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Penny’s Other Life

a very proper woman wants to document the other side of her life on film

CHAPTER 1. Penelope Perkins had been properly bred. There was nothing about her life that she would not have openly shared with her mother. Or even her grandmother. Until a couple of years ago. Now, with the help of Brian, she had another life, and although she knew she was a sinner and she would definitely go straight to hell, she was rather enjoying this other life. It was early...Read On


It Started In the Gym (Part One)

It started at the gym and lead to...

"Alright, 5 more to go. You're doing great." I said unenthusiastically, standing over my friend Mark who was exerting himself on the bench press machine. The poor guy could barely handle 110 pounds. After only 5 reps! Unlike my buddy Mark, I don't have to have someone standing over me, screaming in my face to help me push through a workout. My body is strong and muscular with deep "cuts"...Read On


Secret Admirer

Miranda has a secret admirer..

Miranda had just gotten home from work on Friday evening after a tiring day, and had nothing on her mind but taking a hot shower and curling up on the sofa with a good movie. She wandered into the bedroom of her apartment, took off her clothes and looked in the mirror. At almost 30, she was lovely. Her blond hair fell in waves past her shoulders and to the middle of her back and her...Read On


Client X

Fantasy becomes fact for a client of the Phantom

A perfect stranger is what she had fantasized about; it’s what she was paying me to deliver and now the rest was up to her. She started slowly, sitting on his lap while pushing the soaked fabric of her thong against his obvious hard-on, appearing oblivious to the other 2 guys standing nearby but most definitely acutely aware. They pretending not to be taken off guard by it, stealing...Read On


Sweet Temptation Part II

Lacey is reluctant to have sex with Luke again, but he proves too much to deny.

Lacey woke with a terrible headache. She slowly opened her eyes and at first didn't recognize where she was. All the memories from the night before came flooding back quickly. Her heart began to beat rapidly as she looked over to her left. He was still asleep, and oh God, completely naked. He had a large cross tattoo on his right shoulder that Lacey only just now noticed. His skin...Read On


Four Day Weekend Part 2

I love you Pv2 Moorman...I cant wait to be your wife.

Driving on to Kevin's Army base, my stomach began to fill queezy. It had been a month since we saw each other and I had some really big news to tell him. Something that changed our lives forever. I pulled into the parking spot and texted him, to let him know that I was there. I saw him walk out of the building, with one of his roomates. I Jumped out of the car and ran towards him, jumping...Read On


The Confessions of Jenny Grimm: Tea and Debauchery

Father Lucas does his best to save Jenny's soul even as he wrestles with tempation.

"Forgive me father, for I have sinned." Her voice was unabashedly unapologetic, a sultry purr that slithered through the screen in the that separated her and Father Lucas. "It has been three weeks since my last confession, as you very well know…" Father Lucas hooked his finger into his suddenly too tight collar and tugged. The confessional, usually quite comfortable, felt suddenly too warm;...Read On


Katie's Wedding Day

Sometimes it's good being the photographer.

I’ve known Katie for going on eight years. She moved to the small town I live in and got a job working at my place of employment back in 2002. We became friends, and up until six months ago, that was that. I turned 39 in September, but two weeks before my birthday was Katie’s wedding. Katie turned 28 last May, and it was at her birthday party that she asked me to be her wedding...Read On


Casual Encounter

Best movie theater sex ever

As I sit at my desk at work, I look at the clock again, 12:45pm. My friend and co-worker, sitting behind me giggles at my nervousness. It’s all her fault anyway. She set me up to this, it was all her idea. I had been perfectly content living life like a frumpy divorced woman since my husband of many years left me for his too young, very ditzy, secretary who was convinced he hung the moon. ...Read On


My Minotaur Part VI

In Which Lady Ailara Is Called To Service

It was, dear reader, a most trying time in the life of this lady. The least of our worries was that it was raining. While the droplets rolled off of Oluth, and Valsivale somehow kept dry with an invisible barrier, Saela and I were becoming soaked to the core. My decorative parasol was no match for the weather, and in time the dye of my dress was fading, revealing the frigid, supple...Read On


