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Caught (Part 7)

I Couldn't Believe It...

Over a long period of time, I began to grow bored with my marriage, my home life, and most of all my sex life. My wife and I, simply put, and quite honestly, didn't "have it" anymore, and physically, she could not satisfy me. She did not do it for me, and regardless of how hard and desperately I tried, I could not get myself to truly enjoy sex with her. Even on the rare occasion it did...Read On


Ogling the Optometrist

A routine eye exam turns into something much more pleasant

Returning from a vacation trip one evening in the pouring rain, I seemed to have difficulty following the white lines as I drove. Although I had not experienced any particular problem reading, etc. I decided to check with a local optometrist just for safe measure. After filling out the usual preliminary forms, one of the receptionists took me to one of the examining rooms. There, she...Read On


It's Always The Quiet Ones!

a late bloomer finds the guy who can bring out her full bouquet!

Emily Hancock wasn't someone you could readily pick out of a crowd. She didn't stand out and she didn't go out of her way to make her presence known. Oh, she was attractive enough, about five foot seven inches tall with shoulder-length chestnut brown hair, soft brown eyes and a nice friendly smile. Her figure wasn't that bad either, she was slim and walked a lot to stay that way. But the...Read On


My Roughest Adventure

I bit off more than I could chew

I have been asked by some members of Lush, to write about the craziest thing I have done. I hope to complete it without getting as upset as I was for months after it occurred. Until now I have only related this story to one other person. This event happened almost Two years ago. My man and I are members of the swinging lifestyle. At the time of this event I was new to the lifestyle. I...Read On


The Butt Slut Chronicles Chapter II

Alexa enters the Baxter House

Baxter House Serena had no want for money when she left for college. In fact, she really didn't need to go to college. The trust funds established by her father allowed her a life of leisure if she wished - and likely those of any children she might have. Unlike her older sister, however, Serena grew up working for everything. So when she arrived in college, she didn't take the three...Read On


My Initiation-Part19

The last room I had to collect panites from for my initiation proved interresting.

This was the last room I had to steal panties from. It belonged to the dorm mother. I was just getting ready to leave by the window after retrieving the last pair when she called out. I thought she was calling for the assistant dean and that he must not have made it to their original meeting. I undressed quickly and climbed in bed behind her. That is when she informed me that she knew who I...Read On

Editor's Pick


His need is specific. She is his woman. And, he is coming for what is his.

All he could think about was the wonderment of her touch, the way it alone could move him. He was not a man to be easily moved. He was not a man to fall victim to his passions. He was a man of war, a Viking, a warrior like no other. He was the son of a great chieftain who ruled over many colonies, a ruler to territories of great mass. Other men paled by comparison to this man. Men of...Read On


Two Presidents or How I Came To Love Elena

Elena was a wonderful young woman when I met her, not that I could really understand much of what she was saying. Elena was a strange one, she wasn’t your typical beauty and she had a way about her, a glint in her eye that you couldn’t quite place. She was the child of a Catholic German father and a Jewish Czechoslovakian mother. They met when the Germans settled in Czechoslovakia and fell...Read On

Recommended Read

Cherry Blossom 3

Rafe stood up. He looked down at her, smiling. But she was looking down on him. Looking down over everything. At herself sprawled as she was. The hard spine of his aroused cock stood out sharply in the fabric of his skintight jeans. The imposing size of the bulge seemed improbable, trapped, yet unable to fit within its strict confinement. “Precious flower,” he said as his hand...Read On


Warm Day at the Walla Walla River

My pussy was sopping wet by now you could just tell it was dripping wet with excitement and throbbin

It was a warm day at the Walla Walla River; I figured it was discrete enough to take off my clothes and just skinny dip. I walked along a rocky area and slowly took my clothes off feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. It was quiet and peaceful, the river was running slow, I could even see the rocks at the bottom, and if I look hard, I could see the fish moving through the current. The...Read On


Confessions Of A Massage Therapist (Part 1)

My massage career just took a whole new turn....

