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Play Date

Three friends get together for fun but it turns into something else.

I had just pulled up to one of my best friend’s house, when I seen her talking to this guy who had just moved across the street from her. “Hey Lacy, who's the stud?" I asked her while making it to the top of her steps. "Oh he just wanted to stop by and say hi and get to know us neighbor Yeah right, anyway have you talked to Justin today? I tried calling his mom house but I got no...Read On


Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 6: Missy and Mistress Keri

Missy has her first BDSM experience. Plz rate and comment

Up until now, I have enjoyed my time as Missy. My mom had kept me busy with clients and we pulled in a lot of extra income and I was able to experience a lot of different fantasies, However I had not had the chance to try anything involving BDSM, or not yet at least. One day I came home from mowing the lawn for an elderly woman when I walked in the door to find my mother smiling deviously at...Read On


Today she turned 18, finally a woman Part 1

True story... or not? You decide. Part 1 of 2

Sophie had been with Dave for only 5 months but she was so in love with him. She'd never felt this way about anyone, the he held her, caressed her and kissed her lips so sweetly. They knew it was love, so did everyone else. When she brought him home only 2 months ago her parents loved him too. He brought out the good side of her, and the naughty side. He was the only one who she could...Read On


The Stranger: Ch. 3

A writer of erotic stories invites a stranger to her place to read him her stories

We were still lying on the floor, my head on his shoulder. The cabin was dark except for the candles and they were getting low. It was getting chilly. Through the window, I could see a full moon rising just above the trees. Finally, I turned my head towards Tristan. “I don’t know about you but I am famished. I’m a great soup maker and made a pot of mushroom barely soup yesterday--want some?”...Read On


The Fundraiser Part II

Part II While my two brains were contemplating the prospect of annual bliss filled encounters with Julie, she broke the reverie and said, “What time is it?” “About 4:00” I replied after looking at my cell phone to check the time. “Why”? “Shit, shit, shit” she swore distractedly. “I have to go”. And with that, she pulled on the bikini bottoms she had hidden in her towel, strapped...Read On


A lustful PA

The start of things to cum

Having been a young man in an office of predominately female employees, it’s fair to see office affairs were ten a penny. A lot of the encounters were pretty casual, and most easily forgettable. … Work was going well, which lead me to a promotion working on a project where I’d be spending Monday to Friday in different places. This particular story is based around one woman, a PA to the...Read On


Diary of A Naughty Nurse

A first person play by play of a very pleasant doctor's appointment.

I am working as a nurse in a small doctor's office. You are my next patient, and I am looking forward to seeing you again. I have been waiting for you to come for another appointment because the last time you were in I got more than just a little hot thinking about the nasty things that I wanted to do to you. I go into the waiting room and call you in. You look hotter than ever. You follow...Read On


Ecstasy and the Black Man

Long before marriage, his slut takes them both on.

Twelve years ago, long before my wife, Laura, and I married, and when we were both still in college, we were little more than fuck buddies. Sure I would buy her drinks and we would flirt, but there was no way any thoughts of "long term" had crossed either of our minds. The sex from the beginning had been great and a couple weeks later, it had gotten even better. I remember one night we got...Read On


How It Started Pt. 5

No Way To Top This

The next day, after her letting him see her tits and suck them, I'd get hard just thinking about it all. How it had all started, with me catching him peeking down my wife’s pajama top that first time. Then he had seen, felt and sucked her tits. Not to mention the fact that not only had he seen her pussy, he had even managed to get a finger or two in it. I was curious how my wife felt about...Read On


Fun In The Hay 4

I recommend you read the first 3 parts to this story or it won't make much sense. Thank you. Josh went over to Pawpaw and stood in front of me, in front of Pawpaw, keeping him from moving. "It wasn't her fault, I made her do it. Don't punish her" Josh pleaded to him, holding onto Pawpaw's shoulders, shaking him slightly. Pawpaw smirked at Josh, "Boy, you know was well as I do you...Read On


Band Groupie Wife

First story! Tell us what you like-Karole fulfills her fantasy and her holes!

