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The Truth (Part 1)

Mike and I get naughty, part 1 of 3.

"I want to know all of it. When did this start?" she says when I finally close the door. "Well," I reply slowly "if you really want to know, then I should tell you - this is a long story." "I want to know it all." "It had three parts to it... the first part began when I was sixteen, in the high school's bathroom…" *** I was standing in front of the urinal, listening to the sound...Read On


Lifeguard Stand

Husband and wife have some time on the beach away from the kids

“All right,” I said to the three boys in the room. “Your Mother and I are going for a walk on the beach. We’ll be back in a while. We’ve got our cellphones if you need us. Only call us for fire, flood, or blood- and there better not be any blood, ok?” “Ok, Dad,” said one of them non-commitally, staring at the TV screen. The oldest, my 15 year old, grunted in agreement as he continued to...Read On


Be Careful What You Ask For

How my husband started me on a life of exhibitionism and sharing

Even before we were married, my husband wanted me to allow other guys to see my tiny boobs and hard nipples. I didn't understand why he wanted me to do this and I didn't think other guys would be interested in seeing my minuscule breasts. I did notice how excited Dave would get when I would go braless in public and leave several buttons undone. I began to feel more comfortable going braless...Read On


My Scottish Girl

This is my first story and its about a trip to Scotland I'll never forget!

A few years ago I went for a family trip to Scotland. I drove up on my own because I didn't have a girlfriend at the time and all my other family already there. So when I got there I checked into my hotel room where my aunt worked and then unpacked and waited for her to finish because she was having a party at her house and I offered her a ride. So the next morning I wake up with abit of...Read On


My Wife Thrills Me

My wife surprises me and the fun begins

I left my meeting yesterday and decided to work the rest of the day at my home office. Most of the way home I was thinking about the meeting and the work I had to do, but then you slipped into my mind. I started thinking about the last time I saw you in your office, and how hot that was! By the time I arrived home I was hot, horny and wondering if I was going to be able to get any work done. As...Read On


Badge Bunny Adventures Pt4

Who Knew?

Mrs. Mays took me for a tour around their facility. I was introduced to several of the road deputies working that day. I met deputies, Hatch, Marshall and Ward; of course with Ward, there was no introduction needed. Ward was dispatched to a call and jokingly shook my hand saying it was nice to meet me. I giggled and told him bye. Hatch offered to finish my tour and Mrs. Mays told him that...Read On


Hysteria 8

In the conclusion of Victoria's story, a terrible secret frees her to be with the people she loves.

(There is a short male on male scene in the middle, but those of you who are following this series will be happy to see justice done.) James escorted a distraught Victoria back to Lucas’ house. Seeing that she was tucked into her bed snugly, he descended the stairs and went to the doctor’s office. Lucas was at his desk; Amelia was sitting close by. He stepped through the door and closed...Read On


I love my sister and my fiancé, part two

Celebration sex for three people together

They began making out, as they sat right next to each other on the couch. Emily was laying back with her feet on the floor, while Marry was on her knees. I just watched them for a couple minutes first. Of course, I was getting a raging hard on from seeing them, but I had to just take a mental note first. Eventually, I got down on my knees, and went towards Emily's crotch. I removed her dress...Read On


Christmas Break

This is what happened during Christmas break...

I had just broken up with my girlfriend, Sheila after catching her screwing my English Professor that I assisted. I thought she was the one for me and was going to take her to meet my parents during Christmas break. I was a virgin and although we messed around quite a bit, including her being the only girl who blew me till I came in her mouth. I guess it wasn’t enough for her. I was...Read On


A Chance Encounter, Part 2

With a little help Charlotte discovers just how kinky she really is

Masks A Taylor Swift song blared from my computer as I stood on my tip toes, flicking my eyelashes. I heard a noise behind me and turned quickly, afraid that my roommates’ boyfriend had walked in the door. “Charlotte, what’s with all this stuff?” Julie asked jumping onto my bed and resting her head on the bag from Grant’s apartment holding all my stuff. “I packed all my stuff...Read On



