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The fun with Kathy continues

Kathy awakes from her slumber and we make love in the river

This is the continuation of an event from my past. I have changed the names to protect the not so innocent. If you want the whole story you should start at chapter one exploring her wild side, but you do not have to. I hope you enjoy it. As she lay there resting on the banks of the river with her skirt pulled up and her breasts exposed, I could not help but look. I lay on my side...Read On

Sister Celeste: Angel of Mercy -- Chapters 2 and 3

Celeste works her magic but gets charmed by Mr. B.

Chapter 2 For the next visit, I arrived a little earlier, hoping to see the place with some daylight remaining, but of course, the sun also set a little earlier, so I caught the tail end of twilight. The place still looked gloomy and then my headlights fell on a gutted deer hanging from a crossbeam between two poles. I had neighbors that hunted when I was growing up and I had seen their...Read On


Our Path to Husband Swapping Part 6

We swap for the second time.

This is the continuation of the story of our couple swap. If you haven’t read our other stories we had just done our 1 st full swap with our friends Stacy and Tom. Sam and I had just gotten in the car after having our first full swap with another couple. Sam’s buddy Tom had just fucked me twice, cumming in me both times. Sam had just done the same with Tom’s wife Stacy, fucking her 2 times....Read On


A Squirt Here, A Squirt There - Chapter 1

Cindy's adventures in taking a naughty piss!

Chapter One Sitting naked on her deck, Cindy spread her creamy thighs wide and revealed her semi-trimmed red haired pussy to the world. She reached one of her hands down between her legs and spread her nether-lips and sent a command to her bladder to release what was stored up in there. The red head let out a blissful sigh as her hot, honey colored piss trickled out of her at first and...Read On


An Affair To Remember: Part 2

Co-workers continue workplace romance

It was inevitable! I should have known it! You can’t work in close proximity with someone you’ve been to bed with and not want to do it again. Forbidden fruit always tastes better, and eventually your craving for it overrides your conscience. So it was with Tammy and I. After our one night stand, we had discussed what we had done, how wonderful it felt, and how unfair it was to our...Read On


My first time with a teacher

Nothing is as good as doing something you aren't supposed to do

I have this problem. I have to fuck men that have power over me. I HAVE to. Not that I want to, I literally NEED to if I want to continue to be sane. And once I get it in my head that I'm going to have someone, I WILL have them. I will do whatever it takes to have sex with the person I set my goal on. I will do things most people wouldn't even fathom doing to get what I want. I really don't...Read On


One failing student

When you tutor a student you build chemistry and then alcohol may pave the way

My name is Tonya, I'm 5'3 with C-cup breasts and red hair. I'm 28 and I teach math at a community college. I have one student who keeps failing quizzes. I handed back a quiz and he didn't do so well on it, but I came up with an idea on that Tuesday when I gave it back to him. “OK class dismissed,” I said to the whole class. Then he came up to me wondering about his grade. “I can't...Read On

Audio version available

Panty Raid

We sit on my bed, watching TV. Some reality show is on, barely holding my attention. I get up suddenly and switch off the TV. You protest. “I’m bored,” I say. “Let’s play a game.” Intrigued, you agree. I open my dresser drawer and reach inside. I come up with my hands behind my back. “Pick a hand.” You choose and I drop a pair of plain cotton briefs on the bed. “You chose well,” I say....Read On


Fun at the beach

My girlfriend and I make up for some lost time in the bed.

The summer after I graduated, my family decided to finally allow my girlfriend Alexis to come along with us. During the past months, we hadn't been able to spend much time together because of the stress school work and our jobs were putting onto to us which meant no time for sex. That night when I came by her house to pick her up, all I could think about was the fun dirty things we were going...Read On


The Adult Toy Store

Another Saturday Night in Tampa with a visit to an adult toy store

My wife Diane is a typical 24 year old young woman in every way, except for the fact that she has grown more and more sexual as she gets older. She is beautiful, five foot six inches, 127 pounds carrying a 36C chest with shoulder length auburn hair. She inherited her long, sexy legs from her mother's side of the family. She loves to dress to show off her great shape that she works hard at the...Read On


Magic Part 3 Mesmerized

”Come to me my magical lover...make my desires come true.”