For years, my wife and I have been huge live music fans. We've made many friends along the way, some just aquaintances, some very close. Most of the musicians are guys, obviously, and tend to be around our age. We have laughed at the crazy stories we've heard about life on the road, some with sexual twists involving the many girls they have throwing themselves at them. As time goes by it...Read On


Batting clean-up

On-call pussy licker gets a mouthful

**My first attempt at writing a story, thoughts/comments are very welcome and appreciated** You just just had sex. It could be your husband, boyfriend, one night doesn't matter. He fucks you and cums in you but you don't get off. He pulls out, and has to go somewhere and do something, so he puts his clothes on and leaves you, his hot thick cum starts to come oozing out of your...Read On


Cherry's Treat

Cherry wakes up to a surprise

Cherry's Treat Cherry came home from work and flopped on the couch. She was tired, hungry, and horny. It had been months since she had a good fuck since her boyfriend was out of town and self-pleasuring was starting to get old. All she wanted was a hot bath and some wine. So when the knock came on the door; she grimaced as she got up to answer it. Opening the door she saw no one. Getting...Read On


Palministry and the Titan Totem

"Under my thumb, Well I can still look at somebody else" - The Rolling Stones - In the beginning there was a cardinal-red satin sky. Plenty of it. Large streams of the stuff pouring over the darkness and the four Fingers and one stump who nestled within its clouded slump. Then there was the patchouli and ylang-ylang oil. Plenty of that, too, in a small amber chamber held between two soft...Read On


A Midnight Encounter

a late night massage turns into much more...

(This is my first attempt writing a story. This is a true story. I’m much more comfortable living out these experiences than writing them but I’ve been inspired by Lush Stories! Please give me feedback…I’d love to hear it!) My phone binged announcing that I had a new text message. It was Jake, a sexy ex-Army guy I met a few weeks ago online. We initially connected when he responded to a...Read On


Taking Control

Wife busted me doing some of my favorite things and then took control with some role reversal

* this is a story of how my wife busted me doing some of my favorite things and then took control of the situation with some role reversal to satisfy both her and my hidden desires - enjoy! * It was one of those rare days when I was working from home and my wife had plans to be out running around with a couple of girlfriends for most of the day. Work had been dragging me down and I was...Read On


Dessert the morning after your dinner party

A morning to remember

I wake up to find myself on your couch. I remember the dinner party you threw last night. I remember enjoying the party and the company, perhaps a little too much wine, but enjoyed that too. I look around and you are not up yet. I use the bathroom, then clean up a little and head towards your bedroom to see if you are awake. I quietly open your door and peak in. You lie in bed, I can tell...Read On


Trip to the Drug Store P8

Monthly gathering for the Quick Health Center

I was sitting at work on Monday when I called home to see if there were any messages. I heard, “This is Cindy from the Quick Health Center and I would like you to call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX. We have a monthly gathering of the nurses where we like to discuss patients, new ideas and products. It takes place on Wednesday evening at a different location than where you see me. I can make it...Read On


Chelsie's Dilemma - Part 1

A night of frustration leads to more frustration...

May 5 th , 2011 The end of the semester is fast approaching and I couldn’t be any more excited. Not only will I be done with class, but summer time will be upon us and that means I’ll get to work on my glorious tan, lounge around doing nothing…and…that fucking thing called work… It’s not entirely bad though. It’s a steady job I’ve held for the past two years and I’ve been fortunate...Read On


Our First Storm

Two married people find heat and passion in their affair in a van in a thunderstorm

We’ve never met before. Tonight is our first night. Online chats and emails don’t count and neither does the half hour on the phone, hearing one another for the first time and planning tonight’s rendezvous. All I know is that you are tall and blonde, a few years older than me, that you are married with kids and that you love sex. All you know about me is that I am married, younger...Read On


Stepping in From the Rain

Water dripped from your hair and your mascara had smudged down your cheek. We embraced...

