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An Island Paradise

A night in the life of the Islands.

“You should see my maid…Johnny.” Ver saw the question in my eyes, but only repeated again, “You should see my maid.” Ver was the imported local machine operator, a Filipino and was becoming a good friend. I had been on this Caribbean island for several days, and was still waiting for the parts to be flown in. Until then, each afternoon, Ver and I would get together at the local store and...Read On


Cum Orgy 2: Sexually Cleansed

Together, they licked each other up and down, circling each other's clit.

Cheryl Lynn stared up into the moist pink splaying sexual lips being worked up and down by a hand with long fingers. The legs that were straddling her head were equally as long, tanned, and smooth to match the item being manipulated over her. Cheryl Lynn honestly did not know what to think. The last time she had seen a member of her own sex in a sexual way was when she was eighteen...Read On


What Are Best Friends For?

Skype break-up call leads to some horny cheering up

Here goes for story number two. First the basics, I guess. My name is Jesse and I’m a sophomore at UGA in a little town called Athens, Ga. I’m a pretty good student and definitely somewhat of an over achiever. During the summers I have worked as a lifeguard at public pools and once at the beach in SC. During the winter I work as a personal trainer at my gym. I’m 5’6, 105, athletic and...Read On


A Squirt Here, A Squirt There - Chapter 2, Part 1

Cindy finds that it is raining, so she must improvise to find other places to pee...

ASquirt Here, A Squirt There : Chapter 2, Part 1 Cindy sighed, bored and terribly annoyed with the current weather going on outside of her home. It was raining rather hard, so she couldn’t go to the park and do her usual outdoor peeing of her own. She would have to improvise a bit, but she was sure that she could make it work to her own advantage. She stood in her kitchen,...Read On


The Powder room

Two girls take advantage of a quick horny fuck together

Linda and Jill were ready for a great night out, they wandered into the party, music blaring and people everywhere, some dancing, some just draped over the furniture or seated on cushions on the floor. All drinking and trying to talk over the heavy beat of the music that seemed to shake the house. After greeting a few people they knew and talking with some mutual friends, Linda went to...Read On


His Little Brown Box

Fired if she doesn't put out, Linice turns to the past for help. Part I

Linice’s boss wants more from her than her nine to five work output. Help comes from the past; the far, distant past. If you can hold on, the sexy part is not far ahead. Part I. His Little Brown Box Jed Maroni at 20 years old wasn’t like the other young men that grew up with him in Saintly Hallows. Whereas his neighbor friends had smart phones, iPods and video games, girlfriends and...Read On

Editor's Pick

Jennifer's Eggnog

Drink with extreme carnage.

The first shot struck Jennifer under the chin. That one came from Lawrence. She was still yelping when Trent’s delivery took her full in the face, filling her mouth and blinding her in an explosion of thick white. She spat and wiped her eyes clear, then pursued her boyfriend, scooping snow as she ran. Trent taunted as he fled, but stumbled knee-deep in a drift. “Bastard!” She laughed as...Read On


First time in a new life

This story took place in 2001

This is my first story and although the names have been changed, it is true. Thank you to BS21 for assistance in editing. My name is Mark. I am 37 years old; I stand 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 230lbs. I had been separated for about a year when this story took place, and had found the Internet to be my new best friend. Whilst I had been married for 13 years I had only ever been with...Read On


Her Football Coach

Assistant hooks up with coach and gets first taste at a little orgasm and sex

She never thought much about it but her attire never changed that much. Theresa, the slightly attractive young woman, had always worn long dresses, and tops which always covered her up. She got by. She got along with others. Nothing anyone else ever did or wore made her feel as if she should “change” herself in any such way. Now there was a guy she’d gone to college with by the name...Read On

Sister Celeste: Angel of Mercy -- Chapters 4 - End

Celeste and Mr. B find happiness in Camp Paradise.

