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The Sidewinder Caper

An international model scams an Arab Prince for millions.

Orlando eased back on the yoke, cut thrust, and the sleek Gulfstream jet settled gently onto the runway of the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. "Hey! Wake up, beautiful!" he said, leaning across the thrust console and giving Indri a gentle nudge. He braked seconds after touchdown, steered towards the apron, and cut across a taxiway, heading for a private hanger on the outskirts...Read On


Fun with Janice

Marna brings a friend to help satisfy Janice's needs.

Janice T messaged me: "So, when are you two going to invite me?" She included a hot picture of two women and a man, naked and wrapped around each other, to make sure I understood. There was a problem. I wasn't a twosome. In fact, my last affair had been with another woman, who just got more and more unhappy with my kinkiness and and exhibitionism. Fortunately, I had a wide variety...Read On


Jamaican Resort, The Final Night

This a wild total hallucinatory like fantasy of the ending of our time in Jamaica

For dinner Carol wore a sheer strapless dress. When she stepped into the light it was as if she were naked. Carol was at her most beautiful. Her hair was soft and shining, her skin glowed from all the sun and sex, her lips were glossy and her mouth pouty. I wore a white summer tux. We had a martini at the bar. The resort was beautifully set up like a Caribbean mansion. We could hear the...Read On

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The Window

This is a recurring dream of mine which happend once upon a time, a secret love affair...

The Window Again, I walk down this lonely cobblestone street. It is dark, and the rain had stopped a while ago. I am shivering a little. The cobblestones are slippery, so I carefully step aside when I hear a one-horse carriage approaching from behind. I cannot see who is in the carriage. All I can see in the dim light of a street lamp is the back of the coachmen. I stop for a moment, holding...Read On


The Bet

A creative bet

The Bet It started in a tavern I often stop at on the way home. I was sitting at a table right next to the bar and several regulars were having a discussion about differences in sexual responses in men and woman. It was all very polite and civilized, with both men and woman of various ages taking part. It got interesting when Ginger, a thirty something woman with a very good body,...Read On


The Wedding Night

Vanessa pushes the boundaries

Vanessa looked at the clothes strewn across the room. Shirts, pants, ties, shoes, underwear and two bridesmaids' dresses lay on the floor. She glanced over at her daughter, Ivy, who had helped her less-than-sober mother up to Jada's room. 'Two dresses,' Vanessa thought to herself. Obviously, one belonged to her sister, Jada. The other had to be either Diamond's or Dillon's sister, Jayden's. ...Read On


Fun in the River

True story of how I lost my anal virginity.

I had lost my virginity two years ago, and was not entirely impressed. I hardly felt the first guy and the second one lasted all of five minutes. Now I was eighteen and blossoming, and I was ready. I didn’t just want to sleep with someone again; I wanted to try something new. I have always been adventurous. My name is Dianna and I am about 5'5' light skin and light brown hair. My eyes are...Read On


A Hard Nights Work

A Change in Career Paths

Two months since my promising career in banking had crashed and burned. Two months since that fateful day when our department manager had called all the interns to the conference room and shattered our lives. The bank was very sorry but business needs dictated that they relocate the business to a country with more favourable tax and business regulations. The senior management would relocate...Read On


Our weekend away.

A couples get away was more than expected.

It’s not often that a married couple with two teenaged kids gets the opportunity to get out of town for a weekend alone. So when the weekend came and we suddenly found ourselves without kids or any other commitments, my husband and I jumped at the chance to get away for a couple of nights. I’m not sure if it was being away from the kids, or getting out of town, or maybe a little of both, but...Read On


Afternoon Discipline

An afternoon nap becomes a lesson in obedience

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. My husband is watching TV and I am bored, so I decide to go upstairs to our bedroom to take a nap. It’s only about fifteen minutes after I come up that I feel a slap on my ass. I hadn’t seen or heard him come up or enter the room since I had my back to the door. Startled, I give a little yelp and jump. He says “I thought I told you to never wear clothes in bed.” ...Read On


Lucy, Steve and 'Debbie'

Lucy gets bored with her new boyfriend and plans a threesome with a sex doll.

