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Truth or dare brother 10

It's time for the reception and some news

We went home and had the reception in our back yard. We all stood, as Jessica began to make her toast to the bride and groom.. I had something big to say, but I wanted to let Jessica make her toast first. “Well I know I'm the only one who can say anything besides the bride and groom, but I'll fulfill my duties as the best friend and the maid of honor. I've only known you two as a couple for...Read On


Fantasy Box 3

Part 3 of our fantasy box experiences

My wife and I have a fantasy box, we both write out sex fantasies on a piece of paper, put them in our boxes and the other takes one out and makes the fantasy come true. This is my wife’s second fantasy, after she made mine come true, I picked one out for her, she had written “I would like to experience a sensual massage“ as before, she had added that she wanted me to be present. I searched...Read On

Blog 5

My dribbling pussy was persistently reminding me that it was the proper place for cock.

Blog 5: If there is one thing that casts a shadow across the happy playtime that is my amorous dalliance with Stephen, then it is his mother. To be fair, I can appreciate her concern; if you look at our relative ages than I am closer in years to her than I am to her son, but you would think she would give me some credit for all the time and effort I am taking in trying to turn her boy into...Read On


Start To A Great Vacation

Start of a great vacation !!

Beginning a vacation to Orlando !! Finally a get away with the wife, We have been planning a vacation for years but just have had no time. So we booked our flight and arranged the hotel for our trip to Disneyland. So when we finally got to the airport we made it through security and to the terminal. I told her I wanted to get more comfortable for the flight, so I took my carry on to...Read On


Friend Becomes My First Part 1

The true story of one my best friends becoming my first

*This is a true story of my first time having sex dressed a girl* It finally happened, and it was a dream come true. I started dressing as a girl when I was 17. For me, it started with a thong I stole from my mom's drawer which eventually went on to lingerie, to normal clothes, and all the way to dressing fully. Im now 24, and all I wanted to do was to show myself to a man and be the little...Read On


Just Good Friends

A brief encounter with friends in a restaurant

Once a year we meet up with friends we have known for years. Our kids grew up together and are all still good friends. They moved away because of his job. He got the promotion at work but it took them about 5 hours ride north of where we all used to live. We used to holiday with Joe and Lisa and the kids all got on like a house on fire. They were all in the same age bracket and because...Read On


Best Cure for Boredom

Friday night takes a turn for the better.

I love when my parents are out of the house. And who wouldn't? The peace and quiet without my father obsessively trying to convince me to follow his path in life is more of a relief than I can describe. It's also rather nice not to have my amazingly nurturing mother fretting about me; she needs a night to relax. My parents received a call on Wednesday from their friends in New...Read On


The temptation

with him i give in to my deepest desires

*this story is an outtake from my novel "the Lovely Forsaken" the scene does not appear in the book but I loved it so much that I decided to post it here. I hope everyone enjoys it!* I watched in terror as Daniel leaned over me and pressed his cold lips to mine. In shock I could not prevent his tongue from entering my mouth and it was an automatic reaction to let my own twirl around his....Read On


Nobody's Baby Angel

She had to think she was alone, that the world belonged only to her as she took those tentative, dancing steps onto the grass. Naked, she was holding her smartphone and moving to whatever music she was hearing through the earphones. She was slightly pale and almost too slender, but she moved selflessly through sunlight with a sinuous grace that took Parker by surprise. Maybe it was just...Read On


Boys Will Play While the Wife's Away (Part 1)

Practice in Panties Will Make Perfect

The thing about being married is that life really isn’t easy. It’s a matter of diplomacy most of the time and, yes, diplomatic relations sometimes break down. Under normal circumstances it’s not often a positive sign but I’ve since discovered that in my own realm it really can be a revelation. At the beginning of my wedded life this was not so conspicuously obvious but as time went on and...Read On


Wet and Wild In The 5th Dimension

Wet and wild first time oral sex adventure

May 1986 Ruth E. and I have been invited by the local television station to come down to the launch of a traveling exhibition being held in town. The exhibition is a celebration of a particular television program whose longevity and creativity have made it an icon around the world. We are invited inside the exhibition’s spacious and luxurious RV to wait for the guests of honor to arrive. We...Read On


A Teachers Dream

Mr.Andrews gets more than he expects when Samantha wants extra credit....

