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WHAT NEXT? 4 New Dawn

Early the next morning in an effort to fan a reluctant flame from the ashes of the night I slowly drew my cock in and out of Alicia. With little hope of an orgasm being left in either one of us I was propped on my arms enjoying the parade of expressions crossing her face as she looked up at me with hazy eyes. I was also enjoying the sensation of her vagina gripping my cock like a tight...Read On


Broken By The Smoldering Fire In His Soul

Homeless she thought, what do I do? Staying in an apartment with people she didn't know, she felt uncomfortable when they had to feed her. Where do I go from here? In her short years she had lived a lifetime. One of the girls in the house invited her to a party across the way. It was some place to be so they went. The summer night was warm when they walked to the front door. The house was...Read On


The Island Chapter 2

We stepped quickly out into the humid night air, the sound of the surf wafted through the stillness. She wrapped her arms around mine as we walked, laying her head on my shoulder. Out onto the damp sand we strolled, watching the moon as it hung over the dark ocean. We paused, kicking our shoes off to feel the damp sand. "I love you," I whispered softly. The water lapped gently around...Read On


Troy, Maria ( and Me )

“Admit it, you do want to fuck her, I can see by the way you look at her, it’s true isn’t it ?” We were in the car, on the way home from a friend’s barbecue. We had left early as my wife, Maria had not reacted well to the amount of time I had spent chatting to Vikki, one of her best friends. Vikki is a very tactile lady, always touching your hand or wrist when making a point in...Read On


Carrie, my lesbian fling

I wanted a man, but was surprised when a woman met my lust.

I was lonely…I just had to break down and admit it. I hadn’t been with a man in 3 months. I missed the sex. I missed the touching. I had masturbated and made myself cum almost every day, but it wasn’t the same. Finally I had slacked off of that even. It had been 2 weeks since I had even had an orgasm. What kind of funk was I in? Finally I made up my mind. This has to stop. I gotta quit...Read On


Down by the Creek...

Having hot sex on a hot day down by the creek.

The day is hot and we are together down by the creek getting away from it all. We are hot, happy and horny. I love the water and I get into the middle of the creek and lie back in it with the cool water rushing over and by my body. You are sitting on the bank watching me and seeing just the tips of my breasts like they were floating. I spread my legs so the current can rush up against my...Read On


Using Lace pt.3

Woman being willingly taken advantage of.

Lights flashed, whistles and rumbling music echoed off the tiled ceiling. The atmosphere of Richards Treasures rocked with sultry chaos. The establishment was packed with so many patrons it was hard to see an empty seat anywhere. This was the first time Lacey had ever been in a strip club. It was no where near what she would have expected. Tobacco smoke, alcohol, all assortments of perfume...Read On


Another Afternoon by the Lake

His chest rose then fell, Oh…God, he muttered as his balls grew tight

All persons mentioned below were above the legal age of consent. With the desire to satisfy his urgent need, he was oblivious to the cacophony of wildfowl as they milled overhead. After one last look around he quickly dropped his jeans and pants then lay back against the sun baked dunes. With eyes closed he began to slowly stroke his cock; as a circlet of fingers rolled loose skin back...Read On


A Moment Like This

Two best friends realize their love and lust forever during a weekend visit.

“What time does your flight get in?” “Around noon. I have to be at Greg’s by 6pm for dinner, but I should be at your house around 1pm. After all, I did promise that you’d be the first person I see whenever I visit.” Charlie smiled silently over the phone at this. She and Nathan had been best friends since they met last year in school. Unfortunately, Nathan’s parents got jobs elsewhere and...Read On


Bless A Fantasy

She imagined a strong faceless, speechless, figure behind him

It always amazed her when she thought about the strong urge he had for release. Of course, she had always been this way too, or at least for as long as she could remember. Closing her eyes, she felt herself pulse from the nights sex and thought about her man and how she loved to be with him. His sexuality was constant and soothing. She had just learned to touch him and take him from the base...Read On


The Island Chapter 1

It was the beginning of a perfect vacation

We had checked into the hotel only an hour before and already we were stretched out on the bed trying to get our breathing back to normal. Her soft blond hair lay against my arm, a soft smile played across her lips. Languidly she arched her back, stretching to ward off the sleep that threatened to invade her. "Let's eat," she laughed, "Good sex makes me hungry". I struggled with the...Read On



Kean wants to tie up his girlfriend, and she's not happy about first.

