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Vanessa's Island - Chapter One

You just can't be a rugged recluse when there's a woman around!

For five years I had lived on the island totally without human companionship. I saw no men but the old guy who ran the supply ship, and no women at all. And I was happy. An artist needs his solitude. In the hurley-burley that we choose to call society, the deeper voice of the soul cannot be heard. Man alone with nature, that’s the way it should be. Like Thoreau at Walden Pond,...Read On


Those Three Little Words - Part Three

A surprise visit for Charlotte...

"Hello! Oh...hey Mum," I sighed down the phone. It was always a disappointment to hear some one else's voice other than my Master's when I picked up my phone. The anticipation was half the fun though... My mother was just ringing to 'check up'... more like nag me. It took all my control to not hang up on her as she went on and on at me about bills, work, relationships. She had to know...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife (Part 6)

Itchy and needy yet again, Lynda plots her threesome but looks to a younger man for immediate relief

Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife - 6 Don Abdul ©2010 Working in close proximity with the 20 year old intern Jack was becoming rather too painful for Lynda as his continued presence around her was driving her nuts with desire. Most times she would often fantasize about pouncing on him right there in the office and tearing off his clothes, and then impaling herself on his...Read On


Sandwiched Between Love

The fantasy of a threesome was constantly playing in my mind. Ever since I had gotten pregnant the idea just wouldn't leave my head. If I ever wanted to do it, now would be the perfect time. I wouldn't get pregnant by any man's cum, and I didn't have a family to leave behind at home just yet. After much discussion, my fiance gave me the ‘okay’ and I began to plan my first threesome experience. ...Read On


Growth and Admissions

In a place where everyone cares, is the perfect place for a new beginning.

My initial impression that this town resembled Mayberry turned out to be reality, and that the people here where genuinely nice. Everywhere I went people introduced themselves and seemed to want to be my friend. At first, I really wasn’t sure what to think, but after the initial shock wore off, I began to relax and accept that this might have been the best decision of my life. After a few...Read On


A Cut Above The Rest.

Kris loses his hair, but gains a lover.

“The trouble with you men is you want it all ways. You want someone to cook and clean for you, a slave basically. You expect the house to be spick and span but never lift a finger to help. Then at night when you stagger in from the pub drunk, you expect us to be some kind of whore who thinks you’re the greatest lover since Casanova, despite the fact we’ve been on our feet all day long.” Zoe...Read On


Sex Fantasy TV, A Play (Sixth Stab)

The second humor based short play I wrote last year...

Sex Fantasy TV, A Play Scene 1: A television studio set sometime in the future. Three couples are seated in front of the main TV camera. The show's host is standing in front of them with a stage behind the host. On the stage are prizes for the contestants. A studio audience is observing the goings on. Characters: Peter Long: Sharply dressed middle-aged man. He is the host of the show....Read On


The Prime Traveller's Life - Thelma

What happens when a horny teenager miraculously appears in a lonely woman's bed?

There’s something about the universe. It’s just so universal. If you think about it (and I don’t recommend that you do) the universe can’t help but be a strange place, because everything strange is in it. Most of the time it makes no sense, and when it does make sense that’s even stranger, because there’s no reason why it should. In all the chaotic fields of energy, why should there be...Read On


Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part I

My onwer and the girl next door take me to a risque beach party.

I "Hey, baby girl, feel like going out Friday?" It was an innocent enough question, and yet something in the tone of her voice alerted me to some sort of sinister design. I shifted in my chair, taking my reading glasses off and putting down my half read copy of Super Girl. Pushing my hair behind one ear, I eyed Kay over the top of her lap top screen, suspicion in my eyes. "Dinner?" I...Read On


Until We Meet Again

This should have happened long ago

I took one last moment to brush all the kinks out of my hair, and made sure it was silky smooth and completely straight. My fingers were a little bit red from the hot strands of hair, but it was all worth it. I glanced into the mirror one last time. My little sun dress splashed with color and had vibrant flowers printed on it. The deep purple bow that tired around my tiny waist gave the dress...Read On


Sister Sister (Part One)

Sidney’s little sister, Christie, had been staying with us for two weeks, and it was beginning to annoy me. Just graduated from college, Christie had been diligently searching for a job, but the economy wasn’t doing her any favors. And to be fair, it was actually Sidney that was annoying me. You see, if she doesn’t get her weekly spanking—a very hard spanking--she becomes a real brat. A...Read On


Outdoor Entertaining Area Available

after a day lazing in the sun at the river, the girls get down to business.

