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Late night masturbation leads to so much more

Late night masturbation leads to anal delight

It was 3:00 am. After sleeping for maybe two hours at the most, Lanie was awake again and struggling to get back to sleep. She had tried counting sheep, she had tried a special muscle relaxation technique Blake swore by, she had tried shutting off her brain. She had even tried reading on her eReader but it was all to no avail; she was wide awake and frustrated. As far as she was concerned...Read On


Secret Lives: Chapter 8

The aftermath.

Sarah walked out to the kitchen and I followed. There were a lot of hushed whispers from the lounge room and rustling of clothing. I walked up behind Sarah as she prepared the coffee. “Are you okay?” She shrugged her shoulders then they began to shake. I wanted to hold her and tell her not to cry but then she turned around and I realised she was laughing. I was shocked at first but then...Read On


Becoming Succubi, chapter IV

Part 4 of 4: Sometimes it takes time getting things back to normal.

My dreams were as fulfilling as the moments before sleep. I was stepping out of a lavish cart covered in sheaf gold and elaborate carvings. The driver stood by the door, holding it for me with a proud face. He announced my coming with a booming voice that reminded me of a temple organ. As I walked into the throne room, I immediately noticed the king’s face, brightening at the sight of...Read On


Brandi And Alan's Flight Across The Ocean. #6

What two people can do on an Airbus.

We finally got everything packed and we were on our way for our eleven day trip to Tanzania. We had a direct five hour flight from SFO to Atlanta. Brandi sat next to the window, I sat in the middle, and an older lady sat in the aisle seat. We were really tired and we slept all the way to Atlanta, there was an hour lay over in Atlanta. We were very lucky to get tickets on a British Airbus...Read On


June Gets Her Degree: Part 2

The Finale

As dinner progressed, June gave me her personal account of her experience at the Scottsdale resort/bar. She told me that she had worn her little black dress, Victoria's Secret lingerie, black thigh-high stockings and medium high heels. June said that she'd walked into the bar about eight o'clock, sat down on a stool, ordered white wine and began her two hour lesson. The bar patrons were a...Read On


A Favour For A Friend — Part 4 of 7

Anne's night of pleasure with Oliver continues

They remained there in a state of post-coital bliss and exhaustion for many minutes, Oliver’s now softening cock still embedded in Anne’s vagina. Eventually, however, Anne slipped off, and lay by his side, their combined juices streaming out of her, down her anus and onto the leather of the settee beneath. She opened her eyes and looked over at me. “That was wonderful,” she said. “That was...Read On


My Wife Finally Submits to Anal

Deborah was really hot in bed, but she wouldn’t try anal until i made her.

My wife, Debbi, is twenty-seven years old and hot, with long natural blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, and has the body of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. All of that is what attracted me to her in the first place, not knowing that we’d fall in love and get married. We’ve now been married for five years and our sex life is still fantastic! Whenever I approach her for sex, she’s ready. All...Read On



woman comes to visit her sis and bro-in-law, accidentally finds steamy videos

“SISSY!” Al roared as he wrapped Cindy up in a bear hug and lifted her off her feet. Planting a big kiss on her lips, he put her down. “You look great. How was your flight?” Since Cindy’s dad had died, Al was the only person in the world that called her sissy. Cindy had known Al since he had first started dating her older sister Debby twenty years ago, and she had always loved Al. He had...Read On


Seducing The Office Intern

I was seduced, but I wasn’t complaining.

I am eighteen years of age and, to be honest, I am lucky to have a job in this dog-eat-dog world. I wouldn’t describe it as a superb job but it provides money for the things I need, and who knows, I thought I would also meet someone new and interesting. Maybe form a relationship with someone, perhaps a girlfriend, marriage even. I had been in the job about six weeks and was coming up for...Read On


The Motor Home - Part 1

When his ex-stepdaughter talks her way onto his vacation with her friend, mayhem ensues.

 “Hi Dad.” “Well hello Lei, what do I owe this pleasure too?” I ask my step daughter. “Well, Mom said you were going to go to the lake next week.” “And how would your Mother know that, I haven’t talked to her in the last several months?” “She just knows Dad – it’s a woman thing – get over it!” she teases. “Yes, I’m going up to Newfound Lake to go pick up chicks and have some wild...Read On


Wife Discovers Erotic Photography - Chapter 4

Wife poses with a different model for more explicit erotic photographs.

