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It Had Better Be Tonight

Caleb goes to his friend Jordan's summer house for a little vacation - what he didn't expect was the girl next door... “Hold this please!” Caleb was 1.5 steps inside the door, car keys still in his hand. And now he was holding a bowl of potato chips. Trying to remember if he’d really seen what he thought he’d seen. “Sorry!” She stopped in front of him. He had in fact seen it right. Dark...Read On


Painful Piano Lesson

A teenage boy spanked by his piano teacher

Looking back now, I can hardly believe that my parents agreed to me being spanked by my sexy piano teacher. I chose to learn the piano when I was 11, thinking I would soon be able to play all the latest pop music. I was still being made to play proper piano pieces and it wasn’t cool for a 16 year old boy to play the piano so I decided to give it up. My Dad had other ideas and insisted that...Read On


The Bodyguard Final

Brad and Kady meet more strife; and eventually their attraction proves too much to ignore.

Authors note: As with the first part Lacey (from Sweet Temptation) makes an apperance in this part of the story as well. If you haven't read Sweet Temptation it is linked to the first part of this story. Enjoy! Kady didn't open her eyes. She didn't want to, because as soon as she did, reality would hit her. She moved slightly, and someone placed their hand on her arm. She slowly opened...Read On


The Library Is No Place for Screaming

We soon find out how exciting a visit to the library can get when you bring a friend....

 Ben had been visiting for a week or so, and for some reason I'd decided to show him the public library that was in my city, the one on the hill I have to walk up to get to work every other day. It's old stone structure is one that is reminescent of the Victoria Era, or so I've heard, but the inside is a flashback to the seventies. The racks are a groovy orange color that would have matched...Read On


The Long Hot Summer - Part 3

Best friends become more.

Some time later…. We've been necking some more, just messing around since you made me cum and inevitably we're starting to get horny again. Part of it is your gorgeous body. I'm smart enough to know that you bear little resemblance to a Playboy  centerfold - but you're real. Sexy soft skin, a real tan, real tits, a genuine smile and real enjoyment in the real pleasure we share. That's...Read On


My Minotaur Part IX

In Which Lady Ailara Learns The Truth

Without Valsivale, our journey had grown much more dire. We were forced to march long hours during the day, and barely slept at night. As we traveled North the weather grew cold and my flesh felt somehow too thin to protect me any longer. But Oluth was a beast possessed! He set a fast stride and at night fucked one or more of us to sleep with a newfound vigor. It was a good thing we...Read On


Penny's Other Life, CHAPTER 3

Penny makes the most of her forced modeling

Penny spent the week struggling with her emotions. Every time she saw her boss, Mark, she wondered if Mr. Brown had already told him of her transgression, and she dreaded getting the call to come to his office and be fired. Once, he did call her into his office, and she arrived shaking visibly and had to quickly take a seat. But the conversation was not about her; it was about young Phoebe,...Read On


An afternoon in Jen

The last part to Jen's stories. - She finally realises just how much her step father wanted her.

Jen awoke the next morning and found herself on the sofa. Immediately she sat up and put her head in her hands. Jen had a hangover. She looked around and found her empty bottle of wine beside her. “Why did she think that was a good idea??” she thought to herself. On the coffee table next to her was a note: Hey Jen! I thought about waking you but the wine bottle told me otherwise! Work...Read On


Charlene - part 2

She was ready to go to the next level and led me to the promised land

A long, long time ago in a state far away... I had met this great girl, Charlene, over the summer. She was 5'3", blonde hair and was very sexy. After the story in Part 1, Charlene and I were inseparable. I was enjoying her company on every level I thought possible but was soon to learn there were many more levels to come. After our time at the County Fair, we continue our oral feast...Read On


The conference

They meet at a conference

Even though I am a respected, long-term professional employee, I don’t get much in the way of perks. There is no corner office or cute secretary to keep my appointments straight. No office at all, just a cubicle. But once in a while, meaning every three or four years, I do get to attend a professional conference. This year’s conference was in San Diego. This meant besides listening looking...Read On


In The Outdoors

My first time with a woman and my first time naked in public.

