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Ellen's Men Next Door: Jack prepares Ellen for more loving.

The Ellen series continues, Jack will show her how tender he can be, after Jed pounded Ellen's ass

Jack lay exhausted on top of Ellen, his cheek resting on her wet mound of pubic hair. The two lovers breathing slowed. The air in the room felt cool on his sweat covered skin. Jack heard the shower in front of him turn off; he lifted his head up in time to see his best friend's tight beautiful black ass exit the shower room. Jack was disappointed that his buddy was leaving; he still wanted...Read On


You Asked For It (Part 2)

As I had this beautiful young, shirtless, woman on her knees, I decided that if I was going to introduce her to my kind of play, I was going to do it the right way. I got a black bandana out of the dresser drawer in which I folded it. I walked behind her, bent down and placed the material over her eyes for a blindfold. I could see her chest rising and falling more rapidly. "Breathe deep,"...Read On


We weren't prepared for camping - Chapter One

Semi-private beach and secluded camp sites

As we drove slowly along the 5 kilometers of unsealed track leading to our normal parking spot that was nestled in between the coastal ridge and the mangrove trees, we recognized a lot of the 'regulars' cars that were here already. We knew most of the ‘early bird’ regulars as we had ourselves been coming here to this beach and camping area for the last five years, often arriving around 'sun...Read On


Radha's Married Life: Part 4

Radha finally gets inducted. But what exactly is the induction ceremony?

Radha shuddered at hearing the words leaving her sasu maa’smouth. “Rashi, Roshni… take off Radha’s clothes. Let the induction begin,” said Kantabai. Radha couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Take off my clothes; make me nude; what the hell is happening here. She couldn’t believe that the lady whom she was supposed to see as her mother, in fact, more than her birth-mother, was making...Read On

Recommended Read

A Day at the Park

A day at the park with their pets turns into an amazing experience

He felt the questioning look before he glanced over and saw Nicky come up to him, leash in mouth, and lay his furry head against his leg. He had been struggling with an extremely difficult passage and welcomed the relief. He closed the page on his pc without saving it. Experience had taught him that sometimes it's better to start anew than to correct a paragraph that just wasn't working. ...Read On


The Birthday Present

What can you get for a man who has everything and is jaded?

I open my eyes and slowly come to wakefulness. Glancing at the alarm clock, I see that it is eight in the morning. The aroma of coffee wafts through the room, and I can hear sounds from the kitchen of breakfast being prepared. Swinging my legs out of bed, I don a pair of cutoff jeans before I go downstairs . “Good morning, and happy birthday,” my wife Alice greets me as I enter...Read On


You're A Dumb Cunt, Kate, And I Love You!

A married woman continues to cheat on her husband with a sexually adventurous woman...

“Someone’s going to see us!” “Shhh… no they won’t. But they might hear us if you don’t keep your damn voice down.” Kati grabbed my hand and pulled me behind the structure near the end of the subway platform. From there, all we could see were the lights on the tunnel walls as they traveled away from us.  Although we had now been dating for several months, Kati still surprised me with...Read On


Unexpected Threesome

A fantasy unexpectedly comes true

Heather was 5-7, slim, great little ass and long legs. Melanie was 5-8, thick build with big firm breasts. I had dated both at one time or another. I met up for drinks with Melanie at a local bar and ran into Heather. We hung out and had a few beers. I was so preoccupied that one or the other would get jealous of the other I completely missed them flirting with each other. Finally...Read On


Four Wheeling Ladies Chapter 2

I so wanted to fuck these two beautiful ladies, to slap my balls against their molten cunts and to feel their pussy muscles grab my throbbing cock. “Who’s first to fuck my meat,” I didn’t want to cream their lovely faces yet, I needed to fill one of those delicious pussies with my manhood. Both ladies wanted my monster, but Gill would be the first, Kate would have to wait. With a final kiss...Read On


Finding Time for Us (part 12)

Brian comes home to a special night with Chrissy

Brian was only half listening to the President of the University as he sat in the Student Center second floor conference room. It had been over an hour since he’d encountered Candace on the main floor below, having spotted her in the area of pool tables being kissed and groped under her skirt by some guy. He fought down a smile. He knew a smile would be noticed and it would be hard for him...Read On


Redneck Boss Fucks Young Employee's Wife

I go to work for a construction company, and the older redneck owner fucks my young, lactating wife.