Magic stood in the darkness of his room. His mind was obsessed with a stranger he met through his email. Her name is Kandie; she seemed to walk out of his dream into his life. Oh god, he just had to have her! First, he wanted to drive her desires higher than they had ever been, then when they meet…..the magic would turn into pure ecstasy! He sat down and began writing her another enticing email....Read On


My amazing mother and me

Sex with my mum

Hi, This is a TRUE story! Just to set the scene, I am Kyle, a 25 year old man from England. My mother Margaret is 67 and I lived with her since birth. There is often a stigma attached to incest. If it is between two consenting adults and no abuse is involved what is the problem? We are ordinary people, not freaks. I have a university degree and work in a well paid job. I have a great...Read On


Fuck The Law

Can two over-sexed attorneys settle their differences?

When I was going to law school at night and working as a paralegal at a non-profit children’s advocacy group (called “Child Assist”) during the day, despite my high libido I didn’t have much time for romantic, or even just straight sexual, relationships. Aside from a few infrequent all sex, no romance, three fucks per session, evenings with one of my night school classmates named Jen (who...Read On

Blog 3

Stephen has a cherry and it needs popping.

Blog 3: I was hoping to finish telling you the story of Pippa, me and the double ended dildo this evening, but things have moved on apace with little Stephen of the photocopier and I really need to bring you up to date with that. I got into work yesterday to find one of those chocolate hearts sitting in the middle of my desk and Stephanie beside herself with joy at the prospect of...Read On


Eve and Jenny Finally Meet (Ch. 2)

Eve and Jenny share a delicious shower together

For my darling Eve. Both Jenny and Eve quickly rearrange their bikini`s and pull on their clothes over them. They quickly packed their bags and began to hurry back down the beach. As they moved up the beach they passed a few more tourists. Eve grabbed at Jenny`s arm and pulled her back. “Hey hun, we don`t want to tire ourselves out do we?” Eve said giggling. Jen smiled at her and...Read On


Goddess Beauty

Vivian saddled on top of my bare chest and began kissing me softly moving down to my erected dick

I stepped out of the car and stared with a look of 'what the hell' on my face as Dad had stopped our four wheel RV into the drive way of our summer house over looking the sea. And a light house over across the way. Not that I was disappointed I was spending my school holidays with my parents and my baby brother, Nathan, its just my best friend had asked me to go with him to California with...Read On


Shipwrecked - Part 2

...the story continues where we left off, exhilarated by the fantastic climax that we had reached.

“Wow”, was all I could say as we collapsed together. “Wow indeed”, she responded, “Maybe getting marooned won’t be so bad after all”. And she kissed me, long and languorously, our tongues tasting and sliding gently, over and over, until the sheer sensuality of this stoked the fires again, and turning her over, I slid my hard again cock into her dripping pussy. Once more our passion...Read On


Horses in the City Ch 02

Emma takes a chance.

"What'd you tell him?" Millie jerked her head in Sol's direction. "Looked like he might jump over the table for that salt." Emma reached for the coffee carafe. "I told him you put extra salt in the hash browns." "Good one!" Millie laughed, almost a cackle, and patted Emma's arm. "And he believed you!" Emma shrugged. "This time, anyway." "And did I see you smile over there?" Millie...Read On


I want you for Christmas CH3

The weekend came and went without the girls running into each other but Lilly knew when Kelly would be working and was standing next to the exit of the mall at the end of her shift. She saw Kelly hesitate for just a second before smiling and walking towards her. Lilly bounced up to Kelly and gave her a tight hug before stepping back before her lips got any ideas. “So how was your first day...Read On


The Power of The Moon ch.6

What could happen next?

