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Cross country run


We watched as Tom continued to caress her. She moaned loudly as his fingers pressed against her crotch. We could see her panties dark with moisture around her most intimate part. Tom rubbed the silky material: " Rachel, your knickers are just as wet as we were when we came in. I think I should take them off and dry them by the fire. Stop me if you wish." He began to tug them down....Read On


The Doctors Antidote for Virginity

Cara was still sweet, and purely innocent. The things to come, had never pondered within her mind.

Lee had been a medical student at The Medical College of Georgia for two years now. So it was no substantial surprise for the professor to give assignments pertaining to them being doctors within the medical field for their Christmas break. However, this time it was a little different than he had expected. Use a friend as a test subject? What in the world was this guy thinking!? Lee...Read On

RL Adventures - Her Perspective

Giving me a little extra one night !

*** Note : As per in my profile section, this is the beginning of my real life adventures entries. These are possible, have happened, or happen often type of stories. They may be past experiences or fantasies. I want to write showing both partners' perspectives, excitement, etc. ENJOY !*** Her Perspective. The music had a fast beat, Spanish with heavy drums, screeching guitars, and a...Read On

Go on Boy...Good Old Santa

The excited old man began to quiver, but did the deed without a dither,

"Go on boy, Good Old Santa!" Cindy, a precocious eighteen year old in her twelfth grade at high school, smiled sweetly at her mother and assured her that she would not stay out late. Clare, her best friend, also had school in the morning, so they would not leave it too late leaving the city centre. They would watch the movie, grab a McDonald’s and catch the bus home before the...Read On


Kenny Loves Carla

Horny boy loses his virginity to his sexy neighbor.

“Uggh, not again,” Kenny mumbled when his mother told him tostart getting ready. “The guests will start arriving at 6.” Kenny hated his parents’ dinner parties - always so boring and having to answer questions from all of the neighbors and friends. He reluctantly climbed the stairs and went to his room to change into a dress shirt and khakis. Contrary to Kenny, the neighbors and friends...Read On


Learning How to Stick to a Diet II

After Krystenah breaks her diet (before it begins), she is punished at Delilah's birthday party

Everyone, by now, has a plate of cake and is moaning with pleasure as they dig in. They all eat in front of me, but one guest apologizes and says that the cake is too rich, that she can't finish. She goes to throw it away, but J tells her to throw it away on me. "Don't put it in her mouth," He tells her, "but you can put it in her cunt or up her ass, or just smear it on her. Don't worry...Read On


Being mastered 2

What will be waiting after corner time?

I felt like I had been standing in the corner for an hour. Maybe I had. The situation I found myself in, so exposed and humiliated, had led me to lose all track of time. I felt a rush of redness to my face as I thought back on the spanking and paddling I had already received that night. My ass still felt like it was on fire, but I could also feel the sticky wetness between my thighs – my...Read On


Melina's New York Weekend

Melina felt her stomach tighten as the plane landed..

A week ago, Melina decided that she was going to New York, and see her online lover for the first time. They had been talking for three years, and she had fallen in love with him. She had dreams about him, wanting to be in his arms. When her husband came come home drunk and hit her, she called Anthony, and thats when she decided that she deserved better... The plane landed at JFK, as she...Read On


Prof. Davis gets a new job 1

Teacher helps out with the Junior College cheer squad

"They like to show off and flirt a bit, don't they?" It took me a few seconds to even realize that I had heard the question. "Huh?" I responded weakly. I was busted. Busted hard. The cheerleader sponsor had walked up behind me and had whispered it to the back of my head. I turned to see her with a cute smile on her face and a knowing twinkle in her eyes. "Oh, relax. It's no big deal....Read On


Never Judge a Person By Their Smile

One boy learns that the innocent girl next doors smile isn't so innocent

There she was, Ashley Connors. My god was she hot; dark hazel hair, not too fat yet not too skinny, great ass, near perfect breasts, but what got me most was that smile. I remember moving to my new house, I saw a young girl my age sitting there. She was smiling the most innocent smile I have ever seen. From the moment I saw her I knew I wanted her more than anything on this planet. My...Read On


