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A Little Stinger

A quick stop at the local firehouse causes intense heat.

A Little Stinger By Miss Anonna It was a beautiful day down at the river but I had soaked up enough sun and gathered my things to head back to the car. I opened the door, tossed my towels in the passenger seat and plopped down to head home. “Ow! Shit!” I hollered and jumped up so quick that I bumped my head really hard on the car. “Dammit!” I hollered again and nearly cried. I was so pissed...Read On


My Daughter's Teacher

I meet my daughter's teacher

This is the first chapter in what I hope will be a long story with many characters. As always, please let me know what you think. CHAPTER 1 Being a 45 year old single father of a 17 year old high school girl wasn’t a bad life. After my wife died when our daughter was very young I swore to give my daughter, Beth, the best life I could. I worked my ass off so she could have everything...Read On


My step-sister Amy

Step-sister Amy and Drew have sex for the first time.

The year after my parents divorced, my dad found another girlfriend. At 42, you could see that, back in the day, she was a raging babe. She still had a good body, and the sexiest eyes I'd ever seen. I thought maybe she was the most beautiful women I'd ever laid eyes on, although the age meant I couldn't really be sexually attracted to her. Although I was a horny 17 year old boy, I wasn't...Read On


The Ritual

What he sees is no accident

I can't believe what I have been thinking. After all she is my best friend's sister. I have been staying with him during the first part of our summer after graduation. I lie here every night and watch her do the most amazing things, sort of a ritual, before she goes to bed. But I am getting a bit ahead of myself. As I said, I am staying for part of the summer with the family of my best...Read On


Halloween Fun

First time Out

My friend talked me into dressing up as a female this Halloween. It wasn't much of talking into; I was a closet cross dresser for sometime. The only person who ever knew was an old girlfriend, Mel, a few years back. It was a good thing she was bisexual because she was really into me wearing her clothes. She even mentioned that I looked better in her clothes than she did. So, I started wearing...Read On


Regina shows me how - part 2

Regina showed me how, but I showed her a thing or too.

Regina shows me how - 2 It had been a month or two since Regina spent the night. I was still in awe. I couldn't masturbate anymore, because it just didn't come close. Porn didn't help, and going to an adult store was out of the question. I just had to hope that my sister would invite her over soon. I was in for a real tease when my sister went over to her house on weekend! That left...Read On


Dog Gone

Met a man at the dog park. My clumsiness gets me into trouble once again.

Dog Gone By Miss Anonna I had been looking to get a dog for quite some time now and still was undecided so I thought I’d head down to a local Dog Park and chat with some people who had dogs. I looked up a few on the internet and chose one about 3 or 4 miles away near the creek. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself as I slipped into my halter top and tight jeans. I did not really...Read On


My Wife's Halloween Party Revenge

My wife seeks revenge on me after an argument at my co workers Halloween party.

My wife and I had been invited to a Halloween bash. It had been hosted by one of my co-workers. They do this party every year and it is an adult party only. What I mean about adult party is that you are allowed to dress as provocatively as you would like. That night right before we left for the party we got into a heated argument over nothing. One thing led to another and before we knew...Read On


A girl from the past, rides like a blast.

Woman are like a fine wine, they get better with age.

Hi, the name is AJ. At the time this takes place I was a junior in high school. I was single and not very experienced when it came down to getting to it. Needless to say, I was a late bloomer in the sex department. At the time I had only been with one girl in my life. It was the beginning of September and I was living at my Dad's. It was around 11 pm on a Saturday night, and being a junior...Read On



This is my first story. I hope you enjoy and tell me what you thing. There shall be more soon. I was sixteen when it happened. After hearing from girls at school about shaving their pubic hair I went home and decided to give it a shot. They had said that no guy would want to fuck them if they were hairy. Now I wasn't planning on having sex anytime soon but I kind of wanted to try it. My...Read On


First Affair

After years of faithfulness, I turn to the lust of another.

