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Those Hot Nights

Girl gets fucked by Hot stranger

He pushed me outside of the bar, my body was sticky from the humid atmosphere, yet my nipples were still erect, erect for him. As my back hit the stone of the wall my body shook, partly from the force in which he did it and the other half from sheer arousal. My cunt was dripping for him but he teased me, tracing his fingers along my thickened wet lips over the lace of my black panties, I...Read On


Nellie and Nolan: The Later Years Part 1

From the age of sixteen on for quite a few years, I held a relationship with my twin brother. Things were great and we were happy, but we knew that things were not going to last forever. The relationship we had with one another was frowned upon and we needed to live the lives the world wanted us to live. I did not handle this very well, but over time I understood why he ended things with me and...Read On


The Thirty Seventh Floor

An office on the 37th floor is always a good thing.

Due to Stacie Campbell’s inability to come to Recent American History class and resulting failing grade, Bridget was forced by Coach Kennedy to tutor her. In reality, Bridget agreed to tutor Stacie in exchange for more time with Coach Kennedy when her parents were out of town. Tonight was the first night that she was supposed to be meeting Stacie. Bridget pulled her Wrangler to the curb...Read On


Ass fucking my wife's best friend

When Lena's husband was absent, I helped her out in more ways than she expected.

Lena is drop dead gorgeous; long legs, fashionably thin, green eyes and long curls of flaming red hair. She is bubbly, witty and inconveniently married. Lena's husband, who I call 'Bod', is away on business most of the time. A civil engineer by profession, he works for the World Bank on development projects that take him overseas for a year or more. I only met him once. A short,...Read On


Fucked on a run

Nothing better than coming back from a run being fucked

I like to write short quick story to the point. Hard or wet factor is the only thing I am aiming for. This is not a PhD dissertation. Early morning runs are always refreshing. Specially during fall when the air has a bit of nip and the senses are heightened a bit. My mom lives up in Wisconsin area and fall can get a little nippy. Lets not even talk about Wisconsin winter :) Thanksgiving, a...Read On


How I pursuaded my wife to fulfill my fantasy - true Final installment

The last of our encounters that fulfilled our threesome fantasy, (and then some)

Here is the recollection of the third and final meeting with my wife's boyfriend of many years ago that fulfilled our fantasy. A knock at the door and Jan called down from upstairs for me to answer. We were expecting Howard and he was right on time. I took him into the lounge. On his last visit I was sent upstairs and he finally fucked my gorgeous wife after all these years. Jan had...Read On


The First Meeting, Part One

One hot night ...

It was a warm evening, warmer than I'm used to. I had travelled all of this way, just to meet you. I feel excited and nervous all at once. Excited because we will finally get to meet, to talk to each other, look at each other, feel each other. .. Nervous because no matter how confident I might come across, I'm really not. I'm shy, and I'm scared that you might not like what you see in me. ...Read On


Lost Trail Cabin (chap. 5)

Romantic Getaway

Lost Trail Cabin (chapter 5) Jake and Nancy take off through the woods down the trail towards the base of the mountain. Once again they ski back to the lift and take the lift again. This time they pass the midway point and continue on up the mountain. They decide to get off at the next drop which is about three fourths of the way up the mountain. Stopping at the top of the trail, Nancy...Read On



A horny artist lures the man she desires to her apartment and they drive each other crazy.

HORNY Sisyphus “I’m so fucking horny I can’t stand it,’’ I said when I got home from the café where I waitress. I lit a joint and took a hit. “I need it bad!” I said, knowing getting high gets me even hotter and felt that itch in my pussy that drives me crazy. I have all the toys I need to get off, but I wanted more. I wanted a big cock to satisfy my insatiable lust, my absolute love for...Read On


Our secret beach

Written originally for my wife, to set the mood for a sensual vacation. Comments welcomed!