The day was hot and the camera was heavy round my neck. Much heavier than usual with the 100-300mm Nikkor lens in place of the standard 50mm prime that had come with the camera. The lens weighed almost two pounds, more than double the weight of the camera it was attached to, the Nikon FG I had received earlier that year as my 18th birthday present. The camera was mine but the lens was...Read On


A Little Night Game

Man's POV of a sexy BDSM game

What a day. Hell, what a week. You make your way to your car after what seemed like the longest week in history. You need a hot shower, stiff drink, serious man food, and hot nekkid sex. In that order. You open your car door and wait a minute and while the enclosed heat escapes, you run a hand through your short tousled hair. Although you keep the windows cracked, the interior is stifling. As...Read On


Friends with benefits

Two horny teens please each other

This is my first story; I hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to comment, and please give constructive criticism. Thank you. Jane is a 16-year-old girl who is very confident with her body and knows how to mess with boys' heads at school. She’s about 5'2" tall and has well-shaped legs to complement her sexy, curvy body even at her age, a set of C...Read On


The Humiliation of Alexis

Alexis is made to serve drinks at Jaden’s party and all the guests get to spank her in turn

It was early evening when Jaden came in to my room with some clothes for me, and said, “My friends will be here soon. All girls you will be pleased to hear. Get in to these and you can help serve them with food and drinks, oh and be good because I won’t hesitate to spank you in front of them if I need to.” Jaden put the clothes on the bed. I thought at least it would be company even...Read On


wrong place, wrong time

a straight man, single after 30 yrs gets drunk and goes home with another man.

I do not know how it happened. All I wanted was a quiet drink and maybe someone to talk to, let off some steam. My wife had died just over a year ago and I was feeling depressed. We were together for 30 years! So after work I stopped into a small bar. Never been there before. I rarely drank, not use to it. Did not know it was a gay bar. There were maybe 7 customers inside, all male. Hell I...Read On


The Coolest Day

It was Sunday, not much going on, so I decided to go and wash my cloths at the laundromat. I packed up the car, grabbed my iPod and then took off. When I got there, the laundry mat was empty. Unpacking my clothes, pulling my iPod out of my pocket, I realized that I forgot my headphones. It was cool though, I had an iPod touch so it had built in speakers. Sighing, I turned on my favorite...Read On


Intelligent, Confident, Capable

Who is seducing who?

Names have been changed, but this is from the actual start of the chat conversation this story originally came from. Susie Williams: lol id rather something where were kinda close ive been your tenant for about a year ive never missed a payment and always have had a good relationship, you have problems with your husband every now and then and come to talk to me and hang out alot Lacie...Read On


The Bodyguard

Kady's father needs someone to keep his daughter safe. Brad is the perfect man for the job.

Authors note: This story was written before Sweet Temptation and is really meant to be read before reading the other. Lacey(from Sweet Temptation) makes an appearance in this story. The Bodyguard was originally broken into four parts, but I've decided to only make it two parts. I've come to love the characters in these two stories and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Brad turned...Read On


Mistress Sylvia Commands Respect

Krystenah's plan to hide her bruises results in punishment from Mistress Sylvia

When I signed up for the aquatics class, I hadn’t considered the fact that I would need to change and shower in the ladies locker room. I joined the class on a lark and I hadn’t been inside a locker room in close to 20 years. I nearly quit, however, when I realized I would have to dress in front of my classmates. It wasn’t a question of having a poor body image—my master had helped me accept...Read On


A Holiday Adventure CH.2

Their holiday adventure continues

Cassie lay in bed, Jenny asleep beside her and Nadine was downstairs on the sofa. Cassie was still unsure about sharing their holiday with Nadine, sure she had a great time with her on the beach and yes, she and Jenny had talked about having a threesome, but she was still apprehensive about spending the rest of their holiday together. She decided to get up and take a shower, as she threw...Read On


My Minotaur Part 8

In Which Lady Ailara et al Rescue The Enchantress

Traveling with Talitanitia was spectacular. Some mornings I would wake up mid-orgasm, her greedy, long tongue snaking in and out of me, lashing across my clit at the same time. Others, I would instead awaken to some audacious act of lovemaking between her and Oluth, one morning the two of them caught in some acrobatic ball of sex, another the great bull on his hands and knees, massive...Read On


Jen's Summer finally got interesting

Who knew spying could lead to this... The first part to Jen's stories..

