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First Time With My Brother's Best Friend

This is my first story, hope you like and all feedback will be greatly appreciated. Right I'll just set the scene.... Tom and I both go to the same college but he’s a couple of years older than me and is best friends with my brother. They’ve been friends for years and he’s watched me grow up. He doesn’t know but I've always had a crush on him but he’s never noticed me in that way until...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife

Sexy Trophy wife and former model looks outside her marriage for sex and adventure

Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife Don Abdul ©2010 Lynda Fox was born and raised in a small suburban college town. Her mum was a nurse and her dad was a college teacher, so she was raised in a typical middle class family. She was very inquisitive as a child and did especially well at Geography which was her favorite subject. Although she was one of those kids at school...Read On


My Neighbor Janice Chapter 8

Things continue with Janice and more.

Tuesday I woke up to the alarm and Janice was already up, she was in the kitchen having coffee and a cigarette. She was all showered and made up; she was dressed ready to start her day. She told me she woke up at 5:00; she couldn’t sleep so got up and decided to get ready. She was wearing a black suit pants that had a matching jacket, a white satin blouse, the same black bead necklace...Read On


All For Julie

The girl at work..a fantasy...but will it come true?

I watch you from across the floor at the store meetings; you have no idea that I’m practically staring at you. I look at you, from head to toe. Your hair is jet-black, cut in a bob type style. Your eyes are dark and piercing. Your tight navy blue shirt conceals your small, though very well shaped breasts. Your khaki pants, though not quite as snug as your shirt, have your ass to help fill...Read On


The Punishment

I had been bad, really bad...

I’ve been so bad and you are angry at me, really angry. Not just the usual kind of anger that gets me whipped, but the kind that gets stone cold silence and rigidity in your posture. You push me away from you and go to stand up, but I cling to you and say I’m sorry. You ignore me, shoving me down onto the bed. I grab your waist and plead for you to forgive me; again you push me from you. I...Read On


More Than Coffee Bargained For

He just needed some coffee but got so much more

Alan was a 35 year old insurance agent working at a small company called Ensured Insurance. He was actually quite successful and had recently got a promotion granting him a private office in their small firm. While this was great for privacy and thinking, it restricted his access to his secret of success... coffee. He couldn't get enough of the stuff. His old desk was only a couple of...Read On


Bill and Raquel's First Time

Bill has always known that his wife comes first. Her wants and desires are his to provide. Since meeting her eight years ago, at a business function, he was hooked. She consumed his life from that moment on. She knows the affect she has on him, but doesn’t over do her power, mostly. Raquel knows that Bill was her knight in shining armor. He came along when she was at a low point in her...Read On


Desire, reconnected.

Jez discovers patience pays off sometimes.....

I knew going for a quiet drink with Terry would be anything but ‘quiet’ it just never works out that way. I didn’t really want to go out, I seem to stay in a lot more these days. Terry was not taking no for an answer tonight. “Come on, Jez, we ain’t met up for ages, we need a good chinwag. You need to get yourself back in the game mate. It’s been nearly a year now since….” The ‘since’ he...Read On


Sealy The Slut

Sealy finds her young and endowed boy toy for the night and leaves him fucked senseless.

Sealy The Slut Charlese Le’Push July 2010 Characters: Sealy is 38 years old is a thrill seeker with an aloof personality. Se has blonde hair, long tan legs, buxom breasts, and is in therapy for a psychological disorder called nymphomania. James is 20 years old and shy but has an obsession with sluts though his obsession is more in his mind that in reality. He has short sandy blonde...Read On


Her first time at a nude beach.

I guide a stranger to the ways of the nude beach, and she guides me in so many other ways.

