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Welcome to the Family

When you break through the hard shell, you might find surprisingly sweet meat underneath.

I had my heart broken about ten years ago when I was eighteen. There’s nothing unusual about that, I know. At some time before, I had developed a crush on my best high-school buddy… and had made out with him. He, of course, liked it and we did it a lot for the next year and a half. Then his mother somehow found out about us, and he dumped me. I was crushed. Naturally, I made out with a...Read On


Honesty Pays Off

I took a risk to tell all and we both went to amazing places

Maybe it was because it was near my birthday. Maybe it was the time in my life. Maybe it was just time. Whatever it was, I found myself fantasizing almost daily and sometimes even more about things sexual. Raised as a "good girl," I was the kind of person who would never imagine anyone, especially me, having thoughts such as these. I was more than a little confused and concerned. Was I...Read On


A Fantasy goes even further

A fantasy to push bounderies even further, this time I catch the wife out.

Months had passed since my wife had treated me to my surprise. To say it was a shock to my system was an understatement. It also had an effect on our relationship. It's not that it was a negative effect. Just that since that night all I could think about was the Gloryhole. I tried to talk to her or bring it up but she would just shut down. I had watched the video of the night a thousand...Read On


My Boss, The HR Manager and My First Review

I liked my job and after my first employee review, I liked it even better.

I took a new job as a case manager for a mid-sized business, based here in Dallas. As far as jobs go, it was a decent one, with decent hours, decent pay and great employee benefits. The stress and the work load, I soon found out, was unbelievable. My boss was about the same age as me, but had been with the company several years longer than myself. Her name was Amy. We had a pleasant...Read On


Hotel Adventure

A bit of crossdressing adventure in an anonymous hotel leads to a lot more adventure than planned...

A few months ago, I started a new job. The job took me around the country, often to locations far from home, where I would stay in some easily forgettable hotels, which usually, at least, were blessed with free WiFi. I would generally arrive the night before attending client meetings the next day. This gave me many opportunities to enjoy my old hobby of cross-dressing. Now, I am straight, but...Read On


Adult Emporium

Has anyone ever taken their girlfriend/wife to an adult bookstore? About four years ago back in my male slut days; I posted once about what I did at that Adult Emporium on I-20 in Kennedale. Alice responded by telling me how much of a male dog slut I was. She really derided and insulted me. I emailed her back that she was right that all the things that she said were true, that I was, in fact,...Read On


Car Park Handjob

The end of a pleasant evening has some unexpected results.

At around the age of fifty, you would have thought that any hormones left in this ageing body, would be less than raging and that it would be hard to coax the old willy into spontaneous life, especially in a car park, at ten thirty at night, on a cold November’s evening. Not so on this occasion. At times, my partner and I have fun with other couples, it’s called swinging, and on this...Read On


Beauty Treatment With A Difference

A letter to my friend about a rather different beauty parlour where sexual heaven is guaranteed

Hi Susie I really had to write to you to tell you about the most amazing sexual experience I had yesterday, so mind-blowingly wonderful that I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven. My pussy is still tingling nearly twenty four hours later, and just thinking about it gives me a mini orgasm. In fact, when I was at work today I could hardly concentrate, and as soon as I got through the...Read On


Watching My Neighbors - Part 5

Connie has her first anal experience and nude beach experience.

"Mmm,mmm." I softly purr as I slowly awoke. Lying on my stomach and still waking, I lift my hips to the wonderful sensation.  "Oohh, Pam." I moan softly, raising my hips higher. She licks my slit, moving up slowly to my back door. Pam swirls her tongue around, wetting the brown eye and continues licking her way up my butt crack as she slips a finger in my ass. "I remember Ellie, slipping...Read On


Finding Time for Us (part 6)

Brian remembers how Chrissy and Candace went from flirting to open teasing at the bistro

Driving across the causeway towards the beach from the mainland, it was easy to find my mind drifting over the events of the weekend so far. My beautiful blonde wife Chrissy sat beside me, enjoying the warm breeze as we cruised above the water of the Intercoastal. Behind us sat our two daughters in their seats, each enjoying their own view of the pleasant sunny Florida day moving past...Read On


Surprise purchase

My wife buys toys unexpectedly for an evening out.

