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Arizona Awakenings (ch. 1)

The odors of the desert drifted into the open window, through the screen. Creosote bush and salt cedar. Along with the ever present smell of hot concrete. It hadn't really cooled off that much over night. Sidney woke up. Again his cock was hard. He had to pee. He climbed out of bed, careful not to wake up Faith, and went into the bathroom. It was right there through a door. It opened into...Read On



Princess to her husband, Vixen to her online boy, Saint or Sinner? Perhaps both...

“Are you going to be a nice slutty boy for me?” “Yes Mistress.” “How slutty?” “A nasty wicked fuck toy for you. Fuck meat. A hard cocked slave for your pleasure.” “Good boy. Are you naked as I asked?” “Yes Mistress.” “And in your leather collar?” “Yes Mistress.” “It’s late. I guess your wife is asleep upstairs?” “Yes Mistress.” “Very good. Stand up boy. Hmmm, you...Read On


The Kissing Booth

Donna was the cutest of the three and I had to have her!

This year at the annual county fair, I happened to walk passed the Kissing Booth where three gorgeous blondes were hawking for $5.00 kisses for charity. They yelled at me to come over and pick one of them for five bucks. How could I possibly choose? They were all three hot, sweet young things! They all had long blonde hair, my favorite, and were adorable teenagers! But one did stand out....Read On


It Just Happened

I didn't even plan it

It was actually kind of funny the way that things worked out that night. Literally, nothing was planned. It was spontaneous, it was just casual, and it literally just happened. It was something I never would have expected, nor do I think that she expected it either. The night started out innocent enough. My step-daughter Miranda asked me if she could have a couple of her friends spend the...Read On


Amelia's Story: Decent into the Darkness

Chapter One of Two

“Jacob, Christopher, get out. You’re going to make a mess of this place,” my mother bellows at my twin brothers. She is working overtime trying to prepare for my sister Jane’s wedding and expects us all to follow suit. “Yes mama,” both giggle as they reply to mother in unison. They run outside before catching grief from her again. “Amelia, make sure you do that needle work in a straight...Read On


A Favour For A Friend —Part 7 of 7 The Summerhouse, Annes's Story

Anne describes her lovemaking with Oliver in the summerhouse

As my husband Bill wrote, it all began with a chance remark. At least, that was what we thought at the time. I found out later that my friend Ellen had planned it from the start; it just went a little further than she intended. I am certain she didn't expect me to be the mother of her first grandchild. Reading my husband's description of that night so long ago, when I seduced Oliver,...Read On


How Judy and I Met #6

My first thoughts about Judy, bitch.

Judy and I met when she was thirty six ( You might say the perfect thirty six). Near the apartment where I lived, there were two neighborhood bars where everybody knew everyone in the bar. One Friday night I walked into one of the bars. Leaning over the pool table was a true knockout, yes, it was lust at first sight! She took my breath away. I sat down at the bar and my friend Jake,...Read On


The Three Meter Challenge

Some girls will do anything to get into Delta Chi

It was down to six of us - six young ladies vying for the four open spots in the single most exclusive sorority at the University of Alabama. I won’t mention the name of the sorority for reasons that will become obvious, but for the purposes of the story, I’ll refer to it as Delta Chi or DX. It seems silly even trying to get involved in a sorority like DX, or any sorority for that matter....Read On


By Invitation Only Part 2

Partygoers take turns performing for each other

It seemed like five days, rather than five weeks had passed since Cindy and Dan last pulled into John and Barbara’s neighborhood. That party five weeks ago had put a spark in their sex life that was still burning. As they pulled through the gates into the circular drive, Cindy realized they hadn’t said a word on the trip. She had been lost in her thoughts, and apparently so had Dan. At...Read On


My First Gangbang

I had to try it

I’ve had a few experiences with Joe that you all read about in Hot Tub Fun . We met through a mutual gym member and it led to this story, which is the fourth. Here is just a brief recap about Joe. He is sixty-two and married to Cathy, a super beautiful and awesome woman. They swing and have been in the lifestyle for a long time. Joe’s best feature is his perfect eight inch, large girth cock....Read On


The Apartment, Part 5

The two couples share an intense night of new experiences together

“We need to talk,” Denise said to my wife Carol as they nibbled on their lunch in the trendy Georgetown restaurant. “That’s an understatement,” replied Carol as she sipped her tea. “Where do you want to start?” It was late Saturday morning. Carol and Denise were out doing some Christmas shopping together. Roger, Denise’s husband, and I were back at our pied-a-terre across the Potomac River...Read On


Alma Tied Up

“No, I need it!” she gasped, blindly trying to find my cock with her mouth.