------------------------------------------------- The evening had started innocently enough. At least on her side. Kean sighed grabbing the round of drinks, and moving through the crowded dance floor, checking out bouncing breasts and wiggling asses as he did. He liked what he saw, but he had better at home, or he would especially after this week,hopefully as early as tonight. His...Read On


Confessions of a Sex Crazy Crossdresser Part 9

Chapters 17 and 18 of Book #1

Hi all, hope you enjoy Sandy's adventures. Chapter 17: Viva Las Vegas Peggy and I woke up in each others arms around 5 AM and we made love again. Then at 6AM when we both had to get up we showered and made love again under the water in the shower. We were avoiding the subjects of me leaving for Las Vegas today and her having to be at work at 8:00. I drove Peg to her apartment...Read On


The Note...

An exciting meeting in a 20' ocean container at the work place.

The note was on my keyboard when I returned to my office. I asked my assistant who had left it there and she shook her head saying, “I don’t know, didn’t seen anyone go into your office”. I would not have thought anything about it but the paper was all wrinkled and smudged so I was hesitant about touching it. Since I am the H. R. Manager and need to handle the verbal warnings and...Read On


what are you made of ?

This is my first story, please go easy on me.

I was at home alone on my laptop, while I talked to my friend on the phone. It was a known fact he liked me, but I had made it clear awhile ago that I didn't want a relationship so soon after I'd moved out on my own. "Breeeeee," he said into the phone, rather loudly, when I was silent for a moment. "What?" I asked. "Guess what I'm doing?" when I heard him chuckle, I definitely assumed...Read On


A Lesson on Goodbyes

A 16 year old girl finds out that she has really always been the teacher's favorite.

Crystal walked down the halls of her clean and new high school towards room 4-211. The halls were empty and quiet, being that it was the middle of 5th period and everyone was in class. A Dean passed by her, patrolling the halls, and she flashed him the small yellow slip of paper signed by her English teacher that allowed her to leave class. Early that day, Crystal had heard from a...Read On


It Started With A Text

A text message leads to a hot fucking.

“I am eyeball fucking you from across the bar” That’s what the text said. I was sitting in a bar on a Friday night with a girlfriend and her friends. A married couple. I looked at the text again and then I scanned the room. No one seemed to be staring or leering at me. I should have been scared, but instead I was intrigued. I didn’t recognize the number. And trying to show my brave side,...Read On


A Recollection

two lesbians making love to me, a former lesbian, as my male lover looks on

“A Recollection” b y E. Land  Author’s Note: This is a true story about an experience that some may call “a man’s ultimate fantasy.” It involved my lover and yours truly. Everyone romantically involved should have a night like the one I am about to describe. It happened because of his desire to watch a woman sexually arouse me. Of course, we know this male wish is nothing new; almost...Read On


The Loft Apartment

James has a fantastic loft apartment with some interesting additional features.

Close your eyes for a moment; I want you to picture the setting. James has a very cool third floor loft apartment down by the river. Bare brick walls, oak wood flooring and very atmospheric lighting. The apartment is completely open plan; even the wet room has glass walls so you can see right in. I don't know who chose the furniture, I doubt it was James, but they definitely have great...Read On


Lust Lesson

I wanted a lesson from my lover.

This was it. I was so nervous I could hardly speak. My cheeks were flushed pink and sweat was beading on my face. I wanted this. I was sure I did. The only way he would ever be mine is if I totally submitted to his dark desire. Up until now all we had done was flirting and general fucking, but he couldn’t be faithful. When I had asked him why, he said that he NEEDED to be in complete control....Read On


A second Chance

Ever wish you could have a second chance with your first love?