This is a work of my imagination... We met online. Maybe a few months ago. I knew our relationship clicked from when I first saw that picture of you, you looked so shy and timid, it was a real turn on. Your figure was so feminine, with curves in all the right places. In your picture you wore all the buttons on your shirt done up, but I knew inside that you wouldn't be afraid to rip it off. ...Read On


Masturbation Marathon II

The continuation and culmination of my first ejaculation of my evening.

Part II   When I'd caught my breath, and could move without ending it all, I held the watermelon firmly and began to slowly push myself deeper into the hole the broom handle had made for me. It was so warm! And tight, but really slick; I kept on pushing, easing in -- just as my furry mound pressed against its entrance, I felt the head of my dick barely touch the bottom of the hole ......Read On


The Stranger :Chapter. 2

A writer of erotic stories invites a stranger to her place to read him.her stories

When I woke up, it was getting dark out. The last remnants of sunlight were coming through the skylight. Tristan was still asleep. I glanced over at him, studying his face as he slept, noticing the way his nose curved, his lips, his long grayish hair and beard. Having a man in my bed was so strange after all these years. A few hours ago he was a stranger. Now, what was he? What would he...Read On


Jessica's Excitement in Paradise

Whilst on holiday with her parents Jessica finds excitement with strange traveller she wont forget.

Jessica’s Excitement in Paradise It had been 2 weeks since Jessica and her parents had checked into the luxury hotel isolated on an island in the South Pacific. Initially it had been exiting seeing the glassy blue water, lush green rainforest and white gold sands and exploring the hotel. But as it stood now she was bored. They were amongst only a few guests staying at the hotel with it being...Read On


My First Sub, Part Two!

My sweet sub and I take our relationship to the next level...

It is Halloween, and we are all set for some partying, Kamiko's dressing as a cat, and ah, she'll have a proper collar and I'll hold the leash as we've decided to let the rest of our friends know what's going on. Except, I've got to tell Julie first, so I beg off lunch with Kamiko to have a private chat with Julie. "Julie, we've known each other for almost three years, right?" "Around...Read On


Two's Company, Three's A Party

An female attorney arrives at a man's door with news of a will... and more...

Two’s Company, Three’s a Party I was lying naked in bed on a Friday morning, just beginning to awaken from a rather difficult night, when I thought I heard a muted sound coming from the kitchen. I decided to ignore the occurrence, thinking it was merely the product of an overactive imagination, when at that moment, she burst into my bedroom with a huge grin on her face. "Hiya Danny! I...Read On


My First Time And the Rodeo: Conclusion

The return trip and a third passenger in the cab

“My name is Michael,” I responded as I struggled while getting myself back together. I instinctively extended my hand. He grasped it but his grip was hardly what you would expect from a cowboy. “Joe,” he said now going laconic on me, after being so expressive sexually a mere minute ago. He was obviously uncomfortable now that we both had nutted. His senses were returning and he was...Read On


Outdoor antics - Flowers and fucks

It was a gorgeous day, Lucy was sat in her work when she got a text from Jake. “Can I steal you for a countryside walk?” She didn’t have to think twice, they were a young couple and these summer days together were so precious. She grabbed her bag, made an excuse and was greeted by him outside, engine running. The couple wound down the windows in the car and blared out songs the whole...Read On


The Fundraiser Part 1

Good Deeds Get Rewarded

The Fundraiser Part One Note: This story does have sex…it just comes near the end. No one under 18 involved. Every January for the past 15 years I have blocked out the fourth weekend of July to participate in a two hundred mile bike ride to raise money for medical research. Starting at one end of the state and ending at the other, thousands of spandex clad men and women of...Read On


His Former Teacher

Former teacher, a nun, fucks the former student finally

Single finally, she had decided to leave the convent once and for all. She felt liberated. She felt alive. She felt whole. She wanted to experience what all single ladies experience, sexually of course, when they have a chance. And that happened to be men and more men after that. Yes, she smiled all the time when she thought about Tommy, or Thomas, as she liked calling him, but Katrina had...Read On