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Subordinate at work gets what I've been wanting to give her for months...

I'd been waiting for this moment for several days. When you lead a team of 30 it's often hard to get to speak to one of them alone - especially when there's only two women - and people talk. This morning was busy; the team had a deadline to deliver a part and everyone was focused on their task to make that happen, including Eleanor. I made an excuse to review her paperwork while she worked...Read On


My First Time

About a virgin having sex for the first time with her new husband.

I was   wetter than I thought was possible as I waited in bed with my legs open, as if I did this all the time. My nipples were hard as little rocks as my lower body moved in a way I did not know was possible. Just this morning I was traveling to New York with my new husband and this evening here I am lying flat of my back feeling feels I never knew any one person could feel. He...Read On


James 1

The butterflies were as big as dinosaurs and they were stomping around my stomach like crazy.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked, I looked over at the beautiful boy beside me then shrugged “where ever” I smiled biting the corner of my lip. He stared at me and smiled slowly “well you live here, I don’t. You know where to go” He stated. I looked at him feeling my heart pound heavily in my chest. I wanted to be somewhere alone with him, somewhere cute. “How about the park?” I...Read On


Private Nature Tour

Private Nature Tour Come with me on an exclusive orally guided tour of this Park’s beautiful backcountry. This one on one adventure will expose you to the raw and naked beauty of nature’s wild side. I will blow you away as we explore lush valley bottoms and domineering peak tops. I guarantee you an explosive and climatic experience that will have you coming back for more. Tour departs...Read On


Trying to please her

This Spanish 45 yo. lady put me on trial.

I don’t yet know why I should be writing this story or I'm not certain,  but to tell you the truth,   I’m comfortable with this.  These facts happened when I was 19 yo. as  I still was attending high school and, ocassionally, used to go to a classmate place and finish my homework there.  It was here  where  I met Mrs. Lozano, my classmate's  step mother and  I instantaneously got gripped...Read On


my first time with a girl...

girls just wanna have fun

My first time with a girl… I am not a lesbian…and I am usually only attracted to men, but one night after a few too many shots I found myself more attracted to a female friend than any guy in the room. Now we had been friends for years and I had never before or after felt this way, but something about that night, the way she looked in her dress, the way she moved , her hair, her smile,...Read On


James 2

“James” I moaned softly in his ear closing my eyes and clutching the sheets behind him. He sighed he

“James” I moaned softly in his ear closing my eyes and clutching the sheets behind him. He sighed heavily and gripped my hips tighter, pushing me down. We had only started and I could feel the burning rage on, my body pressed on top of him close as we could ever be. I loved this feeling, our bodies gliding against one another’s, our skin on skin contact, his fingers pressing against my...Read On


Good Party, Great Time

As for my first time, well, here it goes. It was a Friday night; the Totems had just won their first away game of the season. Students and staff alike were all screaming and laughing. The after party was a must, but sadly, turned out to be a major let down. Of course being the party girl I am I stayed even after all my friends had left. I recognized no one; I was the only...Read On



Preston finds himself in Geneva.

To the uninitiated, Las Vegas is the place to go and indulge oneself with the knowledge of knowing that one’s secrets would be kept. Those who truly have secrets and not just fascinations and random hedonistic thoughts know better, they know that no place in the world keeps a secret better than Geneva . Geneva is perhaps best known as the hideaway for illicit funds gained from...Read On


High School Bully Part 2

Two of the bully's boys get together...

I'd been serving... and servicing... Tony Fox for four weeks. I had to go over to his house three times a week where I did anything he commanded. Even when I wasn't with him he had me wearing panties, garters, and stockings under my clothes. I was petrified to use the boys' room, afraid that someone would see what I had on under my khakis. I felt like everyone must know. Like I had it...Read On


I Met An Old Friend

An unplanned meet at a National Trust House

I liked going to historical houses and places of historical significance and I suppose that is why I was a member of the National Trust. It had something for every mood. Today, I just wanted to get away. Things had not been going my way so I just wanted to escape and wonder around having things to do so my mind didn't start thinking about things and this particular place had everything....Read On


Buddy's Mom

My friend Buddy's mom seduced me, and I loved it.

Buddy’s Mom (mF) CHAPTER ONE We had been swimming all day at the Westwood Pool, and were waiting for Buddy’s mom to pick us up in the parking lot. It’s a bitch not having your own car and having to catch a ride, but it was better than staying home or riding the bus. I had never met his mom, but expected she would look like everybody else’s mom, sort of like the lady on the cake mix box. Was...Read On


You Want My Ass..?

...My First Anal Experience…

He looked at me lovingly… “Do you trust me Mara?”   “Yeah…” I nodded.     “I’ll be gentle baby, very gentle.” He kissed my forehead.   I was scared, but I trusted him. I believed he loved me, and I loved him. Mario had been trying to perform anal sex on me for a while now; I wouldn’t let him. I didn’t understand...Read On


Déja Vu

A young man is drawn into the sexual desires of an older couple

The memory of that evening, more than twenty years ago now, remains lodged in the deep recesses of my brain, probably permanently. In the immediate aftermath it completely took over my masturbation fantasies. I had only to close my eyes and picture Alice in all her lascivious openness and my cock would spring to life, demanding the attention of my hand. Of course, as other women came into...Read On


The Advert for a Third

We decided to write an advert for another female to join us

We had spoken about it for a while and although we were not unhappy with our erotic adventures we had decided to expand a little. We put an advertisement on the Internet and waited to see. Every time we logged on we hoped to find the perfect reply to our ad. Our ad went something like this:   “Happy couple, content with their own adventures would like to add...Read On


That mirrored vanity

The candle light is just perfectly lighting up your skin. Your nakedness is dancing with color...

