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Its Only Sex: Part 2

Pam and Sally get their husbands into their fun

Sally cried out,"Mmmmmm, oh yeah baby thats it, right there, fuck me harder," arching her back off the bed, as her fingers pinched her hard, erect nipples, while her best friend Pam, laid between her spread legs, working the large pink dildo in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Pam's hand pushed the dildo in harder and faster, as she fastened her mouth around Sally's clit, sucking it hard...Read On


The Sanguine Chronicles Ch. 1

If blood and love are currency, then a pure heart is the greatest treasure.

“Light shines from the castle!” Alina stopped brushing her long blonde hair to cast a doubtful expression at her elderly cabin mate. There hadn’t been light coming from Castle Sanguine’s dismal windows for decades. Alina had grown up in the village of Lyrisa, one of many that dotted the mountainous region known as Relicium, and she couldn’t remember a single night where anything but...Read On


The Threesome, The Next Morning

Waking up to round two after a great night...

This is part two of my story, you do need to read part one to get an understanding about whats going on, but it's not needed.  I woke the next morning to a rather pleasant surprise.Elizabeth was kissing my neck while stroking my manhood under the covers. “How did you sleep, Babe?” she whispered. “Great! Waking up is pretty good too so far,” I murmured. She went from kissing my neck...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 29

Apologies and ice cream.

Brody leaned forward on the bench and glanced up at the clock. Less than three minutes left, and they had a one-goal lead over visiting Toronto. The refs blew the play dead and everyone sat back and took a breath as the broadcast went to one final television time-out. The coach grabbed a whiteboard with rink markings on it and outlined their next play. Brody nodded and climbed over the...Read On


My first time with a girl

The true story about my first time with an other girl.

This is a true story, it happened 6 years ago when I was 18. The events take place the week after my last story.  I woke up on Sunday morning after loosing my virginity in a gang bang. It was the day after the party. I was lying naked in bed with a slight hangover. And next to me was a beautiful blond girl, also naked. Last night we had been gang banged together. I didn't even know her name,...Read On


My First Time With Jess

A Story explaining how I met my girlfriend

It was my gay best friend's 18th birthday and we were having a house party. I'd gone there with a girl who I'd been sleeping with casually for a few weeks. She was a short, pretty girl with jet-black hair similar to mine. We were into the same things sexually and in general and at the time I felt that things would end up going further than just casual sex. We had already spent the...Read On


Masturbation in Japan

My experience of masturbation in Japan

I lived in Japan for many years as a teacher instructing high school and university students for the Japanese government. For much of the time I was the only foreigner in my area. It was not an uncomfortable living. On the contrary, I was set up in an nicely furnished apartment overlooking the university and surrounded by friendly people. In my second week there, I met a young Japanese woman...Read On


The Farmer's Daughter: Chapter One

A farm apprenctice meets sexy but forbidden farmer's daughter and wild things happen

The Farmer’s Daughter: Chapter 1 Sisyphus Note: This is a ten chapter novella I started working as an apprentice on John Allen’s farm in April and was eager to learn all I could from him about farming so that I would be able to start my own farm in a few years. He set me up in the apprentice cabin on the other side of the field about a hundred yards from the house. It was a small cabin with...Read On


You've Got An Hour

She submits for an hour, he makes it worthwhile

Julie lay back into the car's seat, closing her eyes and relaxing into the ride home. The night out had been just what she needed after a long week; Jay had done well distracting her from thoughts of work. Their favorite restaurant had again come through with a great meal. They'd had just enough wine, lovely dessert, and stimulating conversation. But though the pleasant hours had repressed...Read On


There Can Only Be One Winner

When the watched become the wanted.

