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Drop of Light...........(part 3)

Ready Set GO!!!!

She stared at me, unfocused, unblinking. Her tongue gently touched the pen. "mmmmm", she moaned. I waited, watching. Her tongue swirled around the thick tube. She plunged it deep in her mouth, "God" she breathed. "Good girl, next fucking time don't be so long about it". She started to plunge the pen into her mouth like it was a small cock. "Fuck your ass with it" I told her. ...Read On


Home Alone?

Hot, sweet, sexy story about a teenage girl and her horny boyfriend.

Oh and this is my first story, so tell me how it is :) Torri just couldnt wait to rip off her shorts and work her magic. It was a cold winter day in the middle of December. Torri, a 16 year old girl, was just wondering around her neighborhood. Walking on her way home from school, she found out that her parents were going to be gone for the weekend. This brought a smile on her face, she...Read On


Bracelet submission:The punishment.

She wanted the shoes and so had to submit one more time

She saw the shoes that she wanted to purchase but wasn't prepared for the shopping for she had her panties on and so her punishment was to submit again at a time when I would decide. A deal is a deal and it was that to buy these special shoes she would wear no panties or be punished. She decided on being punished at a time and place of my choosing. We were on holiday and she had shaved...Read On


A Mountain Tryst

I drive up the tree shadowed lane that leads to the lovely cabin by the lake... my favorite place in the world... anxious and excited, knowing you are either already there or soon will be... we have planned this very carefully since we can not afford to be caught. My pulse quickens as I round a corner and see my lovely little hideaway... it has been so long since our last tryst... I am...Read On


The Burn Part IV (The Journey Begins)

Breathing coming back to normal and feeling physically exhausted from the orgasms, she sat there blindfolded and bound in the chair wondering what would happen next. In actuality she wasn’t sure she could handle much more. Her limits were already being tested and a million thoughts were swimming in her head. Guilt about being here; in a hotel room no less, and with a man that wasn’t...Read On


Cardinal Sin

A love not even god could prevent.

She had been dreaming of this day for years now. Her love for him had been burning insider her like a furnace. "Tis a sin!" They would say if anyone found out, but Sister Pamfry didn't care anymore. She loved Cardinal Vogue and he loved her. It all started a few years back. Sister Pamfry, then known as Catharine Pamfry, had just become a nun after throwing away her life of greed...Read On


Prim and Proper

Two sisters get educated to become sluts for their husbands

I dislike riding the train. But this time I could save some time, which translated into spending more time with my wife Cora. I was certain she had arrived 30 minutes early. I spotted her at once. We had not seen each other for three days, which for us was  an eternity. Half of our friends called us the honeymooners, the other half referred to us as The Rabbits. I think they were envious of...Read On


Aiko at Home

Aiko has fun at home after work

Aiko at Home All her work was done for the day and Aiko didn't have anything more she wanted to do at the office that day so she decided to go home. She had taken her clothes off earlier, she decided not to put them back on. So she packed up her laptop and called Sammy, her driver, to come pick her up at the office. She gathered her clothes and sat back in her chair to wait for Sammy to arrive....Read On


Home Away

Facing another boring night alone, David is suprised by Inga's conversation, and invitation.

I had attended the CeBIT conference before. It was an annual event for my company and over the last few years had become an annual event for me. This year I was less enthusiastic than normal about going to Germany , but I didn’t have a good reason to back out. The high tech conference is held every year in Hanover , over five days. It generates a lot of business for my company...Read On


Drop of Light......part 2

The story continues......

