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I Love My Bestie Part Three

I wonder who's under the mask?

"Another glass of Diamond Sauvignon please." "Coming right at ya mate." Corey stared on through his mask as the bartender poured yet another glass of the dark liquid into his glass. He sat quietly as music pulsed on behind him, the crowd swaying with the rhythm. He nursed this one drink, being his fifth, and he could feel the incessant buzz of drunkenness warning him to slow down before he...Read On


My Education- Part 2

The next installment of my education

It had been a couple of days since my sister-in-law had changed my life for ever by taking my virginity and introducing me to the wonders of a woman's body. Since then my mind had been filled with nothing but the memories of that occasion, reliving every detail over and over again. My cock seemed to be continually hard and I had lost count of how many times I had brought myself off as I...Read On


Caught Her at the Right Time

Horny wife strays her one and only time

Amanda and Craig had been married for 12 years and were still very much in love together. Amanda was a very attractive 44 year old woman, and all of Craig’s mates liked hanging around with her, mainly because they would ogle her D-cup breasts that huge on her tiny slim, 4’10” frame. She never minded them looking, in fact it made her feel very good about herself, but she loved her husband...Read On


And then there were 3 ...

You wanted to add spice to your marriage ... here I am

* This is purely a work offiction. Any resemblance to actual events is completely in my dreams... * We met on line. I was lonely, bored, and looking for a little adventure. I'd been single for much too long, and needed release. You were married, but things had gotten stale. You still loved your husband, but things had gotten boring over the course of your marriage. Your husband had...Read On


A Kinky Woman, A Watcher, and A Hard Cock

I spread her legs, my face dropping to her pink slit. My hubby likes to watch, she said.

I rolled into the Bay area about four in the afternoon. Traffic was horrid, it was a hot day in California to say the least, and my patience had about run thin. Following the directions on my GPS system, within an hour I pulled in behind the mall to the delivery area. I found the Office Depot where I needed to deliver in the morning and leaving the truck run for the air conditioner to work,...Read On


Your Package Has Arrived

Busted viewing gay porn by the UPS guy...

Your Package Has Arrived My wife had left for the office but I decided to stay home that day as I was sick and tired of working and needed some time to myself. After grabbing a cup of coffee, I flipped on the TV and powered up the PC to check my morning mail. After rifling through the usual spam and bullshit messages from friends and relatives, I decided to check some of my favorite...Read On


Living with daddy Part V Part 2

I looked up from my brother, who was shaking, to my father who was still sitting in a chair beside the bed. His hand was still wrapped tightly around his cock as cum ran down the sides of his finger. He smiled at me, letting me know that I had done a good job. Getting up from the bed, I walked over to daddy and knelt down between his legs. I smiled up at him before licking his cock and...Read On


The Group Pt5

Miss watches as Mr S introduces me to manlove.

Miss Burke poured out more wine and we sipped as she talked. She asked me if I liked seeing her and Mr S sharing love and I said that I did. She said that was good because watching and being watched by other group members was an important aspect of being a member and would help me in learning the ways of love. “And I know you enjoyed drinking our love”, she said, smiling coyly, “don’t...Read On


The Party Chapter Five

Pam is used once more for her Master's pleasure.

The Party Chapter Five The events of the past several hours have exhausted you, and even bound as you are, you feel safe and secure next to Me. My warm breath on the back of your neck; My arms encircling you; My body pressed tightly behind you. You sleep deeply, but at some point in the early morning hours, you awaken. You are startled at first, not being able to move, but then the...Read On


Amy's night

Are you ready for your spanking?

It was a Saturday night in October. Amy was bored at home since her best friend is out of town. Amy was trying to decide if she should call Melissa up and see what she's up to. When she called Melissa, she instructed her to wear her sexy attire and come on over for fun with her.  Melissa also told Amy what time to be at her house. Amy began to get ready for the meeting with her...Read On


The Return of her lover: Part 1

The Daughter of the High Demon Lord is alone when her lover returns home.

