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The Pickup

Older man hooks up with younger man in bar

“What’ll it be?” “Martini. Gin. Dry.” The bar wasn’t particularly busy, at least not yet. The music was too loud. He hadn’t been in a bar in years, but he could see that nothing had changed since he was a young man frequenting such places. The obligatory pack of straight women who thought it hip to hang at a gay bar. The table of lesbians, looking smug with their lovers, knowing they...Read On


Naughty Feet

Who wants to go shopping for shoes?

It had been a good day, so far. His store had been busy all morning and then into the afternoon. Now it was slow. He hadn't had a customer in about an hour. Fred Dirkson had a shoe store located just off the main drag in a college town. Since it was his shop he had made sure it had the layout he wanted. Not only did he want to make a living selling shoes but he wanted to indulge his...Read On


Jaime's Way (Part 1)

Sherry make Jim become Jaime

I'd only been married a very short time when my wife came home and caught me masturbating while wearing a pair of panties and a bra. This in itself was bad enough but then she caught me again, and then again. The first time she caught me she was shocked and appalled but the twentieth time or so that she found me wearing panties and bra and with a dildo in my ass she really lowered the boom...Read On


Recycling Day

They changed the recycling day. The code enforcement officer needed to let me know personally.

I’m a 56 year old divorced man living in a small town in western Pennsylvania. Sometimes our small town is really behind the times especially when it comes to technology and modern services. Just a couple of months ago, a big blue recycling bin was dropped off at my house with a pamphlet in it, announcing the borough’s new plastics recycling program. It explained that only #1 and #3 types...Read On


The Last Halloween

A reluctant werewolf's last night to howl.

“I don't know that there are real ghosts and goblins, but there are always more trick-or-treaters than neighborhood kids” -Robert Brault *** Somewhere in one of the darker corners of the world, a witch and a ghoul stood at the entrance of a cemetery at midnight, and both of them were afraid. They weren’t afraid of what was inside: Rather, it was everything outside that scared them. ...Read On


Twenty Four Hours

Barb finds out that a lot can happen when someone else is in charge for twenty four hours.

Barb checked her watch again. She was where she was supposed to be, although she had arrived ten minutes early. For the umpteenth time, she wondered how she lost the bet that put her in this position. She didn't regret making the bet, but she still couldn't believe she had lost. She checked her watch again. In two minutes, it would be noon. If she truly went along with the terms of the bet,...Read On


Another Weekend At Essie's

Essie was standing there, her long legs encased in red nylons, her top sheer, her nipples hard.

After spending my past weekend with Essie, I had a ton of things to do. I informed my Senior Sergeant of my decision not to reenlist. Being discharged from the Armed Forces entails a lot of details. I scheduled my physical, returned my weapons and started checking out. The week went by fast for me. Early Friday afternoon I showered and made myself ready for another weekend with Essie....Read On


It Came As A Shock

I never thought she was so kinky and slutty.

I had an idea she was wild when I met her because she acted so innocent and even naive. I knew she wasn't a virgin or anything like that. We dated for two months before we had sex and married within a year. The sex was great for the first two years and then with work and buying a house and everything else, we fell into a rut. I was perfectly happy with our sex life but I started getting...Read On


Sibling Rivalry

Two sisters struggle with their sexuality, but who will win Alex's love?

My sister, Victoria, has always been the star of the family. Top of her class since the day she was born. The President of half the clubs at our high school, founding member of the other half. Come graduation, the administration had to ask her to step down as class President so that someone else would have a chance to give a speech. She agreed with all the grace and charm that was expected of...Read On


Pass Around Joy

Billy and Jigger after rehearsal hijinks.