As a massage therapist for the last number of years, I have gained much satisfaction from knowing that my hands have helped people and made them happy. It was a career I wanted to do for many years, as I was often told that I was very good with my hands. Starting off with my training I was quite apprehensive about if I would struggle to get clients. Would a woman trust a man to give her...Read On


Nikita Goes to Max's

Nikita goes to Max's...and serves as the party favour.

Nikita shivered. It was cold and a bit damp in this closet, and she wasn’t wearing much clothing. Her knees were sore from kneeling on the cold concrete. A steel anal hook with a large ball was stuffed up her ass, and a rope was tied tightly from the hook to her hair. The rope forced her to remain with her back arched and her head slightly back, the perfect position for being throat fucked....Read On


I Never Knew She Liked To Watch (Part 6)


Kristina and Krystal were two friends of my step-daughters that enjoyed spending the night at our house. Krystal, a bit on the heavy side, had a mouth on her like no one I'd ever heard. Me, being somewhat of a pervert and having a dirty mind, always loved hearing what she had to say. My wife, being somewhat prude and stuffy, always found it offensive, and would often ask my step-daughter why...Read On



Harry sat behind the wheel, alert and ready. There was no fear anymore. Fear had long known not to inconvenience him. There was a thrill in the wait, in the certainty that soon they would hit the bank and make off with enough money to secure tomorrow’s headlines. He hardly heard the talk of the others. Sean. Taller than the rest of them, skinny but strong. Carlo. Stocky, violent temper....Read On


Two Eleven and Our Semi-Public Show

She was a lawyer. I was an accountant. We had nothing in common.

I saw her on the elevator and we briefly exchanged looks and smiles as we headed up to the 48th floor. Clarke and Weston Law Firm had half the floor and Anderson Consulting had the second half. I wondered who she worked for on the 48th. She stepped off the elevator and headed toward the law offices as I headed toward my accounting office. I couldn't get her out of my mind. She was...Read On


Experimenting with the Waitress

Sarah was a thirty-five-year-old, married respectable woman, she was sweet, kind and successful. She had always been quiet, perhaps a little straight laced, but popular all the same. Deep down though, behind the exterior she had a secret passion she had fought her whole life, a desire to let loose her sexuality, explore and be free. She had never had to confidence to do it however. Behind...Read On


The Bad Boy

Should a woman always be conservative?

Reggie was a bad boy. I knew it when he sent me that sex on the beach in the bar, I knew it when he groped me for the first time in the hallway by the men’s room, I knew it when I left with him. My girlfriends were astounded, they never thought I’d do anything like that. I was a year out of my marriage, hadn’t dated in all that time, refused any and all lines that were tossed my way. The...Read On


Dreams come true. Part 1

A dream trip thanks to my Queen.

Here I am, tied up and being fucked by the biggest and first cock I've ever had. "How did I get here?" I think to myself and begin to think back on how this came to be. *** Today is Thursday and I see a huge box at my front door. Knowing that I'm not expecting anything my curiosity has the best of me. I take it in and open it to find two more boxes and an envelope. I start with the...Read On


Picnic In The Park

A picnic in the park with a some unexpected treats

During the summer my lovely curvy wife and I decided to have a picnic at our local city gardens. We packed a light lunch and drove into the city, parked our car and walked through the gardens until we found a nice secluded spot by the lake. We laid out our picnic rug on the grass and enjoyed a nice lunch and a bottle of champagne. It was a warm day and she was wearing a light floral...Read On



...cabbage rolls and James Brown.

I have never confessed to being gay or engaging in buggering. It's just understood. I was never a 'real' male, after the initial soundings in my urethra. They making me swoon down to my socks in my effeminate canter. Now four weeks after being castrated and having my scrotum cauterized. The vibes of the wands were making me smile as I started up the mobile. I was working as an apprentice...Read On



She was a beautiful woman I wanted, from the moment I saw her.

