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Midnight Snack

She shares her sexy secret life when she comes to my room for a midnight snack.

MIDNIGHT SNACK Sisyphus My oldest friend, Frank and his wife, Marci invited me to spend the weekend with them at a house they rented for the summer on the Jersey shore. I've known Frank for over twenty-five years. He was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania while I taught English at a community college outside of Philadelphia. I was recently divorced and they thought it would be...Read On


Sucking Blue Collar Cock in a Storm

I take shelter in a workman's truck in a storm and end up sucking his cock.

I was born and raised in Minnesota, and was lucky enough to find a job near my hometown after college. I progressed quickly in my career as a mechanical engineer with my company. My wife Sue and I and our two kids enjoyed a great lifestyle there. We were active in our church and had many friends that we had known since we were in elementary school. This meant that we were very conservative...Read On


Laying Across Santa's Lap

Wife indulges Husband with a Christmas fantasy with some light bondage

The faint chirping of his watch woke John at 1:00 A.M. , he quickly reached over to silence it so as not to wake the kids. It was Christmas Eve, well morning actually, he thought smiling, time to go play Santa. John reached for is wide Linda and instead found an empty warm spot in the bed. John smiled, his wonderful wife must be out making some coffee so Santa would actually be able...Read On


Lost Trail Cabin

Romantic Getaway

Lost Trail Cabin As Jake searched the Internet looking for a place to take his new love Nancy for a surprise romantic getaway, the top result always seemed to come back for a place called Lost Trail Cabins. Clicking on the link took him to their home page, where he read the following description of the property: “Nestled at the end of a high valley, among the high peaks of the...Read On


Lexi, Jenna and the Cabin In Vermont Pt. 2

Lexi and Jenna get to know each other better in bed. Will they join in on a sexy jacuzzi party?

Jenna and I awoke to sunlight spilling over our naked bodies. My eyes lazily took in the curve of her hips, the dip in her back and the ridged outline of her collarbone. Jenna’s skin reminded me of natural suntans, strawberry scented lotion and set her apart from all the other chicks running around Manhattan. She didn’t spray tan. She didn’t botox. She didn’t crash diet. Jenna existed freely...Read On


Her prize tonight

This is my very first erotic story, the background story for my avatar. Comments welcome.

This is my very first erotic story, dedicate to my avatar. English is not my native language. I’ve check it for a few times already, but I might still missed some spelling or grammar mistakes. If that happens, I apologize for the inconveniences, and hope it does not ruin the story. Standing right in the middle of the living room, she wears nothing but the new sexy lingerie she just...Read On


A Tahoe Friend Returns with a Buddy

One of our friends from Two in the Tahoe visits and brings a buddy with him

It had been a long day. The sweltering summer heat and our famous southern humidity had been definite contributors. As a summer lifeguard, I guess, by now, I should be used to it, but I’m not. And, as a supervisor the town’s public pools, my day had begun early; making sure all the shifts at all the pools were covered, supplies were where they were supposed to be, etc. Right… and I’m only 19....Read On


Naughty Innocence

Kaitlynn receives multiple fucks at a party she was invited to.

Kaitlynn smiled mischeviously as she slipped into her black lace panties. Turning around and pulling down her lacy black mini skirt, which matched her pink corsette top that had a black lace design on the edges. Kaitlynn was a petite girl with long honey brown hair that was curled, beautiful hazel eyes, a clear complexion, and last but definitely not least, a perfect rack and backside. ...Read On


The Neglected Wife's Revenge

I had neglected my wife for a couple of weeks and she sought revenge

I had been working on a difficult project with a looming deadline for about three weeks without giving much thought or consideration to life outside the job. I had not taken time for personal time, including spending time with my wife. She said she understood and had kept herself busy with her work, friends and outside activities. Until one Saturday morning. Having worked late into the...Read On



Winter Trip It is winter time and I am on a short vacation in the States. I have booked a lovely lodge in the mountains, far away from any city or village to get some time to relax. It’s my time to find some rest after a long year of working. My only plans are to enjoy the surrounding mountains and forest. And also take some walks and read some books that I have brought with me. This...Read On


Wife's Private Party

We held our annual summer party at our house last July with family, friends and of course plenty of games, food and alcohol. But unlike the previous parties, this one ended a little differently from the rest, especially for my wife Ann. At around midnight, most of our guests had departed with only a couple of stragglers left behind. They happen to be two of my relatives, my brother, Bill, and...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 19

More stress means more stress relief.