Cross country run

Shelter from a storm

Three of us were on a cross country run on a summer's day when we fell victim to a sudden thunderstorm. The rain came down in sheets and we were thoroughly drenched. We were each wearing white shorts and thin white vest and embarrassingly these were now completely see-through. The rain kept pouring down, and we finally spied a cottage up ahead and decided to seek shelter. My two mates...Read On


Halloween Eve

An adult babygirl visits her Daddy the day before Halloween

It’s the Saturday before Halloween; the big Halloween party night. It was our favorite holiday, his and mine, and he’s gone, so I really don’t care this year, I pretended it wasn’t coming, I skipped the parties thrown by friends at school, though now I do wish I’d bought pumpkins and carved them and put candles inside and salted and roasted the seeds. I also wish fall was in the air; I...Read On


The Strength of Desire

She wants to be used, not loved.

The Strength of Desire Chapter 1 I met Amy about three months ago in the gym where we both work out. I was half way through a leg routine, when I saw her enter the room. I immediately thought that she was stunning, she had long blonde hair, green eyes and although not the prettiest face, there was something about her manner that I found intriguing. She seemed to be doing a leg routine...Read On


Fantasy Girl

A successful businesswoman is selected as a fantasy girl for an island resort club

I am almost losing my courage sitting in the waiting room at the reception of a well known publicly listed Australian company. I am wearing business attire, short black skirt with slits, white lace blouse, makeup with summer colours, black hose, heels and Amani perfume. To the outsider I might be mistaken for a job candidate as I had my resume folder with me, just in case. My appointment was...Read On


Beautiful Day

All alone by the river

You wake up one morning, and with a huge smile on your face, you open the curtains and see what a beautiful day it is. You have the day off and you can’t wait to make the most of it. You go to the bathroom and strip in front of the mirror while the shower warms up, you check yourself out smiling, you’re starting to feel horny, but you know you can’t start playing around or you'll spend all...Read On


Until His Anger is Spent

krystenah has to take the punishment her Master gives her until He is no longer angry

"Is the front door locked? Don't lie to me," He said. "No, Sir," I confessed. "Well, you had best leave it open. Get in position and lay out what you think I'm going to need to punish that body," He said. "Yes, Sir," I whispered, and heard Him hanging up.   i walked into the bedroom, nervous over the stern tone in Master's voice. I went to the toy box, unsure of what He wanted. He...Read On


Summer In California part 2

Going all the way

Summer In Northern California Part 2 This is the story of my first time spending the weekend at Kelly and Karen’s house while their parents are away for the weekend. Karen is Kelly’s younger sister. They are a year and a half apart. Well it was summer vacation in California and my girlfriend Kelly called me to tell me that her parents where going away for the weekend and did I want...Read On


Teacher Gets It

A bit of after school work between two teachers

I was burning the midnight oil at school, attempting to catch up on grading student essays. Okay, so I really was only burning the lights in my classroom and it wasn't midnight, it was about 5:30 in the evening. Anyway, I had a lot of work to get done. I heard a key in my door and looked up to see the evening shift custodian come into my room. We talked for a minute or two, and then he began...Read On


Casanova On-Line

His online time is special, but do they know his secret?

He prepares for his time on-line as if following an ancient ritual. He gets out the notebook sets up the candles and sits at his computer. The shelves in his room are filled with computer books and romance novels. The computer books were for his mind and the romance novels.....well they were for his on-line friends. That was also what his notebook was for. It was like his bible, containing...Read On


My Daughter's Teacher- Chapter 3

As always, your comments are welcome. CHAPTER 3 The rest of the day was relatively lazy, me doing chores around the house and Beth chit chatting on her phone. Around 2pm I send a message to Amy. I had a lot of fun last night and can’t wait to see you again. A few minutes later she wrote back. I had a lot of fun too. Would it be needy if I said I wanted to see you again tonight? ...Read On


The Worm Turns Part 2: The Routine

After establishing a routine, a surprise visit by a man took my tranformation to a new level.

