty little brunette with big blue eyes. She was beautiful and perfect in every way except one. She was still a virgin. Since she was young, she had always promised herself she would not have sex until marriage but she could no longer control the urge, the desire to be penetrated. One night, she decided this would be...Read On


The Italian Sugar Daddy

Could he be the one?

I had been on the hunt for the perfect sugar daddy since my birthday back in January. I've dated a couple of men but no one I found intriguing enough to want to keep going with. I wanted what I had at one time, a daddy who was everything to me. A lover, a best friend, someone confident in me and himself. But with the changing of times and of course ageing twelve years, I was having a hard...Read On


To Be Rich .... Part 2

“So did you call him,” Carli asked as she answered the phone, not even gracing me with a hello of any sort. “Yes,” I answered, trying to hide any emotion in my voice that might lead her to believe that something had happened between the two of us. “And,” he coaxed at me, trying to get more detail than I was ready to really give her at this moment. I knew she was my best friend and I...Read On


For the Weekend pt3 - A Final Fuck

John gives Kenny a great last day.

Kenny is the first to wake the following morning. She turns on the TV while she waits for John and Lacy to wake up. As she flips though the channels, the bedroom door opens and John walks out, closing the door behind him. "Good morning," he says to her as he passes on his way to the kitchen, "You ready for a good day?" He says with a wink and a smile as Lacy exits the bedroom to join...Read On


The Surrogate Mother Pt 1

Peter and Jan got more than they bargained for when they used a surrogate mum

They met at a motel just off the A14 north of Cambridge. Peter and Jan had opted for natural insemination. It was no problem for Jan. She knew her husband would have to insert his penis into the body of another woman but she knew her man. To him it would be no more significant than planting seeds in his neighbour's garden. She also knew he was doing it for her. It was she who yearned, at 56,...Read On


A Night in the life of a Call Girl

Find out about Belle's naughty life..

Belle was as usual in a luxury hotel suite paid for a client and sipping the champagne. This is the life she thought to herself. Simple sex, no confusion. Just two people looking for pleasure. The client that was meeting her, was a regular. Regular as clockwork, every second Wednesday for two years. Ben was a executive businessman and worked all around the world. He didn't have time for...Read On


T/Th Class will never be the same

Getting caught masturbating during class while chatting on Lush

“I saw what you were doing.” The words came from behind me as I walked out of my last class of the day. I turned and said, “excuse me?” He said, “I saw you…just now, in class. Your hand down the front of your sweats. It feel good?” So first—a little background. My name is Jesse and I’m a sophomore at UGA in a little town called Athens, Ga. During school, I work as a personal trainer at a...Read On


College Happenings

A daughter and her daddy do some unusual stuff together via a video email

She’d had a horrific experience in her very first year at college. Away from home for her very first time, Kathi had experienced a most frightening occurrence she will scarcely overlook. But once he found out he was there. Her daddy jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes and her daddy was there to comfort her and “take” her into his arms. “Oh honey…ohhh baby…are you alright?” he asked...Read On


Caring Doctor

Gay GP showed me the way to man-on-man fun.

That morning I woke up to a weird sensation. My penis felt bigger, but it didn’t turn out like the dream-come-true many guys hope for; on the contrary, I sensed that my limp dick was unable to extend and get hard. Pushing the covers aside, I pulled down my pyjamas to take a look and saw that my cock definitely had an unusual shape: the foreskin had swollen, covering the head with an awful...Read On


Nurse Practitioner Makes House Calls - Part 3

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional

My Nurse Practitioner Sherry had been treating me for several hours. To put things bluntly, we had been fucking like wild beasts in heat and both of us were gratified, satisfied, and nearly exhausted. Almost swimming in a mixture or her sweet glory hole juice, my cum, and our sweat, we lay cuddled up intertwined with one another attempting to breathe but still softly and tenderly fondling...Read On


Mountain Top

First person perspective of making love on top of mountain with a scenic view

You and I are at a mountain lake, its fall, the leaves are changing color, and the air is cool and crisp but not too cold. The leaves are brilliant colors of yellow, orange and red… The lake is calm and like a mirror reflecting all the colors. We decide to hike to the top of a mountain at the lake shore to get bird’s eye view of the surrounding area and the beauty of the season. The hike is...Read On


I Want To Ride A Cowboy

I love being a cowgirl, riding a cowboy... another fucking fantasy

I Want To Ride A Cowboy My car is broken down in a lonely spot out on a country road. I am wearing my black fishnet stockings with suspenders, up to my crotch, with my cherry red mini micro skirt riding my smooth tight arse, and my lacy see-through black top with no bra; my favorite knee high lace up boots completing my slutty look. I am wondering what do when I glance over into...Read On


Never Say Never

If you don't explore, you will never discover

"I've never seen a girl with pink contacts in her eyes!" exclaimed Janet, as I described to her the kind of girls I saw today in class. It was my first day at the local community college, and I saw a girl wearing these bright pink contacts in her eyes. We were talking about how girls can dress weird sometimes so I mentioned that to her. "Do you think it's cute when girls where tight...Read On


The Sunday Coin Toss

Clint loses the coin toss and must help entertain Jane's shemale client.