It was a blisteringly hot day. Jen had been making the most of this and had been sun bathing in her back garden all afternoon. Jen was a beautiful 20 year old girl, fresh out of university and home for the summer visiting her parents. She had long brown hair and bright green eyes; she was about 5”5 in height and had a gorgeous thin body and flat stomach that she didn’t have to work hard on...Read On


Maegan and her in-laws

A twenty-eight year old finds her spanking fantasies come true in a way she's never thought possible

Prologue Months after that fateful day, she knew that her subconscious had willed it to happen but the immediate reaction was to call herself a careless idiot. It was about two weeks after she had split with her husband following seven years of pointless cohabitation. “Mum,” as she had always referred to her mother-in-law Victoria, had actually increased the frequency of her visits...Read On


The Long Hot Summer - Part 2

Best friends become more.

We snuggle close while you catch your breath. Your hand cradles my cock loosely, the fingers of the other hand stroking gently up the underside. Your pussy is drenched with your wetness and my mouth, and the look on your face is hard to describe… one part satisfaction, one part dreamy and one part wicked grin. "That was amazing," you say finally. "I don't know who taught you, but I want to...Read On


The Telescope

A businessman travelling to a conference in San Francisco has an unexpected encounter.

San Francisco at night, in all its neon glory! Rooms with a view cost extra, but the company was paying the bill. After the plane trip from hell I needed a shower and a rest before dinner. I studied the landscape before me as I undressed. There is point paying extra if you are going to shut the curtains. The Downtown SF Marriott, otherwise known as the jukebox is a retro Art Deco...Read On


Our Steam Sauna Experience

My Sauna Experience with my Passionate Lover Lynette.....

We are both steaming hot in the steam sauna in this small-town Italian sauna in the middle of a very non-descript part of the south. The 'dress-code' was variable, most naked, but a few, like us preferring to have a towel round us! At one point, space was a bit tight, and it seemed as if all of the customers were stacked up on the benches. Until one by one they left. We are sitting side...Read On


Lusty email

Email from both lovers perspectives

Hey hun....firstly...I wanted to say...that you were great last night and I really enjoyed both your conversation and the cybering of course. I know cybering does little for you, so I thought I would write you a story to see if I can turn you on like this instead. I'm not a very good writer, English being a second language ...but here is a try anyway OK...enjoy. xxx I wake to find the...Read On


I take Deb Dogging... Her First Time

A cyber fantasy brought to reality

The evening is warm in the English countryside as I pull into Deb’s driveway. It is dusk and I can see a light burning through the front window. I park the car and walk to the front entrance. This is our first meeting and even though we have been chatting for quite a while on the internet, we have never met face to face, though we did exchange photos. Her husband is gone on another...Read On


Penny’s Other Life, CHAPTER 2

Penny has to pay for her lascivious behavior

Brian had to get home before his wife returned, and Penelope headed off to her apartment, striding across the MORE4LESS parking lot, swinging her groceries in one hand and feeling heady from her exhilarating day. The dusk air was rapidly cooling and she could feel it in short gusts wafting under her mini skirt and tickling her still stimulated pussy left uncovered by even a wisp of a pair...Read On


Half Asleep HandJob

First Story; Hints that I was Bi

I woke up because of the movement in my bed. I took me a minute to remember that Ross had spent the night. We had stayed up late, drinking beer. As a senior in high school, I couldn't handle too many. We split a six pack and pretty much crashed in my bed. I was in a deep sleep when his movement in my bed brought me to near wakefulness. What happened next got my full attention: his hand slid...Read On