I knew when I went to college to obtain my civil engineering degree, that the construction industry had its ups and downs with the economy. But, even as a young boy I had a strong desire to work in an occupation involving earth moving of almost any type, including road building and construction site preparation. When I graduated from college in Mobile, Alabama, I was fortunate to find a job...Read On


An Appetizer To Start The Evening

An offhand comment leads Amy into unexplored passion

Amy sighed as James’ lips touched the nape of her neck. Her body involuntarily pushed against his body as she quivered from his light kisses. She felt his growing manhood against her leather skirt and she moaned. His hand squeezed her hard nipple while his other hand brushed away her golden wispy blond hair as he kissed her neck again. “Oh James,” she cooed. She longed to turn around and...Read On


Fun For The Summer

I knew my summer was going to be fun, but I didn't know it would be better than I thought.

When summer break rolls around I head home, looking forward to the two weeks of having the house to myself on weekdays. Both of my parents work during the day, and my younger brother still has his senior year of high school to finish. This means I get to do as I please, which is living it up in my birthday suit and enjoying the pool in our back yard. Skinny dipping has always been one of...Read On


A Friend With Something Extra.Part 3

Grant collapsed on carpeted floor of the living room. The ropes of semen his friend shot on his chest were beginning to crawl down to his bra. The ones on his bra were slowly moving down toward his belly. His tiny silky bikini panties were filled with his own cum as the sight of his friend's cock shooting on him had gotten him off. He looked up at Ian who was still sitting on the couch with...Read On


The Shaming Part 3 (Sweet Surrender)

Finally a Slut and proud of it.

I am lead back to the bedroom in which I had slept the night. Carmen sits down on the bed next to me. “Rachel, you have been wonderful so far. You have endured all the punishment and the humiliation to which we have subjected you. Today is the last day WE will be punishing you.” “What do you mean, WE!” “Well after this shoplifting escapade of yours who knows if your husband will not...Read On


When Your Hormones Go Crazy (Part 4)

One Look at Kayla and I Knew I Wasn't Going To Stop...

Just shortly after my step-daughter Miranda turned sixteen, I began to realize that her friends enjoyed coming over to our house more than ever to hang out, do the weekend thing, have sleepovers, and socialize. I just chalked it up to the fact that I was laid back, easygoing, and my wife was always gone overnights, so we'd had the house to ourselves. No real limitations, no rules, no curfew,...Read On


Parting Lilly's Petals - Her First Anal Experience

A teen aged girl has her first anal sex experience, one which her step father will NEVER forget…

“Cassandra, what if I’m not ready? What if it hurts too much?” “Truth be told, you are never truly ready your first time. But you, my dear Lilly, have a pretty good idea of what to expect. I am confident your ass can handle Ben’s cock, and any temporary discomfort from that experience.” * * * * * “Hello? Is anyone home?” “Hello?” Cassie bolted across the room and her hand met...Read On


A Long Time Cumming

It's been too long

It's been a rough couple months. Between the kids and the jobs, there has hardly been any time for us. It feels like forever since I've been able to lick that sweet, wet pussy. Just thinking of it gets me so hard. It's time for my plan to get into motion. The kids are at their grandparents. The package arrives. Inside is a note detailing exactly what I want you to do. Accompanying that is a...Read On


Gym time for Sasha

fuck this guy is hot, like I mean smoking hot, with a capital S

"Let's push it up to 12.4," he said, reaching in front of me to press the button on my treadmill, increasing the speed yet again. "Only two more minutes, then we can bring your heart rate back down." 'Little chance of that,' I thought to myself, as his sports watch brushed past my ribs, taking his strong biceps and gorgeous aftershave with it. This guy was hot. 'I can't believe I'm doing...Read On


I don't know if he heard...

Another Man Watching Me Enter His Wife

I do not know if he heard her take her breath in when I began to thrust up into her. He was across from us. Sitting straight up on the edge of a hotel desk chair. Close enough that he could have. I did not see his cock jump. Mine did. And again when she started a low growl. She was pretty. He was handsome. I was not sure whose idea it was. It did not matter. I was there to bring her out....Read On


Adventures in Cock Sucking: Part VII

Life goes on after Kim and her black lover.