Stephanie and I have been married for 10 years. Our sex life has been average, with sex on average at least once a week. Stephanie is from a very conservative background with an emphasis on the basics, but nothing else. Needless to say our relationship was monogamous and absent of any marital aids or toys. About a year ago, I reconnected with a work colleague from about 20 years ago. Tina...Read On


Regina shows me how...

Regina shows me how to make love, but was the wildest sex I've had yet...

My name is Randy. I'm sixteen, 5'11, green eyes, dirty blonde shoulder length hair, scrawny but have a good layer of muscle. I play soccer in high school, and want to go to college to be an attorney, who specializes in domestically abused women and families. This story is completely true, and happened about a year ago. Here we go. I was walking home from school, kicking the newly...Read On


Chakras Rock

A Simple re-alignment of energy turns sexy

Chakras Rock by Miss Anonna I got an email from someone who claimed an acquaintance had told him he needed an energy realignment. He mentioned that his friend had recommended that he contact me and make an appointment so I gave him a few little details about this particular massage and my availability. He quickly wrote back and after a couple of notes back and forth an appointment was set. ...Read On


Spice of Life

A couple spices up their love life, with a friend

It was pure torture for me: naked, handcuffed to the headboard of my bed, watching my best friend make out with my girlfriend. They were standing at the side of the bed, making sure everything they were doing was visible to me. When I say torture, I should add the word divine. They had stripped each other to completely nude, and Matt was holding Corrina up, as she wrapped her legs around...Read On


Save Me, Part 2

He saved me from drowning. I couldn't show my gratitude enough

Continud from part one... Having saved me from drowning after I had "accidentally" fallen into the water, the handsome park ranger straddled my chest and fucked my mouth. When he said that we should then go to his cabin and get our wet clothes off, I was all for it. I picked up my shoulder bag ("man purse" some would say) and my cigarette holder, which I had dropped when I "slipped" and...Read On


A Week At Papaw's chap 1

Papaw gets a new trainee

The Beginnings – An Unexpected Request They arrived on Friday night, my granddaughter Tina and a handful of her girlfriends from school. I am just a stopping off point on the way to a Florida spring break adventure. There was Tina, her roommate Laura, Rita, a small blond cheerleader type, Ruby, a brunette bookworm and Leah a rather shy quiet girl with shoulder length red hair. After...Read On


Caribean Vacation part 2

Lost luggage leads to wearing girlfriend's panties as a swim suit and more

We strolled down the hall to the elevator. I did not notice what floor we went to, as I was so pre-occupied examining my sexy self in the reflective surface of the elevator. We got off the elevator and walked down the hall to a door marked 469. “This isn’t the dining room,” I objected. “No, this isn’t,” she replied as she knocked on the door. “Who’s room is this.” I asked. Before...Read On


Oils For Sale

Craigslist is a great place to sell things.

Oils For Sale By Miss Anonna So I had just received my new line of massage oils and put my old ones up for cheap on CraigsList . In less than an hour I received an email from someone wanting them for the price I was asking, too. I have to admit, CraigsList is an awesome service. The guy that wanted them had mentioned he was learning deep tissue and shiatsu massage and wanted to get...Read On


A Dream, A Dare, A Beach

What started as a dream, turned into a dare then developed beyond their dreams

My dream was coming true... actually what was happening was beyond my wildest dreams. The sensation of her mouth enveloping my cock; a cock that was almost painfully hard. Watching my wife, Ann, sucking more and more hard flesh into her mouth as I lapped the musky taste of pussy milk and nibbled on the protruding nub of clitoris. Ann's eyes were shut tight as she relished the texture, the...Read On


Tall Fences Make Good Neighbors II

Megan takes the game up a notch.