 "I can't believe you convinced me to do this ," Karen said teasingly. "You better not show anyone!"  Jack walked to his sister to position her on the chair. He didn't know how he convinced her either, but he had. She was allowing him to draw her erotically for his portfolio. He was just starting out as an artist and needed to make a better name for himself. He had the talent, but not...Read On


Sarah and Sean

BW transformed into a BBW

I wouldn’t call myself a BBW, more of a BW. I’m a big woman but I would never call myself beautiful. I’ve never had a problem accepting my weight; I just got on with it, but it seemed a little more difficult for other people to deal with. At school I was always the ‘fat one’ and even as I got older when all of my friends were meeting boys I was always left out. Nobody was ever interested in...Read On


Pretending Ch. 08

Connie tells Emily what's going on.

Pretending Ch. 08 © 2009 All rights reserved Emily proved prophetic. Despite Simon's grandiose claims, John had wiped out both him and Edward in a few short hands. He was more than happy to see Emily and Connie return. Lydia came in a few moments later, and headed into the kitchen to make coffee and tea to go with their pumpkin pie. Overstuffed from dinner, there had been...Read On


The Power of The Moon ch.1

Grace and Matt meet...

This is my first story and it does not have a lot of sex in the first two...but if you love love stories than I am pretty sure you will love this!!  "Grace please come out with us tonight?!?" Sam said flinging her arms around as she talked. Grace just rolled her eyes. "Sam I have told you before...I don't go out and I don't drink not since...since Joe...and you of all people should...Read On


Ash Under Supervision

Ash yearns to be spanked but doesn't know how to find the right person, until she earns one

This story iswritten for Ash, a lovely young lady living in India and soon to come to England. Her desire is to be spanked and this story describes one way that might happen. 22 year Ash had fantasised for some years about having her bare bottom spanked and whilst in her native India bare bottom spanking was not common she thought that once she came to England she would find someone to...Read On


From virgin to slut-true story

How I was initiated into sex-true story

Initiation into sex I never went to college. High school was it and that is where, at sixteen, I learned a great deal about sex and very little else. The school I went to was mostly black and latino. I was in the minority. My problem was I wanted to get fucked because I was having orgasms just thinking about it. One spring day after school I was offered a ride home in a van. When I got in...Read On


Darkness Within (Chapter 1: The Awakening)

A forbidden love between an angel and vampire within a Master/slave Relationship.

It was only two hours from sunset, and I was still in my laden state of a vampyric sleep. I knew he was there, watching over my sleep, to ensure my safety. Even though we were two completely different creatures of the world, he seemed to care for me more than I had ever imagined. Again I hear the footstep as he enters my room, but stays in a dark corner as he does not wish to disturb me....Read On


My friend's dad 17

A quick recap and more confrontation

So far through out our marriage, I've told John what had been going on with Jeanette, John, Jeanette and I have had a threesome, Jeanette and my mom hooked up, and now they were getting married as well. So that's a lot to say the least, but we were all getting through all the emotional ties that we all had. John took me on a nice weekend honeymoon at a nice hotel and spa. It was the best...Read On


So I asked, “Do you trust me?”

do I really feel this way? I wonder.

That first meeting was so comfortable. And did I mention you are cute? OMFG! You are so cute. I just wanted to lay your ass across the table and jump your bones. I wanted to feel you filling me, and making my pussy convulse around you. But I could see you were stricken – I had you totally in my control. Just for fun, I decided to fuck with your head. “Look, “ I said, “I know we agreed,...Read On


35 minutes

intense passion

I looked at my watch it said 10.18 pm and 43 seconds. I’ve been meeting a girl for a while and we seemed to be getting on quite well, one night we ended back at my flat having sex. Ashley was on top of me gently rocking and swaying, breathing deeply and sighing as she ran her hands over my chest. I on the other hand was lying there watching her, although I was erect and merely...Read On


Our Path to Husband Swapping Part 3

We agree to give the guys blowjobs

The day after our make out secession where the guy’s cocks were pulled out to play, I got a call from Stacy. Before I could say anything she asked me if I was upset with her. I told her of course not, then she asked, “What happened to just kissing?” She recanted, what Sam had already had: that they were making out hot and heavy. Sam started rubbing her pussy. She couldn’t believe how great...Read On


Dessert Without Dinner Can Be Fun

dropping to my knees and spreading her thighs, my face dropped to her honey pot...