Her cursor flashed on my screen, endlessly, her reply not coming. It was impossible to take back what I had written, so hesitantly, on our primitive chat interface: “Could I blindfold you?” It may not seem like a particularly outlandish request, but this was the kind of thing we had never done, talked about, or even hinted at. Did she think I was too kinky? Had I offended her? Why wasn’t...Read On


Going Down at 30,000 Feet

Taylor wasn't the one who needed a Cardiologist, or was she?

“Dr. Kelley?”  “Yes, this is she.”  “This is Kelsey at Memorial Hospital. This is a courtesy call to let you know that your patient, John Davis, has been admitted through our Emergency Department. He came in with complaints of shortness of breath, chest pain and numbness. His O2 sat is stable now at 98. And his blood pressure is 142/88. His ECG shows some abnormalities and our ED...Read On


My Secret Is Discovered - Part 2

Bruce and Joni continue their love making from earlier, after resting.

I awaken, still in the spoon position; to the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever seen. Moonbeams drifting through the sheer curtains on the window, softly illuminate my stepsister Joni. Unable to resist tracing the subtle curves of the womanly form before me, I start on the side of Joni’s thigh, my fingers lightly trace over her soft skin of her hip. Pausing momentarily to trace tiny...Read On


Tiffany Takes it Seriously

Tiffany's tale of how she was the stand in for a porn film spurs me on to do one too.

One event in my calendar that I always look forward to is Sabrina’s sexy girlfest. It coincides with her husband’s annual golfing vacation and enables five horny women to meet up at her delightful country house for a weekend of sexy female fun. We enjoy a simple diet of fruit, champagne and orgasms and when we're all in the hot tub together we share some of the highlights of our...Read On


Anna and Sam Chapter 2

Sam learns about her true feelings and Anna just learns.

Sam responded by parting her ruby lips slightly and allowing my tongue to slip between them. I moved my tongue slowly along them, tasting her lipstick and enjoying the sensation of the smooth enamel of her perfect teeth which parted slowly and allowed me access to the hot moist interior of her mouth. Her warm tongue found mine and curled around it in a loving embrace. As our lips...Read On


A Favour For A Friend — Part 6 of 7 Epilogue

Anne has Oliver's baby. Oliver eventually marries and the two couples enjoy swapping partners

This all happened twenty years ago. That Thursday afternoon Anne and Oliver spent a few romantic hours in the summerhouse. Oliver wanted to think about Anne’s suggestion, but they agreed that Anne would visit him in London for the weekend about once a month, and that he would let her have his decision by the end of August. Anne stopped taking the pill that weekend, but insisted that anybody...Read On


You’re Supposed to be a Lesbian

Not your usual Janet and John story.

Debra walked into the house at about half past six in the evening. It had been a long day and she had spent most of it driving home. She was more than tired and just wanted to slip into Janet’s arms, have a snog, a grope of her tits and then maybe go out, or stay in for a meal. Debra walked into the lounge and saw a note on the table. She could see Janet’s handwriting and prepared for the...Read On


Ride The Bus

A real life story about my ride back from the swim meet.

My girlfriend had joined the swim team to spend more time with me. She was a smart girl, very curvy with curly dark brown hair, a generous, sensitive 38C bust, and a cute butt. She certainly filled out her Speedo. We traded our cherries one hot night after dating for about three months and were quickly expanding our experiences. I was the captain of the swim team my senior year, having...Read On


An early Christmas treat

Jenny lets herself go like never before...

