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All the Difference

An innocent response to a Craigslist post leads to an affair, friendship and fingering

Robert Frost. Thinking about Elaine, all that comes to mind now is Robert Frost. That poem we all read in high school, “The Road Not Taken”. I’m not going to quote from it now. I’ll leave it to you to look it up if you’re not familiar with it. But the words come to mind as I think about her now, thinking back around one year to when she first came into my life. More precisely, thinking back...Read On


Laura’s Chummy Mummy

Laura meets Beccy again, they become friends but with Laura subject to Beccy's maternal discipline

Beccy snapped, “Laura, go upstairs to my bedroom, take your skirt and knickers off, and wait for me to come up. You so deserve the spanking I am going to give you.” 28 years old and about to suffer another spanking. Me, a teacher, every day telling off one student or another, giving them a detention or lines, the one in charge. Here though I am definitely not in charge and am very much...Read On


Good Friends

We finally had the courage to meet. It was worth the wait.

I own a small business based in Arizona and took over a similar company in Newport Beach a couple years ago. As my wife hates to travel, I was delegated to visit the store mid-week to assure the operations run smooth. I found myself staying in a nice hotel near a lagoon and each morning I would enjoy sitting on the balcony having coffee and watching the area come alive. This includes the...Read On


My introduction to swinging parties

Friends show me how to swing

I had been a widower for two years and very much missed the sex my wife and I had had. I didn`t want to try to get a "girl friend" which other men had done. Instead, I masturbated pretty regularly. Always standing up and in the nude in my lounge with newspapers on the floor to catch my cum when I ejaculated. I had been jerking off and had a good erection when the doorbell rang. I put on...Read On


My Encounter With A Pregnant Hottie

Lilian straddled on top of me sitting down on my hard, throbbing member on the beach

I had gone out with some mates from college to a beach party where we drank beer and cider all night. I'd got it on with some hot chick in one of the empty college dorms and gotten a slap from her and a pint of beer over my head after I told her she was rubbish in bed. I suppose I deserved that. What can I say? I was a typical twenty- one year old whose arrogant knowing he's good looking...Read On


Miss Karen's Basement: The Conclusion

The third installment in the Miss Karen Trilogy

I knew Karen was serious about me fucking her down there in the dungeon. I also knew that she was serious about Carlos fucking me. Not only had Miss Karen turned out to be a dominatrix, she had a fully-equipped S&M playroom in her basement. First she greets me at the door festooned in leather and lace. Then she leads me downstairs where I end up suspended from the ceiling naked. Next,...Read On


Teasing My Boss

I get naughty with my boss and end up with a good fuck

When the top man at our little firm asked me to be his PA for a few weeks, I was overjoyed. The regular one had gone on maternity leave and I was chosen ahead of two other older and more experienced women. I think being the new girl, I had wanted to make a good impression when I started last autumn. I reckon Jim liked the idea of someone fresh and excited by fine art as his right hand girl....Read On


Generation Game - Part 3

Twenty years on, life has sorted itself out - for the good.

2008 I've been lucky in my work and in my life. I moved to a small start-up company 12 years ago, and 5 years ago, we sold out and made enough money to be able to retire comfortably. We now live in Spain for half the year, spend several months in Texas, and the rest back in the UK. We were married about 19 years ago now, and have been very happy. Our house in Spain is a conversion of a...Read On


My coach

Sometimes taking that leap does pay off

My name is Tina and I'm on the college basketball team. At 22 in college, I'm not quite the star, but also not just someone that stays out of the spotlight either. So after a while I made a small name for myself on the team, but I still didn't play as much as I would have liked to. I told my coach that I wanted to talk him, but he was busy and he said he would set time to the side for me at...Read On


Ripped Ass and Lick O' Lot of Puss

In my first instalment ‘First I fucked my Sister-in-Law’ I told how my wife Aisling had offered to let me fulfil my sexual fantasy (which was to fuck her younger sister Davina) if I let her have her way in an unspecified matter. This instalment continues from where the first finished. A couple of hours after Davina had left me well fucked I heard the door opening. My wife was home from...Read On


Under his control

first submissive story all feedback welcome

I did as you ordered, I am wearing such a shirt skirt I felt entirely uncomfortable in, and a top so skin tight you could see my hardened nipples protruding through the thin silk like material. I am on my knees before your masculine body. You are wearing just your boxers which are not doing a good job of hiding the large bulge of your hardened penis. “Suck it”, you order. I’m starting to...Read On


My New Lovers

I receive new toys in the mail or should I say new lovers?