My work takes me to many places within and outside of the US. On the occasions I am traveling abroad I will often have my wife join me. Having her with me seems to lessen the stress of traveling and gives her the chance to share with me the places I get to go and see. Some are exotic in themselves because of their location, others have become exotic not because of their location but because...Read On



Maybe there were no rules.

He watched her as she stood at the far side of the bed, taking off her jewelry, piece by piece. Rings first, twisted gently off her fingers and set on the end table. Her bracelets next. Then her necklace, revealing a feverish curve of neck to him as she reached back for the clasp. He loved watching her take off her jewelry. She did it so carefully, so mindfully. He thought, how demure. ...Read On


Purity Comes To Visit! (Part 4 of the Retirement Village series)

Matters get complicated when a daughter joins us.

After I got back from St. Lucia, the time just went by in a whirl. Twice a week, Marilyn spent the night with me and Marcia also visited another night and also at the weekend. I felt great, though at times lacking a bit of sleep, but it was worth it. The Saturday before Christmas, I drove Marcia to Gatwick to meet Purity from her flight that was due to arrive early in the morning. We got...Read On


Beach Fantasy

Young guy beach fuck fantasy

I am a young guy in my twenties walking on a really quiet beach in just my beach shorts with my towel in hand. I find a nice spot to place my towel on the sand and I take a little lie-down. I decide to just relax there, take in the view and listen to the waves roll up the beach. I lay there for a while daydreaming and enjoying the sun. A guy walks slowly, looking like he just is going to...Read On


DeAnn's Submissive Weekend - ( Part Five )

DeAnn kneels and begs to suck Roberts cock

I was begging Robert to let me suck my first black cock and I still wasn't sure if he would give me permission or deny me. Finally Robert spoke, "Mark I think I will allow your wife to suck my cock. Would you like to sit here next to me and watch her being a cock slut for me?" Mark said, "Sure, I love watching DeAnn being submissive." As Mark got up he told Suzy to go over to the bar and...Read On


The Mysterious Man Part 1 – Sex Club Confession

My entire body reacted when I walked in. If I’d worn panties, they would have been soaked.

You are never going to believe what happened to me last night. Okay, well maybe you will, especially if you read about my amazing Christmas. I went to a sex club last night. Oh no, that’s not the whole story. It was one I knew of, one Michael promised to take me to a thousand times. Before he… well, hell, before he broke it off with me. No word, no explanation, just… gone after a, “I can’t...Read On


Hillbilly Teen Wife Whored Out by Father-In-Law

My hillbilly father-in-law and his friends fuck me after my husband goes to prison.

Growing up as the youngest of eight children in a poor family in the Blue Ridge foothills of Caldwell County, North Carolina certainly had its challenges. Most of my clothes were hand-me-downs from my three older sisters, and I remember getting only one pair of new shoes up until I started high school. My family is very religious, and my parents did the best they could to provide us with a...Read On


The Cable Slave Chapter 5

Candles for Sue - the saga continues

After the party, Zoe is left with Sue for the night. I tidied up the house and left Sue where she was. I loved the way she looked, hung up by her legs with the candle burning. the main lights turned down so she was illuminated by the candle the effect was a kind of magic. The blond her covering her mound picked up the flickering candle and seemed to flash in the dark. I could see her...Read On


Becoming Chloe - Part 34

Chloe & Colin enjoy the Mediterranean, and Chloe comes clean about her, Vickie and Tina

About six weeks later, I got the second script through from Cathy. This one was accompanied by a letter in which she explained the reasoning behind the script. She said that, because of how well the first shoot had gone and how particularly good I'd been in the scene with Tom, they'd decided to put me in what she euphemistically coined a 'more edgy' kind of film. I wasn't sure what she...Read On


Erica's first time

A young woman's summer job turns into her first time.

