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Ember's Surprise

Ember's Master takes her on a trip to the library.

I stepped out of the bedroom and adjusted my skirt nervously pulling it down a bit. “No kitten I like it that short,” my Master said and I placed my hands at my side instantly. I didn’t want to make him upset. The skirt was plaid and extremely short, I was afraid that if I moved at all the thin fabric would not leave anything to the imagination. I had on a thin white button up shirt with no...Read On


moving on to sis

quick dangerous oral session with my mother has consequences

l was now 18 and a half and it was two years since me and my mum had begun a sexual relationship, l'd filled out to quite a good looking tall, thin, but muscular man and so had my cock. The sex l had quite regularly with my mum had just got better as time went on. Sometimes we would stay in bed all day and night, trying different things, things that were new to her to, as she had a pretty...Read On


Her First Affair Part 2

Mallory continues her affair

It was two weeks since Mallory and Tom made love. It had been the most incredible sex that Mallory has ever had. However, it maybe wrong for a married woman to fuck another man. She can’t stop thinking about her first extramarital fuck and the excitement she felt. Lying in bed Saturday morning, thinking her husband was still asleep, she started to play with her clit and imagining Tom’s large...Read On


The Pregnant Bachelor Party Whore Wife

I help to support our family by fucking men at bachelor parties, even after I am impregnated.

The economy was really bad in our small town in Mississippi. The only manufacturing plant in town laid off about a third of the workers. The ones that remained were only able to work partial shifts. My husband Dave was one of the lucky ones to still have a job at the reduced hours as an assembler, but that still made it hard for us to pay our bills. An even bigger problem was that I had...Read On


Angel Slut: Chapter 3

A good girl who wants to be bad leaves home for what she needs and learns an important lesson.

Angel Slut: Chapter Three Sisyphus Later, after taking a shower, I tried to sleep but couldn’t. All I could think of was Jesse and what a bastard he was for brushing me off after seducing me. I glanced at my digital clock and saw it was eight-thirty and decided to get dressed and go to the coffee shop up the street, get a paper and start job hunting. I needed a job and I wanted Jesse to...Read On


My Best Friend

An old friend from bygone days reappears and the reunion turns hot.

It had been 25 years since I had seen Paul. We grew up together and were best friends through junior year in high school. When we got to senior year we sort of went in separate ways and didn’t see each other very much and over the years we had lost touch. When I got his e-mail telling me he was going to be in town for a couple days I was very excited to see him again. Part of our growing...Read On


A Woman's Touch Ch 2

Her sultry voice echoed clear to my clit making it throb.

As I got my small bag out of the back seat, Joshua unlocked the door. Then we two women entered and he got the stuff from their truck and followed. The room was spacious but only had one big bed, which surprised her. Before she could say anything Samantha spoke up, “Why the surprised look honey, you’re not having second thoughts are you?” I blushed, and replied, “Hell no, just wondering...Read On


A Quickie With My Manager's Son

Never did I think being late to work would result in me getting laid...

I woke up to the sound of my buzzing alarm clock, threatening me to get out of bed for work. I had already pressed the snooze button a countless amount of times, which is a routine for me due to the fact that I'm not a morning person at all. I opened my eyes and was surprised yet frightened to see that I was late. It was 7:40 AM. An entire forty minutes late to be exact. My manager was going...Read On


Too Good To Be True in Vegas

Camryn and her friends have lots of fun in Las Vegas

Camryn was so looking forward to this long weekend in Vegas, and traveling with two of her favorite gal pals would make the experience even more enjoyable. Camryn saw this trip as an opportunity to relax and have a little fun without having to worry about work or about the strange twists and turns her sex life had taken recently. As she and her friends arrived at the "Mirage", they didn’t...Read On


Christmas Instructions

Lily gets a few toys from me for Christmas

Dearest, sexiest Lily: Merry Christmas. Although I wish I could be with you right now, I know that I cannot. For this reason, I have included a number of gifts for you in this bag. What I would like you to do is the following: Go change into something comfortable. Absolutely no bra, thin shirt, and bottoms you can easily pull totally off. Now, Go get a glass of wine, pour it, and...Read On