Teachers Take a Field Trip

Teachers Take a special field trip

This is a continuation of Teachers Morning Duty She wore exactly what I had asked her to wear. She had on flip flop sandals, a short denim skirt, and a tight t-shirt. Of course, I told her not to wear panties or a bra. She crawled into my truck and leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Good morning you sexy hunk of man!" she said with a grin. "Good morning to you too," I...Read On


Making plans

I love it when a good plan comes together

I received a letter through my door from Jill. She wanted to know if I was still interested in helping her get her new Tumble dryer; she left her phone number and told me to call her with my answer. I replied that I was still very interested and she should pop around the next morning to sort out when she wanted to pick it up. Next morning I was woken up by someone knocking on my door....Read On



Charlene was 5'3, blonde hair and was very sexy and what she did was...

A long, long time ago in a state far away... I had met this great girl, Charlene, over the summer. She was 5'3", blonde hair and was very sexy. However the thing that attracted me to her was that she made me feel so comfortable. I could be myself. No games, just relaxation and enjoyment anytime I was with her. She seemed interested in me. Although I was 20, I was still a virgin. I had made...Read On


Coffee Girl

Falling in love with an Indonesian lady

The heat. The heat felt oppressive as I followed the hotel driver from the airport terminal to the hotel’s car for VIP guests. I looked around the city of Jakarta wondering if I would survive the heat or how long it would take to get used to it. Traveling all the way from the west coast of the US and changing planes once took a toll on me, as did the past year following my messy divorce. ...Read On


College Lust

"Oh, yes. Touch me there" I whispered as Anthony's fingers traced a delicate weave up the inside of my thigh up my hockey skirt, his lips soft and wet at my throat as I lay a quivering heap of jelly on his single bed. He hesitated, his hand tantalizingly close to my mound as he lifted his head and listened. "Shh!" "What is it?" I moaned, frustratedly, a pool of heat growing between my...Read On


Horse power pussy

There is just something women love about fast trucks, and hard fucks...

I walked out of the market on 8 th street to my truck then pulled out my pouch of tobacco and started to roll a cigarette when I heard a soft voice behind me. “Hey, cowboy. Could I bum one of those off you?” As I turned around I saw a beautiful blonde girl with light skin, she was wearing a white tank top and a pair of faded jeans cut off just above the knee. Her eyeliner complimented...Read On


Sweet Temptation

Lacey and Luke are set up by their friends, needless to say their friends knew what they were doing.

Lacey smiled as she made her way to her car. She was so happy for her best friend Kady. After an incredibly hard couple of months she was now happily engaged, with a newborn baby. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't a little jealous. Her ex-boyfriend, she thought bitterly, had dumped her several months ago for the slut down the hall in his apartment building. She tucked a strand of her...Read On


Four Day Weekend

This is another story for my love, Pv2 Moorman..I love you baby

It was 12:50 am..I stood by my car at the Greyhound station, waiting for the bus to arrive. My heart was pounding, butterflies fluttered around in my knotted up stomach. I was getting very excited but also very nervous. The 15 minutes felt like an eternity before the bus pulled up in front of me. One by one I watched people step off; then I saw my soldier. As soon as he stepped on to...Read On


Booster Club Slut in the Making - Part One

My husband and I join a football booster club and I cuckold him by fucking the club members.

I grew up near Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia, and had a pretty typical life growing up there. My name is Jennifer, and at the time of this story I was forty-one years old and my husband Ed was forty-two. After high school I went to college at UNC in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is where I met Ed when he was a senior and I was a junior. Following his graduation, Ed got a management...Read On


My Minotaur Part Five

In Which Lady Ailara Does Some Shopping

(Author’s Note: In this chapter, statements between (**)’s are from Ailara’s perspective as she peers through the eyes of others) I glared. I fumed. I stamped my feet. “I do not care how many tantrums you throw, Ailara. We are NOT going back for your wardrobe. We’re leagues away from that place, and besides, it was, how do you humans put it? Ah yes, a pain in my ass to carry mile...Read On


The Best Time of Day

Can you dream like this?