Bonneville Beverly Reno had the leading man good looks. I had the character actors mojo and a huge 1966 Pontiac Bonneville. Attending a commuter college made me an asset for lifts after late night theater rehearsals. One thing you learn is that some folks are just born to be romantic leading men and leading ladies. Others are relegated to supporting roles on stage. Still others work in...Read On


Chelsea part II

They always come back for more

I woke the following morning, to the sound of my cell phone ringing. Groaning, I lifted my face from the pillow and looked around at my surroundings. There was an arm draped over me, and I could feel something hard pressing against my ass. It took a few moments for it to come back to me, and then I remembered the events of the previous night. Meeting Chelsea at the concert in the park,...Read On


Secret lives: Chapter 3

Danny gets ready for the party.

She is such a fucking tease, but truth be told, I love it. No matter how much I want to relieve myself and right now the need is almost painful, I know I won’t because in some ways I’m just like Sarah. I want to prolong the sweet agony for as long as I possibly can. Besides I’m beginning to enjoy the exhibitionist side of this too. It’s not only the risk of being caught, nor watching...Read On

Recommended Read

Dante Abbracciavento PI: Find the man with the buckles on his shoes - pt1

My name is Dante Abbracciavento. I’m a PI. Scratch that. I’m a Personal Security and Investigative Specialist. My secretary, or as she demands to be called Office Manager, decided on my new job title. More about Viv later. I’m forty-five years old, divorced with no children. I train at my Cousin Lou’s boxing club four times a week. In my line of work it pays to stay in shape. Bad guys...Read On


Not what Mother intended - Part Two

KG really begins to learn and proves a diligent student

KG stared in fascination as Amelie’s head bobbed up and down. His cock was in her mouth, a thing he had never even imagined happening. She had her right hand wrapped round his hardening cock, and was moving it up and down. Her pace was slow and deliberate. Mummy hadn’t taught him the protocol in such matters. He began to be concerned that he would ejaculate, and in this whole new world of sex,...Read On


...and Butterfly do-Part 2

It was late. Overtime was mandatory. I worked on the assembly line at a small 'mom and pop' factory. I screwed screws into a doohickey, as things moved down an assembly line. It was boring, but it helped with the rent and bills, "just to earn a dollar." The plant was finishing a mass order from a vendor that sold toys. Like all hourly-earners, I was just a number at a time-clock. I,...Read On


Symon And Emma Satisfy Their Addiction

Two people satisfy their craving for each other.

Every so often Symon and Emma would get together for one of their ‘conferences’ as Emma liked to euphemistically call them. There was something about their bond that was impossible to break and Sarah and Ricky had become used to the inevitability that the magnetic field between Symon and Emma would intensify until they took the necessary steps to de-magnetise. It would begin with a look...Read On


The Halloween Fantasy. Part 2

The story

 As soon as we parted company I rode the elevator to the VIP floor. This wing of the hotel was restricted to all but those staying there and required a key card just to enter the floor. I entered Lana's plush suite and was overwhelmed by the opulence of the furnishings, this was not a cheap hotel room to be sure. I studied my reflection in the mirrors of the closet doors as I slid them open...Read On


My First Erotica: The Dream (Part VII)

March 23, 2015 Last night I had a dream about the birthday girl. We were in my shower but the water was not on and she was down low and blowing me. She felt great, better than she actually had. She was still wearing her pink lacy panties, but as she sucked, she reached behind her back and removed her bra. I grabbed her hair tightly and she began to moan and suck harder as her hands reached...Read On


I Didn't Mean to Watch Her

She just happened to be there.

I watched a woman masturbating. I didn’t really mean to, it just kinda happened when I was walking past her house one night. I’d had a terrible day at work, and all I wanted to was to have a wander and clear my head. I stopped to look at my watch, but the light was too dim for me to see it properly. Being too lazy to take out my phone, I walked a little further and stood under a street lamp....Read On


Catching Up (Part 2)

Joanna seeks counsel and comfort from her aunt/lover.

“So you and the Famous Fatal Fenella have crossed paths again,” said my aunt Gemma, “but what a different girl she is now.” Her lovely green eyes twinkled in the kindly bantering way with which, over the years, she has greeted me on the many occasions when I have sought counsel and comfort from her. It was on the first such occasion, during a blissful summer holiday when I stayed with her...Read On


I Had No Idea

It was amazing..

