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Rob and Jane Part 3 Public Relations

If they kept going he wouldn't be able to help himself and he would have to bend Jane over the ba

After Rob and Jane's wild weekend antics it was back to normal on Monday morning and back to the nine to five slog. That didn't stop them exchanging raunchy texts and emails throughout the week. Jane loved the thrill of sitting at her desk, pretending to concentrate on a file, while reading all the naughty things Rob was promising to do to her. Their excitement and libidos had been building...Read On


My First Boyfriend Part Four

I suck off a bunch of guys at a party and take two home to have a foursome

The drive home from the party was quiet because I had sucked off ten guys at the party and my mouth was sore and we were pretty drunk too. Two of his friends were following us home I assumed to have sex and party. I lay on the seat with my head in Steve's lap and rested while we listened to the radio. I asked Steve how were going to keep those two from finding out I wasn’t a real girl and...Read On


Wish of Jeanie

Jeanie encounters two young studs at the laundromat and grants some wishes - especially hers

Jeanie waved goodbye to her two boys as her parents pulled away. She knew that she was going to miss them while they were gone for the weekend, but also knew that she needed the break. Unfortunately, that break wouldn’t really start until she finished catching up on the housework. There were too many things that she’d put off, and she knew that she simply couldn’t relax until each and...Read On


Sexy Sportscaster

Sportscaster I met on a plane.

  (This story is true, but I must hide certain facts like names) Hello, I'm writing from Indianapolis, which from this point on, I'll refer to as Indy. I am a 41 year old marketing executive for a large corporation that deals in sports apparel. We have a contract with the NFL, so I travel to numerous games during the year.  This past weekend, I was in Honolulu for the NFL Pro Bowl. On...Read On


Beauty and the Vampire part 1

the maiden who is pure and striking in beauty shall capture the heart of a King

Lord Dimitrious was nearing his next birthday and he as dreading it as he had now for almost 2,000 years. What upset him the most, was out of these parties and Masquerade Balls, he had not yet found his mate. All of the females that had passed through the corridors and hallways of his father's old world castle had been nothing more than common prosititutes. Alexander wanted something more...Read On


The Perfect One - Chapter 3

AJ and Lana reconcile their friendship. Please read chapters 1 and 2 first! Thanks!

Lana's eyes flew open. It was Saturday morning, 8:40 am. Lana had fallen into a restless sleep the previous night; dreams and images of AJ and Anna were taunting her, leaving her in a cold sweat. It was time to confront AJ. But Lana felt so confused. What were AJ's feelings toward her? He never mentioned anything about a girlfriend, and she wasn't sure if he was hitting on her that night. He...Read On


Running With Desire

His secret obsession for her plays out in a public restroom ...

Walking around the park, as she had done so many times before, Emma is suddenly fearful of something looming in the darkness. She stops at a nearby bench and stretches out one long leg, then the other. Glancing around, she notices that all the lights are as bright as ever, except the one over by the men's bathroom. She takes a deep breath, filling her lungs with the cool night air. Relaxed...Read On


Chrissy first blowjob

I was eighteen years and three months, a senior in high school. It was a week or two before graduation and it was a guy in my class. We lived in a pretty rural community at the time. He and I drove way into the woods in his little truck. We took a turn onto a dirt road that clearly hadn't had a vehicle driving on it in long time. He turned off the engine and we necked for a quite some...Read On


A night to remember

What a terrible night, the snow wasn’t letting up and it became difficult to see out of the windscreen. “There’s a signpost,” she pointed. I strained my eyes to look; it was partially obscured by the snow. “Windy Ridge Hotel, 2 miles.” I said. “That’s it,” she shouted. It was difficult to keep the car on the road, but we crawled toward that place in the distance. She wrapped...Read On


Help from my sister 5

When you really love your sister how far will you prove your love

I think had to think about this for a few seconds. Did I love her that much? Could we be led to having a baby together? "This that something your really interested in," I asked. "Honestly yes. I'm really glad Bill never got me pregnant. Then I would really be stuck with him. And I know is I love you, and I would be very interested in having my first born with my brother. They will come out...Read On


A Craving for Cock

Dave was definitely cock hungry. Some old friends eventually help him out.

