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A Tale Of Forbidden Love

Another hot mom and son story

A Tale Of Forbidden Love My name is Shannon, and I work for an affluent college just outside of Chicago. I recently turned 30 years old, and have been single for the majority of my life. Admittedly, it's been an easy way to go for me and my finances since my parents were well off ever since I can remember. In fact, their large, charitable donations to the college landed me the job five...Read On


She Knows What She Wants

My co-worker's sore neck leads to a massage and some smiles

I couldn’t stop thinking about Anna. Don’t ask me why. All signs pointed to disaster, at least for me. First of all, I didn’t even think she’d give me a second look. I’m almost twenty years older than her, maybe two inches shorter than her, a belly, receding hairline, I’m married with kids…the list went on. And of course, we worked together in the same office. I was considered her...Read On


Divorcing My Vibe

One of her son's friends encourages her to give her vibrator its walking papers

Anna walked in the door, shutting it with force just short of what could be considered a slam. She absently tossed her purse on the coffee table, and headed straight for the shower. She felt as if she had a cloud of stale cigarette smoke hovering around her auburn hair from the bar, and she reeked of beer because some drunk had spilled it all over her while delivering the worst pick-up...Read On


Nice guys do not finish last

A good guy gets the slut who lets him fuck every hole

I like to write short quick story to the point. Hard or wet factor is the only thing I am aiming for. This is not a PhD dissertation. I have fucked many guys on first date. I know that is the standard for having no morals or self esteem or a classic definition of a slut. But I am completely secure in my sexual desire and for me fucking a guy is a conquest for me. I have no shame fucking a...Read On



His fantasy was delivered but not the way he had it planned...

Fantasy I know that when it comes to sex, I have an active imagination. I fantasize about many things. Many of these are elaborate fantasizes that involve my spouse, Trish. I have one that involves the following episode. Trish and I go to a city that we do not know anyone and reserve a hotel room for the weekend. We go out early, have a dinner and drinks and return to our room early. We...Read On


The second date

Mary put the phone down to him. He said that he would be coming round in an hour, and he had asked her to dress up for him. He had specifically asked her to put on her short black pencil skirt and white see through blouse. No bra to be worn. The excitement hit her deep in the groin, and she felt the beginnings of the fire that was lit between her legs. She wanted to rub herself,...Read On


Mistress and Boi - Anniversary Night

Boi gets to turn the tables on his Beloved Mistress for the night.....

Note This is not my normal style, but a dear reader wanted something sweet and romantic just this once. Mistress and Boi - Anniversary Night. I fidgeted in great anticipation, waiting for my Mistress to get ready. Tonight we would celebrate ten wonderful years together, and I was so excited. Tonight I was to take the lead, and I would woo my Mistress as a lover would. To any eye that...Read On


Michelle's Morning Surprise

The doorbell interrupts Michelle's shower

Michelle squeezed the shower gel into her hand and started to cleanse her smooth skin. She lifted her leg and caressed from ankle to thigh, then over her flat tummy and up to the small swell of her breasts. She gave them a little squeeze and flicked innocently over her nipples with her fingers. Her mind was filled with images of Jason, a guy she’d met at a customer’s office earlier in the...Read On


The Peasant Mother's Sacrifice

A mother solves her daughter's fear about losing her virginity to the lord instead of to her groom

In medieval times in Europe the law in some fiefdoms was that the lord had the privilege to fuck the bride first on her wedding night unless the bridegroom could offer a certain monetary payment. The Latin term for the policy was jus primae nocti or "first night rights." In this way the lord maintained his dominance over his manor, increased his coffers, as well as experiencing the...Read On


a show at the show

a beauty gives the band a show

We were winding down our set when I spied her, looking long and lean, a stone foxy machine. The air was permeated with a haze of sweet reefer smoke wafting above the crowd as our instrumental rumbled to a climax, our lead singer hollering ''thank you!!'' to the throng and yelling out the count to our last tune, a hot little blues number about a cat caught playing in the wrong kittens bed. As...Read On


The Sister - Part 2

A warm tongue moved across my slit. For some reason I dreamed it was my roommate between my legs. I am not at all attracted to my roommate, but something made my mind turn to her. In my dream, she looked up at me from between my legs and smiled. Her face was wet, her lips sticky with my excitement. I closed my legs around her head, and she went back down on me. When fingers pushed inside me,...Read On


Taking Care of Business - Chapter 2

Marcy begins her job by servicing the customer and the boss.