Before getting married, I had always put it off, quite honestly, because I had seen friends who were married getting frustrated, had heard the stories, and I didn't want to go down that road. I loved sex. I liked dating different girls. I enjoyed the freedom that my life gave me. And quite honestly, I really did not want restrictions. I especially did not want to wind up with someone who...Read On


The Teacher And The Model

Courtney is saved from a life on the streets.

I have been modeling for an art class at St. Meade College for Girls the last three years. Ms. Alan came over and reassured me that everything would be fine, as she has always done since my first time. At that moment, the bell rang and the students entered the classroom. As they took their seats, their clay was already set up. Ms. Alan spoke to the class as I glanced around the room...Read On


A Woman Walks Into A Bar...

What one man casts aside, another will treasure!

My name is Mark Walker and I am one of the bartenders at The Mustang Club, here in Cheyenne Wyoming. It's not a bad place really... certainly not "world famous", but it's a fairly quiet, friendly little place filled mostly with regulars. Being a bartender, you get to meet a lot of interesting people, men and women. And if you remain in this business long as I have, you collect a number of...Read On


My First Wife’s Sister

Pauline was nineteen and I had a good way to make her have sex with me.

My wife’s younger sister was nineteen and had married a brutal man a year earlier against our strong warnings. Almost from day one he started to abuse her, but she would never report him or leave him. So we offered to let her stay with us if she would leave him, even if only on a trial basis. She accepted and moved into our guest room. Pauline was simply gorgeous! I’d had fantasies...Read On


Secret Lives: Chapter 2

Sarah teases Danny all the way home.

I jumped in the passenger side and we waited for Sarah. I looked over in time to see Sarah strutting towards the car in a short skirt and t-shirt. It was like a scene from a movie. Everything slowed down as I took it all in. Those sexy, bare legs, the hypnotizing sway of her hips and the way her breasts moved inside her shirt, making it obvious she had removed her bikini top but not replaced...Read On


Spur Of The Moment One-time Sex

It just happened and it was great, a short but true and sweet story.

I very recently had clients who were buying a small strip mall in Orange County. As there was a partnership involved, we would need an attorney to draw the contracts. I have an attorney who handles all my contracts, but the clients had a friend whose son had just entered the practice of law and they wanted to use him. I was unsure about an inexperienced attorney, but reluctantly agreed...Read On


The Shower

Preparing for a night on the town, Louise is surprised with a shower she won't soon forget.

Louise pulled into the driveway, and looked at the house in front of her. Was she at the right address? This is not what she expected. It was a rather large house, she guessed around 5,000 to 6,000 square feet. And in a neighborhood with similar homes. Looking at the keys in her hand, she couldn't help but wonder if this was a good thing to do or not. But, as Sean said, it was the only way...Read On


Oriental Massage

Buddy's new wife gives me an erotic massage

I tried every excuse I could think of to turn down Jerry’s invitation, but he told me if I didn’t buy a plane ticket immediately he was going to buy me one himself and kick my ass when I got to Colorado Springs. He knew why I was reluctant to come, but he didn’t care. I resigned myself to an awkward and uncomfortable weekend, and bought a round trip ticket. In previous years I would...Read On


The Halloween Fantasy. Part 1

Some of my most erotic adventures I ever enjoyed always seemed to occur at Halloween parties, and 1986 would be no exception. The party I chose to attend was held at a large upscale nightclub located just off the lobby of a well known hotel chain. They kept the riff raff out by imposing a large cover charge and demanding that all patrons be in costume. Well it worked as the place was full...Read On


Wife Swap III

I couldn't make this up if I had to . .

Danny woke up in a frisky mood. We had been married eleven years and I knew instinctively when she had sex on her mind. All she had to do was softly moan and I knew what she wanted and needed without even looking in her direction. Danny was addicted to sex, or so it seemed the first few years of our marriage. But, as familiarity set in and perhaps, too, a bit of convenience, our...Read On