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Remembering Tracey Part Seven

story continues

This is chapter 7 of a series. It is based on a true couple, but 90% of the stories, except for the first-time flashbacks, are fantasy. I loved it when I was awakened in the morning to the feeling of Tracey sliding into bed with me. It was the morning after her web cam performance and I was sleeping late. It was around 11 a.m. when she quietly lifted the comforter and slid into bed with...Read On


The Virgin

Dave takes Virgin to fraternity dance, night takes strange turn.

There are three types of girls I don't trust: girls who are horny yet don't have sex, girls who believe in pinky swears, and girls who say Snoop Dogg's "Ain't No Fun" is "their song." If a guy suggested that a single line in that song were true about them or ought to happen that night, that guy would be "such a dick." Sadly, in college these were the only girls I was able to attract,...Read On


A Special Last Request Pt.4

A mark for Master and a birthday gift from His slaves

This is the final installment of this series, sorry it is so long...... enjoy...... And don't forget to let me know what you think. ******************************************************************************************** A Special Last Request Pt. 4 By: Ropetease c.2010 Keira had been a little bit of a brat that day, knowing that Master would punish her for it. She purposely...Read On


Sweet Reunion

Some Reunions are better than others...

The invite says 8 pm sharp. Thanks to the slowest taxi in the world I am twenty minutes late already. The driver and his overbearing opinions are beginning to grate on me as we finally arrive outside the Cedar Rooms. He is angling for a tip, but he doesn’t get one as I pay him and angrily slam the door behind me as I exit. If there is one thing I hate it is lateness. I’ve always been the...Read On

Recommended Read

The Sex Rehab Diaries: Kylie's Confession

Kylie’s slutty behaviour at her fiancé’s bachelor party lands her in Sex Rehab...

“I’m Kylie, and I’m a sex addict.” I tried not to cry. It would have made things exponentially more embarrassing than just standing in front of the room telling a group of strangers that I was basically a sexual deviant. I bit down on my lower lip instead, producing just enough sharp discomfort to keep the girly tears back. I couldn’t believe I had really committed to this. Of course, I...Read On


Sucking Cock in Saudi

I am working for an oil company in Saudi Arabia and end up sucking many Arab cocks and eating cum.

I am a petroleum engineer working for a major oil company headquartered in the Houston area, and at the time of this story I was 40 years old and preparing for a one year consulting assignment at one of our affiliates near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My wife Joan and our two children weren’t happy that I would be away from home for that long, but they also understood that this was a great...Read On


Sexcapades with Sarah 1

Like any true story I will write, this one has the names changed... Sarah was a girl I had met just a week before. She had beautiful blonde hair and eyes that I could get lost in. As strange as it seems, we met at a Boy Scout camp where we both worked. And having to live nine weeks in the woods without very much contact with women takes a toll on a man, but luckily Sarah was happy to help....Read On


Better Than Any Dream

A dream turns into reality

Gentle fingers trap my ankles and pull gently, separating my legs and leaving me wide open. You kneel between my thighs. Licking your lips, anxious to devour the woman before you. You’re bending over me, stretching my arms above my head. ”Stay,” you whisper as you emphasized the soft command by pressing my hands into the mattress. I shiver and my tummy flips as you describe in detail all...Read On


Fuck It, I Need to Come!

This is a true erotic story that occurred this past Saturday.

I woke up early and with a hard on, just like I do every morning. I had a long to-do list to complete before my wife was to wake up. I checked my emails, sent one to my lovely girl back east - telling her how much she excites me - and continued writing. I was working on the sequel to my latest story. I started writing a brand new story last week but my girl, the one woman whose advice...Read On



I turned 18 two days after finishing high school, and decided to take a year off before heading to university. I had some money, but worked through the summer until early November so I'd have some extra, then bought a ticket to Bangkok. I'd heard lots of good things about south-east Asia, and Bangkok, aside from being an interesting place in its own right, is the main gateway. Well, I...Read On