I met Steve one summer after getting bored with the multiple guys I was dating. Steve was different as he actually wanted to talk to me unlike the other guys who seemed to see it as a chore and assumed that a young, blonde girl would be easy to get into bed. Steve was very tall at 6'2" with a broad chest and long legs. He had long brown hair, thick eyebrows over dark, brown eyes and a very...Read On


Forbidden Desires Ch.07


Her hands were tied behind her back and her mouth covered by a black gag. Her dark eyes stared up at him as he stood naked in front of her. She was knelt on the floor. Naked and her soft breasts rose and fell quickly with her breathing. He held a black whip in one large hand and she shivered at her hard look on his handsome face. She had disappointed him today, she had been late to meet him...Read On


The Interview

A young sexy reporter gets more than she bargained for, when agreeing to an interview

The interview It was dark when Anna's mind finally awoke. She wondered how she had gotten into this position. Her arms tied together holding her upright, her feet only just touching the floor and her eyes blindfolded. She could tell she was standing in only her underwear. It was cool wherever she was. Not cold, just cool, and very quiet. Anna resisted the urge to call out. Her mind...Read On


My Fantasies - Teacher

My fantasy about my teacher

Like all guys (I guess) I’ve dreamt about fucking my teacher. Obviously not all of them, but the hot women, obviously. Since I’m over 16 years old, it would even be legal! You want to know what I’d do to them, wouldn’t you? I’d find a reason to stay after class, probably asking about some extra explanation or something. I would wait until everyone was gone. Obviously I wouldn’t do it...Read On


Kayaker's First Time To A Nudist Club

A kayaker lady friend discovers a brochure to a local nudist club in my truck and wants to go.

 I was and still am very much into kayaking, both white water and touring boats. Saint Louis has a fairly active paddling group and I became friends with a divorced, early-fifties woman who was an avid touring paddler. Due to her profession and the fact we are still friends I will simply call her “R.” R held a high level professional job downtown and a masters degree. She has a very...Read On


Along Came A...

Dee D thought she would have it all, until....

Born of parents that gave her all that she wanted except attention, it was enough to set her on this path. Small town and small mind, or so she felt. Her mind set was, "I will do all I can to get out of here." High school to her was a blur, the only thing that came of that was her pattern, a pattern that would repeat itself over and over in life. Her best friend, the prom queen, had the...Read On


News Lady Ann, Story 5

In my bedroom I think about that guy, that kid, his cock. Damn, just a college kid.

I had him and little does he know how he got to me.... (In my bed, husband Dave next to me gently snoring. My eyes glance at him, just to make sure. My pussy so awake, it’s so much in need, with eyes closed, memory alive, fingers slide in.) I think about the interview with Mr. College Hunk. This happened about two years ago and it seems more recent. I was being interviewed in my...Read On


Mrs Miller

“Instead of chopping yourself down to fit the world, chop the world down to fit yourself.

"Hope we're not too late, Maggie?" "No, not at all Mrs Miller." "Thanks ever so much for helping out at such short notice, I hope she wasn't any trouble?" "No trouble at all, Mrs Miller, she was out like a light. I managed to watch the entire DVD without waking her." "Oh that is good to hear, did you help yourself to the pasta?" "Yes, I had a small amount; it was very nice."...Read On


Compatible Spirit

Men still need a sensual touch in their lives.

It's been a bit now since my wife died and have dated off and on. Nothing has ever seemed to work out. Still have the urges a man has, but unable to find the right compatibility of spirit, in a woman. Just about all of them wanted to get married fairly quick, but none were willing to wait and have it feel right for me as well. So, I've turned to cyber to cure my ills until I find that...Read On


Meeting Tina

Jay meets a new girlfriend in the library

Chapter One I was talking to my American friend Anne online. We had met three years ago on-line and had corresponded (if you can call mutual masturbation sessions correspondence?) ever since. The things we had been discussing had got me so aroused; that when she suggested we watch a horny video together, I jumped at the chance enthusiastically. Both Anne and I are bisexual, she is...Read On


Rear Ended - Chapter One

Rachel fantasises about butt grinding with another woman.