While reading a spanking story on lush one night I became so turned on by it that I couldn’t help but run my hand down my stomach and slide my hand into my lace underwear. I was freshly shaven after my shower and my fingers felt amazing rubbing my warm and moist lips. After rubbing my fingers around my slit a few times I slowly pushed in one, then two fingers. I shoved them in a few times...Read On


The Guitar Player Gets A Personal Lesson

This is a real story from my life in music, if you like it I will add more.

THE GUITAR PLAYER GETS A PERSONAL LESSON I was an 18 year old senior in high school and lead guitarist and vocalist in a good rock band that played at least four or five gigs a month locally, making good music and better money than we used to make cutting grass or washing cars. We were getting a rep as a good party band! We were the happiest guys in school — and I was soon to learn there...Read On


Clean Up - Aisle Eight

You never know what happens once the grocery store closes

Sandra groaned as she hung up the phone. Naturally, Rob would call in on the night that she had to close the store. Now she was stuck with only a couple of bag boys and cashiers, and all of the night-stocking to take care of. A quick peek out the window of the office took away her frown, however. She knew that Daniel would stay over without much complaint, if she asked him. He’d always been...Read On


Hawaiian ala cunt, ch 2 Flight to Paradise

“Just think, while we are here in Hawaii you two can share me.

Kandy glanced at the calendar and circled in bright red marker was that coming Tuesday, the day of their trip to paradise. It's just five days away, and she had everything packed and ready. The two of them could hardly wait. Every night they would talk about what might happen and ended up fucking like two love struck teenagers. That Friday Todd called and told her there were no changes in...Read On


The Bottle Section

It had been a year since she'd had sex... tonight was her night to let it all go.

The Bottle Section Note to the Readers: This was my very first attempt at an erotic story and I have yet to submit it online anywhere. Please be kind with your criticism, though any criticism is accepted. Thank you for taking the time to read. Enjoy.  He didn’t necessarily have everything I was looking for. He had more. I was intrigued by his appetite for attention. It wasn’t...Read On


Living Doll

When I was a little girl, I had loved playing with dolls. I would dress them up, brush their hair and create lives for them. I had Barbies and Sindy’s that lived alongside the fake ones who didn’t look quite right that my mum had bought cheaply, but nonetheless they had all served their own purpose. They lived in my dollhouse in my bedroom and I built an entire world for them, admittedly...Read On


Excerpts From My Inexperience: My First Kiss (Added Bonus - Spunky Fingers)

Of course, everybody's first kiss in their whole life leads to spunky fingers within minutes...

This story only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. One day, anybody who is lucky enough reaches a point when they can finally say they had their first kiss (a proper full-on grown-up-type snog). The first of my friends to have theirs was Jo. All my other friends followed on after that. It is safe to say I might possibly be a late starter –...Read On


Sex and the Extended Family: The Beginning Part 1

Daughter confesses sexual fantasies involving father and brother and has sex with her mother .

In the beginning there was only Robert, my older brother, my dad, Jethro, and my mom, Rachel, but my new found joy of sex was soon to be shared with other members of my extended family. It was May of 1965 and the miniskirt was everywhere, even the women way out in the country was wearing them. Rachel bought a closet full of miniskirts and mini-dresses and she was a born and bred farm girl....Read On


Second Chances

Two online friends continue their video and email exchange

Instant gratification. That’s what most people want these days. Thanks to instant communication with email, instant shopping online, instant pornography too, we all want exactly what we want, exactly when we want it. That’s what made things so frustrating. Much as I don’t want to admit it, my middle-aged brain has been re-wired to operate in the modern era of instant gratification. She made...Read On


My Birthday Present

My hsuband fulfills my fantasy for my birthday

It was my birthday and my husband, James, had promised me a surprise I’d never forget. He handed me a box. When I opened it I discovered a beautiful black dress. It was cut low in both the front and back, came just above the knee, and was slit up the thigh. He told me that I was to wear the dress with nothing on underneath it. As I looked at it, I realized I couldn’t have worn much underneath...Read On


An Introduction To Manhood

She had her eyes on him since he was 16 and now he was legal.