It was a beautiful Midwest fall day. The sky was a deep blue, a deeper blue than usual. There was a chill in the air, a hint of the coming winter. The fall leaves were brilliant with their reds and oranges. Once upon a time, it used to be my favorite time of the year, but that had come to a crashing halt long ago. I unlocked the door to my apartment and went inside, tired from a long week...Read On


Finding a new hobby

I found out I love to expose myself and my husband loves it, too.

San Francisco’s beautiful skyline could be seen out of the glassed wall in the lounge. The night-lights and the bay seemed so very calm even though it had been raining off and on all day. I was here for a regional meeting and it had been one busy workweek with upper management making projections on avenues of next year’s business plans. Dwayne, my husband of 16 years was flying up to met...Read On

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Lust or love, Does it really matter?

When something feels good and right, there is nothing wrong with giving into your desire.

Something a little different. I am not native english speaking, so if there are sentences that read a little weird, it's because of that. I hope you can enjoy the story despite of this. Feedback is always appreciated. --- An instant attraction to romantic interest usually occurs within the first few minutes of meeting. And so it was that they were sitting next to each other on his couch....Read On


Dalia's Dream

Another hot, dry, desert day. Not a cloud in the azure blue sky. Dalia dropped to her bed exhausted from the heat and felt the coolness of the air conditioner pour over her. Slowly she pulled her top and her jeans off, her silky bra and panties barely covered her soft skin. Her eyes closed and she slipped into a deep sleep, letting the cool envelop her. Her breathing deepened and soft...Read On


That girl at the bar

Fate strolls into my evening, and into my bed.

So there was I, at the Coyote Inn. It’s a small bar on the lonely streets of Bramville, and the only bar, Bramville can boast of. Bramville is a very small town and not many families live here. It is a home to those numerous men, who work in the nearby industrial estates and reside here in small and squalid houses. Coming to myself, I am a 24 year old country-boy who is new to this town....Read On


Euphorica: The Lead Singer

Steven was 25 years older than me. But also 25 years more experienced.

When I was almost 19 I was in love with a man. A much older man. At 43 years old, he could’ve been my father, but he didn’t at all look his age. I don’t know how he managed to stay so frozen in time, but his smooth, porcelain skin didn’t appear to be a day over 30. A few of my friends had raised their eyebrows at my latest infatuation, not because of the age, but because he...Read On


Worker's Playtime

Maybe sometimes life isn’t fair, and you can feel like you’re emptying a swimming pool with a spoon. However for every grey day there has to be a dazzling sunny one, this is a sunny day story. Sitting outside a pavement café one warm morning in July, just watching the world drift past me, sipping coffee and enjoying the leisurely pace of the day, nothing particularly on my mind, nothing...Read On

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When Love Comes To Town

Young lovers embark on the first of many firsts

Aileen had always been an adventurous girl, even with her religious upbringing. Her parents had encouraged her to participate in extra curricular activities, such as girl scouts, sports, and even the international student exchange program. And it was in Spain that she’d met Tadeo. The handsome college boy had been so taken with the lovely American redhead; he told his family that he intended...Read On


Between Lovers

Good things come to those who wait, prepare and execute.

She was between men right now and hated going without. It was difficult to describe the feelings she was experiencing. She read erotica, both on line and in hard copy. She had to laugh at that term 'hard copy'. One of her favorite books that she had bought in the local bookstore was literally falling apart. She remembered with slight embarrassment the night she set out to find a naughty book...Read On


Arms Divided

This is my first story so go easy on the comments...

“One day guys! I WILL fuck Keegan Irish! I’m determined!” I said as I got off the bus that drops me off in front of my apartment. My room mate Brittney was waiting for me upstairs in room 618. “Hey! How was the concert?” Brittney asked, she had short black hair, with big boobs that I was jealous of, and the nicest legs. “It was awesome, and obviously Keegan didn’t notice me!?” I...Read On