After being cuckolded and fucked by Kim's black lover, I left that situational fiasco, dropped out of graduate school and returned home feeling pretty low. However, while at MSU, I had met a really wonderful woman. I knew she loved me, and I felt that my love would be safe with her. Maybe with a little time, I 'd grow love her more, too. I got my job back and settled back into my "old"...Read On

Recommended Read

Bunnie Tales: Riding Mr. Ed

When the plan goes awry, they both ride out on the happy trail

“Your face rook Ed Zachary rike your face.” Behind her, CWO4 Davis laughed and almost spilled his fresh cup of coffee. Now, if you know anything about the military, the US Navy specifically, you’ll know they take their coffee serious. Not a day will go by when a senior member of the military won’t have their forefinger entwined in their cup. When I served, we had a term for these guys:...Read On


The Girl Next Door

Man witnesses the neighbor's naughty behavior.

The stereotypical girl-next-door portrayed in most stories is a cute and wholesome young woman. But, that doesn’t describe the girl that lived next door to me. In fact, she’s something of a slut. Her name’s Megan. She’s twenty-two years old and just finished college. Like many recent graduates she was unable to find work so she moved back in with her parents, right next door to me. I...Read On


Giving To Charity

Sometimes, Sex Takes a Phone Call

Charity flipped on the windshield wipers and turned the heater up while she negotiated the Chicago traffic. It had been freezing all week, and the rain was coming down in sheets, looking more like a solid stream rather than individual drops. She’d worn her favorite skirt today, and the knit pullover sweater she had on clung to her body showing off her best assets. Her beige canvas raincoat...Read On


Lactating Hot Wife - Chapter 6 - Lori's Seduction

I discover I have a strange attraction to this older woman

Previously: As you may recall, Glenn, my husband's best friend and college roommate, was staying at our home during the summer of 2015. I had given birth to my first child, Amy, less than a month prior to Glenn arriving. One evening, my husband, Chris, convinced me to breast feed our daughter in the living room while he and our house guest watched. It sounded innocent enough, but...Read On


The Mercy Fuck

A college girl welcomes a new male student to the campus

"You're out of your mind, Danni, you know that?" Bethany asked her best friend as the two of them stood off to one side of the large room, looking at one of the new freshmen who was sitting by himself in a chair in a corner of the room, watching the activities all around him but not participating. Their sorority had joined forces with their "brother" fraternity to throw a "Welcome to...Read On

Recommended Read

Twelve Hours

I’d become so lost in it all and I knew I needed to stop but I couldn’t. It was addictive. I’d force myself to stay away and then one day I’d lose it and binge, trawling through porn sites and chat rooms like a sex addict. Aaron didn’t know. Aaron couldn’t know. I didn’t feel close to anyone. I worked Monday to Friday. On Saturday mornings, I’d play tennis with my brother Callum. He...Read On


Nessa's first anal

Nessa's education

Ada, my stepdaughter, called last week and asked if she and Nessa could come visit for a couple days. My wife Kat, and I have known Nessa for about two years and had a few threesomes with her. Needless to say, Nessa is bisexual as are all the other women we play with. I agreed, imagine that, and they were to be here by noon the next day. I knew Kat wouldn't mind since she enjoys Nessa's...Read On


Bad Decision

From the moment I saw him he looked like trouble, he had 'bad decision' written across his forehead. Way too handsome by half and very much aware of it. He had this very arrogant walk and stance and his smile reminded me of a cross between a hungry wolf and a sly cat. All the girls in the office went ga-ga over him, even the married ones were flirting with him; I could see he knew it, and...Read On


Headmaster's Secretary Chapter II

Liz comes in during the weekend for some extra

Liz was not overcome with joy at knowing she would have to work on a weekend, but the excitement of not knowing what was in store for her was a motivator. She had never thought she would take to this sort of thing so much, or so willingly. Before she even knew it she had had breakfast and washed. Now she was picking out her outfit for the day and the extras to go with it. Liz’s...Read On