Her knees gave way, "don't fucking move" I hissed into her ear. She straightened her legs but kept bent over. her legs were still slightly parted. "Good girl" "Please......" she whispered. I laughed, "this is not about you, this is about Me" Again, I plunged my fingers deep within her. Two, three, four fingers inside her. I curled my fingers and twisted my palm upwards. I closed...Read On


La Douzaine

New worlds open with an invitation to an exclusive club

A bead of sweat surfaced on the young man's temple, traced a path across his cheek and dripped on to his chest, apparently unnoticed so deep was his concentration on maintaining his metronomic penetration of the blonde woman who knelt before him. Each stroke was slow and measured, the full length of his shaft withdrawn and carefully reinserted. His hands on her hips drew her on to him, eased...Read On

Editor's Pick

Deidre's mom

the summer I came of age - capturing the wild eyed youthful amazement of totally uninhibited sex

Summer of '78 would be a memorable one. A few months away from turning 18; I had just got my driver’s license. Four months prior I lost my virginity to Deidre’s cousin Donna. Donna would occasionally give me head or let me fuck her it was never quite enough. We lived it up partying and going to the beach, I was the oldest of the group, but not by much, so I started to grow a...Read On



First one tell me what you think.

*Click* I hear you, you have just come through the front door, you are taking your jacket off. I have done as you asked me, I’m standing in the bedroom facing away from the door, with just my under wear on - a black and red lace bra and thong. You have moved from the front door now and are in the kitchen. Knowing you are down there making me wait for you is turning me on, then thoughts...Read On

Editor's Pick


Online lovers meet for the first time and bring their fantasies to life.

I stared at the hotel phone. It wasn't too late to change my mind. I'd spent the entire trip talking myself out of it, then talking myself back into going through with it. I couldn't back out now. I'd been wanting this for too long. Wanting him for too long. I had to know. I had to look into his eyes and touch him. Taking a few deep breaths, I picked up the phone and dialed his...Read On


First Encounter Part III (The Journey Begins)

The door closed. The smell of her sex saturated the room, musky with a hint of sweetness. She raised her head, with nose upward, as if trying to catch his scent, and pinpointing where exactly he was in the room. She heard him taking off what seemed like his jacket, maybe?..and something else that wasn’t clothing sounding, but slightly heavier, dropped on the floor. She couldn’t be...Read On


First time ... and more!

My first time having anal sex with a man was more than I bargained for!

First Time ... and more!       I was eighteen years old the first time a man seduced me. His name, aptly, was Dick and he was sort of a mentor as I was learning about cars and racing. He was twenty years my senior and I trusted and admired him, listening intently to his stories from when he was my age about cars and racing. I was very naive but not shy sexually and...Read On


Nights With Day

That doesn't mean I'm not in to you.

     What got me into trouble was wanting what i couldn't have. She was no different. Her name was "Day," Dayanara Ramos and she was fine as all hell. 5'7'' with hazel eyes, a swimmer's body, and a Brooklyn attitude that never ceased to light my fire.      Day and I had gone to school together since seventh grade, though I'm certain she couldn't tell you my name. My name's Jaime by the...Read On


A Drop of Light.......(part 1)

You will find most of my stories are based on real events, enjoy this about First Time.

A Drop of Light…part one Most of my stories are based on true events. Names of course have been changed to protect the …innocent!!! LOL   The stark bright light caught the drop as it fell, a flash like broken crystal as it landed on the small of her naked back. She started, her back arched like an awakening cat. Mmmmm she murmured. As the hot oil slowly worked its way down between...Read On


Turn of a Friendly Card


“You are into whaaaaaaaaat?” asked my best friend Sally, her large green eyes incredulous.   “You let him beat you!” she added for good measure to my escalating regret in confiding in her.   Taking a sip of my coffee, I strived to appear calm and in control.   Most of all I tried to appear sane while she contemplated the value of a butterfly net at that moment.     “It’s not what you...Read On


Silent but horny

Nude in the pool near a pretty young thing

In my 20s I got my first apartment of my own, and took advantage of the complex pool as much as I could. I often snuck into the apartment complex pool at night, padding barefoot across the still-warm parking lot, hopping the fence, and slipping quietly into the water before sliding off my shorts. I'd float and paddle around, enjoying the sensual feeling of cool water on my naked body. ...Read On


Yet Another Pizza Delivery Story.