My name is Steve, and I have always been straight. It was a Saturday night and I wanted to head into San Francisco to listen to some jazz. It was about 7:30 when I arrived, and there were not many people yet or woman to watch. The band had set up and had been playing for approximately half an hour. I was sitting on a couch and had some room for others to sit next to me. I saw the door open and...Read On


My Initiation-Part 18

My last room I stole panties from turned out to be a challange.

I only had one more room to steal a pair of panties from to fulfill my initiation challenge into my sorority. The hardest I left for last... the den mother's room. She was well known to be a light sleeper, but I knew from watching the room that she and the assistant dean had a regular date on this night. I was hoping she would sleep through my invading her space to steal her underwear. As I...Read On


Adventures of Sindycane: Stalkings and Lace

Lust comes looking for her and despite herself she doesn't want to run away.

The trade show was over. Long Beach had been a blast. Who knew there was so much fun to be had once I lost the shy, quiet me? Oh my, oh my...the sexy stories I can tell. I cannot wait to see what possibilities await in the land of surf and sea. So, San Diego, here I cum! Well, fingers crossed at least. The lovely young man at the rental desk was gracious enough to upgrade me after we...Read On


The Boss's Wife Part 2

It had been a while since my encounter with Louise. Lee’s trip to the states had been called off and so Louise had been in the office every day. Each day she had popped down to my office and told me that she really wanted to get together again. She would walk in to my office, lean back against the door, and open her top. The first time she did it, Lee had been on his way down, so it all...Read On


She Surprised Me

I never knew she was watching...

The relationship that my wife and I had at the time wasn't bad. We got along well, were friendly enough to each other, and made it work. Sadly though, because of our lack of sex life, I had lost interest quite awhile ago, and was getting frustrated. I put up with it, however, because we had kids, a stable financial life, and it made things easy. I just was looking at "other" options outside...Read On


Stranger Sex

Finally she was back and I was hard for her again.

It had been eighteen months since that mysterious lady in red at Victoria’s Secret had given me a quick, fantastic blowjob. She had disappeared after that. I returned every weekend in the hope that she would be there, but she never was, so eventually I stopped looking and hoping for a repeat performance. Then last Saturday I happened to past Victoria’s Secret and there she was! She was...Read On


Confessions Of A Hussy Housewife

Sammy's first encounter

PROLOGUE: The first time I was physically unfaithful to my husband wasn't until we moved into our house from the college apartment we shared. Sex after marriage was not what I expected. It wasn't as frequent as I felt I needed. This frustrated me and led me to seek other outlets. We were married for less than a year when I began to talk with other men, mostly about sex. This was done via...Read On



An all-girl rock group that regularly perform sex on stage

Long before she let herself through the front door it was obvious to Tabitha that Sunbeam was home. From several doors down the suburban street she could hear the sound of seventies heavy metal and, accompanying the record, Sunbeam’s own guitar playing that was roughly, but not exactly, in tune. It was a wonder the neighbours didn’t complain more than they did. As always, Tabitha...Read On


An Afternoon Blowjob

Max craves a thick cock in his mouth… and gets it.

I had never sucked a cock before. But I ached to have one in my mouth, to feel the heat pulsating from the head of a hot thick cock as I took it into my mouth. Like many afternoons on the weekend, I sat in my living room with the window closed and my laptop hooked up to the computer. I surfed through an endless stream of material on the internet while masturbating furiously. Tumblr blogs...Read On


Fuck, Yeah!

The sexual awakening of a sheltered girl has an unanticipated climax…

“I can’t,” Sally told me. “I promised Fred.” I was confused. Two weeks ago we’d fucked our brains out. “I thought you already auditioned every guy on campus, and found them all wanting.” The campus in question was an obscure New England college that catered to poor students from rich families. Before I could duck, she slugged me. Hard. “Owww… that hurts!” “I sure hope so,” she smirked....Read On