The day started out like any other day. Well, like any other day in the past few weeks, that is. Normally, I would have gotten up, shaved, showered, and headed off to work. But it’s tough being an executive of a company where the owner is more concerned with what’s going up his nose than he is earning a profit. Since my firm closed, my days have taken on a monotonous regularity. Get up,...Read On


A Family Friend

After I had moved to San Francisco I had lost touch with David. Now David had been a very supportive friend in my high school years who had seen me through my parents' divorce and then he had helped me get into college. My job at the bank had really cut me off from my friends and even my family to some extent, so it was a surprise to him when I called him to ask for help after so long. I...Read On


Girls Night Out

It was a Friday night after work and the girls had decided to go out for drinks. Anna was sitting around the table drinking wine and talking when a group of girls walked in. Anna recognized one of them as Bree, an old friend, and invited her and her friends over to catch up. Anna moved over so that Bree could sit beside her. The girls crammed in tightly around the table. Bree put one of...Read On


Caught Peeping

Caught peeping while camping in the woods

Back when I was younger I always looked forward to summer. That meant camping practically every weekend, we were seasonal, which meant my dad had already pre-paid for the campsite from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It was the same every year since I was nine years old, so over the years I had a steady group of friends in which I hung out with. The campgrounds itself was huge; it wasn’t...Read On


A Hot Summer Afternoon

It's 104 degrees in New Mexico... That's not the only thing that's hot!

My very first story! I'm so excited :) please rate and leave comments! I stepped into the cool, forgiving water of my in-ground pool. My lack of sex from my recent breakup with my boyfriend had me in an almost constant state of horniness, so obviously the "water" was the force gently pulling down my bikini straps, revealing my perky B-Cups with rock-hard nipples. I was just pulling down...Read On


The Youth Group Party

I thought a church youth group party would be boring, I thought wrong.

The evening went on and I kept looking at my watch, knowing that my ride wouldn't be here until around 10 or 11. It was only 7pm!! I had been talking to this cute little Asian girl and this guy who I could only assume was her boyfriend. I liked her mainly because she laughed at everything I said, even when it wasn't very funny. The guy I thought was her boyfriend nervously kept looking at me...Read On


Big Girls Keep Even Bigger Secrets Part 2

Chapter 2 The first week of school had past by rather fast, considering I couldn’t keep my eyes off all the guys and girls who were dressing up rather provocatively. I love walking the campus from class to class or just sitting at a table watching as everyone passed me by. One cute guy I am in class with invited me to a party at his house off campus. I am contemplating on going or not...Read On


A Good Kind Of Trouble

Trouble isn't always bad...........

A Good Kind of Trouble I was driving north on Interstate 35 as fast as the governor on the blue Mack would let me, the 8 inch dual open exhaust pipes snarling with the Cummins powered song in my ears as I crossed the south Texas prairie land trying to make San Antonio to stop for the night. The air conditioner was doing its best to keep me cool in the 100 plus degree late July evening,...Read On


A Summers Day part 2

Fantasy comes true...

  Tucker couldn’t believe that he had just witnessed. Tess, screaming his name as she came. Hearing that made him hard again. His dream, masturbating, thinking of him. Tucker looked at her now, still sprawled on the table, hand still buried in her pussy, smiling at him. “Fuck, “ he thought, “I’m gonna, I just have to.” Tucker opened the screen door and went in. Tess’ eyes locked with his,...Read On


Two (Part Three)

The story of my girlfriend and my secretary continues...

Part Three The next weekend, Amy invited Allison over for dinner. It was very cool to watch them kiss when Allison arrived. It was a quick kiss, but it still made my cock hard. Allison was wearing a green top, a neat, black skirt, and some simple, black sandals. She wasn't near as thin as Amy, but she still had beautiful legs. Amy was barefoot, and wore her normal jeans--she had about...Read On


Emmy's New Career

Money isn't everything

When I'd first moved to LA I thought it was going to be such a wonderful adventure! I was from a small town in the San Joaquin Valley south of Fresno called Visalia and was bored out of my mind as a kid. The chance to move to LA came up and I found myself living with a friend in Santa Clarita not far from Magic Mountain. The first year kind of sucked with working as a temp and then working at...Read On


Friends and Lovers

Charlese becomes suprised when she starts to see her closest friend Ben as a possible lover.