Her alarm rung home the cruel truth, it was time to get up and face the world. She didn’t want to, Lou wanted to stay exactly where she was, making love to her pillow, and to herself. She checked the clock next to her and established she had time, she reached underneath her bed, pulled out a box and took hold of the long, thick piece of well used plastic. Lou loved fucking herself, she...Read On


Laura At Teacher’s Camp

Laura attends the weekend camp but makes too many mistakes and suffers the consequences

I arrived early onSaturday on a coach with 30 other nominees. Mrs Fellows was the main organizer and during the trip she went from person to person, asked them their name, ticked them off her list, and handed them an envelope. As each envelope was handed out so the person opened it and read. I read mine and groaned when I discovered that Mrs Fellows had kept her threat and made me student side....Read On

How to Softly Kill Time Before Work

Waking up before your alarm is not always a bad thing!

Let me begin this story with a little background information. I am single and happy as hell to be out of my last relationship! Being single lets a woman find time to take care of herself as only she can, sorry guys! With Luke, continue reading to find out who he is, in my holster there is nothing I can't achieve! This story is a culmination of many past ventures and present fantasies. With...Read On


The wife's daughter part 2

I find out what the smirk is all about.

Chris just said ‘now it’s your turn’. She was smiling big like she had something up her sleeve. *** Part2 Chris got up on her knees and straddled my legs. She leaned forward and planted the longest kiss I think I ever had. I kept flashing in my mind back to the wife and how this would really piss her off to know I had succumbed to the daughter’s allurer. I guess it didn’t affect me...Read On


Nursed By My Mother Part 2

Spread your legs so I can watch you Mom.

I was stunned by the events that had just took place. My Mother actually promised me that she was going to look after every sexual urge I ever had. Word for word, said she was going to be my slut.   "Wow, now what the hell do I do next?" I pondered. Considering that I have been over sexed since puberty and the fantasy's and sexual desires I have are some what off the wall, how do I get her...Read On


Goodnight Kiss

Who could know this would happen from a goodnight kiss?

Goodnight Kiss This tale is a work of complete fiction no real events took place. The peaceful silence and serenity of the house was broken when it was filled with joyful humming as the back door opened. An adolescent woman with shoulder length blonde hair, soft blue eyes. Wearing her favorite white dress she loves that dress so much so she...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 28


The night after meeting Ryan's parents, Brody was playing pool with Drew, Bax, and Tolya at an Arlington sports bar. He took his shot, missed, and stepped back for Drew, and told them about the dinner. "Her dad asks me if I ever played football, because obviously he thinks that's the only sport worth playing." Brody shook his head. "Jesus. So there I am, trying to find a nice to way to say,...Read On


I Broke My New Year’s Resolution Version B

Spanking is used to motivate him to lose weight

I Broke My New Year’s Resolution Version B I made a resolution to lose some weight. You see, I am overweight and slightly obese, and I want to correct that. I have tried almost everything, and nothing has worked. So I made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier foods, stay away from fast food restaurants, and exercise. During the first three weeks of January everything went really well....Read On


Las Vegas Part 3

The adventures of Selene continue

In the last part of the story, Selene and I met in Las Vegas for some full-time daddy daughter roleplay. She is 18 and I am 46. Selene sat in post-orgasmic reverie following her encounter with the lovely stripper Savannah. As the lovely black girl left, she slipped her phone number in my sweet girl’s hand. “ Was I bad, daddy?” Selene asked. “ No, you were very good, baby,” I replied. ...Read On


My Fuck Buddy

Young slut up for anything

After my mother’s husband had devoured my naked body, I was motivated to have Scott’s huge cock inside me. I didn’t consider it incestuous, because he was not my father and I was a divorced adult woman. I rationalized that my mother couldn’t be angry with me, as she was a swinger and I had glimpsed her engaging in sex play and nudity with Scott’s male friends and even my uncles. When I...Read On


Kellie the Cocksucker

Kellie repays me in a very enjoyable way.