Chapter 4 When I returned on Thursday evening, I found a troubled man. He had stayed motivated through Wednesday morning, but had spent the past day in a funk. "This isn't bad," I said as we ate another excellent dinner of venison tenderloins marinated in Teriyaki sauce and served over a bed of noodles with asparagus on the side. This time dinner was accompanied by a Cabernet...Read On


Giving In

I sat watching MTV as I waited for James’ little sister to wake up. She’d come in late last night, as usual, and I’d volunteered to stay behind so she wouldn’t wake up to an empty house. My girlfriend and James’ wife were out shopping, they’d left not ten minutes ago. Kelli had never been to Arizona before and Mary had gladly suggested they go out on a shopping trip. James was at work till...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 13

Ryan finally tells someone about Brody.

A week later, Ryan was on the UMD campus. She walked over to the statue of the diamondback terrapin, symbol of the school's teams, and rubbed its head. The week had been hectic, including a tense dinner with her parents, and it felt like it was the first time in days she'd even been able to take a deep breath. "So, let's see." She patted the terrapin's head again. "In the last week, I've...Read On


The affair

How innocent beginnings can lead to not-so-innocent endings.

I have submitted this story with the very kind permission of my friend Delia, who in time, will respond to the story with her side of it. It is a work of total fiction but as we like each others stories, we thought it would be a good idea to write one about having an affair together and giving each perspective, hope you enjoy.......... I sat on the bench in the shade on a hot morning in...Read On


My Male Cum-Slut

We can role play as a Mistress-sub and if you don’t like it, I will understand.

Amanda just woke up from one of the kinkiest dreams she’d ever had. She sighed and said, “Wow, what a dream, it either means I need to go shopping for a hot pink bra, matching panty, garter belt, hose and heels. On the other hand, Skip, my new friend (who is a cross dresser) needs to buy one for our hot intimate cam-chats. Better yet, buy us both a matching set. When she first met him...Read On


Just a movie night?

Tessa and Ronnie seemed to have nothing in common when they first met, but somehow they managed to get along right from the start. They met online on a social site, Ronnie was forward and bold and she liked it more than she let out. To prove to him that it was her in her profile pictures she sent him new pictures exactly like he requested them. She was not happy that she had to do that but...Read On


Christine lets Craig Cum Inside

Christine suprises Craig at the tennis club and let's him cum Inside her for the first time

I'd just finished playing tennis and had headed into the small changing room at the courts. The club was small and owned by an old lady called Mrs Queen, there was only the two courts. Danny said goodbye. I could hear him talking to someone outside. Christine had decided to come and meet me. I heard Danny tell her I was in the changing room, I then heard Christine talking to Mrs Queen....Read On


Shipwrecked - Part 3

Our island paradise gets even better as Terry catches up.

“Have I much catching up to do?”, asked Terry. “You certainly have”, replied Angie, and turned back to Terry, to strip off her dried clothes. “Look, Ted, just look at her breasts. Don’t you just want to suck them right now?” “They are lovely”, I admired, and moved across to sandwich Terry between Angie and me, and bent over to kiss her breast, cupping it in my hand. I was delighted...Read On


Charlie-Charlene Part 6

Tommy discovers what a vagina can do

Tommy was stunned. He stood there, with his finger between his/her outer labia, and didn’t say anything. Charlene reached behind him, and picked up the washcloth from the edge of the tub. Turning to the vanity, she turned on the hot water faucet. She held her finger under it for a moment, until the cold water turned warm, then turned on the cold, and adjusted it to a comfortable...Read On


Picture Perfect in Winter

An offer accepted brings unexpected consequences.

Note: The description of the characters in this story have been altered to completely disguise their identity. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she said yes. I suppose it shouldn't have been a surprise. We had know each other for a couple of years and even though we had never met there was always an easy way that we spent our time together online. A little flirting I...Read On


Jackson Hole Resort

Three friends indulge in a fantasy during Christmas vacation...

There’s nothing quite like looking out the window – first thing in the morning – and seeing a blanket of fresh snow that dumped during the night. This definitely could be a ‘fuck my life’ moment if you hate winter and the snow that accompanies it. And, for Cale, it definitely was, but it was also a nice reminder about his upcoming skiing trip with a group of friends to Jackson Hole Resort ...Read On


Taylor's Fantasy Fulfilled

She finally goes wild and lives a dream.