Dinner table fun: my story that brought me close to FingerFuckU

It’s a hot sunny afternoon and you’re driving over to my place for what I have promised to be a great dinner and evening together. You pull into the driveway and walk up to the door. With your finger ready to push the bell you hesitate just a second to wonder what I have in mind that will make this dinner special compared to the other wonderful days we have spent together. I hear the door...Read On


Just A Little After School Help

What a long day it had been. It’s not that I was foreign to the stress of teaching high school, but after five years, there were still moments when I felt overwhelmed by the challenge of maintaining the focus of my science class. I closed the door to my office and sat down in my desk chair to check email, removing my suit jacket and kicking off my heels. My thoughts wandered though, as...Read On


She asked for it

She kept asking for it...

Tessa and Ronnie stayed in touch about as much as before their unforgettable movie night. Things did not change much between them on one hand; on the other hand, nothing was the same anymore. He was now the first man to give her an orgasm, and she remembered his eyes just as well as she remembered her own name. Since her beautiful night with Ronnie, Tessa decided to give some boy “Josh,”...Read On


Helping Out the Teacher Chapter Two

“I know a girl who is a bit on the plain side and she needs to get laid”

Becky and I had been dating for six months when she came home one evening in a very agitated state. “What’s up, babe?” I inquired. “I know a girl who is a bit on the plain side and she needs to get laid.” Becky told me. Seeing that she wanted to tell me more, I asked her who her friend was and just why is her getting some dick any concern to Becky. After prodding for quite a while, I had...Read On


It’s a dirty job… The End..!

“Yeah, just let me take a quick shower. I feel dirty”

-Fuckkk, mmmm I’m going to cummm fuck, fuck, fuck… My voice shaking, I felt a strong orgasm come, Ramses reached down and pinched my nipples. Fuck! That’s all it took. Like a fountain I unloaded on Ricardo’s face, not once, not twice, but three times in a row; my vaginal walls were contracting and begging to be stuffed. - Shit, I need to feel a dick inside me NOW fuckers! I...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 27

Dinner with the parents.

It was almost two weeks later before Ryan could find a night clear of hockey and basketball games, not to mention a time where she had no rehearsal scheduled. As they rode out to Chantilly in his car, and the weather was gray and damp, typical of early February. Brody glanced over at Ryan as she stared out the window and fidgeted, tapping her foot on the floor. "You're not one of those...Read On



Sometimes the wait is well worth the prize.

Not the longest but decent for an hour of work in my opinion. For my Muse, my Mary. Six months. Six months since I have seen you and all the difference it has made. You walk into our house, showing you will always out rank me here, even if you’re a little overburdened right now. Six months that have changed our life already. You think your condition has robbed you of your beauty, but it...Read On


Angel Slut: Chapter Two

A good girl who wants to be bad leaves home for what she needs.

Angel Slut: Chapter Two Sisyphus My light brown hair came down below my shoulders. I put on a little make up, a touch of lip gloss and a little mascara to emphasize my green eyes. The tight black skirt came down mid thigh and clung to my ass. My new silky white thong barely covered my shaved pussy and felt great on my ass. I wore the white satiny blouse that was cut low and the push up bra...Read On


A Woman's Touch Ch 1

There is something about the way that a woman touched me that excites me.

For a very long time now, the thought of having sex with another woman, has always been a turn on. There is something about the way that a woman touched me that excites me. Not that I don’t like men, because I love the feeling of a nice, hard, hot, cock in my mouth, pussy and ass, that totally satisfies me sexually. My favorite thing to do is have a FMF, where the women don't only have sex,...Read On


In the Garden Shed

A garden shed encounter with a close friend, with her partner close by.