They stopped speaking once they hit the water, both women abandoned their clothes in the heat of the sun, a little light breeze caressed their skin, speaking of the afternoon, threatening them with the cool that comes with night time. A little bit of wine under the same telling sun, earlier in the day had led to Cat unwrapping the scarf from around her friend’s neck and gently running...Read On


35 Year Old Mom Is Seduced By The Young Shoe Clerk

35 year old mom needs new shoes but ends up in the back room with the young clerk.

“I really need new shoes? These are falling totally apart.” I told my husband. “Why don’t you go looked for some new ones?” he said. “You are right! I hadn’t bought a new pair of shoes in two years. It is very hard to teach my aerobics class with this pair.” I said. I had the day off so I decided to go to the mall to look for some new shoes. I had figured their was several shoe stores in...Read On


A Brush With The Law

An off duty cop meets up with two sexy young lawyers after hours

I think I’m a pretty average guy. You know, medium build, medium complexion, medium brown hair, average looks. When I say “average looks,” I mean I’m no Brad Pitt, but then nobody ever got me confused with Quasimodo, either. Kind of a happy medium, you could say. Maybe I’m a little a taller than average, but that helped me get into the state police force, so that was a good thing, but...Read On


When in Rome

My fantasy of a weekend in Rome with a sexy friend from my past.

I woke up, and felt my hard cock rubbing against your ass as you snuggled against me. I couldn’t quite believe I was actually here, in Rome, lying in your bed. I had flown in from Canada the day before, and had arrived in time to share a wonderful dinner at your favourite restaurant. Then, we spent the evening wandering around the city, as you showed me some of the places you enjoyed....Read On


Adventures of Kristof Marci, Marci's Story pt2

Tanya and Marci begin to explore their kinkier side

Continuing Marci’s story in her words... We entered a gorgeous bedroom with a huge king size bed against one wall. There was a dressing room off to one side and at the end of the room a comfortable sofa. The decor was feminine but not over the top and the artwork on the walls was erotic in the extreme; mostly lesbian scenes which left just enough to the imagination to be tantalising. On...Read On


Blondie's Wild Ride - Part I

A snap decision leads to a wild night of sex with some very dangerous bikers.

I The night was filled with sound. Sirens in the distance, the rumble of cars over rough pavement, shouts of laughter and of anger, music spilling from boom boxes. Oakland. Even at midnight, you could see the heat shimmering on the asphalt. It hadn’t let up for two weeks now, wearing on everyone, setting tempers off as each night became a struggle to find a few hours in which to slumber in...Read On


Settling In

Escaping oppression closed one door. Now Dawn has to find the next one.

I didn’t know why James had asked to meet me at Penny’s. He’d said that it was important for me to show up on time because they needed to talk to me. When I arrived, Penny greeted me at the door, and told me to go get Dawn out of the bathroom. I emerged a few minutes later completely changed into Dawn Summer, and into a mini-surprise party. “Happy Birthday Dawn!” Penny and James sang together....Read On


Charley's Wild Night (Part Two)

I was bent over so far that my forehead was resting on my knee, I didn’t know who it was who was fucking me this time; Callum or Sam. Each time I tried to turn round to see I was shoved back the other way. I didn’t really care; I was enjoying myself too much. I moaned, the sound echoing off the tiles of the bathroom making it sound as if I was embroiled in a full on gang bang. My unknown...Read On


One Night Stand

This is a true story of me being picked up by a big black man

Hi, my name is Kellie. I am a small town white girl who just ended a rocky relationship and am a little anxious to start dating again. Recently, my new freedom has made me more curious about other options. “I just don’t want to wind up with a loser in a dead-end relationship again,” I explained to my best friend, Julie, as we sat at the bar. Julie grinned and nodded her head. “I know...Read On


An Unexpected Friend

Friendship can lead to other things

For the last three years Sabrina had worked at the grocery store as a cashier… and since that fateful first day on the job the young buxom redhead had been unable to stop thinking about Jessica, the floor manager. Everyday the young redhead would pass by the manager's office, and every day the cashier caught herself glancing through the window to get a glimpse of Jessica. Actually her name...Read On


Hanging Out with Jake

She didn’t think that she would be capable of going through with anything that...