While safe-sex was practiced during the making of this fantasy, condoms and such don't make an appearance here, it is assumed that in real life, those rascals would be wrapped. The producer would also like you to know that no animals were harmed during the making of this epic. ---------- I was sitting on the super king-sized bed of the hotel room, propped up by the cushioned headboard. Both...Read On


Horses in the City Ch 03

Emma has to face her past.

A week later, the diner was busy and one of the other waitresses was sick, so Emma came in early to help. She hadn't minded; since her day with Luke, she'd been in a wonderful mood. They'd gone out for a little while before her shift today, and he'd kissed her before saying good-bye. A light, curious kiss that had made her feel dizzy with delight. Even the piano in her apartment didn't seem...Read On


How to get a raise

I find out what happens when you're a tease for too long

I feel like I'm constantly introducing and describe myself but here we go. My name is Tayler, and I'm eighteen years old. I have big bouncy tits (c-cup), a cute little butt, long brown hair which is typically straight, tan skin, and brown eyes. I work at a little pizza shop by where I live, where I have two managers. One of them is named Jared. He is a little taller than me but not by much....Read On


Magic finale, Touch Of Magic.

Tell me your name stranger...... I cannot, just remeber the touch of Magic.

The suspense of actually meeting you is driving me crazy with desire. Oh god, the thought of your hands, fingers and lips wrapped around my nipples had made them remain hard most of the day. My pussy is yearning to have your cock thrust deep inside it and my panties were so wet I had to change them three times. The accumulation of the emails and the talks about our stranger-to-stranger...Read On


Last Night

Your skin slides against mine as you come to our bed...

Last Night Your skin slides against mine as you come to our bed, your chest brushing and settling against my back. You wrap me up in your strong arms; one under my head the other finding my already hard nipple. Your hand caresses my breast, tweaking my nipple, pulling, and rubbing it. Looking down at your hand against my body I can't help but love the contrast of our skin; your dark caramel...Read On


Make Up Sexathon!

Making up can mean fucking in a department store's changing room or even a dad's garage!

(episode 20) follows Pas de Deux Anal Rendez-vous Rekindled love over the 2006 Christmas holidays sets a sexual marathon into action and there is no place too risky for a good hot fuck! It was late fall at the University of Georgia and final exam week was upon us. My friend Brittany handed me an envelope just after one of our tests one morning. I did not know what to expect. I never knew...Read On


Obsession Part Two

...we coalesced into a tantric, full-body orgasm...

You really need to read “Obsession,” the first part to this story, first. Tina came down for breakfast about ten looking like she had woken from a hundred year sleep and was immediately hugged by Jessica. She smiled and mumbled a good morning, which I responded to with a polite nod. Jess and Tina went to the lounge, talking at some length about Richard, while I served fresh croissants...Read On


A new start: The love story of a sub pt6

Kelly's most daring dream become true.

Thank you NaughtyAnn, for your priceless help. I suggest you read the previous parts first. Any comment is greatly appreciated. Over the next few months ourrelationship grew stronger. Mistress Serena took me several times to the Club; and also she wasn't using the blindfold on me anymore. Gradually I learnt the route to the club and what street it was in. A couple of times she told...Read On


The fun with Kathy continues

Kathy awakes from her slumber and we make love in the river

This is the continuation of an event from my past. I have changed the names to protect the not so innocent. If you want the whole story you should start at chapter one exploring her wild side, but you do not have to. I hope you enjoy it. As she lay there resting on the banks of the river with her skirt pulled up and her breasts exposed, I could not help but look. I lay on my side...Read On

Sister Celeste: Angel of Mercy -- Chapters 2 and 3

Celeste works her magic but gets charmed by Mr. B.

Chapter 2 For the next visit, I arrived a little earlier, hoping to see the place with some daylight remaining, but of course, the sun also set a little earlier, so I caught the tail end of twilight. The place still looked gloomy and then my headlights fell on a gutted deer hanging from a crossbeam between two poles. I had neighbors that hunted when I was growing up and I had seen their...Read On