Before I even realized it, we had fallen into a pattern of visits to the sisters’ salon. On a weekly basis, I was having my hair set, my nails done, and my make-up applied expertly by some combination of Kim and/or Kristie. Often one would do the work while the other recorded the proceedings on video or with a digital still camera. Several of the photos made their way onto the mirrors of...Read On


Art History Class

Personal experence back in my late teen years.

For my first story, a experience that happened in my last year at school (before Uni). I was still a virgin at the time (17). Names have been changed, but it is based on true events which happened a long time ago. I have taken some poetic license but mostly it is true. I was sitting in a darken room with about 20 other students watching a projector slide show of 20th Century art. Our teacher...Read On


Banging in the New Year

It does not get much better than this.

The lobby of the Markin Plaza Hotel was buzzing with activity this early evening. Hundreds of guests were ready to ring out 2010 and welcome 2011. This was my first New Year’s Eve away from my family. I fought long and hard for this night. I’m 18 years old and I don’t need to spend New Year’s Eve with my parents at the Anderson’s place where all people do is talk about the “good old...Read On


How the Mighty Has Fallen

krystenah is the entertainment at the company that laid her off last year

When I was laid off last year from MegaCorp, I was told that it was due to budget cuts. I always suspected, however, that my attitude would have eventually gotten me fired, anyway. Although many people I worked with admired my body, few liked my personality. In fact, I had a reputation for being an arrogant bitch. When I left, I was certain I’d be snapped up within a week or two at the most...Read On


What Do You Want for Christmas?

Better watch you out when a store Santa makes a home visit!

"You just don't have any sense of adventure anymore," complained Debbie. "Like all those muggers and murderers you deal with everyday?" I wanted to know. "It has nothing to do with my job," she replied. "And for your information it is usually burglars that I'm involved in catching, not murderers. The problem is with you. Ever since you finished acting school, all you do is sit around...Read On


A Goddess in need

Shh..I told her. I can't! MMM! she said back

I have a small job that consists of babysitting four young kids, three girls and one boy, all of which are crazy and sometimes make me want to pull my hair out. But when they are all settled down watching the same cartoon they pick each night, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. AND it is well worth it when their mother, thirty years of age, comes home from work. MM! Ok ok settle down. So...Read On


Teacher Needs It

Two teachers share a private moment at school

The bell rang. I began to put away my papers and notes, stopping now and then to acknowledge a goodbye or answer a quick question. "Hi, Ms. Jay!" I heard someone in the hall say as Tina walked into the room. She was a popular teacher at our high school. Tina was in her mid-twenties and as cute as a button. She was wearing what I call "a woman's suit." It was a Navy jacket, white top with...Read On


The New Workout Partner

The lonely husband finds a new friend...

It’s just another workout at the gym. Will tonight prove to be the same old routine? My schedule has been haywire lately. I am usually here long before sunrise but today it’s almost 9:00 pm at Power Gym. I just couldn’t make it in until an hour ago and, for me, it is never a good day unless there is a workout in there somewhere. It is nearing the end of my program, just one more...Read On


Her hotel fling

She needed interaction

She got dressed in sexy attire,A skirt, nice silk top with stockings and heels. She loved the feeling of getting dressed up sexily, enjoyed the attention she got. She had been at the hotel a week now and was eager for some interaction. She went down the stairs to the hotel bar. A handsome looking man caught her eye. Smiling at him she hitched her skirt a little higher. He watched her and...Read On


More Than a Movie Night

When Tiff leaves her boyfriend with her friend, things get freaky!

Dawn stared across the quiet room of her small apartment gazing at the clock that read 2:35. She was wondering what type of plans she could come up with for tonight. She knew her friends were probably going out with their boyfriends, so she was wanting to get into something more troublesome without staying home for the 2nd Friday in a row. She then picked up her cell phone and called a few of...Read On