I had just pulled into Tracy California and was expecting to deliver the next morning a load of orange juice I was hauling. I wasn’t sure where the warehouse was, but this not being a big town, it seemed it wouldn’t be hard to find. As I pulled along a city street, I saw a young gal walking along to what appeared to be the bus stop up ahead. She was a delight to ones tired eyes, wearing a...Read On


Help from my sister 12

Every opportunity can be good if you want it.

The next few weeks we did some wedding planning. We picked out a church and about everything else we needed. We left out the fact that we were brother and sister and that Judy was pregnant. They both went to the doctor to make sure the babies were healthy. They both were good to go. Judy was due September 7th and Connie was due October 16th. A little close together and it was April at that...Read On


A Day in My Fucked Up Life, Pt. 1

She'll never look at garden hoses the same way again.

October 10th Blog Entry: I’m not stupid. I know that not everything in life is going to be bells and whistles, cake and flowers, sunshine and rainbows … you get my drift. And for the most part, my life is satisfactory; good job, nice home, hot car, loving family, great friends, and an adequate, familiar marriage. I live a simple life. It’s so simple, it’s complex. It’s too easy,...Read On


Tink Ch 4 a voyage of self-discovery

Tink discovers another level of darkness within her.

Tinkerbelle Ch 4, a voyage of self discovery Life with her Master, Captain Hook was increasingly thrilling to Tink. He was an imaginative and kindly lover and a strong guiding presence in her life. She simply adored the man and everything about him, his appearance, his commanding voice, even the firm stroke of his hand reddening her bottom when she needed correction. On a day like any...Read On


At the Barbican

A chance meeting spills more than a glass of wine

I met Kate purely by chance in the bar at the Barbican. I’d gone there for a concert by the London Symphony Orchestra, and had thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was a bit early for my train, so I headed for the bar for a nightcap before starting the trek home. After all, I had nothing to go home for, as I was again single, after two failed marriages, caused in all likelihood by what had...Read On


A new start. The love story of a sub pt1

Kelly discovers her submissive side and starts training as slave slut.

"This is the first part of my first story. Due to English  not being my mother tongue, I can post it thanks to the great work and help of naughtyann, a really kind and helpful person to whom I am really grateful. I hope you like the story, please let me know what you think." My name is Kelly and I am twenty eight years old, with a small body, thin, but not skinny with petite breasts and...Read On


Pretending Ch. 07

Home for Thankgiving.

Pretending Ch 07 © 2009 All Rights Reserved "Connie!" Emily shouted at her sister happily while sitting on the front porch. Connie grinned as she stretched. She hadn't seen Emily in months. She got a shock, though, when Emily stood up—Emily was pregnant! "Em!" She ran over to hug her sister. They embraced, then Connie stepped back, looking at Emily's slightly rounded figure. "When...Read On


Island Holiday for Two Ch 2

Marcus told Amanda, Lie on your back, its time I gave you my royal treatment.”

In the cool of the evening they decided to go for a stroll on the beach. Amanda told Marcus that she needed to change out of my short outfit into something more comfortable. “Ok doll. The maid has everything I requested in a picnic basket all I have to do is get the lantern after all I need to see what I am doing. I bought your favorite wine too, because we celebrating your new beginning.” ...Read On


Let's Get It On

Finally, after months of chatting, text messaging nightly phone calls we will meet in person...

BY THE TIME THE CLOCK CHIMED FIVE O’CLOCK I was a bag of nerves waiting rather impatiently for my buzzer to ring. I must’ve cleaned up my tiny one-bedroom apartment countless times today in anticipation for this visit. Finally, after months of chatting on MSN and text messaging and almost nightly phone calls we will meet in person. This weekend was his only chance of coming up here for a...Read On