A married women orders out and gets a mouthful....

Yet Another Pizza Delivery Story. By Robokun “That'll be 29 dollars even.” he spoke dully. Her response was to blink in confusion, hoping the fluttering of her eyelids would jar her head into understanding. It didn't help, the pizza delivery guy still stood there, bored in front of her, waiting for payment. She...Read On


My Friend's Grandpa

When I go with my friend to California to visit her Grandpa, I never believed I'd return deflowered.

My story takes place last summer after I graduated. Being an 18 year old from the Midwest , I was ready to take on new adventures. My friend invited me to take a trip with her to California for a week. Of course I agreed! She said we’d be staying with her grandfather. I’d met him before when he visited for holidays. He was a very silly and horny man. He always made jokes about how I was...Read On


Wanton Pleasure

Two Enjoying Each Other for the First Time of Many

She was standing nude before him, her dress draped on the back of  his chair, her underclothes in a pile on a nearby table. She was clearly restless and impatient, her nipples taut, her skin pinked in arousal, her hips undulating faintly as if she could barely wait until he was undressed and inside her To that end, he began disrobing, dropping his clothes on the floor with male disregard...Read On


Room 801 Part II (The Journey Begins)

She entered the room. Average room; average size; with the usual amenities. Empty. Not what she expected. Where was He? Did He change his mind? She scanned the room and there on the bed was a note and a small box with a blindfold underneath. She put her purse and keycard down near the hotel phone on the desk, walked over and sat at the edge of the bed. Taking the note she unfolded it. ...Read On


The Glass Elevator

A detached man and his wife rekindle romance in a voyeristic trip on an elevator

On the average weekday, at rush hour, the 110 Freeway in Los Angeles averages over 20,000 cars at any given time on the 55 mile stretch. For Phillip Riley, the trip from his job in San Pedro—a small harbor town just south of Los Angeles, to his home in Pasadena took an hour and thirty-seven minutes in gridlocked traffic. Stuck in his car, Phillip would gaze at a glass elevator that rose up...Read On


Between the Seats

Things get out of hand (and elsewhere) on a long flight

Between the Seats By Robokun They should have considered themselves lucky; really, this was not an easy flight to book on such short notice. But staring at the seats they would be occupying for the next eight hours, luck didn't pass through their thoughts at all. Something close to luck, however; ...Read On


First time with a real woman but not last.

A small town boy's night with a big city girl.

It was a hell of a day for Tom. One of the best he'd had in a long time. He was a week away from graduating from high school and finally getting out of this town. He had grown bored by most of the people, some he realized he just didn't like. But all that was going to change soon when he left for college and he knew he would never come back. It's all he could think about until six today,...Read On



My true story of exploring anal masturbation.

This IS a true story. Ever since I was nine I have had bi-curious thoughts. I used to go over to my friends house and we would experiment. I enjoyed it a lot. But sooner or later, as I knew would happen he grew out of it, and for a while I thought I had too. But then they started up again when I was sixteen. I always loved tits and pussy, and always will. But there was something else I...Read On


TrickChick Part Two

Well, we hoped you enjoyed part one, Cassie provided us much enjoyment when we knew her, I know some of you think we are bastards, but she was arrogant. She knew she was sexy, she looked down at everyone claiming she will be better than us and we were all losers. She was also thick, how many times can a girl be conned and still not learn? We did try and tell her a few times, when it was...Read On


Anticipation - Part I (The Journey Begins)

Lead-In - No Sex. Strictly a set-up in the saga

Lead-In Only: She was told that the key would be at the front desk. She was so nervous when she drove into the parking lot that she almost slammed into a car backing out of a space. Waving her apology; her hands now gripped the steering wheel like a vise and a life-line as she pulled into a space. She couldn’t muster the nerve yet to get out of the car and walk the few steps to the...Read On