Itwas a little frightening to be walking alone at midnight, but I was a big girl, I could handle it. Hell, I was 19 and the heir to the demon lords throne, that meant I shouldn't be afraid of the dark right? “Wrong,” I muttered to myself. A rock being skittered across the asphalt made me jump and turn in fear. There was nothing behind me except the empty road and a couple street lights....Read On


The Frat Party

A visit to a frat party ends up with 2 guys.

During my freshman year at college I found that the best parties were at the fraternities. There was always plenty to drink and plenty of hot guys. While my roommate Kim and I were at the football games we were often invited to several frat parties. We couldn’t decide which to go to, so we decided that we would hit several. They were all close enough to stumble to. We got four other girls...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 06

Talking to friends.

A few days later, Brody huffed out a breath as he dropped onto the bench in the dressing room. He grabbed some Gatorade and gulped it down, exchanging high-fives with his teammates as they filed past. "Good job." Chuck Baxter clapped him on the shoulder as he dropped to the bench next to him. "Now we just have to do it all again next game." "No problem." Brody grinned. "Give me ten minutes."...Read On


Stacy's Secret is Discovered Part 2

After the girls watch each other masturbate to Stacy's sex video they decide to continue...

Michelle lay on her bed, her eyes closed. She could feel the muscles in her damp opening still gently contracting against her fingers. She knew that if she opened her eyes she would see her best friend’s face; her best friend who had just watched her masturbate until she’d cum; her best friend whom she had just watched have an orgasm herself. Michelle kept her eyes closed, her breathing...Read On


Shall we continue with the book then?

A one-on-one study session gets steamy

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Staring at the clock I couldn’t help but count down the hours till I was out of this hell hole. I couldn't wait to be done with these god awful people who claim to be our teachers when truly they are just as bored to be teaching us as we are bored to be taught. I began to daze and chew on my pencil sitting with one leg over the other, tapping away. ...Read On


An Unforgettable Night

Girlfriend decides to bring in another girl to get boyfriend to stop being a pansy in bed

She stood there, looking at me with those seductive eyes of hers. She was dressed in her pink tank top and her purple lace boy shorts. I never could understand what she saw in me. She always told me she liked having a man she could mold into her perfect lover. She was the first girl I had slept with and since then she had done just that, taught me a variety of different things. However,...Read On


Rough Sex

Wanted to thank a Special Friend for helping me edit this. Thank you

Its 2:30 in the afternoon and already all I can think about is getting the hell out of here; leaving work and heading home. This place is so full of drama anymore that I cannot possibly stay focused; much like it was in high school. My thoughts drift to a nice, long, hot shower; letting the water run over my body and down the drain, taking the day’s trouble with it. The drive home just added...Read On


Annie and the School-teachers

A story from my schooldays - a bit voyeuristic!

To be honest, I was feeling pretty fed up that Wednesday afternoon. I had twisted my ankle the day before, and although it wasn’t that serious, it meant that I wasn’t able to go on the usual cross-country run with the rest of the sixth form. I liked cross-country. Although I wasn’t much of a long-distance runner, the chance to get off the school premises for an afternoon made it good for a...Read On


A Beautiful Image

Her thoughts run wild after her bath

Your thoughts keep returning to him as the warm steamy water of your bath relaxes your body. How his eyes smile at you, the warmth of his embrace, the firmness of his body, always brings a flush to your skin. You feel a tingling sensation as you rub the sudsy washcloth over your skin slowly. You smile as you ponder why certain parts of your body get so much cleaner than others. You lift the...Read On


Time for a swim - Part 1

A late night swim turns into something else.

“We should go for a swim.” Jan jumped up and stumbled over to the pool. Joel and I just looked at each other smiling. The three of us had been drinking all afternoon, and into the evening. Jan was a light weight and had been trashed most of the day. Joel stood up and shook his head. “I didn’t bring my suit.” Jan just laughed. “Go in your boxers. I’m going in my pants and bra. What about...Read On


Family Easter Gathering, Chapter Two

I was blessed with a weekend of sharing my home with Brandy, alone and very naughty.