Marcy took a look at Mr. Lewis, feeling an intense attraction to him. There was definitely sexual tension between them. She no longer cared about the interview or the job. It was all about the sex at this point. She looked at Mr. Lewis and said, “I am one of the perks of this company. You are a good customer, which provides you the use of my body at your discretion.” “Gibson! Why have...Read On


Kitty Girl's Day Out

Part I: Full Fur Jacket I wore my kitty ears last night. It felt good. My Mistress, the lovely and amazing Mistress Laura, had asked me to wear them the next time I was online, so, of course, I did. The events of last night? Well, perhaps I won’t share the details, and I certainly won’t admit to peeing in a bowl before going to bed and drinking every last drop, still hungry for...Read On


Ashley teaches Kirsten a lesson

Teach me a real good lesson I said loosening my towel.

All I wanted to do was watch some porn, some good old girl on girl action but of course my internet would be down on the day I was so horny. I could order it on TV but if it came on the bill there would be a long discussion with my parents about sex, puberty and all that good stuff. I mean I was 17, I had heard the sex talk over a hundred times I knew all the basic stuff like use condoms,...Read On


Rob and Jane Part 3 Public Relations

If they kept going he wouldn't be able to help himself and he would have to bend Jane over the ba

After Rob and Jane's wild weekend antics it was back to normal on Monday morning and back to the nine to five slog. That didn't stop them exchanging raunchy texts and emails throughout the week. Jane loved the thrill of sitting at her desk, pretending to concentrate on a file, while reading all the naughty things Rob was promising to do to her. Their excitement and libidos had been building...Read On


My First Boyfriend Part Four

I suck off a bunch of guys at a party and take two home to have a foursome

The drive home from the party was quiet because I had sucked off ten guys at the party and my mouth was sore and we were pretty drunk too. Two of his friends were following us home I assumed to have sex and party. I lay on the seat with my head in Steve's lap and rested while we listened to the radio. I asked Steve how were going to keep those two from finding out I wasn’t a real girl and...Read On


Wish of Jeanie

Jeanie encounters two young studs at the laundromat and grants some wishes - especially hers

Jeanie waved goodbye to her two boys as her parents pulled away. She knew that she was going to miss them while they were gone for the weekend, but also knew that she needed the break. Unfortunately, that break wouldn’t really start until she finished catching up on the housework. There were too many things that she’d put off, and she knew that she simply couldn’t relax until each and...Read On


Sexy Sportscaster

Sportscaster I met on a plane.

  (This story is true, but I must hide certain facts like names) Hello, I'm writing from Indianapolis, which from this point on, I'll refer to as Indy. I am a 41 year old marketing executive for a large corporation that deals in sports apparel. We have a contract with the NFL, so I travel to numerous games during the year.  This past weekend, I was in Honolulu for the NFL Pro Bowl. On...Read On


Beauty and the Vampire part 1

the maiden who is pure and striking in beauty shall capture the heart of a King

Lord Dimitrious was nearing his next birthday and he as dreading it as he had now for almost 2,000 years. What upset him the most, was out of these parties and Masquerade Balls, he had not yet found his mate. All of the females that had passed through the corridors and hallways of his father's old world castle had been nothing more than common prosititutes. Alexander wanted something more...Read On


The Perfect One - Chapter 3

AJ and Lana reconcile their friendship. Please read chapters 1 and 2 first! Thanks!

Lana's eyes flew open. It was Saturday morning, 8:40 am. Lana had fallen into a restless sleep the previous night; dreams and images of AJ and Anna were taunting her, leaving her in a cold sweat. It was time to confront AJ. But Lana felt so confused. What were AJ's feelings toward her? He never mentioned anything about a girlfriend, and she wasn't sure if he was hitting on her that night. He...Read On


Running With Desire

His secret obsession for her plays out in a public restroom ...

