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Fun In Cabo

Girls on vacation have one plan only, getting laid.

The sun, the beach, the pool and the ocean mixed with some drinks are just the perfect combination for a weekend of fun. Cabo, two years back, I took a trip with my girlfriend with only two objectives:- 1. Have lots of fun;  2. Fuck as many guys as we can.  This story is about the best fuck of that three-day trip. I fucked six different guys over that weekend, once with three of them...Read On


I follow you

I was 16 and she was 21

There was a young woman that I met while working my first job, at age 16. We’ll call her 'H'. She was beautiful with long dark hair, brown eyes, glowing white skin. 'H' was 21 years old, 4’11” with cantaloupe sized breasts and a mother’s soft stomach. 'H' had an independent personality and a laugh that was to die for. When she smiled at me it was like standing in the sun on a summer's...Read On


When Mom is Away, Dad Will Play-Part 2

Mom is gone and the fun continues!

We came down from the attic naked, tired but still ready for more sex. Dad had me against the wall in the hallway and was tongue-fucking my mouth as his hands rubbed my breasts. “Oh yeah,” I moaned as his hand reached in between my legs rubbing my clit. I started to reach down for his cock when the phone rang. “Shit!” he yelled. “I gotta get the phone,” I said between kisses. “Fuck...Read On


Vacation memories

That private little house wasn't so private

We had been looking forward to returning to our dream house on St. Kitts and the ferry could not chug through the bay fast enough. We had stumbled across this piece of paradise a year earlier and had booked nine days of doing next to nothing. We snorkeled, sunned our naked bodies, ate at every nice restaurant on the island, but most importantly, just enjoyed being with each other 24/7. ...Read On


Playground Fun with a Stranger

A true story from when I was a teenager and fucked a complete stranger on a playground.

This is a true story. It is also my first story ever written. So any advice is welcomed! Thank you! It was the summer and I was 16. My boyfriend and I had broken up about a month before and I was still pretty upset. My friend Krista suggest we have a Girls' Night, and invited me over to her house. She lived in a small one bedroom apartment with her aunt who was never there. I agreed and...Read On


Fantasy Tit Wank

A man without a plan tries to meet his neighbour

This story is a reply to Daniellex 's story "My Tit Wank Fantasy". With Danielle's kind permission I have tried to offer the male perspective of the same events. I suggest you read hers first . I shouldn’t be doing this. I mean, I’ve only spoken to you once. That day. The day you moved in across the hall. The first thing I saw was your bum. You were bending over, placing the box down as...Read On


Into Temptation

After taking you from behind, I cannot resist

I love that picture of you in your pink underwear. It makes me wish that we were together, you modeling for me, stripping down, seducing me. I’d try and do the same for you, stripping to my gray cotton boxers, but you do it so much better. Your actions clearly excite me, as the outline of my bulging cock is clearly visible in my boxers. I love how you lift your breasts from your top,...Read On


Our night

a nice thought, a great night

We sit on the couch watching Lord of The Rings. I don’t know why, but you make me so nervous. We have talked for hours, I trust you completely, and you know everything about me. So why do you make me so anxious? We’re just sitting there in our comfortable clothes, watching the movie. We had decided to have a movie day to watch the entire trilogy. We’d ordered pizza and refused to move...Read On


My gym teacher

Falling for my gym teacher.

It was the beginning of junior year and I went through my whole day of school up till 7th period. I had gym which I didn't have since freshman year. We got two new gym teachers. The class was split into two classes. I was in Mr. Healy's class. I thought he was really cute and I used to get nervous around him. One day I came into school with an injured knee. I needed to talk to him privately...Read On


Lindsey's Story Pt 1

Lindsey becomes curious about sex with two men and double penetration.

