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They Called Me The Babysitter

Those stories about 'preachers daughters' sometimes cum true!

They Called Me 'The Babysitter' This is a true story of some of the sexual events of my life when I was in graduate school back in 1971-73. I was attending a college out in rural Mississippi, working on a master's degree in physics. I had not been that successful with the ladies up until then. Despite being decently good looking, and having an intense sex drive, I had been rejected so...Read On


Sodom Eyes ( Part 3 ) -- Taste Testing

More adventures on the road

William held the pestle against my butthole. I could feel how cold it was. He told me to take a deep breath, and slowly pushed it in. My ass spread wide, wider than ever before, wider than my brothers or Uncle Jake ever made it wide. It popped past my anal ring and the muscles closed over the glass shaft as the head decended into the depths of my rectum, spreading those walls, seeking out...Read On


Spy Affair Mission 5

Francine finds out if she gets the promotion

A few weeks later, Francine arrives at her desk for work. She is waiting nervously to find out if she got the promotion to superviser or not. She gets settled into her cubicle when Nicole walks up to her. "Hey Francine." Nicole says resting her hand on her shoulder. "Hey Nicole what is up?" Francine looks at her. "Ms. Hendricks would like to see you in about an hour." Nicole says...Read On


Powerless And Hungry For You

She wanted it, you could tell.

Happy to make it back home in one piece I turn the heating on, seeing as it was a cold winter's night and the kitchen windows had been left open all evening letting the heat escape. I could see the light snowfall slowly drifting around in the air from the kitchen window, happily watching each snowflake plummet to the ground, melting. A companionable silence had developed on the way back...Read On


A Wife's torrid love affair

A wife is reluctant at first but ends up getting dominated in bed by a young lover.

Amanda was your typical mom of two young boys, who at the age of 38 had begun to look at herself more closely than ever before. Her husband Steven was a few years older than her and held a job that had him traveling around the country. Even though they had been married happily for the last twelve years there were times Amanda had felt isolated from him. To keep herself busy Amanda...Read On


A Day Out In Birmingham

A shopping trip turns into exhibitionism, group and lesbian sex in a public pool room.

Day Out in Birmingham  It was the weekend and we woke up to a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. Jay and I had planned a day out in Birmingham shopping and as it was so nice we decided to have some fun on the way. We have a convertible and Jay just loves to show off in it when we are out driving. Today was no exception as she dressed in a very short, light green summer...Read On


2nd Shift Surprise

Hotel night manager gets an unexpected ride.

Several years ago I took a position as the night manager for a large hotel chain in our capitol city. Giving up the freedom of roaming the hotel as a security officer took some getting used to. In my former position barely a weekend would go by without "catching" couples in compromising positions throughout the hotel as I made my rounds. Sure, as night manager, there was the...Read On


The P90SEX Adventures Part 2B

This is the continuation from part 2A.

The P90SEX Adventures Part 2B Note, please read part 2A before, this is the continuation from part 2A. The girls headed back into the shower with the six guys behind them. Inside the shower the guys encircled the girls. From where we sat we could no longer see them. The dancers stood discussing the upcoming act with the girls privately, before the circle opened up and the girls...Read On


Kathy's Diner

Stopping at Kathy's Diner late at night in the middle of nowhere gets hot, raunchy and wild

KATHY'S DINER  Sisyphus It was late and I had been driving for hours through the fog and drizzle. I was getting drowsy and in the middle of nowhere, it seemed. Nothing but trees and an occasional dark house were barely visible. The static on the car radio made listening to the jazz station annoying and the only other station that came in was preaching about the end of time and we better...Read On


Lexi, Jenna and the Cabin in Vermont pt. 3

If Little, Lexi's baby sister, is in the hot tub, will everyone still get to cum...?

Jenna and I decided that the hot tub was a must. We'd already christenfucked the entire cabin. It smelled like sweat and pussy in our room and we needed some fresh air... I slipped on a tiny black triangle bikini and wrapped myself in a silk Armani robe. Jenna emerged from the bedroom in a pink thong bikini with the top untied. "Do the honors. Strap my tits in tight, babe." Jenna turned...Read On


Jesse and Robert- Love at First Sight?