A Craving for Cock  I have been fortunate in life to have had such varied experiences, sexual ones as well as normal ones. Yes I have sucked a cock before. It happened when my girlfriend at the time and I started to swing. One night, and as it happened, a New Year’s evening, we ended up in the company of another couple who were also swingers. We ended up toasting in the New Year...Read On


The Evening - Part II

the boys are back, let the fun begin

The two men walked into the room and stopped short when they saw her. She looked up, smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "Well, guys, now what?" she said. Her husband stepped back slightly, put his hand on the shoulder of the guest to invite him to step forward. "Well, if you were wondering where this evening was going, I guess this is a pretty good clue." The guest stepped forward, and...Read On

Recommended Read

One Thing Leads to Another: Rumble Pussy

Young Christine christens a motorcycle in front of a pack of outlaw bikers.

"Get the big boner ready because I've got a shit-load of water and some bull-rider," Christine said into her cell phone, explaining to Maria that she wished for her to clean their large bong because she possesses really good marijuana and a lot of time to kill. Maria looked up from her text book and asked, "You coming by now? Like, right-now-right-now?" "Yeah." "But, I'm studying." ...Read On


Weekend Cumming

a young man's weekend of Family sex

Weekend Cumming, Part I   Coming into the house I heard my mother on the phone, "Sure, come on up to night and you all can spend the weekend." I stopped in my tracks, to see if I could figure out who she was talking to. "No, of course not, they wont mind if they do, I'll beat them." With that she laughed. "Well ok, we'll see you all then in about four hours, love you too." "Who...Read On


Miss Karen's Basement

Part 2 of The Miss Karen Trilogy

Miss Karen and I had met at a big gay bar near Washington Navy Yard and we had had a sweet experience in my car. She was telling me a story about her encounter that evening in the ladies room and I got so excited I pulled my cock out and began stroking it. What else are you going to do when your erection is tenting the gym shorts you’re wearing? She could’ve seen it whenever she looked down so...Read On


Exposing Cindy - butterfly vibrator - chapter two

Jim invites Bob home with us......

Coming soon) Chapter two – back at home   I had a bit more to drink at the club and had partially recovered from my very public orgasm on the dance floor when Jim shocked me by inviting Bob to come back to the house with us for another round of drinks in the our new spa. Jim teed up the conversation with, “Bob, since I am driving, I have to limit my alcohol intake here. Would you like...Read On


Taking Care Of Business Chapter 1

Marcy will do anything to get the job

Marcy dressed with great care as she prepared for her job interview. Her rent was already a month past due and there was $14 left in her checking account. She needed a job and soon. The suit was conservative. She wore a lace camisole underneath it. The lace grazed the top of her breasts. The skirt came just above the knee. She paired it with silk hose. Her act of rebellion was the pair of...Read On


Third Development

How My Love For Jennifer Continued.

That Sunday evening after I returned to my room at my landlady's house, I retired early for the night, I lay in bed recalling what had happened over the weekend and how thrilling it had been, so much better than being with Derek, orgasm after orgasm more than I'd had in a month. My one worry was if I was queer? What if others had heard us and reported us, we'd have been expelled and from...Read On


Hitching a lift

Jennie learns there is more than one kind of ride

Jennie was really regretting not bringing a coat; her pink vest top and denim mini skirt seemed skimpy in hindsight but were hardly out of place in the August heat. It was nearly 11pm now and the temperature was cooling, goose bumps were appearing on her long slight legs and she was aware of the male glances at her hardening nipples (Jennie had nice c cup breasts but never felt the need...Read On


Hotel Tryst

Couple in an affair meet up in a hotel room.

I get to the hotel about an hour before you're due. The journey took me an hour - and I spent the whole time thinking about how I want to pleasure you. I check into our room, which is clean and tidy, we are at the end of a corridor with the headboard of the large king size bed backing onto the outside wall. I smile at the implications of this. It is very hot in the room (or is it just me)?...Read On


The best raise ever!