A Special Last Request Pt.3

Keria gets a new role and Amber gets a reward

A Special Last Request Pt.3 By Ropetease c 2010 Keira and Amber have been with me for eight months now, and I have never been happier. Keira has settled in to her new surroundings at work and was made a supervisor of her department. Except for a few terrible nightmares, she seems happy. Amber is doing well at her job as the secretary of my friend Chuck. I wake up every morning...Read On


Spanked at the Dance

Getting caught in a lie can hurt more than your pride

I spent all morning trying to call him and I wouldn’t give up until I spoke with him. Relentlessly, I hit the “redial” button on my cell phone until I finally reached him. After 3 full hours of futile attempts, my efforts finally rewarded when I heard the phone ring. “Homicide,” the man answered. “Liu, please reconsider and go to the dance with me,” I begged. “What part of ‘no’ do you...Read On


Fun in a Hot Tub

Two lovers and a whole lot of bubbles!

Emma was a skinny 19 year old with short dark hair. She had a very beautiful face, with bright blue eyes and gently tanned skin. She had average sized breasts but they were beautifully shaped and firm. Rob and her had been dating for a while now. He was tall and similarly skinny but with a hint of muscle tone. It was mid December and it had begun to snow outside, the temperature had dropped...Read On


Up in the air

How I loved taking a flight of fancy with a matuer, intelligent woman.

We joined the mile high club aboard a small DeHavailland Dash-8 turboprop commuter aircraft. No, we did NOT use the tiny loo. On a commuter flight the loo has more in common with the inside of an MRI scanner than it does any kind of a rest room. Lucile and I met in an airport gate awaiting a 2-1/2 hour night flight to Minneapolis. We exchanged first names only. Lucile appeared to be in her...Read On


Dominique - Nicole

Someone shows up at the art club house.

At this moment I was having one ofthose weird outer body experiences. My mind was trying to process what I was seeing in front of me but wires weren't connected. Maybe I should explain. I had left school and was headed for the art club house. The art club is a geek club where a few friends of mine gather in this old house and we talk about movies, books, comics, and the existence...Read On


Birthday Gift

My Birthday gift I will never forget

Coming from a very small town, I was a little shy in my new home. Columbus Ohio isn't a huge city, but it was a lot bigger than I was used to. It was also a large college town. And of course the biggest plus, two hours away from the old home town. I have been living here and going to school since June. I have had different jobs to help pay the bills. Recently I started playing music with a...Read On


My Daughter's Teacher-Chapter 6

CHAPTER 6 My relationship with Amy was now pushing almost three months, by far the longest relationship of any kind I have had since my wife had passed away. Our sex life was off the chart, now that we had role played as father/daughter, it seemed like nothing was out of bounds. We still kept our relationship quiet, for my daughter Beth’s sake and for Amy’s career as a teacher. We both had...Read On


Remembering Tracey Part Six

story continues

The semester continued. I lived above my former girlfriend in our apartment complex. She still had her boyfriend and I continued to date occasionally. At least once or twice a week, we would get together for some no holds-barred, wild, hold on tight for the ride, mind altering sex. Every now and then, we would take the time to make slow, romantic love with each other. I loved both versions,...Read On


More than Ian bargined for

When Ian gets his wife to flash his mate, he didn't expect the outcome.

Ian and Susanna are friends, and occasionally I pop around and help them do some work on their garden. In return they would spark up the barbeque and provide the beers. Ian is a white guy in his mid-fifties, bit overweight, but with a full head of hair. Susanna is quite a bit younger, in her late thirties, lovely black hair, and an Asian look to her face and skin colour. This particular...Read On


The Candy Stroker Part 7: Trading

The Candy Stroker and her friend have different first multiple partner initiations.

Trading For the next few weeks. Adam and I got together for dates at least once a weekend and always included sex. During the week, we also had sex once or twice. Mel and Jake had more trouble with finding times and places, but they still managed. Like me, Mel was getting into wearing sexy lingerie. Mel and I had sex together at least once a week. Adam knew about it and really wanted to...Read On


Ms Priss and the pick up

Shy, faithful and modest, I am seduced into a one night stand with a hot stranger.