Three of my top sensual experiences in life include: 1) Making love to my wife. I never grow tired of this. 2) Getting a full body massage at The Rubb Inn in San Diego where we live. 3) Going naked on a beach in Hawaii. This story combines all three. After two weeks of great sex at our time share on Kauai, my wife and I were spending our last day on the island at our...Read On


My Best Friend Pt.2

The 25 year reunion continues with an unexpected twist

When I woke up Saturday morning I was alone in bed. I briefly wondered if yesterday had all been a dream, but the tenderness of my ass told me it was real. I crawled out of bad and briefly considered putting on a robe but then thought why bother. I walked downstairs to the kitchen where I found Paul making coffee. I walked up behind him, put my arms around him and kissed his neck....Read On


Start of The Trip

I take my married coworker away for a weekend.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011, I send you an email... Tell your family you have to leave town for a few days and go on a business trip Thursday 6/16 thru Saturday 6/18. I don't care where you say you are going, but ensure they know communication with you will be intermittent, but you will talk to them occasionally. Make sure you bring all the sex toys I bought you. You send emails and call...Read On


A Special Memory

A young man takes his girlfriends virginity and loses his own to her.

A Special Memory   By Milik the Red Life has its ups and downs and I have of late been in a period of change and reflection. Among those changes have been thoughts and emotions that have kept me away from writing for some time, but as with all passions my desire to write has rekindled within my heart and I find myself looking to my own past for the spark of inspiration. I find myself...Read On


Scenes from a mall

An ancient ritual is reenacted in a surprising place.

I slouched down in my plush couch and studied the numerous bright video monitors around me. They showed scenes of the shopping mall around me, scenes of young, old, men and women all walking around happily, entranced by the sights and sounds around them. I saw them through the video feed, but even without that, I knew what they were feeling, I could feel it like a warm breeze slowly pushing...Read On


Just Another Day Working at Home

I was on Lush Stories when I was seen by two landscapers working in my yard.

I am Diane I am a typical twenty something young woman in every way. Well, except for the fact that I have grown more and more sexual as my husband and I explore exciting sexual situations and encounters. I am five foot six inches, 127 pounds carrying a 36C chest with shoulder length auburn hair and I have been told I am beautiful. I love to dress to show off my body that I work hard at the...Read On


Never Keep Me Waiting

Timeliness is a must with me, be late and suffer the consequences!

I'm sitting on the couch impatiently looking at the clock waiting on her arrival. "God, she better hurry up!" I mumble to myself. As if on cue, the doorbell rings and I get off the couch to cross over to the front door and open it with a flourish."Finally! It's about time you got here, you are late and that is unacceptable!" I tell her as I turn to the side, allowing her entrance. She...Read On



She grew up with eyes for her father. She never grew out of loving him so much.

I remember being a little girl; my father would pick me up in his muscular arms. I’d giggle and hug him tight around his neck because he’d always try to swing me around or throw me up, but all I wanted was his arms around me. I was the biggest Daddy’s Girl you’d ever see. I was maybe 3 or 4 when I learned how to cry and get him to hold me. I first noticed it when I hit my little sister,...Read On


Monnie's secret

A chance meeting, leads to more.

 Monnie had chosen this place, she wasn't sure why, but her husband was happy. It wasn't often that they went out with their close friends, but this was a special occasion, a lunchtime meal for them all to celebrate her birthday. Travelling fifty miles to meet might seem excessive but it was worth it. They met up in the pub carpark at noon, Monnie was wearing her favourite dress and it...Read On


Late Christmas Present

A man buys hairbrushes at a hair salon

I was at a strip mall to buy some office supplies when I went past a hair salon that also was a store that sold hair products. Now my wife has long flowing black hair, so I looked at the display window. I was surprised because they were featuring a set of large wooden hairbrushes. Why the set was featured was because the price was sixty percent off. For Christmas I had given her a nice...Read On



She dances as she fixes dinner, he watches until his hunger is for more than food...

She wouldn't turn around. I knew she knew I was there. But she wouldn't turn around. I leaned my shoulder against the door frame and watched her move around the kitchen. She wore the shortest skirt she had, the tightest tank top that was in her drawer. Her movements were fluid. I had turned on the music she liked to make love to. She wore the outfit she was sure would tempt me. I pushed off...Read On


Ember's Surprise

Ember's Master takes her on a trip to the library.