Please note that my stories are often the result of my very active and vivid imagination. Portions of some stories are taken from my life experiences, but I am not telling what parts those may be. I may or may not be an actual character in my stories, and they may or may not be something I would choose to do. Lindsey had recently gotten divorced. Her husband had been mentally and...Read On


Pumped While Wearing His Pumps

Hitching A Ride with the Lothario of Lingerie

What a place to be stuck! Under a sign that says Coors Road and practically dying of thirst. I was now two-thirds of the way across the United States but perhaps the most difficult portion of my cross-country hitchhiking adventure lay ahead. It is all deserts from there on the outskirts of Albuquerque to the Pacific coast, my ultimate destination. I had left from Maine four days earlier...Read On


The Cat Came Back

A man gets a visit from the woman of his dreams

She’s on my mind again. I don’t know how she gets in there or why she seems to lurk in my thoughts, but every now and then she turns up at my doorstep and won’t go away until I give in to her. It’s funny, some days I can masturbate and it’s a small thing, like a token effort or an attempt to grab some peace for myself (no pun intended). But not today. No, today I looked down and realized...Read On


Hospital Fun

Sex in a dark corner times three......

There she stood, a gorgeous vision in a nurse's uniform. We had been secretly meeting for a few days now. I walked over to her not speaking a word. Her soft green eyes caught mine and a naughty smile shown on her glossy pink lips. I crossed the path to where she was stood against the side of the building and smiled at her as I slowly pushed her back into a dark corner, my fingertips...Read On


An unusual night out

A loveable, although cheeky, friend takes on a different role after a few too many drinks...

'Hey, how are you? Enjoying it so far?!' he asked embracing me and ruffling my hair.   'No, not in the least mate. End of the first and we're only up 1-0, what's all that about? We should be all over them!' 'Trust me, we'll win.' 'I hope so, see you later anyway I don't wanna miss the start of the second.' I went and took my seat for the beginning of the second period and tried to...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 12

Spending a few days the Wilson's house

NOTE: THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS ABOUT THE MOST RECENT “FRIDAY THE 13TH” MOVIE THAT CAME OUT, SO IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT AND DON'T WANT IT TO BE RUINED FOR YOU THEN SKIP THE MOVIE SCENE WHERE THEY WATCH IT. I woke up against my will to the sound of a door opening and then my phone ringing. I looked at the caller id and saw it was mom, so I forced myself awake and pushed talk. “Hey mom, thanks...Read On


Sunset Highways - Encounter I

Our protagonist is expertly and luridly manipulated by a lady of experience.

SUNSET HIGHWAYS    Encounter I If this works for you, please leave a comment as I just damn well love reading them! I walked towards the little prefabricated, single storey dwelling encircled by bay trees at the far end of the street where, for the last two months, I had lived. In the heat and humidity of mid-morning there were few sounds, bar the gentle whisper of the corn...Read On


Meet Your Dad at Work Day

Sophie meets her Daddy at work. Surprise for Daddy continued.

Opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was the Nirvana poster she’d taped to her ceiling a few years back. Cobain’s eyes staring back at her, Sophie took a moment to process the events of yesterday afternoon and the night that followed. My father and I had fucked, she thought. There was just no other word for it. Her body ached from the positions he put her in. She was sure there were a...Read On


Top Sports' Shop Custom Jock-strap Fitting

Mature female clerks help young men in their purchasing of athletic supporters

“Donnie what are these?” I just counted 20 jock straps in your drawers,” Mrs. Patterson asks her son as she is placing clean clothes into his chest-of-drawers. “Oh, bein’ out for basketball, I go through them fast.” “Not that fast. I do your laundry every week and I don’t see why you can’t get by with four or five. This seems excessive.” “Well, Mom, I don’t want to run out....Read On


Tatum23 Story


The story behind the wheel barrow pictures: Well, since you asked, here’s what happened. I was living with my boyfriend (at the time) and he was renovating his bathroom. He had two friends over to help, Reggie, a tall black man with a linebacker build, and Rafa, a stocky Mexican. Both men have shaved heads, which I love! I had been helping the guys carry out the tile they had torn up....Read On


Dating Kelly Part III-Parents out of Town Part 1

2 months after homecoming, Kelly and JJ move their relationship to the next level

About 2 months after the dance my parents went out of town for the week, taking my younger twin brothers and little sister with them. Since I didn’t have off school like my siblings did, my parents decided to let me stay home alone. After warning me that the neighbors were watching to make sure I didn't have any parties, they left. I was kind of laid up, because during the state...Read On