Matty sat on the kitchen counter staring down at his feet. It was the day after the incident between him and Grace. He heard Landon wake up and walk down the hall and into the kitchen. "Hey man, wanna play some videogames? I bought the new Assassin Creed game." Landon looked at him. His face showed he was pissed off at someone. And he was not in the mood to play any game what so ever. ...Read On


Wife's Fantasy

We wanted to spice things up, I didnt expect this!

My wife is a little younger than me, we have been married for 18 years and have never strayed. We both felt that sex, while still good, was getting a little routine and it could do with spicing up, we have chatted for ages about what to do and have tried a few different things. We both decided that we would have a box each, write our fantasies on a piece of paper and we would take one...Read On


Magic Part 2

As you read, it seems you can hear his incantation and you go under his spell once more.

Kandie sat down at her computer and after logging on noticed an email from Magic. She had taken their erotic emails and turned them into an erotic story, then posted it on an erotic story site. She couldn’t wait to read his reaction to their story. “Hello Kandie,   Hi, I see you posted your story. I hope that it will be as enjoyed being everyone who reads it, as it was obviously fun for...Read On


The hot lady at the office

Some night you actually get lucky

I'm Jim and I've had an office job at a company for about 4 years now. I'm 36 and over the years, young ladies in their 20s have come and gone. The ladies that have worked there have mostly been temps that work there for a few months and never return. I never got the opportunity to be with one of them. They have been with someone or just not interested in someone who is in their 30s, but...Read On


Another day at work

Another day at work. Another day of serving customers their cold cuts, who want it sliced extra thin, because its the only way their toddlers will eat it. Because they have problems digesting food. Because it just tastes better when its thin. Another day of being just one once over, and OH MY GOD, that's TOO EXPENSIVE! Another day of bullshit, or so I thought. My name is Nick, and I...Read On


Las Vegas Part 1

Daddy/daughter roleplay in Las Vegas

I met Selene online on a porn site. We were both horny, liked porn and loved to masturbate. The big difference was that I was 46 and she was 18. I think I commented on her pictures which I thought were gorgeous. Red hair, big boobs, curves. Very hot. I wasn't too concerned with the age difference as she was an adult with wit and intelligence. She was also fun to talk to. I've been attracted...Read On


Shipwrecked - Part 1

A yachting race comes to a sticky end... ?

This story has a fairly long lead in before you get to the action, so be patient, and I hope you think it is worth it. Part 2 will be up shortly as well, which will raise the temperature a lot of degrees more. We’d been away from home now for nearly 3 weeks, and were getting close to our goal. Our boat had conquered 30 foot waves, and horrendous hurricane force winds, and the 6 person...Read On


Horses in the City Ch 01

Luke wonders about Emma.

Horses in the City © 2010 All rights reserved Prologue "Emma, what are you talking about?" Lila Hutchins stared at her sister, unable to comprehend what she'd just heard. They were at a Christmas party but Lila barely registered the lights, the decorations, or the songs. Emma's words had blocked everything else out. "Just what I said, Lila. I don't think it will work with the two of...Read On


I need a fuck

I need to be fucked, but you've got other things in mind.

I need a fuck. I want you to press yourself against me as I step out of the shower. I want you to twist my nipples, making me moan. You’ll stroke my freshly shaved pussy and I’ll feel your hot breath on my neck as you search for my fleshy button. The cold shower I took will do nothing to douse my desire. You’ll push me onto my bed, dripping wet, and slap my ass. “Stay.” You’ll command and...Read On


Fantasy Fulifilled

My crush finally gives me what I want.

Damn! I really should be focusing on studying the internal components of this computer, but I am so tortured right now. I have been stuck on him for weeks and I just cannot get him out of my mind. I should have never got that close to him, but he is just so fucking sexy, I could hardly resist. Chuck is 6’6, he has a sexy ass skin tone, and he sports a low cut and a goatee. He has tattoos...Read On


I want you for Christmas CH2

Chapter 2 Kelly awoke first thing in the morning shivering like always. Her parents apartment did not have a good heating system forcing her to have to dress warm even when in the house at night. That did not help her mood from the snowball attack the day before. She was just starting to feel a little sorry for the way she reacted but she was too cold to really give a damn at that...Read On