I stepped out of the bedroom and adjusted my skirt nervously pulling it down a bit. “No kitten I like it that short,” my Master said and I placed my hands at my side instantly. I didn’t want to make him upset. The skirt was plaid and extremely short, I was afraid that if I moved at all the thin fabric would not leave anything to the imagination. I had on a thin white button up shirt with no...Read On


moving on to sis

quick dangerous oral session with my mother has consequences

l was now 18 and a half and it was two years since me and my mum had begun a sexual relationship, l'd filled out to quite a good looking tall, thin, but muscular man and so had my cock. The sex l had quite regularly with my mum had just got better as time went on. Sometimes we would stay in bed all day and night, trying different things, things that were new to her to, as she had a pretty...Read On


Her First Affair Part 2

Mallory continues her affair

It was two weeks since Mallory and Tom made love. It had been the most incredible sex that Mallory has ever had. However, it maybe wrong for a married woman to fuck another man. She can’t stop thinking about her first extramarital fuck and the excitement she felt. Lying in bed Saturday morning, thinking her husband was still asleep, she started to play with her clit and imagining Tom’s large...Read On


The Pregnant Bachelor Party Whore Wife

I help to support our family by fucking men at bachelor parties, even after I am impregnated.

The economy was really bad in our small town in Mississippi. The only manufacturing plant in town laid off about a third of the workers. The ones that remained were only able to work partial shifts. My husband Dave was one of the lucky ones to still have a job at the reduced hours as an assembler, but that still made it hard for us to pay our bills. An even bigger problem was that I had...Read On


Angel Slut: Chapter 3

A good girl who wants to be bad leaves home for what she needs and learns an important lesson.

Angel Slut: Chapter Three Sisyphus Later, after taking a shower, I tried to sleep but couldn’t. All I could think of was Jesse and what a bastard he was for brushing me off after seducing me. I glanced at my digital clock and saw it was eight-thirty and decided to get dressed and go to the coffee shop up the street, get a paper and start job hunting. I needed a job and I wanted Jesse to...Read On


My Best Friend

An old friend from bygone days reappears and the reunion turns hot.

It had been 25 years since I had seen Paul. We grew up together and were best friends through junior year in high school. When we got to senior year we sort of went in separate ways and didn’t see each other very much and over the years we had lost touch. When I got his e-mail telling me he was going to be in town for a couple days I was very excited to see him again. Part of our growing...Read On


A Woman's Touch Ch 2

Her sultry voice echoed clear to my clit making it throb.

As I got my small bag out of the back seat, Joshua unlocked the door. Then we two women entered and he got the stuff from their truck and followed. The room was spacious but only had one big bed, which surprised her. Before she could say anything Samantha spoke up, “Why the surprised look honey, you’re not having second thoughts are you?” I blushed, and replied, “Hell no, just wondering...Read On


A Quickie With My Manager's Son

Never did I think being late to work would result in me getting laid...

I woke up to the sound of my buzzing alarm clock, threatening me to get out of bed for work. I had already pressed the snooze button a countless amount of times, which is a routine for me due to the fact that I'm not a morning person at all. I opened my eyes and was surprised yet frightened to see that I was late. It was 7:40 AM. An entire forty minutes late to be exact. My manager was going...Read On


Too Good To Be True in Vegas

Camryn and her friends have lots of fun in Las Vegas

Camryn was so looking forward to this long weekend in Vegas, and traveling with two of her favorite gal pals would make the experience even more enjoyable. Camryn saw this trip as an opportunity to relax and have a little fun without having to worry about work or about the strange twists and turns her sex life had taken recently. As she and her friends arrived at the "Mirage", they didn’t...Read On


Christmas Instructions

Lily gets a few toys from me for Christmas

Dearest, sexiest Lily: Merry Christmas. Although I wish I could be with you right now, I know that I cannot. For this reason, I have included a number of gifts for you in this bag. What I would like you to do is the following: Go change into something comfortable. Absolutely no bra, thin shirt, and bottoms you can easily pull totally off. Now, Go get a glass of wine, pour it, and...Read On