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The Power of The Moon ch.2

Matty and Grace learn more about how they feel...

Grace smiled at the guy who had gotten mad at her, "I think this is where you tell me what your name is." She said after a few minutes of just staring at him and having her hand out. The man laughed and shook her hand. "Ya I guess you are right. My name is Mathew but most people call me Matty." He replied his eyes looking down at her warmly. "Nive to meet you Matty!" Grace said returning...Read On


Mutual Safisfaction

fun with a co-worker takes on whole new meaning...

It’s been a couple of months since that day the cute boy at work sent me a text to cheer me up. It was real nice and appeared to be the start of a sincere friendship. Tanner and I have spent hour’s texting each other about random shit, playing silly, finish the sentence type guessing games and have really been getting to know one another. We joke around a bit at work but really keep...Read On


Naughty IM'in

This story takes place one night when a naughty friend and I start to chat through IM. With her permission I have posted here for all to enjoy. Becca: Hi, how are you, How was your day? Just catching up since it's been a couple of days since we chatted. Spanky: Just fine how are you, I've missed you Our usual start to our conversations. A little chit chat and then, the...Read On


A Calendar Christmas

We arrived at the cabin late Friday afternoon. Our friends, Mike and Molly, had won a trip for four to a Colorado cabin resort in a television contest and invited my husband, Eric, and I along as their plus two. We were thrilled. We decided to go the week after Thanksgiving, that way we all had our Thanksgiving and Christmas family gatherings unimpeded. We got out of the car and began...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 01

A hockey player meets a musician.

© 2011 All rights reserved "I gotta go, man," said Mark. "I told Hilary I'd meet her." "Right." Brody grinned. "You're just mad because I was kicking your ass at Madden." Mark rolled his eyes. "Yeah, that's it. I'm so pissed about losing that I'm using my girlfriend as an excuse. Jesus, Brody." Brody snickered. "You have been whipped since she moved in with you." "Just get out."...Read On


Kellys' Exploration

A housewife explores a new side

A yearning was growing inside her. A yearning that was very unfamiliar. As she stared at the magazine rack her eyes kept drawing back to the one with the picture of a girl strapped to a wooden cross and a man dressed in black with his head covered holding a paddle in his hand. The title read BDSM Lifestyle. She grabbed the magazine along with a current edition of Cosmo, paid the cashier...Read On


Our Path to Husband Swapping:Part 5

The swap from Sam's point of view.

The following is the story of our 1st swap, but from Sam’s point of view. I have written this story, but it is Sam’s words and thoughts as he told it to me. As we drove back at Stacy and Tom’s house, Tom and I talked about sports mostly, but our minds were on the girls in the back seats. We could hear them whispering but couldn’t tell what they were saying. I kept glancing back in the...Read On


In The Dark

She comes home from work to a mysterious note...

Note: This story was originally published here under a different pseudonym of mine. Don't worry, the author is the same. If you liked it before, please like it again! I had gotten home from a long day at work and was looking forward to date night with my boyfriend, Dave. I live in a large house with my parents, but they were away for the week visiting friends. They had been leaving me...Read On


Kitty Girl’s newest peeing adventures

Kitty Girl and her owner get wet in more than one way

This story, inspired by the Kitty Girl series of Sprite is completely a work of fiction. Though it would be darn hot, if you ask me. It was a peaceful spring evening. Laura andRachel spent most of the day cleaning up the house which rendered them bothpretty tired, but now everything was neat and tidy, and the light breeze from the open windows brought warm scents of spring. They already...Read On


Sarah, Chapter 5-A

Pappa and the girls start there trek from the railhead to the ranch on horseback...

Sarah, Brenda and I take a train to the ranch. Star and Stud, the girls’ horses are in an attached animal car... It’s a four day ride by horse from the railhead to the house, 95% of that is on the Star Ranch….. Note to readers: Chapter 5 is being posted in four parts, A thru D. This is done to maintain story continuity, each chapter covering a day on the trail. The day...Read On


Darkness Within (Chapter 2: BloodLust)

A forbidden love story of an angel and a vampire, in a Master/Slave relationship.