Proof that cheesy pick up lines can and do work

I can still remember that day, lifeguarding at the pool. It was another sweltering summer in Georgia and this peach, no matter what, has never gotten used to the heat and humidity. I was sitting in my chair, somewhat bored, twirling my whistle on its lanyard around my fingers. Back and forth and back and forth, just waiting on the next adolescent prank that would force me to blow it. ...Read On


Taken in Hand by my Wife's Sisters

Sally's sisters could not wait to get my clothes off, touch me and spank me

I was just 20 when I married Sally and we didn’t find it easy keeping our heads above water after we got our first house. We often found that we were short of money by the end of the month. Despite this we both sometimes bought stuff when we shouldn’t and we needed to find a way of controlling our spending. We’d tried a bit of role play spanking and enjoyed that but I wondered if a...Read On


The Box On My Front Porch

I've ordered myself a house-warming gift and now its time to warm up.

I was excited to see the box on my front porch when I got home from work and quickly hustled it inside and set it on my kitchen table. I wanted to open it right then, but I knew I wouldn’t get any work done if I did. I went up to my bedroom and changed into something more comfortable, pulling my long curling dark brown hair into a ponytail and putting on my glasses to give my eyes a rest. I...Read On


My Boss

She finally got what she wanted!

Last year in the fall, as I was 18, with much parental influence, I decided to search for my first "real" job. I refused to work fast food, because well, it's fast food. So I decided to start searching at places I would actually LIKE to work at. I was walking through the mall with a couple of friends and remembered that there was a video game store there that I had shopped at before. I stopped...Read On



You have to share the love.

SURPRISE! Ellen was a late bloomer…until she was 18 years old she was a blushing small town virgin. Her 18 th birthday party down at Panama City Beach changed all that. She discovered that the sight of an erect penis ejaculating over her hands excited her, gave her a funny, tingly feeling between her legs. That same night she found that the hot squirts of cum against her pussy walls would...Read On


Goodnight My Love - 3

“Oh golly, Squirt, how did you get to be so clever?”

Goodnight My Love – Part 3 Previously: “Oh, Kevin, I don’t want you to be in the dog house. I just want you to take good care of yourself, for me… and for Sandra, I… we want you to be here for us for a very long time.” “Yes, of course, that’s why you beat the snot out of me. It makes perfect sense to me,” I teased. But her face fell and I was instantly sorry I’d said it....Read On


Lost Trail Cabin (chap. 3)

Romantic Getaway

Lost Trail Cabin (chapter 3) Once back at the cabin they put their groceries away. As Nancy goes back into the bedroom to put something comfortable on, Jake opens a bottle of wine and grabs a couple of glasses and heads out to the main room, turns down the lights, lights a couple of candles, then lays down on the rug in front of the fireplace. Nancy comes in from the bedroom wearing a robe....Read On


Sex Diaries: Cheerleader Initiation

A Simple cheerleaders initiation

The day I made the cheerleading squad was the happiest day of my life. I remembered driving to class when the phone call came. I was so shocked and excited that I almost drove into a cops car. I didn't think I was going to make the team. I'm only 5'4" and 117 pounds so naturally I thought I would get passed over. Unlike the other girls on the team, I wasn't a knockout or had huge pair of tits....Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 25

Brody talks to his brother -- the bad news.

The incessant buzz of his alarm clock usually had Brody up right away, but this time it took him a good ten seconds of flailing before he found the button to shut it off. The team had played the night before, eking out an overtime win against Nashville, and he'd almost fallen asleep in his clothes when he'd gotten home. He lay in bed a while longer before opening his eyes. His day had so...Read On


Coming to You

Some nights sleep is secondary.

You are sleeping, lying softly on your side; the moonlight highlights your body, accenting your smooth hips and narrow waist. I approach closer; I hear your soft breaths, so soothing… it warms my soul. I remove my robe, as it drops, my nude body is bathed in the soft light. I kneel on the bed, you murmur softly and I gently kiss your lips. Your lips respond, for even in your dreams, you know...Read On


Doing Favors for the Black Foremen

I go to work in a warehouse and end up sucking the black foremen, boss and others.