I never go out to bars. My friends asked me to meet them at the local watering hole and I said yes. I had been lonely and bored. I sat at the bar and ordered a Tom Collins while I waited. I was dressed conservatively in the skirt and modest cardigan I had worn to work. I crossed my legs and swung my high heeled pump nervously. I barely noticed a man sit down next to me. I drew shapes with...Read On


My Love Jenna

Here's something I wrote to a lover

Letter to Jenna I got home from work very late last night, and used my key to quietly open the door to your apartment in L.A. When I entered the room, my heart lightened as I was greeted by the fresh, clean scent of your perfume. I pulled off my shoes and left them by the door so as not to disturb you. I smiled when I heard the familiar clicking of the keyboard, and I knew that you were...Read On


College Loving

I never knew college would end up like this!

I never knew college would end up like this! This is my first erotic story and I hope it is good. I really enjoyed making it and hope to make more. Please leave loads of comments and tips for my next story. Thanks for reading.  So I was 17 when I left home for college, I lived far away from home and although I had loads of new friends at the college, there was one girl that made my life...Read On


18 Year Old Ashley Gets More Than She Bargain For

Tim and his wife Ann had decided to go out on another date night together. They had been on several date nights lately since they had found Ashley to watch the kids for them. Ashley was a bright 18 year old who was the head cheerleader at her high school. She was an extremely gorgeous looking girl who had a very petite body. She stood 5’2 and about 110 pounds. Her tits were very firm and...Read On


The Sex God

Dave's sleazy tactic works, torturing ensues.

A couple years back, my struggling buddy Napolean began getting all into pick-up literature. His methods with women weren’t rendering any results, so he hit , and he hit it hard. Every new conversation we had brought news of a new book he’d just read and how he was already applying his new methods “in the field.” I’d read a couple books on the topic, but since I was doing fine for myself...Read On


Best Friends Part 2

End of Part 1 We fell asleep together, her laying her head on my chest, her hair falling randomly on my body. I had my left hand wrapped around her, gently holding one of her breasts in my hand. I never slept so peacefully, or woke up more refreshed. She kissed me. “Baby, we just made love, but now I want you to fuck me. I want you to make me feel amazing, I want to be totally yours,...Read On

Editor's Pick

More Than Words

Sarah was nervously fidgeting in her seat, her warm brown eyes constantly shifting back and forth between Mr. Wilson and the empty notebook on her desk. Sarah was a lovely combination of pretty and adorable. Her petite frame stood at 5’3 when on her tippy-toes. Her lovely pale-skinned face was adorned with freckles. And her long hair was a beautiful yet unusual shade of auburn. “Your...Read On


Get Naked With Me

Cold Case Leads to Hot Sex

Last week’s triple homicide shocked my normally quiet town. Things like that just don’t happen here. To make matters worse, the police had few leads to go on. Understandably, the neighborhood was on edge. My usually overprotective parents became unbearable and I wasn’t allowed to go out alone. If they were at work, I was to stay home. My already anemic social life was now on live-support....Read On


Road Trip

A great way to pass the time on the road

The drive to Kansas City is about 3 1/2 hours with not a lot in between. She knew it was important to keep me alert, so she liked to tease me so I wouldn't drift off. We'd been on the road for about an hour when she said she wanted to take a nap. Well, that was not what I wanted to hear so the negotiations began. "Oh, c'mon, you don't want me to fall asleep, do you?" I asked, giving her my...Read On


The African Holiday

What starts as an errand turns out to be very enjoyable

My wife and I regularly go to the Gambia in west Africa for a bit of winter sun. We always stay in the same 4* hotel, and normally the same block over looking the pool area. Over the years we have got to know several of the other regular guests, most of whom are mature women, nicely curved and big breasted. All be it, often saggy, but hell, I still think they look delicious. Anyway on...Read On