I look in the mirror that is slightly misted by the hot steam rising from the shower. The candle light is just perfectly lighting up your skin. Your nakedness is dancing with color from the small flame. In the mirror I see the desire in your eyes, your boobs hanging free, the nipples hard with want. My hand runs around your tummy and you let yourself be pulled into me, feeling my hardness...Read On

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The beginning of my life as a fuck slut

Friendships can be complicated.

We stumbled through the front door into the empty house. It was 2am and we were just home from the best night out we had had in a long time. We had hardly wanted to leave our friends house but once the police turned up we knew it was time to leave. As I began the impossible task of removing my four inch heels I watched Emily swaying down the corridor. She was wearing the cutest pink summer...Read On


Late Night Treat

"Thank you for joining me....... finally!" "I'm sorry I'm late darling, I have had a rough day at work." "Maybe I can loosen you up a bit." "Mmmmmm, that sounds good. Maybe I can give you a little treat later on." That sounded even better. I got up and loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, the smell of his aftershave was stirring a fire within me. He wrapped his arms around me...Read On


The Real Little Red Ridding Hood

A new look at the classic fable

Little red riding hood approached her grandmothers cabin in the middle of the woods. The old cabin looked the same as it always did and she walked towards it completely unaware that her grandmother had company. "It's just me grandmother" she called out as she walked in through the front door.   She looked around the cabin and saw the fire lit and bread dough resting on...Read On


Watch me come

The sun was shining through my bamboo blind' s, a sign that it was time for me to wake. I was feeling naughty and had something in mind. I brushed my hands over my naked body, I started at my thighs, then moved across my taut stomach and then up to my nipples. They hardened against my fingertips, I could feel the dull throb between my legs. I didn't want to go there just yet, it was worth...Read On


Mel's Spankings Part 1

Mel's spankings at college

My name is Jim and I met Melissa at University. She was 18 when I met her and I was 19. She was about 5 foot 8 with long straight dark hair and a size 8. We lived in the same student house and after a few months started seeing each other. She was a virgin and we didn't have full sex for quite a few months but we talked a lot about it and soon after we did have sex for the first time I...Read On


Working Late

Having to pull an all night stint at work is usually boing...

All I wanted to do was sleep. I’d been awake for almost thirty-six hours by then and probably had as much as another twelve to go before I could head home. I started at the coffee cup in front of me and wished caffeine had more effect on me. The clocks on the wall said it was 1:04 am, already Sunday afternoon in Hong Kong and London would be waking up soon. I yawned, again....Read On


Wife wants Cock

The fantasy of one couple where the wanted to fuck other men

My wife Lory and I have had a great time fantasizing about friends that turn her on while we make love. It took a while for us to be honest with each other about our secret passions, but one night Lory came home from a class she was taking and seemed a little wired. When I asked her what was bothering her, she explained that it was the instructor who she found very attractive had asked her...Read On


Exploration of a Darker Side

The introduction to a story of sexual awakening

Exploration of a Darker Side Introduction Sarah Patterson is a 35 year old mother of two, happily married to Bryan for 11 years, together for 13.  He is a hard working carpenter with his own business.  A successful business and one that affords them a very comfortable lifestyle, a nice 4 bedroom detached house in a leafy rural suburb of Birmingham and a luxury holiday caravan in the...Read On


With a man

caught in fem clothes by my aunt's friend

I remember when I was staying at my aunts house.  My aunt had a nice pantyhose collection as I think most aunts do.  As she wore hose all the time.  Well I was wearing hose and cross dressing for about 3yrs.  I had a decent collection I got from my mom as she found out and gave me some of her things and bought me stuff as well.  Well as I was saying I was at my aunt's house and I took some of...Read On


The Sex Diaries: Part One Pleasing The Teacher

Calvin Calverley, once said, "Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach." In many cases that’s true, but not in every case. Take me. You could, if you were here with me right now. There’s something about hot, humid weather that makes me insatiably horny. The bottom line is that I wish that all the guys reading this were here with me right now because no one guy can get it up long enough...Read On


Sarahs first facial

I have had a fascination for porn for as long as I can remember, since early in my teens.  I suppose that is unusual for a girl, but nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed a LOT of porn in my life.  And, of course, you can’t watch porn these days without seeing guys spray cum all over girls’ faces.  For the longest time, I always thought this was hot, but having been subjected to society’s...Read On


Rest Stop

How a boring car ride can turn into fun.

It's been a wonderful vacation so far. The sights we've seen and the people we've met have been so very wonderful. But one complaint -- though not stated -- has been the car rides: long and boring. Miles and miles of desolate country roads. Beautiful sights, but over long distances, they get to be a bit boring. Well, we're on the road and, yup, miles and miles of deserted road in front...Read On


Sharing my Girlfriend

I sat just inches away from the my Girlfriend fucking on the bed. I studied her face as she was being fucked from behind. Her eyes half closed and at times rolled back in total enjoyment. From time to time our eyes would meet and we would hold each other’s stare, until she would break off as result of the pounding her pussy was getting. She’d bite her lower lip in ecstasy. ...Read On


Seeing Red

First Time Sub

I am upside down in a room with Red walls; I am tied with my legs spread and my arms bound behind my back. I can see him in the corner, watching me. I am scared but anticipate his touch. He comes closer, my breathing becomes erratic and my pussy throbs with want. I question myself, why have I allowed this to happen but at the same time I am proud that I have gone this far. I cannot...Read On