Walking around the park, as she had done so many times before, Emma is suddenly fearful of something looming in the darkness. She stops at a nearby bench and stretches out one long leg, then the other. Glancing around, she notices that all the lights are as bright as ever, except the one over by the men's bathroom. She takes a deep breath, filling her lungs with the cool night air. Relaxed...Read On


Chrissy first blowjob

I was eighteen years and three months, a senior in high school. It was a week or two before graduation and it was a guy in my class. We lived in a pretty rural community at the time. He and I drove way into the woods in his little truck. We took a turn onto a dirt road that clearly hadn't had a vehicle driving on it in long time. He turned off the engine and we necked for a quite some...Read On


A night to remember

What a terrible night, the snow wasn’t letting up and it became difficult to see out of the windscreen. “There’s a signpost,” she pointed. I strained my eyes to look; it was partially obscured by the snow. “Windy Ridge Hotel, 2 miles.” I said. “That’s it,” she shouted. It was difficult to keep the car on the road, but we crawled toward that place in the distance. She wrapped...Read On


Help from my sister 5

When you really love your sister how far will you prove your love

I think had to think about this for a few seconds. Did I love her that much? Could we be led to having a baby together? "This that something your really interested in," I asked. "Honestly yes. I'm really glad Bill never got me pregnant. Then I would really be stuck with him. And I know is I love you, and I would be very interested in having my first born with my brother. They will come out...Read On


A Craving for Cock

Dave was definitely cock hungry. Some old friends eventually help him out.

A Craving for Cock  I have been fortunate in life to have had such varied experiences, sexual ones as well as normal ones. Yes I have sucked a cock before. It happened when my girlfriend at the time and I started to swing. One night, and as it happened, a New Year’s evening, we ended up in the company of another couple who were also swingers. We ended up toasting in the New Year...Read On


The Evening - Part II

the boys are back, let the fun begin

The two men walked into the room and stopped short when they saw her. She looked up, smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "Well, guys, now what?" she said. Her husband stepped back slightly, put his hand on the shoulder of the guest to invite him to step forward. "Well, if you were wondering where this evening was going, I guess this is a pretty good clue." The guest stepped forward, and...Read On

Recommended Read

One Thing Leads to Another: Rumble Pussy

Young Christine christens a motorcycle in front of a pack of outlaw bikers.

"Get the big boner ready because I've got a shit-load of water and some bull-rider," Christine said into her cell phone, explaining to Maria that she wished for her to clean their large bong because she possesses really good marijuana and a lot of time to kill. Maria looked up from her text book and asked, "You coming by now? Like, right-now-right-now?" "Yeah." "But, I'm studying." ...Read On


Weekend Cumming

a young man's weekend of Family sex

Weekend Cumming, Part I   Coming into the house I heard my mother on the phone, "Sure, come on up to night and you all can spend the weekend." I stopped in my tracks, to see if I could figure out who she was talking to. "No, of course not, they wont mind if they do, I'll beat them." With that she laughed. "Well ok, we'll see you all then in about four hours, love you too." "Who...Read On


Miss Karen's Basement

Part 2 of The Miss Karen Trilogy

Miss Karen and I had met at a big gay bar near Washington Navy Yard and we had had a sweet experience in my car. She was telling me a story about her encounter that evening in the ladies room and I got so excited I pulled my cock out and began stroking it. What else are you going to do when your erection is tenting the gym shorts you’re wearing? She could’ve seen it whenever she looked down so...Read On


Exposing Cindy - butterfly vibrator - chapter two

Jim invites Bob home with us......

Coming soon) Chapter two – back at home   I had a bit more to drink at the club and had partially recovered from my very public orgasm on the dance floor when Jim shocked me by inviting Bob to come back to the house with us for another round of drinks in the our new spa. Jim teed up the conversation with, “Bob, since I am driving, I have to limit my alcohol intake here. Would you like...Read On