It was another weekday morning, and I could tell without opening my eyes that it was still early. I stretch, roll over and peer at the clock. I have 2 more blissful hours of sleep before I have to face the day. I flip my pillow to the cool side and snuggle down in the warm comforter while I start to let my mind wander. I learned to control my dreams when I was a child and this was the best...Read On


Valentine Confirmation

Husband looking to pleasure wife

Valentine’s Day was coming up. 29 years he’d been married to her. He hadn’t really thought about it too much but the truth was, his wife, Miranda, was still beautiful, and there were many men’s eyes which studied her figure to prove it too. Besides, she was facially an attractive woman too. He knew everything, he believed, about her as well. However, lately, he realized there wasn’t...Read On


Alexis is Grounded

Alexis is grounded by Jaden who then controls her every move

It had been quite a twenty four hours. Mum and my 23 year old sister Velvet had gone away for five days and were not due back until the day after tomorrow. My Mum had left clear instructions that I have to obey my 16 year old younger sister Jaden, and Jaden can telephone her at any time if I were naughty, explain what I had done, and Mum would decide if Jaden should spank me. Well that was...Read On


To the new millenium!

No better way to bring in the new millenium (2000)

I was in love with the love of my life, a girl named Andrea who also attended my college in Philly. The 'Y2K' 'conversion' (rollover) for computers was a big deal, for most people. It certainly was for me; I'd known about it since 1993 but I was far too young to understand its possible consequences. However, in 1999 I was 23 and embarrassingly ignorant to the true world implications. At...Read On


My Minotaur Part IV

In Which Lady Ailara Is Confronted By A New Threat

It was difficult for Oluth to convince us to stop sucking his cock. He had to pry Saela's lips from his thick ball sack and hold her away from himself, while shifting his hips to rob my whorish lips of the thick slab of meat I was nursing on. "Enough you two! You may pleasure me more after we've put distance between Ailara's former home and us. Do you heed me?" He eyed us dangerously, and...Read On


Swim Team

A girl reviews a guy's body quality for the swim team.

I was always the short one in high school, never taller than the normal people. The only people shorter than me were the petites and the ones with disorders. It was when I was seventeen that I met Kiefer. He was tall and handsome, well built for swimming. He and I were on a coed swimming team at the local high school and today my swimsuit had the swim teacher eying me with deep disapproval....Read On


A Beach Meeting

Just an early morning tease

It was early, yet already the sun's rays were bathing my body in its warmth. With the prospect of a burning hot day ahead I had taken the opportunity to go to the white sands of the beach to relax and feel nature, in the guise of the sunlight, the air and the water, flow over me. I wandered aimlessly at the water's edge pleasuring in the fluidity of the sand as the sea infiltrated it...Read On


Busted 3

More surprises in store for Leah...

In the months that followed mine and Carrie’s little ‘thing’ I suppose I was a little bit cold towards her. I felt disgusted with myself, not only for cheating on Jamie (with his SISTER) but for being with a woman! I had never, ever had a lesbian thought in my life – so why couldn’t I get Carrie out of my head every time I felt horny? I started avoiding her, and when we had to be in the same...Read On


The Angel And The Slut

Two women discuss their secret fantasies.

Tina: My fantasy involves an ultra suave and sophisticated mature man with dashing looks and impeccable manners sweeping me off my feet in a whirlwind of romance. He will wine and dine me in a style to which I am yet to be accustomed. His conversation will be witty and interesting. He will be beautifully dressed in bespoke shirts and suits and wear just a hint of expensive aftershave. ...Read On


Dreams come true

This story is purely fictitious, sadly...

I approached the hotel doors looking at my watch 8:15 it showed, I was late. Bet this hasn’t even started yet , I though, already regretting my decision to attend the athletic award ceremonies. My mind trailed back to last year’s awards and the unending speeches. My daydream was mercifully ended when I reached the doors and saw the smiling face of Lucy Connelly. Lucy was a waitress in...Read On