The Sunday Coin Toss The Toss As I watched, the coin seemed to flip in slow motion as it looped lazily through the air. It was Jane's turn to call it, and this time the said “tails” just as the quarter reached the apex of its flight. As the coin began the drop into my hand, before it even landed, I sensed I had lost the toss. A sense of excitement sent a rush of adrenaline into...Read On


Getting lucky in the casino

What happened in Vegas finally makes it Online

About a year ago my wife and I were in Vegas. She loves the place for the glitter and shows. I love gambling. So I was surprised when she came up beside me at the craps table and whispered, "What a beautiful black man at the other end of the table." That was not an unusual thing for her to say, but I glanced her way and could see a little lust in her eyes. She's in her thirties, yoga shaped,...Read On


Fantasy sex

Dream Lover

She wets her lips with her tongue at the thought of taking his huge hard cock into her mouth.  Her pussy is pulsating with pleasure thinking about the pounding that she is going to get by his hard cock. In her mind she is already on her knees in front of him, looking at him, telling him with her face that she is going to give him the best oral sex of his life. When he arrives at her home,...Read On


Gang Bang Whores

Nurse turns out to be a dirty little whore!

Gang Bang Whores This is the third part of my story. In 'Virginity Lost' I told the true story of how I had my virginity taken aged 16 by one of my school teachers. In 'Sisters' I told how the same teacher had a threesome with me along with her younger sister. This experience really set me on a course sexually for the rest of my life. I now jump almost 8 years to when I was a newly...Read On


The accident at the Hot Springs (Part III)

A surprise, unpleasant at first glance, spices up the affair...

The next days were filled with calls, scheduling, getting used to my new life, and preparing everything for my new part-time job as a phone support assistant for an internet provider. I had to make some money to afford my studies in physics I was about to begin six weeks later. Luckily in my country the university fees were not very high, and I had already made a significant amount of cash...Read On


Gary, Dave and Jenny Part 2

Gary arrives home and joins Dave and Jenny.

Jenny woke me the next morning as she got out of bed and headed to the loo. I lay on my back staring at the ceiling wondering if my head would fall off if I got up. I heard the front door open and wondered where the hell she was going then heard Gary shout hello. He was greeted by Jenny’s excited squeals and I risked life and limb by getting up to go and say hello. I walked out of my room...Read On


Convention Girl

A convention in Dallas has a fun ending

About a year after graduating college, I went to Dallas for a convention. It was pretty boring, but it was also intense because there was a test at the end so I couldn't go out during the week as I had to study. Finally, Friday arrived and we had our test after lunch. Expecting Dallas to be a fun place, I purposely decided to stay over Friday night and fly home Saturday. I had gotten to...Read On


To Be Rich ... Part 1

My parents had been divorced all of my life, so it was not something that I was hung up on, but there were parts of it that I did not like. The worst part of them being divorced was that they lived on different sides of the country. My mother lived in Florida, to be close to my grandmother and my father lived in California, because that is where his job was located. What this means is ......Read On


‘Snowy’ White and The Seven DWALFS

A chance encounter seven women in the woods is a dream come true for 'Snowy'.

Once upon a time, there was a wicked wife who believed that she was the most beautiful woman on earth. Every penny her husband earned she spent on Botox, Max Factor, and kinky underwear from Ann Summer’s. All her spare time was spent bonking her fitness instructor, her tennis coach, and the husband from number 10. Her own husband, the long suffering ‘Snowy’ White, growing tired of...Read On


First time friends become first time lovers

Something we both grew to love

Let me first start off by telling you about the 2 main characters (I have changed their names for privacy issues) Tom is your average 21 year old male, 5'11, brown eyes, dark brown hair and a bulky build who lives alone and works for a local factory. Debbie is 18 short at 5'4 long brown hair that goes to her midback, and 34c breasts shown off by revealing tight clothing, her ass is...Read On


The MILF - Episode 3

Three weeks after their initial sexual encounter, Tina and her son Mark had become pretty comfortable with their new erotic relationship. After their second tryst together, a steamy, dreamy encounter that was a new experience for both of them, they fucked every day over the next week. During the next two weeks, they were fucking every two or three days. They each lived their own lives, and...Read On


The Thrill of almost getting Caught 3

He takes me to the grocery store for some popsicles.

It’s a bit disorienting being waked up with your anus stretched paper thin, but I immediately knew who was invading my back door, just from his unique male scent. Ben’s rock hard cock tugged on my sensitive pink tissues; pulling them out of my secret hole before shoving them back inside. I must have been still loose from our earlier session, because he was able to glide in and out with ease....Read On