My eyes turned pitch black in that one moment, life seemed to still and nothing seemed to move, and nothing seemed to matter anymore. This was my life, this was what I truly was, a monster, to only walk in the night and sleep by day. I couldn’t control myself around him, the want of his blood… no, the wanting of him. To know I wasn’t alone in this barren world, to know he was there every step...Read On


Watching and being watched

Four friends enjoy each other for the first time

A last minute cancellation meant that Ali and I had the chance of a long weekend break skiing. So we picked up Dave and Chrissy and all their gear for the 3 hour drive to our chalet. As soon as we set off Chrissy couldn’t wait to hog the conversation to tell us what they’d seen last night “We’d been to see the latest Harry Potter and were coming back to the car park when we noticed three or...Read On


The Big Show

Welcome to the Show Kandy is in college. Just finishing her final year and looking forward to what life has to offer beyond school. She's gotten her college education and a few life's lessons. She lives off campus in a condominium complex that mostly rents to other students. No shortage of social possibilities there. She shares her place with 2 friends. Kandy is petite, 5'2”, long curly...Read On


It Started In The Hall

Sexy things start in the hall!

I was doing my usual routine getting ready for bed; brushing my teeth, flossing and taking my nightly meds. Done, I walked into the room where my wife was laying in bed in her usual sleep wear; a pair of my boxers and a blue wife beater that she'd claimed as hers. I didn't mind because she looked fucking drop dead gorgeous in them. I slipped into bed, picked up the latest copy of Guns & Ammo...Read On


Awakening Her Desires

He was a man who always got what he wanted. And today what he wanted was Charlotte.

It had been a shock to her system, that first experience. She had reacted with fury and embarrassment at first.. Then with mounting excitement and finally almost unadulterated pleasure. But later at home, thinking of it, it had really only seemed like a deliciously naughty game. An unreal kind of fantasy...her first ever spanking, in the woods last summer at the company Christmas picnic. ...Read On


She looks so beautiful! Part 2

I wanted Bill to see my wife, naked, helpless in front of him, pussy open and inviting.

Chapter 1 Ending: The next night, after I tied her up and blindfolded her, I told her I was opening the shade so Bill could watch us fuck. She moaned, and I went to put the onions on the stove, then opened the window. Sure enough, Bill was just coming out of the house next door. I went back to the stove, keeping myself just out of sight of the window. I wanted Bill to see my girl,...Read On


The Group Pt3

Miss takes my virginity.

Miss Burke collected me in her car at noon and we drove across the city towards her home. “I have been thinking about you,” she said. Shifting in her seat she drew up her skirt, driving one handed. “Look, Thinking about you makes me wet.” She was bare legged. Where her strong thighs met was a triangle of white cotton, wisps of hair escaping at the edges. darkened at it’s centre by...Read On


Badge Bunny Adventures Pt 5

Jen, Relationship? Maybe!

I stood innocently looking as Hatch hopped in his car and left. Ward walked up to me and didn’t really seem concerned with my guest. He apologized for the intrusion and said he really needed to talk to me. I told him it wasn’t a problem and invited him into the barn. I sat next to him on the sofa and listened to him. He told me he came across the video today. I looked into my lap with shame;...Read On


Charlie-Charlene Part I

an adventure into the strange world of futa

She was so sick and tired of being “just one of the guys”. Charlie wasn’t even quite sure how that had happened. Somewhere between her sophomore year and graduation from Georgia Tech, she had fallen into an easy camaderie with her fellow engineering students. That, in itself wasn’t bad; it conveniently kept flirtation to a minimum when she really was more interested in getting guys into...Read On


Twenty Words For Snow

She stared out at the newly fallen snow, amazed at how itsparkled like a star strewn field, kissed by the sun. If only she could capture that it and describe the wonder, the beauty, the magic in a single word. “I’d still have nineteen to go.” She mumbled, her warm breath clouding in the cold mountain air. Twenty words for snow. That had been the assignment. So far, it hadn’t gone well. ...Read On


Double booked

My boyfriend and I get more than we bargained for....