"Dammit!"  I yelled. I was stuck in traffic again on my way to work. As a teacher, being late wasn't the most influential life lesson I could teach my students. I slammed my hands on the steering wheel and knocked my coffee into my lap. "Son of a BITCH!" I exclaimed. Today couldn't get any worse. Finally, the light turned green and I floored it to work. I made my way into Jefferson...Read On


Courtney and Chad

A brother and sister discover they both have the same desires.

Courtney and her brother, Chad, grew up in a modest, yet neatly kept two-bedroom home. Their mother was in the restaurant/bar industry as a server and their father was in construction. They made enough money to provide food, shelter, clothing and a few extras. They bought their two bedroom home as a starter home before Courtney and Chad were born with the idea to expand as the family...Read On


Hot wife, hot friend

My wife and her best friend have me in their plans.

It was a hot summer’s evening and the last of the guests had left. My wife and her best friend, who was staying the night, were upstairs getting the kids to bed while I cleared the debris of the party away in the garden, cleaned up the barbeque and set the dishwasher off in the kitchen. It was still pretty muggy even though it was nearly 8pm so I had removed my tee shirt, leaving me...Read On


Just Typical Horny Teenagers

I'm a typical 16 year old. I love my boyfriend Charlie. He cares so much for me I couldn't ask for anyone better. Although he's 19 he's never pressured me for sex or anything I don't want to do. It started out like any other day. I got out of school and Charlie was sat on the wall near the school waiting for me, as usual. As soon as he saw me he jumped off the wall and pulled me in for a kiss....Read On


The Farmer's Daughter: Chapter 10

A farm apprenctice meets sexy but forbidden farmer's daughter and wild things happen

The Farmer’s Daughter: Chapter 10 Sisyphus Sherry rested her head on my shoulder as we lay panting on the cabin floor. I loved the feeling of her warm body on top of me, her tits crushed against my chest. My jeans were open, my soft cock lying limply. After a few minutes, she lifted her head, looked into my eyes and gave me a coy, devilish smile. “Guess what?” she asked, biting...Read On

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My Best Friend’s Cock

“Do you want to touch it?” My best friend stands in front of me, his hard cock arc-ing above the waistband of his boxers. He takes a step towards me, and it bobs up and down. I suppose this should feel weird. We know each other so well that we’re practically brother and sister. And although I had always hoped that my first time would be with someone I loved and trusted, I never thought it...Read On


A Night Out part 2

This is a sequel story to A Night Out. However reading part one is not necessary for the enjoyment of this story. Comments and criticism is welcomed as I am still new to writing and story development. A Night Out part 2 Tammi turned around to see two of the beer wenches from the Saucer standing there laughing at Ed's early occurrence. They told Tammi and Ed to get dressed. Ed...Read On


Wife's Fantasy

Wife decides to fulfill her fantasy

This is my first let me know what you think... Wife’s Fantasy After being away from home for work for a few weeks I returned home to find my wife in extreme need of an adult night out. Stressed out from everyday activities like work kids and everyday drama of friends and others. We decide to go out to eat at a nice restaurant and go see the new chick flick playing in town. As usual trying...Read On


Lovely Neighbor

Love thy Neighbor

Jennifer, along with her two older sisters and mom, was my next door neighbor. We lived upstairs in a quiet apartment complex. She was 17 at the time and a senior in high school. Jen was a free spirit that loved to dance, always had a pleasant smile for you or a compliment. She was tall and thin. She had great legs from dancing and smallish breast. I was currently dating my wife at the time....Read On


Brown Lust: Chapter 2 (Part 1)