This story is about my first time. That’s right, my first time being fucked by a hard cock. I am from a small town somewhere in Northern Europe. You know the kind of place, one shop, everyone knows everyone and if you as much as kiss a guy on the street you are branded a slut by the entire village. My name is Erica, and at the time I was dating a guy named Karl. We were both seventeen...Read On



In the 1940’s, some time after the Bristol Blitz, a soldier is distracted as he returns from leave

It had seemed a good idea to hitch a lift into Bristol at the time, as Doctor Moffatt was driving in that direction. It’s not as though he would have had a full night in his own bed anyway, roused at the break of dawn to trundle around the countryside in unreliable buses. This way he would have to spend the night at the railway station, but at least he would not risk arriving late back at...Read On


A Weekend of Fun and Pleasure

The joint was jumping, the music was loud with its beat throbbing through my body. But the music wasn’t the only thing that was making my body throb. I was meeting Luke Jason tonight. Luke and I had recently hooked up through an online dating site, and after several exciting emails and phone conversations laced with colorful sexual innuendos, our time to meet had come. I got there early....Read On


Alley Anal

A very enjoyable week-end conference.

His cock was pumping like a slow piston in and out of my ass and my face was pressed up against a brick wall in the alley. Both of my nipples were being pinched and rolled to excruciating delight. My new friend had only been at it for about two minutes and I was already on the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm, but let me rewind a little. I work for a small manufacturing company and we...Read On


Pieces of Candy

She's always had a desire to be pleasured by the most intimate toy ever...

The wireless network downloading the codes managing her internal simulators began to sync, pleasantly warming the sim card in the small compartment tucked behind Candice's ear. The routine was nothing new to her and was a significant step towards preparing for her next guest. 'How very odd,' she thought as she assimilated the digital instructions. The idea of being changed by the...Read On


Wife Discovers Erotic Photography – Chapter 7

Husband Arranges Wife’s Photo Session

The next morning they slept in. That was one of the advantages of a townhouse, they didn’t have to get up and do yardwork. The young couple were basking in the glow of last night’s sex. For some reason Stephanie was getting turned on thinking about Chris showing Sean her nude pictures. She thought it was hot that Chris showed her nudes to someone else even if it was her friend’s husband....Read On


Sex Life Renewal

Regeneration of our sex life - different bu better.

It’s hard when medical issues put a stop to a "normal" sex life. It happened to me some ten years ago when my wife, Liz 52, had two bouts of cancer that luckily she survived, but the drugs she had to take gave her a zero libido. She also got fatter and lost self-esteem, and maybe as a result also developed type 2 diabetes. We didn't have sex for about three years, and I was reduced...Read On


Deep in East Texas

I was lost. The dirt road to the farm house seemed like a logical place to go for directions.

I have a unique job. I work for a rather large insurance company and my job is to go to commercial businesses and conduct safety inspections. I was assigned a job to check on an oil rig operation here in Texas. I do not like oil rig inspections for two reasons. One they are very dangerous and second, they are smelly and dirty. I drove down the dirt road to where I suspected the rig...Read On


Kara's Workout

What would it take to get his interest?

Kara held the outfit in front of her. It consisted of a pair of shorts, somewhat like speedos, and a tight crop top. It was made of a shiny gray stretchy fabric, probably some synthetic material. She had bought the outfit on a dare when still in high school. It had hugged her youthful curves so closely though, that she had been afraid to show it to her father or wear it out of the house. To...Read On


Rachael's Mom

Pat returned the next summer without Rachael, so I planned to get her alone at least once.

When Rachael and her mom, Pat, visited us last year, Rachael and I had great sex in the pool and she sneaked into my bedroom every night to give me a quiet blowjob. But this year Pat came alone because Rachael was in summer school. That meant that I was going to somehow fuck Pat. She had made her willingness very obvious the previous year, so I planned to get her alone and see what would happen....Read On


Her Surprise Gift For Him

My wife brings a friend home for fun

It’s early a Saturday night, and you’ve let me know that something special is happening tonight, but won’t tell me what it is. We have no plans, and the house to ourselves. You’re just starting to cook dinner, when the doorbell rings. Turns out it’s your friend, Janelle, who’s been invited to join us, as she explains when I open the door. She brings in her bottle of wine, and looks very...Read On