Ryan sat at her desk, willing the time to pass. It was Friday and she was itching to get out of the office. She'd been distracted all day, thinking about the gig the following night. Plus, she wanted to see Brody. She hadn't seen him since Sunday and smiled at the memory. They had eventually worked off enough stress that she had slept until after ten in the morning. Brody had been gone...Read On


Donna Tastes Incest

Sixteen year old Donna tastes more than she bargained for when she meets Belinda.

Donna and her best friend, Susan, were both barely sixteen when they became lovers. They had grown up together, almost like sisters, and had only gradually become aware of their budding sexuality, without ever really talking about it. Neither could put a label on her feelings for the other. They were close friends and it felt good - that was all that mattered. Donna's parents had gone...Read On


My old boyfriend

It's not always bad to run into an old flame

My name is Erin and I live in an apartment with my boyfriend, Josh. I came home one day, because of a half day, and knew that Josh would get home a few hours later. When I saw Josh's car in the parking lot, I thought was weird, however when I went up to the apartment and I heard some voices. “ Shit, someone is here,” a female voice said. That came from the bedroom, so I went to...Read On


Emma Takes The Stage

Emma is exposed to the joy of being watched.

The club resounded with music, the low lighting allowing Emma to watch the other club goers dancing. The girls' short skirts swished, revealing skimpy underwear and even no underwear. It thrilled her to no end when she was lucky enough to catch a girl bending down, her hips swaying off to the music as she knowingly or unknowingly showed off her ample ass and thighs. It was one of the reasons...Read On


Best shopping trip ever!

This really happened during a shopping trip a couple years ago.

There is this little boutique not far from where I work. I often go there at lunch time to check out the sexy outfits. This day turned out to be a very special trip. I walked in and there was a sales girl I had not seen before, she looked to be about 40, beautiful and a great body. She was helping another customer so I just began to browse as I usually do. I was over checking out the heels as...Read On


Snowed in

A long journey leads to a long weekend and the start of....

The drive started badly and just got worse. Mary was late back from work, so we were late arriving at Mark and Claire’s place, to find that Claire was ready, but Mark had phoned to say he was hung up at work. So we all sat around, silently fuming at missing the opportunity to beat the Friday afternoon rush on the roads out of Newcastle. Finally, Mark burst in, bearing a case of wine,...Read On


The Punishment of Jazz 2-No More Trouble

At first, she was in trouble. Now, its an addiction.....

Jazz's "punishment" had lasted all of about an hour, but it had changed the way she looked at her father. He had shown such envy, such jealousy, such hurt, when he walked in on her and James. The schoolgirl outfit she was wearing was not much of a barrier between her beautiful 38 C sized breasts and James' wandering, exploritive hands. But she had to admit, the feeling of their tongues...Read On


A New Discovery

The first story I've written: it's about my unforgettable night

It was a nice cool night, as I awoke from my bed after having a weird lesbian make out session in my dream. My curtains were slightly pulled apart, leaving a handful of gaps to the outside clear view of the street. I turned up the air con temperature in my room, as I try to recover from my first lesbian dream... "Goshh!! What the fuck was that? Did it really happen?" I spoke to myself...Read On


Getting Ready For The Fancy Dress Party

Preparing for a fancy dress party leads to a painful piece of role play!

I buzzed Melanie's room and after a few minutes she answered, her voice made tinny by the speaker of the intercom. I announced myself and heard a buzz from the door as Melanie released the catch. I bounded up the stairs to her floor, nodding to some of the other students I knew, until finally I stood outside her room. I knocked on the door and heard a muffled voice, "Just a minute, I'm...Read On


Friendly Fuck

This is what happened when my neighbor and old friend watched a movie together.