Rachel rattled around their apartment some days. It was such an opulent home - magnificent arts and the finest of furnishings, but it felt lifeless and lonely to Rachel, and she felt like a kept woman - a plaything to be used at her husband's whim. Even then, the sex wasn't great - routine and predictable. Sure, he said the right things; she was beautiful, sexy and made him laugh. He...Read On


Horseplay 4

The saga continues

‘I have to admit,’ said Vicktoria, ‘I do love a knee trembler.’ The kitchen is a large room equipped, as you’d expect in a country home, with a range cooker as well as a conventional type. The centre of the room is dominated by a long oak table and my bum was against as Vicky was fucking me, her hands on m shoulders. My kirt was up and my knickers still in place. She’d come into the kitchen...Read On


My Initiation-Part 6

I witnessed a lot learning about the sororoity I was watching.

I was learning a lot about the sorority girls I had to sneak panties from as I watched them from my vantage points around the building. Tonight I watched a guy put a ladder up to one of the double rooms. As he climbed through the window, I watched the two girls, who pretended to be studying, feign surprise as he entered. He tied them on one of the beds in a reverse '69' position and used...Read On


Truth is Better than Fiction - Part II

Riley was great. Riley's college-aged daughter Samantha rocked my world!

A couple of weeks went by after having met up with Riley,the sister of my wife’s best friend in an unsuspecting adventure with another friend. I knew that sooner or later, Riley would come calling, solo. I was out mowing the yard when I felt the buzz of my cell phone in my back pocket. I glanced at it and it was Riley. I stepped under a shade tree and returned the call. “When you...Read On


A Fistful Of Dollars

When a nuclear physicist meets a high class call girl, a chain reaction is inevitable.

My life took on a new challenge after graduating from Newborough High School with honours, at the end of 1980. All my life, I had lived in the small country mining town of Yallourn. The town was dug up for the brown coal beneath it in 1980, which meant moving with my parents and brother to its sister town of Yallourn North, some three miles away. A country girl by heart, I left the country and...Read On


Paying Carlos

A young man needs money badly and an older neighbor makes a deal with him.

I had studied Spanish in high school and found I had a facility for it. I continued studying it over the years until I became bilingual. I later traveled extensively in Mexico. That is how I discovered this small town in north central Mexico. There was something about it that touched me, and I decided to move here. I was open about my sexuality, and was accepted by most people I came in...Read On


Benefits Of Being A Samaritan, Part 2

The affairs starts to further

I got up early in the morning. I showered and dressed; I put on my normal work clothes, but I went commando and had nothing on under my pants. I got in the van and headed in Jean’s direction. I didn’t know where she lived, but I had a general idea. Meanwhile, Jean had gotten home the night before, after dropping off her mother, gone straight in the bathroom, gotten undressed and into...Read On


Under His Spell Chpt 2

Brie falls further under Joe's spell...

Under His Spell Chapter 2 We had only entered our room and closed the door when Joe backed me up, pinning me against the wall. His hands grasped my head and he kissed me hungrily, like a man starving for air. With his body crushing me against the wall, I surely wasn’t going anywhere! I ran my hands down his back and he stopped kissing me. Looking intently into my eyes, he took hold of...Read On


M's Story

A fine dinner leads to an intense scene in a motel room

As she sat next to him in the booth at the restaurant, she was very aware that their position was atypical and that people noticed. Every other couple sat across from one another at their tables, booth or not. But he had insisted and wouldn't answer when she asked why... over and over again. He'd merely smile and say, "You'll see." She was tired of waiting and wondering. They talked...Read On

Recommended Read

Like Riding a Bike

He runs across his ex-girlfriend's hot Mom at a nude bike ride for charity

Jeremy nearly blew beer out his nose when Brad cracked an unexpected joke. He swallowed and sputtered a few times, but managed to avoid an embarrassing display. His friends were all laughing too hard to notice. It was nice to go to a party and have fun again – something he hadn’t really done since Nancy had dumped him just before graduation the year before. College had been enough of...Read On