Friends and Lovers Charlese Le’Push July 2010 Ben and I have been friends now for three years. I have been avoiding him for a few days because of my inner turmoil about him. Over time the line of friendship for me has become blurred. I am absolutely in love with his mind. We talk about everything from the cosmos to the depths of the sea, politics, sports, and science. We don’t always...Read On


The first time Abi touched me

I've never been with a woman before but I'm curious, maybe this is what it might be like...

It was a warm sunny afternoon in July and I was feeling more happy than I had in a long time. After breaking up with Tom I hadn't really felt like doing anything. I slipped on my bikini and strolled down to the beach. I sat on the promenade and watched the world go by. The feeling of the warm sun on my skin and cool sea breeze made me smile. "What a beautiful day," I heard a female...Read On


Vicky Bound for Vacation - Last Chapter

Vicky and Christina Wrap Up SFO With An Incredible Fuck

“Awh... fuuuuccck....That feels goood!” Vicky was moaning. “Stick it in.......Put it all in!..... Get it deeper.” Vicky and Christina had been in the shower for almost 20 minutes. “It's in almost to the wrist.” Christina sounded like she was working hard and determined. OK. Now they had my attention. Pushing the bathroom door open, I could see them through the clear plastic shower curtain....Read On


The Gangbang

When a young woman runs out of gas, she has an unexpected sexual adventure.

Copyright -2010 – by Jillbaby. I cursed as the engine in my car kept cutting out on the quiet, dark road. I hadn’t a clue where I was. I had visited a new friend and had got lost after setting out for home. It was a part of the city I had never been in before, and had a very run-down and threatening feel to it. I had been sure I had enough gas to get home, and of course, sod’s...Read On



Part 1

I have always floated through my life with little purpose, and even less motivation to be what others would call successful. I own a small used book shop, and live alone with only my thoughts for company. You may figure that I’m unattractive or maybe a bit fucked-up, but I assure you that you couldn’t be more wrong. I often have females and males alike proposition me for companionship or, as...Read On


The Office the Job Review

A woman agrees to do anything to keep her job

The Job Review I call you on the phone I ask you Becky to come to my office. I Robert inform you that I am thinking of firing you. I remind you that your job is at will. I am an older man that likes to use my power to control and dominate women. You ask me if there anything you can do. I inform you we can have a private agreement not job related but state I would be better off just to give...Read On


Neighbor Helping Neighbor - II

Yes. I know how lucky I am to have such a sexy and horny neighbor!

"Hey, Mindy," I answered my ringing phone with after checking the caller ID feature. "How are ya?" "You want the truth?" was her immediate response. "Yeah. That would be nice!" "I'm so friggin' horny it feels like I pissed my pants!" she said. The desire for sex seemed obvious in her voice and even though I was taken back by her bluntness, I presumed she was telling me this with hopes of...Read On

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Need For Nothing


I arrive at a place located miles and miles from any form of organized civilization. It is a great place of majestic serenity only known by those worthy enough of its grace. I find myself on a narrow dirt path leading to a grassy grove surrounded by massive trees so big that the powerful sun itself can barely penetrate their branches. Beautiful soft green grass covers the earth inside the...Read On


A Right Time For Everything

There are some people you know you are supposed to be with. You have a connection that can't be put into words and yet fate seems to be determined to keep you apart. Either you're single and she's not or you're seeing someone and she isn't. That's how it was with me and Nadia when we first met. As I would learn it's all a question of timing. I first met Nadia at college. I was twenty at...Read On



Rehab is for quitters.

Derrick and I were married not long after college not so many years ago. He'd been pre-med and I was completing a law degree when we'd met and only a few months later we were married. Our honeymoon as abbreviated by his school obligation to volunteer (is it really 'volunteering' if it's mandatory?) at a clinic in Bolivia for the summer. While he was there, he contracted a foul disease from...Read On