"What do you mean, we’ve been double booked?" My boyfriend Tony glared at the man on reception. "We are very sorry signore. I will find solution." "Damned right you will!" Tony grabbed my hand, dragging me over to the waiting area. "This is fucking ridiculous." "It’ll be fine." I said sheepishly. "They will let us stay, even if it’s not in the log cabin we paid for." "No fucking way!...Read On


After the Run

This vignette was written to help an internet friend get off and fall asleep. Hope it helps you too

You had just finished a run. Your Dad had the kids. When you came in the door, you had a glow about you, not just the blood near your skin from running, but something more, something beautiful, and pure. I pulled you into my arms, and our lips met, hungry, wanting. Our tongues explored each others lips and mouths. I sucked on your tongue, like it was a piece of hot, sweet, jumping fruit....Read On


Cabin Fever

Three people are in need of some de-stressing for the holiday...

EVIE, A VERY CLOSE FRIEND of mine for years, invited me over to spend Christmas and New Years up on the mountains at their family's cabin. Her folks will be flying south for the winter and her siblings, all newlyweds at some point, were off spending the holiday with their spouses leaving my good friend alone for the holidays. "C'mon Chels, it will be fun," she chided over the phone. "We got...Read On


Wife gets Caught

Husband catches wife masturbating and finishes the job for her.

All my previous stories have been of my encounters from when I was younger. This one, however, is from last night. My husband works 3rd shift. I try to stay up sometimes so I get a chance to see him, but most of the time I end up falling asleep. Last night was quite different though! I was lying in bed naked after just taking a shower and shaving my pussy. I always feel very horny after...Read On


Anna's massage

As the days go by I see amazing things come and go.

This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it! As the days go by I see amazing things come and go. Beautiful women come to see me and what I have to offer them. The manly primal thoughts run through my mind as I give my services. Today I get a phone call from Anna, who has been in for a massage a few times before. She tells me, “I'm sore all over my body, and I just ache!” Anna is 35, with...Read On


Came back for a fuck

When a girl is horny, she will get her cock no matter what.

I was meeting my gf for drinks at the W Hotel on a Thursday evening. Dressed sexy for the evening I stepped out. I checked my petite frame one last time. The red dress looked nice. Tight all over with low back, no bra and sexy thongs, I ran my hand over my body. The red heels to match made me feel sexy. I put my favorite perfume on. My friend was already there (a stunning blonde and so...Read On


It was just one of those days ....

This story is fictional, really hope you like it :)

It was just one of those days. I didn’t hear my alarm clock, couldn’t find matching socks, missed my bus and was thirty-four minutes late for work. Exactly. I know because my boss told me about sixteen times when I walked through the door. Everybody has one of those days every once in a while, but lately it seemed like every second day it was my turn to have one of those days. Everything...Read On


Our Path to Husband Swapping Part 4

The next step is the big one

When we returned home from our play date with Stacy and Tom where the guys got their dicks sucked. I needed relief so I led Sam upstairs. We quickly took our cloths off. I laid back on the bed spreading my legs, inviting Sam to get to work. I told him that it was my turn now. Sam got between my legs and put his tongue to work. It didn’t take him long before I was grabbing his head and...Read On


Island Holiday For Two Ch 3

Marcus and Amanda discovered there was still unbelievable strength in the ‘power of love.’

Amanda could not believe she just told Marcus she wanted him forever. However the more she thought about it the more she wanted it; he was all she wanted in a man. She wondered if she was to direct, after all he was just coming out of a divorce too. She threw caution to the wind and blurted out. “Oh Marcus, I love you, I have since the first day we met.” As they finished the first round...Read On


Annie Receives a Gift - Part 2

I watched as my wife knelt down in front of Jim, kissed his cock and looked up into his eyes.

I watched as my wife climbed up off of my cock as my cum ran down the insides of her thighs and walked over to the three men she had just met at the bar downstairs and knelt down in front of Jim and started sucking his cock as cum dripped out of her cunt onto the carpet. She sucked his cock deep into her throat as she reached out and stroked Paul and Bill at the same time then she pulled...Read On