Chris developed a renewed interest in photography. He went out on weekends into the country side to take some outdoor shots. He particularly gravitated toward older abandoned rural buildings. He contacted Jeff and told him he had a couple of rolls of film he would like to develop. Jeff responded, "Sure that would be ok. Why don't you drop them off and I will have my assistant develop them...Read On


Story Four

Alone on a large, soft settee, I'm propped up slightly while you lie with your head on my chest. Gently, I run my fingers deliberately through your hair, watching the strands drop away, taking in the scent. The warmth of your body against my own feels so natural and perfect. We've nowhere else to be, no one will disturb us; this time is all ours. I run my index finger along the line of...Read On


A Polaroid of Kristina, Part 7 (the date)

" took my addled brain a few seconds to realize that she had given me her panties."

I wiped my cum desperately off my body as I heard my mother’s keys at the apartment door. She had arrived home early enough that I had was barely able to clean up from my phone sex session with Kristina, but I recovered quickly. I had spent the afternoon with my beautiful, older European neighbor, as I had the previous few days, and we had followed up our afternoon with an erotic phone call....Read On


The Renaissance of Veronica

What she most feared opens a door to unimagined joy.

Veronica Page had always been what convention described as “faithful” to Ken, and had never strayed from their marital bed; yet in recent years she had, with growing frequency, felt passingly tempted. But never by men; it had always been women for whom she had at first been surprised to feel stirrings of desire. Those feelings had been thrust into dormancy during the few weeks between...Read On


My Payment

When Claire breaks down she must think of a way to thank her saviours

I drive fast down the dusty road, since there is no one around. Some people may be nervous to drive in such a deserted area but I enjoy the quiet. Only problem with that is, if you run into any difficulty, there's no one around to help you. When my engine starts to make a chugging noise I glance at the gas valve and see it's nearly empty. Shit. I pull over to the side of the road as my...Read On


Earthicus VII and the Dread Fearless Arden

Shane's life aboard the space ship changes forever after he meets a sojourner in his quadrant.

As the last moments of Warner's sojourn in the punitive quadrant tick away I miss him before he is gone. Prior to the unannounced arrival of his pretty stalker friend Parker, a Command officer, Warner was silly and often flirted with me. Now we don’t get a moment alone and Warner lets her stay with him in his guest-dom. The morning ends when the door of my dom slides open. Warner wears only...Read On


The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 36

New Years Eve and many new experiences.

"Good morning," said the receptionist at the front counter of the day spa."We haven't seen you here for a while Ms. Williams. "No, we have moved to the country. We need to get a bit of the evidence of the farm removed," said Tess light heartedly as she held out her unpolished and chipped finger nails for the receptionist. "Oh my goodness," the red head said in mock horror. Tess had...Read On


The Union of Kyong and David, Chapter 5 (The Last Chapter)

thank you John_Doe for your beautiful help and additions to this story. I'm forever grateful.

Kyong lay at his side where they softly kissed one another and his hands caressed her young, firm body. "Thank you for helping me cum, gorgeous." "I've wanted to do that for so long, David. You have no idea." They kissed softly and slowly. His hands slid over her body and moved down across her chest. He rubbed her small yet perfect breasts, flicking her hard nipples. Kyong could...Read On


My Birthday 2

Mike gives me Chad for my birthday and he stays all weekend.

We sleep on the floor in front of the fireplace for a couple hours. When I wake up the guys are still asleep. I have to pee. I crawl over Mike so I can go to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom I decide to get a shower. I turn the hot water on and get in the tub... it feels so good on my body. I'm washing my hair and I don’t hear the door open. All the sudden Mike and Chad are stepping into...Read On



I fantasize about sex with my boss

I love the feeling of cum dripping out of me. As I stood in the hallway listening to my boss telling me about another interminable meeting, I wondered what she would think if she knew that, not five minutes ago, I was on the back fire escape, being fucked by the forklift driver from the warehouse, and that his cum was right now dripping out of my pussy and running down my inner thigh. ...Read On