Near the town I live around there’s an annual event, a sort of fishing tournament that most of the locals attend. The event takes a year to plan out and prepare for and then in two days time it is over yet again. My daughter and her husband, along with the three girls attend every year, camp out and have a ball. It’s not my kind of thing so I usually avoid it like the plague. Working in retail...Read On


My Wife Cuckolds me for first time

After a lot of bedroom talk, my wife takes it to the next level... With much enthusiasm!

My wife has always had a dominant side, in and out of the bedroom, so it was no surprise to me that one day she came home from work and told me that she was going out that Friday night with a few of her girlfriends from work. It wasn’t even camouflaged as a question... it was an outright statement.  Since I work for myself and had taken a few days off from the grind I had the pleasure...Read On


Emily Watches Nina Being Spanked

Emily watches her Mum getting spanked but that isn’t the end of the day’s events

37 year old Nina was now reconciled to the knowledge that she had told her 17 year old daughter Emily that she still got spanked, and knew Emily was going to watch the next time. Nina tried her best to be well behaved so maybe she won’t get spanked before Emily left to go back to her father, and for five days Nina was successful. Then her Mum asked her to wash the plates up after dinner....Read On


The Group Pt4

Miss introduces Mr S into my mentoring.

Miss Burke returned to the bedroom carrying a tray with a decanter and two glasses. “Here,” she offered a glass. “It’s ginger wine. It will restore and reinvigorate you.” She sat on the bed alongside me and took a long draft from her glass. I sipped and warmth spread from my stomach through my body. She stroked me, smoothing a hand over my chest, caressing my nipples. Her gown stretched...Read On


My education

How I wish my education would have really gon

When I was 16, high school had just finished for the summer and I had a few weeks to spend relaxing after the busy school year. The weather had been unusually hot and that seemed to feed my over active hormones, constantly horny, even for a healthy red blooded teen! I lived with my brother, his wife and their two young kids due to the tragic death of my parents two years earlier. I...Read On


I'll Be Your Slut - Part 1

Black man makes a white girl his slut.

Hip-hop clubs are my favorite place to dance. The bass is blasting and a sexy rap is causing all the people to gyrate their hips. I feel so sexy in my turquoise dress that barely covers my bubble butt. The color goes nicely with my long blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. I am shaking my ass to this hot song when I feel someone pressed against me. I look back and see my sexy black man....Read On


What Happened Last Night, pt III

This won't make sense unless you've read the first two parts, and maybe not even then

For several weeks I tried not to think about Tom, and for the most part succeeded. But I couldn’t put him out of my mind completely, and there were times when I missed him terribly. Once or twice I picked up the phone intending to call him, and many times started writing him an email, but I couldn’t bring myself to press the “call’ or “send” buttons. Things at home were predictably grim....Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 05

Brody makes dinner.

© 2011 All Rights Reserved A week later, Ryan was pleased to be in a soft cast. Her ankle hurt far less and she was off her crutches, but she couldn't wait to be done with the whole damn thing. At least, she thought as she came in from work, she wasn't thinking about how it had happened every time she walked more than a block. Just a few more days , she reminded herself as she stared...Read On



She shares a moment with her former Dom, to train his new submissive.

My dark, naked body slinks down the pale surface of yours, as I fall to my knees before you. The contrast of my skin against yours is our private aphrodisiac. I lick my berry colored lips in anticipation. I work your pants down, shoving them to your ankles. Grabbing the cuffs, in a swoop I pull them off. You didn't confine yourself today, as you often do. I laugh lightly. You make every thing...Read On


A not so dull conference

what was supposed to be a dull 2 day confrence, turned out to be a pleasure....

Dressed smartly in my uniform and suit jacket, I made my way out the house and into the hire car. I had a long drive ahead of me, and it was only 5am. I turned the ignition, and sat for a few minutes checking myself over whilst waiting for the car to warm up. I hated these early morning drives and all day meetings, but if I wanted to succeed and get anywhere, then it was just something I...Read On