This story is a continuation of “You can learn a lot in college. Part 2” The day Gail had been looking forward to for nearly three years was at hand. She wanted to fuck her landlady’s son, Chris. Gail had her eyes on Chris since she moved into the upstairs apartment of his mother’s home. But Chris was just 16 years old then, so Gail had to wait until he was legal. Well, Chris turned...Read On


Assistant Manager's Decision

Couple's house is foreclosed on so wife does it with bank's manager

As usual, he headed out, and down the street so that he could take his morning stroll which for him was at just after 4:30 in the morning. She too, stressed out by a recent financial situation involving her home woke up early, and went down to make some coffee. Once it was brewed, she poured a cup, and went outside on her porch to think it all over. Mary Beth Johnson was the co-owner of...Read On


Finding Her Master Pt.10

Robin gets a surprise from Joe and he meets her mom for the first time

Finding Her Master Chapter 14 By: Ropetease ©2012 all rights reserved The day started with Joe at his desk going over the repair orders that were stacked in front of him from yesterday’s work. Glancing up to the calender, Joe saw that it had been a year since Robin came into his life and changed it forever. Joe remembered the day when her car was towed in and how her hand felt...Read On


My American Lady

Two internet friends finally meet

American Lady Present It’s a quiet country hotel. It has a long sweeping drive lined with oaks, bordered by wide lawns on both sides. My car rattles its way along the drive to the gravel covered car park. With relief I switch off the engine and sit for a moment. The slight wind rustles the leaves and the sun, low in the autumn sky, sheds a little warmth. The oaks’ leaves are...Read On


Together at Bill's

After we arrive at Bill's apartment, Kathy sets the stage for her show

It was just after midnight when we arrived and Bill was obviously glad to see Kathy. He greeted us at the door before we could even knock. “I thought you two were never going to get here,” he said, “come in; let me get you a drink. What are you having? How was your drive? I hope Kathy didn’t talk your ear off.” “Hello darling, I’ve missed you.” Kathy gave Bill the biggest, longest kiss...Read On


I find lesbian places

How I was able to meet other lesbians.

Not only does time heal all wounds so I could put most of my past behind me, I was becoming more comfortable with Catherine and she was always so anxious to please me. Now there were no more men in my life for the time being I was free to spend more time with her. It was partly because being a stranger in that part of the city I didn't have many friends to speak of, other than my...Read On


Truth or dare brother 16

One of the best things about an relationship is the little things

Still as the weeks went on, I got huge. Jeff did most of the cleaning as I got further and further along in the pregnancy. When I got to be 30 weeks along, he started working a little more. Not a lot more, but a little more. He started getting home a little later. At around 6:30 instead of 5:00 or 5:30. Then when I was 33 weeks along he got home back at 5:00 again. “You know if you...Read On


Sexual Crossroads

Skip finally makes his bi-curious fantasy a gay reality...

Back when my youthful horniness was at its peak, I found myself at a crossroads with my sexuality. I had only hooked up with girls, however, I often caught myself fighting off feelings of sexual excitement at the thought of my best friend, Ryan. While I considered myself to be straight, I felt moments of weakness in the locker room after soccer practice. Although we would never get fully...Read On


The Hole in One

Fuck my ass, Charlie commanded.

The Hole in One Gerrard was lost in thought as he drove to the course. What had happened? Where had the years gone? What about all the promise he had shown? He knew damn fine what. He’d bottled it, that’s what. Whenever he got the chance he’d lost his nerve. So now he was an aging pro giving lessons to old duffers knowing full well he’d never realised his potential and was doomed to carry...Read On