I was an out of work, 48 year old marketing representative. A friend of mine named Bill, who just happens to be black and the owner of an electrical supply company, gave me a job in his warehouse in Detroit. I needed to get some income to support my family and no jobs were available in my profession. Many of the other men resented me getting the job, especially since I had never worked in...Read On


My First Time - Please Pass The Butter

For me, anal was like a Holy Grail quest, but my first win was kind of weird and didn't end well.

For me, anal was like a Holy Grail quest, but my first "win" was kind of weird and didn't end well. The first time I succeeded in buggering, I was working as a DJ at a radio station during the summer of 1999. This girl used to call every DJ, every day, flirting, talking dirty, asking the guys about their cocks, the girls about the their pussies, and generally teasing us all. I should...Read On


How I pursuaded my wife to fulfill my fantasy

After careful consideration we chose an old boyfreind of hers to join me in satisfying her fully.

I love my wife very much. She is 12 years older than me and we had been married then for over 25 years. Like many couples sex when we were first together was spectacular but fell away as years went by. Jan had many boyfriends when young which her family always ribbed her about but in those days you didn’t go ‘all the way’. I was very jealous having had no experience of girls before we met....Read On


I Broke My New Year’s Resolution Version A

Jim goes to a financial planner and is spanked

I made a resolution to improve my finances. You see, I tend to make mistakes that do not help my finances. First of all, I do not balance my checkbook. Once I make a deposit, I glance at the receipt, and that’s all I do. Second, I tend to put almost everything on my credit card. That has worked well in the past, but I have only paid the minimum payment, and now I am near my credit limit. ...Read On


I think I've waited long enough

Sophie finally gets what she's wanted for a very long time.

So there I was. It was a typical Saturday night out. Beautiful girls -much more beautiful than me- and hunky guys lined the streets and bars. I was in the of the biggest and busiest clubs, hanging out with my brother and his, let's say, hardly unattractive friends.  I'd always liked one of them. Matt. He was a few inches taller than me, standing at around 6'3", and his eyes were a...Read On



Nude dancer is surprised by co-workers

Twenty four year old Kelly peered into the mirror to give one last look before heading out to the dance floor. It had been three years now since she had began dancing at the all-nude club. She was down on her luck and about to be evicted from her apartment when she passed the gaudy club and saw the advertisement for exotic dancers. One year after, she landed a part time job at a call...Read On


All the Teachers PT5

22 year old has sex with 18 year old at friends house

“What the heck,” he said, “It’s what she wants. I know that at least.” With that, Spencer stood up and straightened himself out. It was only going on 5:30 but already Becki had stood up, and walked away from the couch. He’d seen her from the front. He’d seen her from the backside too. He knew he liked what he’d seen with her big looking tits and one heck of a set of hips as well. She held...Read On


One long ride home..

She wanted it from the beginning, it was obvious.

Driving along the straight, deserted road on my own, I freely begin to turn up the radio and start singing my heart out to keep myself from falling into the pit of boredom and loneliness. Buckling up I begin doing 150mph flat out until I realise that I’ve become lost within the mist of some town. Parking up I reduce the volume and get out, hoping to find someone who could give me directions. ...Read On


Identical Twins

A Slut of a Housewife on Holiday Opens her Legs

They were identical twins. One was Paul and the other was Gary, this much I know, but if you asked me which one was which I'd be at a loss to say. OK, it's sunny Queensland, hubby is off on some golf course doing what he loves the most, chasing those little white balls, and his sometime loving wife takes a trip to the local club to sit with the oldies to play bingo, with little success. ...Read On


Winter Solstice

historical fantasy

He opened what he thought was left of one eye but still couldn't see much. Everything was a blurr. His head hurt and it was cold and damp....he fought the urge to vomit..... at least he was alive. It wasn't until after a few moments that he realized that if he rolled over, he still had sight in his other eye. His hand went instinctively to the dysfunctional eye. It was practically swollen...Read On