Jenny kicked off her shoes as she walked through the door. She glanced at the clock. She was running late, she would have to hurry up if she was going to get ready for her date with Tom. She flew up the stairs and into the bedroom throwing her shopping bag onto the bed. She stripped off hurriedly and headed for the shower. The hot waters felt so good, but she didn't have the time to languish...Read On



A couple becomes famous after a leaked video goes viral.

This whole thing started about three months ago. My boyfriend, Nick, and I decided we would make a sex tape. We’d been together for five years and it was always a huge fantasy of his so for our fifth anniversary, I agreed to it. I was not too crazy about the idea but I had laid down some ground rules for him to agree to. The rules were as followed: 1. The video would be recorded to...Read On



Lola seduces an older man

My friend Lola and I were talking about first-time sex experiences when she decided it was time to plan something for me. She was already experienced, but for me it was all new, which was not considered “cool” for the average 18-year-old college girl. Talking about our other friend Charlotte and her “yummy” dad, as Lolita referred to him, she came up with an idea. She thought it was...Read On


The School For Scandal: Part 3

Oona loses her cherry to the Professor

Oona and I stood, face to face, her arms around my neck, her naked breasts pressing against my chest, her panty clad hips grinding against my steel hard manhood. I cupped the cheeks of her ass as she kissed me, worming her tongue into my mouth. Between kisses she whispered, “Fuck me Professor!.....Fuck me!” She wrapped her legs around my waist, locking her ankles behind my back. I...Read On


My Personal Adonis

A love story

I stood on the courthouse steps, fighting back the tears. My pathetic attorney faced me, still wearing his black gown, clutching a huge pile of court papers. I had just endured a torrid five-hour divorce hearing, in which a wholly-unsympathetic panel had denied me custody of my child and awarded me a derisory alimony. My 'crime', it would seem, was a one-night stand with a guy I'd met in...Read On


Julie's Naughty Idea - Part Two

The naughty fun continues

Once my mother got home, I heard her moaning and screaming all night. Gerry must have been giving it to her good, because of feeling guilty with screwing me. It woke me up and I felt kind of horny and hot for Gerry. I took off my nightgown and played with my pussy. I was imagining Gerry between my legs licking my cunt. I brought my breasts up to my mouth and sucked at my nipples. I’m...Read On


A Visit from Saint Nick

He smelled of evergreen, and soot, and woodsmoke, and somehow, incredibly, of snow.

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the-- Okay, you get it. It was Christmas Eve, and you probably think you know how this story goes. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care. The children were dreaming about sugar plums (whatever those are). And before the night was over, Santa would come. Well, every part of that was true (well, except maybe for the sugar plums)....Read On


Can I Change Your Mind

Amoral mind control genius seeks crime lord to market new device. No time wasters.

“Can we dispense with the blindfold now, gentlemen?” Djvonic asked. No response. He wasn’t completely sure these guys even spoke English. One of them said, “Put this on” about an hour ago, thrusting the blindfold against Djvonic’s chest, but that might have been a learned phrase. Since then he had been bundled into the back of a van and driven through endless back streets and into what felt...Read On


Love Never Dies - Chapter 2

It had been another warm Tuesday and I’d played a reasonable round of golf, followed by a steak meal in the clubhouse. The company was good and the conversation, as usual, light. Occasionally, politics and finances reared their ugly cantankerous heads but, generally, we steered away from contentious topics. Our ingredients were mainly golf, other sports, sex and jokes. Never anything...Read On

Recommended Read

Trust Ch 2

His needs are specific. She is his and he is coming for what is his.

Note: I do recommend reading the rewritten version of Ch. 1 if you haven't yet. Thanks! Iona was not sure how long she laid there. A pain in her chest made breathing exhausting. This pain moved through her body till everything ached. Tears were never a general thing with her; she cried till empty. This was worse than physical abuse; that could only break her back. This broke her spirit....Read On


Nurse Masden works her magic at home

Nurse Masden gets home and finds she has one final patient to tend to

Opening the door Erica was hit by delicious smells coming from the kitchen. When Scott had told her he was going to cook dinner she had expected she would get home and be greeted with a selection of takeaway menus, needless to say she was thoroughly impressed! “Welcome home Nurse Masden.” Scott gave her a grin and handed her a glass of what she knew, without even tasting it, was her...Read On