A hot day at the swimming pool turns hotter when Vick's baby sister tries to seduce him. Meanwhile, Vick's got his lustful eye on his beautiful mother and older sister. It's a day of bikinis, lingerie, sweltering heat and incestuous seductions with the whole family involved! Author's Note (Important): This story is based on pure fiction. Because this story has explicit sexual content,...Read On


A Week At My Cousins

I remember when I fucked my cousin

Hi, I'm James. I'm a male growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I'm 17 years old when this takes place, 5 foot 10 inches, 155 pounds with a runners physique, with light hazel eyes that the rest of my dark brown eyed family is jealous of. This is the story about how I came to have sex with my cousin. The story is as made up as you think it is. ;) Enjoy It was early summer, school had just let...Read On


Sharin and Marcus

Sharin has relied on Marcus all her life. Has he had enough?

Sharin had known Marcus all her life. Ok, maybe not all her life, but since she was 15 years old. She was now in her mid 30's but could still get carded occassionally, provided the light was dim enough. She was 5'4" tall and weighed a healthy 135 pounds. Her body was nice but it was her face that was her best feature. She was always drop dead gorgeous with a face that made men and women...Read On


Diversion -- Part 6

"Let's not think about that yet. I just want to enjoy the time I do have you and don't want to think about goodbyes yet." "Me either love. So now what do you want to do?" he flashed me this childish grin, "let me guess... Fish?" "You got it. Good lord baby we know each other pretty well. Are you okay with doing some more fishing my love?" "Yes of course..." We get minimal clothes on...Read On



Cumming Out Of My Shell

This is a work of fiction, pure fantasy put to words J . Enjoy.   After divorcing my husband of ten years I needed an outlet. I was a homemaker, caring for my children and my home on a daily basis. My ex-husband and I had a typical marriage; he worked, I stayed at home and our intimacy, well it was usually few and far between. He and I usually shared scheduled sex sessions that...Read On


The Farmer's Daughter: Chapter 9

A farm apprentice meets sexy but forbidden farmer's daughter and wild things happen

The Farmer’s Daughter: Chapter 9 Sisyphus It was still dark out when I woke up. Sherry was asleep next to me. I lay there looking up at the ceiling dreading my meeting with Sherry’s father. The thought of getting fired pounded at me. I wanted to keep my apprenticeship and I didn’t want to leave Sherry. What would I do if he said, “You’re fired! I warned you to stay away from my...Read On


Vinyl Possibilities

Angie has met her sexual match in the most unlikely of work.

It was something to behold, the majestic spectacle that would be Reid Fitzgerald’s cock. I was in silent awe as my eyes researched the form, camber, girth and length of this immense tool. I was torn somewhere between apprehension and curiosity. The door to the stock room was open, not that it mattered, Buy Product Records had been closed for the last 23 minutes. How do I get myself in...Read On


Kitty Girl and the Girls of KINK V

It didn’t take long for me to become disoriented. Even if I’d been familiar with the house, blindfolded as I was, I’d have become lost very quickly. Without my sight, though, I had no idea of my surroundings. All I knew is that Laura still had the other end of my leash and Ally was behind me, running her hand over my ass, reminding me of my status as a sexual plaything. She wasn’t the only...Read On

Yolanda and the Sprite

She was transfixed. Kneeling on all fours before him she found herself unable to move

Cum Girl's Faerie Tales: Yolanda and the Sprite   Author's Note: There is a vanity about faeries and it is their preference to tell tales about themselves. I have narrated this story as I heard it from Yolanda. I hope you enjoy it.  Cum Girl x The pain was intense; fixed in her abdomen it sent forth slithers of agony making Yolanda's body twitch within her comfy bedding. It...Read On


A Steamy Room

The other day my girlfriend and I were sitting at home, trying to think of something we could do. We were trading ideas about possible options, maybe go to the mall or a walk in the park. Nothing really seemed all that appealing to me, until my girl said “I know exactly what we could do! We should go swimming!” Now I’m never one to complain when my girl wants to get dressed up in a...Read On