In the garden shed I had come to know Natalie over the last year and ended up close friends. Having met her at the same time as her boyfriend Phil, I had taken the path of friendship. He chose the path of relationship. Over time I got used to this, having felt I’d lost out but, the feelings I had for her never really went away. Having such a good friendship, we were still very...Read On


A Stormy First Time

They said that severe storms were on the way. That is why my wife called and said she was going to stay at a friend's house. They had a basement. That just left my daughter and I at the house. It had been a warm day. I decided to watch the local television stations. That way I could keep track of the storms. My daughter, Mandy, decided to grab a quick shower. Mandy was the source of some...Read On


It's Only Sex

Two women find a common intrest

"I don't know about this Sally." Pam sat at the table across from her friend in the little café where they had first met back in high school. High school, such a long time ago, where two young girls one an outcast, the other a rich cheerleader, befriended one another over coffee one fall afternoon. Now, both of them in their thirties, with families sat here once again, like they did...Read On


Under the Table

A foot massage between friends becomes something more

It all began with an innocent comment one day, as I was out for a long bicycle ride on a hot August afternoon. She had a habit of calling me with a sense of perfect timing. Never when I was just sitting in one spot, waiting for a call, but usually while I was gliding along at 30 kilometres per hour. I usually had my cellphone set to vibrate, but when I went out for a ride, I turned on the...Read On


A Chance Online Encounter

A chance meeting on a Christian Dating site

** names and locations have been changed. Parts of this story are true, parts of it are what may come in the future..but we shall see** ***this is my first story*** One cold December day, after browsing many different profiles on a Christian Dating site, I came across one, that, just for some reason caught my eye. Now this, Juliet, seemed to be an interesting gal. While she did not...Read On


Dulce de Leche

A new mom becomes his new friend and his new, tasty obsession.

DULCE DE LECHE (dool-say deh lay-chay) “You paid a lot of money to look homeless. It was the first thing Dalia had ever said to Cody. It was a whisper in his ear, a shared secret, in the noisy, art-viewing crowd. He was confuzzled, sure that he'd misheard her. This was his night, his show, after all. He'd won a spot in the new artist showcase and his artwork was being revealed to...Read On


Sex Diaries: The Nanny

The nanny seduces

"Dude your nanny is fucking hot," Bill McRiley said as he handed Evan a cold one. Evan simply nodded and twisted the cap of his Miller and took a gulp. "Yes she is," Evan finally said. As he and Bill watched he remaining of the Giants/Patriots game Evan thought back 6 months ago to when he and his wife were shifting through mountains of resumes. Evan's wife of six years had given birth...Read On


Along Comes Mary - Part 1

A young man is introduced to the exquisite joy of it!

Along Comes Mary – Part 1 Dedicated to Mary, from Montclair NJ – if you ever read this please get in touch. My God, over 40 years ago, how you rocked this man’s world! Summer 1967, a time of burgeoning sexual energy and youthful exuberance. I was sixteen, playing guitar in a rock band that covered the Beatles to The Young Rascals. Most of you are too young to remember those days. The...Read On


One Night to Remember

A fantasy

As the cold seeps into my bones all I can think about his him. A random encounter that turned into a one night stand. I was the last one to leave my job and there he was, standing outside waiting for me. He gave off that vibe of don't screw with me. We never met before but I have seen him in the bar. Always watching the crowd, always alone. Normally I would never even think about having a...Read On


My First Gangbang

How I lost my virginity and got gangbanged at the same time

OK, this is the story about how I got gangbanged and lost my virginity at the same time. Its a true story, this really happened. Please bear with me, its my first story here. It was four years ago, I was 18 years old. Still a virgin, and that really bothered me. I have long brown hair, at that time almost always in a pony tail. Brown eyes, and about 170cm tall. I have a slim body, and I'm fit....Read On


Long Day at Work Part 2

Sorry it's been so long guys, hope you enjoy

I had my legs opened and my freshly shaven pussy open to him. Without much pause he laid down on the bed and stuck his head between my legs. He started slowly and passionately kissing my pussy, with gently licks thrown in. "MMMMM baby" I moaned. "MMMhhhmmmm" he hummed and giggled a bit. He then started to stick his tongue into my now wet pussy and tickle my clit. Once he started doing that...Read On