Let me set the stage for you. I am James, a 21 year old male working in a library surrounded by women. Only three other men work there…one gay, one nerd, and one old man. I love women. I truly believe God made women as a work of art for men to look at (along with other wonderful things). Well, I’ve worked at the library for a few years and all the women feel comfortable with me. This allows...Read On


The Spot

My first trip inside

My name is Jeremy. I am currently a senior at an out of town College,set to graduate in a few weeks. A couple of friends from home came out last week to celebrate. We had a great night at bars and then we went to what my friends thought was a strip club. It turned out to be a sex club and the night was unforgettable. Back when I was a freshman, I had an English teacher named Ms. K. She...Read On


On my way to Paris, Part II

Aki experiences strange things on her way to Paris

I was tucked in my first class seat on my way from Tokyo to Paris, but I could not sleep. The double orgasm I just experienced in the lavatory (one from my boss after he shot his load deep into me, followed almost immediately by the one from the flight attendant who licked me clean) should have been sufficient to make me sleepy. I looked at my boss who was fast asleep in the solo cocoon...Read On


Drinking On The Job

A boring day at the office turns into a day of sexual fulfilment

It was a typical day at the office for Ann, a 50-something married brunette. Paperwork and more paperwork! The only thing that was making her day a little less boring were the glances she was getting from one of her male colleagues that occupied the office next to hers. Every time she walked past him she could feel his eyes burning into her crotch and she knew he craved what lay beneath her...Read On


The First Meeting, Part Two

One hot night ...

We chat some more with things becoming more flirtatious, little things you say or do that relate to our previous chats make me smile, excite me even. You mention the 'Lick' thing that we write when we chat, asking how we might make that real. I slowly lick my finger tip and glide it along your neck, I then kiss it and do the same. "See? We can still do those things!" I get started on...Read On


They Called Me The Babysitter -- 2

A guy never, NEVER knows what will turn a girl on.

TheyCalled Me 'The Babysitter' -- 2 This story is based on some of the sexual events of my life when I was in graduate school back in 1971-73. I was attending a college in rural Mississippi, working on a master's degree in physics. Charlotte, Megan's little sister was fast becoming a distant memory. Still, despite the loss, it had buoyed up my self-image. It had been the most...Read On


A New Job/Part 1 The Interview

Andrew finds a job interview to be quite demanding

I had been working as a top executive for a start up Internet Company. When the market fell, we were unable to raise capital. We found ourselves having to dissolve our enterprise. We were deep in debt and without jobs. Though holding an MBA from the University of Chicago, I found myself in the lines of the unemployed, over qualified and not marketable. After a year of resume rejection and with...Read On


My Uncle Me

The night I seduces my uncle

My parents had to leave out of the country on a business trip.  Both my parents worked together at that time.  It was May and I was still in school.  My parents didn't want to pull my out of school being that it was near the end.  My father called his sister, Sylvia, to see if they could come and stay at our house until school finished and then they would send for me.  My father had to pay...Read On


Pizza and Pussy

A pizza delivery guy gets a pussy tip and a show he'll never forget!

It was late one spring evening in this busy southern university town. The night air was already hot and humid. Sounds of the night echoed in the background as Josh stood in the doorway. The hot humid air did not circulate and hung heavy like an encompassing weight draped over his body. The musty aroma of sex and sweat mixed with the lingering sweet scent of cannabis stirred in his...Read On


Saturday Night

How far will the sexual desires come between the brother and sister?

It was early morning.  My grandparents made breakfast and to tell you the truth it was really good, better than what we have back home.  I kept eating and thinking about Friday Night.  Was it wrong for me to do that, I was just insane to go that far, I could of cleaned myself up, but instead Dean asked me to clean it up for me, why did I let him do this.  I spaced out completely.  Then...Read On


Ellie's First Real Lesbian Experience

Ellie gets her first real taste of another woman.

Please refer to my previous story(s), VegasAdventure Part 1-2, for a description of myself and Ellie. When we returned from Vegas, Ellie and I went back to our normal lives, but we could not help but relive the events of the trip and discuss what was next for us. Since we are each married to other people, our chances to make these things come true only come around so often. We love to...Read On