"Hope you haven’t been waiting long." Jason grinned, his attention suddenly fixed on the fence separating his yard from the once next door. She was in her usual pose, toned arms folded along the top of the tall barrier, her chin resting on the back of one hand. Her bright green eyes glittered, matching her mischievous smile, as she watched him approach. "About 24 hours now," he...Read On


One Chance

The sensual meeting two friends

We've just met face to face for the first time. It was at a regional Lush party. Everyone in the Dallas area was invited to go, for a small fee. Even though I don't live in the area, I was able to get myself on the guest list. Not many other people in the room knew who you were...without a pic on Lush your anonymity is safe. There are only a handful here who know, and we aren't talking....Read On


The Fifth Force

Science marches on (but with minor revisions)....

Modern physics textbooks refer to four fundamental forces – the strong and weak nuclear forces, the electromagnetic force, and gravity. It is surmised that these forces are all related in a fundamental way. The scientific equivalent of the Holy Grail is to find the set of equations which will combine all of these forces into one Unified Field Theory. However, it is a little-published...Read On


I couldn't stop her

reluctant orgasm

We were out drinking, or at least that was my belief. We were in London, my husband Paul and myself, staying overnight. The Cosmopolitans were going down well, really well in the upscale cocktail bar of the hotel we were staying in. What I didn't know was what Paul had planned, or how it would change my life. Paul, as most husbands seem to at some time, had mentioned how turned on he was at...Read On


Sexy sheets...

Lying in bed on a humid evening never felt this good before...

A warm breeze on her cool body, raking over naked, voluptuous breasts. Each is like a delectable jam bun, a perfect, perky nipple sits atop, budded in desire. She's lying on the bed, a sheet between her legs. The thin material offers a tantalising pressure, bringing pleasure to her freshly showered form. Excitement builds in her secret place, thanks to the whisper of fresh, cool sheets. ...Read On


Good morning.

She lies there listening to the birds sing. She is just waking up. She feels him turn over and place his arm over her. She loves laying there while he spoons her. She turns to face him. They don’t speak. They don’t have too. She leans in and kisses him. They kiss for a long time. Their tongues dancing with each others. She places her leg over his legs and pulls him in tighter. She...Read On


My Suprise

Husband watches wife

It was suppose to be a relaxing night out, nothing exciting, dinner, a Broadway show maybe a drink or two afterwards then back to our normal life. What actually transpired was surprising for the both of us, or a least that’s what I thought. Let me start by describing my relationship and beautiful wife: The relationship was tumultuous in the beginning lots of drama, nevertheless she...Read On


Ellis the Warrior Girl - Chapter Two

Ellis' saucy adventure continues...

The bed is overstuffed and much more comfy than the dirt I usually sleep on. Waking up is me rolling out of the mess of pillows and falling onto the wooden floor. After about ten minutes of sleeping there, I finally get up and change from my sleeping clothes and into my usual attire and I decide to go downstairs.  Stein apparently sleeps on the front desk. This I realize when I notice...Read On


Love's Awakening

I wake up in hospital to a very pleasant surprise

This is the third and final part of my story about my unexpected love for my beautiful neighbour. Links to the other parts are available on my profile page as usual. Love's Awakening A warm wetness was working it's way up my legs. Although I knew I was dreaming, I savoured the sensation as it paused. Roughness followed on from the slippery heat and in my dream, my skin tingled. Again...Read On


Sheila's Training

Anal virgin fag-hag turns to gay BFF for booty-training

Not for nothing are “Ghost World” and “The Doom Generation” my favorite films. I was made for a stark black bob long before I ever got one, before I saw those movies and even before I discovered black hair dye. Without it I might have ended up looking something like Lotte Lenya in “From Russia With Love.” Goddess bless Manic Panic!! It’s more than the hair, it’s the attitude. “Girl, you...Read On


Jay and the Mrs.

A friend gives my wife the big one

Jay was a good golfing friend of mine from high school. Like many teens, we often talked about sex, and shared intimate details of our conquests (which weren't many at the time). After college, I married, and Jay seem to grow more confident with the ladies. He would tell me about his conquests, which grew in number, and I secretly envied his sex life. Years later, Jay remained single, which...Read On