Friendly Fuck It all started out so innocently... My neighbor and I are friends and old classmates only a year apart. We’ve helped each other out on many occasions with many different things. We’ve had dinner at each other’s houses and even rented movies together. This story is what happened during the last movie that we had watched together... My name is Tom. I’m of average build, 5’...Read On


A MILF for our Black Neighbor's Son

My husband mentors our black neighbor's son and I cuckold him with the black boy and his friends.

It is usually hard to predict how new personal relationships will work out. This situation showed me how lending a helping hand to a neighbor can provide great benefits. My name is Lisa, and my husband Ed and I are both 42 years old. We dated all through high school and I became pregnant by him at the end of our senior year. We were married right out of high school and had twin boys who are...Read On


Kitty Girl and the Peppermint Stick - A Xmas tale

Twas two weeks before Christmas and out in the manager, Rachel was hatching plans of a sexual nature. Her panties were hung on a hook and forgotten, all the better to show off her bare bottom. Visions of orgasms danced in her head as she eyed all the toys spread out on her bed… Hi again, it’s me. Kitty Girl. It’s been a while since I’ve shared my real life exploits. Yes, there is my...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 18

A little bit of stress release

Ryan laughed to herself as she hung up the phone. She did feel a little guilty about conning Brody into bringing her food, but she reminded herself that they had had plans, and he likely would have made dinner anyway. This was a simple matter of timing and location. She sat for a minute with her eyes closed until she heard a knock on the door. With a groan, she dragged herself off the couch...Read On


What We Do on a Lonely Night

Please comment on this. It is my first story that I have published. Let me know if you liked it. Johnny sat at the bar watching the New York Yankees kick the Indians ass. It was far from a fair game but Johnny nonetheless enjoyed a good ass kicking when he saw one. The bartender came over and, seeing that his glass was nearly empty, offered him another drink on the house. Johnny looked up...Read On


The English Milf and I.... My First Time

A short story about losing my virginity

I was about 17 at the time and in great shape, as I was going through one of those getting fit phases in my life since I used to be quite a chubby child growing up. I had just arrived for the National Weightlifting Competition and got the first taxi from the airport to the hotel. It was an old man driving, I wasn’t sure that I would ever get to the hotel as he kept on staring confusingly at...Read On



I've always wanted to fuck someone in a hotel.

It is bitterly cold and pitch black as I leave work. My hands are balled into little fists in my pockets, and I can’t wait to get to the hotel where I know you are waiting for me. I don’t know what to expect, I’ve never done this before. You’ve never seen my face, and I’ve never seen yours. I do not know if I am your type, or if you are mine. I only know that I have wanted to fuck you since...Read On


The Missing Toy part 1

Sisters and their toys

It was early Friday afternoon, I had a pretty stressful week and I was feeling a bit horny and looking to unwind. My parents had gone away for the weekend and my sisters had not come home yet. I locked my door turned on a DVD, to mask any noise and to help with the mood, then turned off the lights. I undid my jeans slipped them off my hips let them fall to the floor and walked out of them....Read On


Roomates Ch. 3: Showing off

Troy and Jane get the idea they'd like to be watched too.

Jane and I decided to stay home Saturday night. Neither of us really wanted to hear the fallout from Rita's visit to her big brother Randy. We liked him, and we new he'd feel totally shamed. And we both vowed not to spread the rumor further. They were showing Spartacus on TV, we had beer and frankly a movie and popcorn seemed like a good plan with the world going nuts about us. We were in...Read On


The Black Banana

The Black Banana was always known for its wild side

It was a Saturday night. For some reason, we were together, the three of us. Any way...I come along in a new pickup truck with a bench seat. I pick up the two of you at Di’s house. You are wearing a short wrap mini skirt with a mesh blouse, no bra. (I find out later that you are not wearing panties) Di is wearing a pareo with a triangle bikini top...the triangles are not very big. I...Read On