Lanie Wants A Spanking

Lanie wants a spanking and Logan is only too happy to help out

“You’re very distracting, you know that?” Logan tried his hardest to sound annoyed but they both knew he was enjoying the distraction provided by his girlfriend, modelling her latest purchase. “Don’t you like my dress?” Lanie did a good job of sounding innocent as she pouted at him in that sexy way of hers. “Quite the opposite,” Logan declared, his eyes running over her dress for...Read On


My wife on the porch part eight

the story continues

It’s been a month since Robert, my wife’s lover moved in with us and just over one month since she imposed the sex ban on me. One month since I have seen her gorgeous body, one month since I have seen her in her underwear, one month that the only sexual relief I get is from jerking my self off. She continues to sunbathe in the nude with our next door neighbor every Monday afternoon and...Read On


Simple Pleasures Delivered By Mail.

Midlife crisis averted when younger woman gives an older guy a massive ego boost.

I heard the post guy's little motorcycle pull up at our letterbox. Ah mail . I went out to the mailbox and amongst the usual crappy flyers and pamphlets was a brown package bag.The bag was addressed to me on a typed sticker, no return address. I took it inside. Fascinated, I ripped the tab across and got a shock at what was inside. There was a ziplock baggie containing a pair of...Read On


The Red Eye Flight From Dallas to Vegas

Please tell me this wasn't a fantasy . .

I was taking the red eye flight from Dallas to Las Vegas,which meant I had to arrive at the Love Field Gates by 6:00 in the morning. I grabbed a donut from the stash put out by the airline and took a seat in the passenger waiting area, casually looking at a copy of the morning news. You showed up in a sexy black skirt and a casual button down shirt, with a blazer hanging off your arm....Read On


Secret Lives: Chapter 7

Neil gets busted.

 I wasn’t as sure as she was if I wanted to see what I suspected was going on but curiosity was getting the better of me too. We both stood up and straightened ourselves out then I followed Sarah out of the tub. We walked around the side of the house and down the access path. There was a narrow, upright window that looked in on the lounge room. I could see a strip of light coming from a gap...Read On


A New Hygienist - What Fun!

the color of her skin was like expensive French coffee, dark and shiny...

During dinner one evening at my (then) favorite restaurant, I bit down on something sharp, felt a pain and realized I had chipped a tooth. The next morning I made an emergency appointment with my dentist. When I arrived at the office, Doctor Davis managed to set aside enough time to fix it and even out my bite. Just before he finished, a hygienist opened the door and advised him that...Read On


Lonely Wives Find Love

Two lonely wives find they have more in common than they thought.

January 2014: The holidays had taken their toll on Brenda. Kids visiting, one back from college, and the house seemed insane. Although she dearly loved her kids, it was a relief when they all returned to their respective places. It had been a long week and Brenda felt so alone. Her husband Tony wasn’t home most of the time, since his business had him traveling constantly. She had no help...Read On


The Cookie Man and the Sad Girl

Him nd her on the grassy fields of a forgotten valley, under a carpet of rain as the sun gently sets

To you who are sleeping on the train, unknown, untamed,un-claimed, untouched but by the pain that lingered on your sleeping lips as you sit by the window and the rain, to you I write these words so you may suffer them, as I have suffered your sad beauty. While you sleep alone, I dream awake... When the walls of our train have vanished and we have been abandoned in this green valley in...Read On


Two Turned on Couples at the Nude Beach

Two couples enjoy nude beach sex

Steph and I had been at our favorite Florida Keys nude beach all day. We were enjoying a couple of days off work. This is our favorite beach because it is a tropical paradise and because it is an uninhibited nude beach where anything is allowed. Public nudity is enjoyed by everyone at this beach and we would often see couples having public sex. It was a late summer afternoon and most people...Read On


Turning him into my sissy.

Gina has fun at a friends birthday party.

My name is Gina, and as a transsexual I have had many sexy experiences. I love showing off my curvy body, and quite often don't wear any underwear. It can get quite embarrassing if by chance I get horny and get an erection, especially if I'm wearing a skirt. This story is about Tim, or as I like to call him, Tamara. He is my little sissy boy that I love to fuck. We met about six months ago...Read On