A Hard Day Work

Darren needed this after his hard day

I just got in after a long day of work. My girlfriend Megwas supposed to be meeting me at the office but she never showed up, so I was pretty surprised when I saw her sat in my apartment watching T.V. “Hey Meg.” I said, making her jump, she must not have me come in. “Hey hun, hard day?” She said, I could tell there was something wrong because she was twisting her hair. “Yeah, lots...Read On


First Threesome

It was New Years Eve and we had a huge party at our place. One of my girl's friends came into town and she was known to be a bit of a party girl. So we're all getting lit and someone dared my girl and the friend, we'll call her Jessica, to make out, which they did. I was in another apartment next door when this started to happen. I walk in and there is my girl and Jessica making out pretty...Read On


Lover Come Back

High school sweethearts can and do make it.

Thirty years ago,as a junior in high school, I fell in love with a twin. I had noticed Frances and her twin sister, Ilona, seniors, playing badminton on the school's intramural squad. I asked the coach if I could play and was told I could play boys singles. At the time, Frances was supposed to play mixed doubles, but one day she and her partner needed some one to practice against, so she asked...Read On


Making Love For The First Time

Sitting on my couch, I glanced over at him and he grinned. He's so attractive and sexy I knew he wanted more and I think I did too. I leaned over, pressed my lips against his, and started kissing. He kissed me back, his hands traveling down my back and rested on my ass. I stood up, gesturing him with me to my bedroom. He pulled me closer with his hands on my hips. As his lips pressed...Read On


How much I love my brother

One night a brother and sister find out maybe thier love is mutual

Can I ask you something? Is incest sex really so bad? I mean I know having sex with a family member is not just weird and creepy, but illegal. Why? It's one thing if it's just lust. But to have centennial sex with someone you love and care about very much. Why is this so bad? I mean really why? I'm Jennifer and I'm a 19 year old lady and I have a 20 year old brother named Jim. I have brown...Read On


Perfact Club, No.2

Wet dreams fulfilled at a lesbian club by a wild pair.

Rachel called me Thursday night. “Hey, wanna go clubbing again this weekend?” I had met Rachel the previous weekend at a very wild gay/bi/lesbian club. We’d enjoyed ourselves there, and at my place the next day. She lived almost two hours away, but already we were talking about sharing a place. Oh, by the way, I’m Cynthia, or Cyn to my friends. Dorky software engineer by day, on nights...Read On


How I got lucky with another man's wife

How a boring business trip turned into a great night of sex with the bosses hot wife

She showed up at his hotel room door one morning. What was he to do? He had spent the night before on a red eye flight from San Francisco to New York City, and wasted the better part of the morning arguing with the concierge about the suite he had that looked more like the size of horse stall. She was just a breath of fresh air, and he couldn’t help but grin as she shoved a pile of papers...Read On


Gambling Affair

Weekend getaway to satisfy fantasies ....

Sitting at her kitchen table drinking her coffee as she reads the morning paper, her routine is similar each day. In fact she makes sure to do the same things every morning; she doesn't like to be rushed. Reading one of the stories on the sports page, she jumps when her phone rings. Taking it from the counter, she answers without looking to see who it is. "Hello?" "Keira?" "Yes, good...Read On


Caught wanking in the library

I get messy in the library

Even after a few weeks at college I was still finding my feet. I had made some new friends, but the place itself - it was so big! I wanted to knuckle down and, being a bit of a nerd, decided to get some books on English grammar. I had only been to the library once and then it had been locked. One girl told me that it was a good place to study because so few people went in. Mobiles and iPods...Read On


A Cure For A Bad Day

Coming from a bad will require more than just talk.

Marcus came home after a long, hard day from work. He had gone through enough for the day, dealing with slow-moving rush-hour traffic, difficult clients, and a boss reaming his ass for simple screw up, and to make his day worse, a speeding ticket from the highway patrol. He just wanted to end his day by sleeping off the rest of the evening. His expression displayed a mean look, like he was...Read On