Casey had been in a long term relationship for some time. She found a new confidence and it began stirring something inside her. She began to have fantasies about other men and women. Being with a woman sparked her interest, but her desire was building to find another man. She didn’t think that she would be capable of going through with anything that would potentially destroy her...Read On


Force or Love? (4)

Chapter Four - Close Contact

Becky woke up refreshed but still confused. She sat up on her bed and switched the TV off. She got up and went into the balcony. “I can’t go on like this,” wondered Becky, “How long am I going to lock myself here and avoid the two most awesome guys in the world.” She had taken a long break from her job and come here for a long vacation. She was grateful to her boss for being so...Read On


A Serious Lesson

Unruly girl gives her teacher a lesson

“Smack me!” she had said insolently, in front of the entire class. Prior to that day, I hadn’t realized what I was capable of doing when provoked. Elizabeth had brought out the most primal of my instincts. She had managed to break my gentle mannered ways and turned me into a sex-hungry beast. --- At the age of 34, I considered myself a respectable man in the teaching profession. I had...Read On


Winter wonderland.

Snow is exhilarating...

The moon in the inky black sky was a full round slivery glow making the snow on the ground glisten like the diamond mines of Russia. The cold air nipped at the skin on my face and hands, the only parts of my body uncovered by the soft clothing adorning me. The trees surrounding me stood tall and soft snow flakes floated down from the heavens above. The park looked like the scene from a...Read On


Beginner's Meeting, A Play (Third stab at humor)

Man ends up at SLAA meeting after fiance thinks he is a sex addict...a humor piece...

Beginner’s Meeting, A Play Scene 1: A church basement. An odd looking assortment of people are sitting on metal folding chairs arranged in a circle. In the corner is a table with coffee and donuts. Characters: Charles: Middle aged man, about 40 dressed in a plaid sweater. He is the group leader. Pete: a.k.a. Pervert Pete, a graying man of about 60 dressed in a raincoat. Bob: A fidgety man...Read On


How Meggie Made Me Hard

When a workout becomes more of a wankoff....

I was a bit of a slob until Meggie took me in hand. Took me in hand. There I go again, whenever I think about Meggie my mind turns to sex. It all started when I delivered her exercise equipment. When I pushed the buzzer on the door it was answered by an attractive woman in her late 40’s with curly reddish brown hair and a sweet slightly shy smile. She was wearing a light blue summer dress. ...Read On


Dawn Summer

Oppressed and Underage. Sometimes you just got to take matters into your own hands.

As I climbed aboard the bus, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief at my escape. I never realized how free I could feel finally escaping my father for good. Maybe, I should back up a little bit for those of you just catching up to my story. My name is Dawn Summer. I grew up a rich little boy with a father who never quite understood, or cared to understand me. I wanted to become an...Read On


Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife (Part 5)

Lynda is so horny enjoys hot lesbian sex; but what is real and what is fantasy? Find out here!

Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife - 5 Don Abdul ©2010 Right after her sexually memorable visit to Giovanni’s office to wrap up their unfinished business, Lynda had become quite busy with a new account she had managing the comfort of a visiting Japanese business delegation. It was such hard work due to the language barriers involved but it was such a profitable venture she had...Read On


The Good Guy

Tempted by my mother's best friend

I grew up a pretty typical 16 year old guy living in suburbia in the mid eighties. I went to school, hung out with my friends and did odd jobs for spending money. One of the odd jobs I would do on occasion was babysitting; pretty easy cash for not much work. So it wasn’t much of a deal when my mom asked me to baby-sit for her friend Kim. Kim was one of mom’s best friends, though she was...Read On