Then he bent me over the table, hiked up my skirt, slid my soaked lace thong over to the side..

I'd been teasing him for weeks now. I knew that he wanted to fuck me, and I knew that he wouldn't wait much longer to do it. Right now he looked pained as he discreetly adjusted his hard-on through his trouser pants while watching me jiggle my arms (and tits) in an attempt to free the paper jam from the copier. He loosened his tie a bit as he cleared his throat, then turned his attention to...Read On


My Winter Job - Part 1

My Dream coming true

About a year ago our friends from the other end of our street went on holiday for Christmas. Before going they had asked me if, while they were away, I could look after their dogs by feeding them and taking them for walks. In return for some money, it was good pay for a fairly basic task. It was a couple and one guy my age, I had gone to school with him and we were fairly good mates. I...Read On


Satisfied Desires

First story all feedback welcome

I’m normally a good girl, a sweet girl, a loving girlfriend, someone that hardly ever cheats. Well until that one night anyway. I was out with friends and I saw you across the room, nothing special about you, or so I thought at the beginning of the night. You were wearing a lovely shirt and jeans, the casual look for a male on a night out. I smile at you, hoping to catch your eye, you...Read On


The Looking Glass

My new house of delights

I finally moved into a place of my own at the ripe old age of twenty-nine. After three weeks of waiting for credit checks and approval of references for rental, I was able to shift all my things into my new home. Although just a semi-detached old-fashioned cottage with a small garden and minimal rooms, having lived in only one bedroom at my parent’s house for years, it felt like a mansion....Read On



I should never have upstaged you in front of your friends as I knew you would get me back...

Punished You had decided that punishment was due for my misbehaviour. I had after all embarrassed you in front of your friends and though it turned out well, you remained a little red-faced from the moment. There was a glint of evil in your eye - you sought revenge but what exactly, I was unsure. We stumbled back into my room at the hotel. It was not quite late, the sort of late when...Read On


Help from my sister 3

With it out in the open, how to go about this now with someone wanting in

"Were you expecting anyone," Judy asked. "No. And I wasn't mean or anything to Tonya. I don't think it would be her," I replied. Then I got up, pulled up my pants and went to the door. I opened the door to discover it what Judy's boyfriend Bill shes been living with. "Hi Gil. Is Judy around," Bill asked. "Yeah, hold on I'll get her for you," I replied. Then I walked back to the living...Read On


Her First Riotous Kiss

He helps out a woman, takes her home, and oral sex results in his apartment.

She’d heard, just a little bit earlier that something crazy was going on outside. At first, it concerned her but when she “closed down” and got all her stuff so she could head home she found out what everyone meant. Emily, one of the newest employees walked out alone. She froze when she saw it. She could not believe her eyes. Buildings all around her, for whatever reason, were on fire....Read On


The Evening - Part I

After dinner, the dessert waited at home

She stood alone in the bedroom, and with trembling fingers quickly began to undress. The events of the past couple hours filled her mind. It had been going so good, the plans had come together so well, but how would the night end?   As she removed her blouse and bra, she brushed her fingertips across her erect, sensitive nipples. She had purposely worn a sheer blouse and sexy bra. You could,...Read On


Capturing the Moment

A simple photography session transforms the subject and turns sexual

Tabitha was a beautiful woman, but not in the classic sense. Individually, her features were stunning. She had bedroom eyes that radiated her lust when they were half closed and she was on the brink of orgasm. Her lush full lips made men hard when they saw her. They longed to have those lips wrapped around them and exploring every inch of their bodies. Her high firm tits did not show...Read On


Me, My Friend Bill, and His Mother -- 3

Neal gives up all attempts to resist the temptation of his best friend's mother.

My name is Neal – I was a rather normal sixteen year-old in the Sixties. Normal, that is, until the Saturday afternoon when my best friend’s mother gave me my first blowjob and my first fuck. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: damn, dude, that must have been awesome; what a lucky SOB! I didn’t feel lucky. I grew up in a church so strict that we looked down on Southern Baptists as...Read On