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Strangers in a Bar

Short, sexy story of lust and seduction during a night at the cocktail lounge.

I dropped into my favorite pick-up bar to see if I could dig up some action for the evening. It’s usually a popular meeting place for ladies during girls night out, but it was empty when I came in except for Gus the bartender and Sally the hostess. I took a seat at the bar and we chatted awhile about politics and shared a few jokes. A few people drifted in but I didn’t see anyone interesting....Read On

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Model for a Day

Down on her luck, Amanda takes a job as a photographer's assistant to earn a little cash

I moved out to Los Angeles about six months ago. Like many young women who make the move, I had dreams of being a movie star. I grew up in Alabama and after finishing high school, I packed up my stuff and headed west. Needless to say, this was an entirely different world than I was used to. Everyone was beautiful and seemed to be in a hurry at all times. Certainly not what I experienced in...Read On


Radha's Married Life: Part 3

Radha today will learn a lot of truths. What will they be?

Radha returned around six in the evening. Rashi had told her to be ready by seven. Then both the jethanis would come and pick her up. Since it was her first ceremony of the new home, it was the jethanis duty to pick out the dress for her. She hurried up to her room. She made a mental note with each step that no matter what happened, she cannot be late at any cost. She didn’t want to give...Read On


Jerry Gets His Wish - IRC Relationships

Bi Married Men Find Friends On IRC - EFnet In the 1990s

After Jerry and I had a chance to meet and then go to his house for a massage I was feeling better about him, more safe. I was on the Internet in an IRC chat room channel I founded called #bi-married-men. I was moderating early that morning when he popped in to say hello and checking to see if I had a fun time. I told him that was one of the hottest experiences I think I have ever had. You...Read On


And Then I Met Irving

Him + me + same space = sex

Have you ever met someone whom you just could not resist? He was like that for me. I was like that for him. We couldn’t help it. It was a simple matter of chemistry. Him + Me + same space = sex. It was like that from the day we met. My best friend warned me. He said, “You can’t meet Irving,” I asked, "Why?" “Because you will have sex with him.” “What?! You are just jealous.” “No. I...Read On


Four Wheeling Ladies - Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. I was out on a photo shoot on a remote trail in the woods. I stopped for a bit, to rest, removed my shirt and wiped my brow with it. It was warm today. Off to one side of the trail was an old tree trunk lying about a foot off the ground. I walked over and sat down. In the distance I could hear the sound of engines...Read On


Two Hearts One Love

Dedicated to my best friend, lover and husband..

I place small candles around all our room. The room is filling with the soft fragrances of vanilla and lavender. The lights are dimmed and our room is set for a night of passionate love. I have the music of Savage Garden playing softly in the background. It’s not just a song to us, but a vow that we share, to make our life together loving, sensual and happy. We know second chances at love...Read On


Il dono di Gabriella (Gabriella's Gift)

It is midnight in Milan

The kiss seems to take on a life of its own. Her mouth is warm, willing and sensuous. He gently breaks the kiss and looks at her. Her lips are parted, her breathing ragged and shallow. She slowly opens her eyes. He smiles. He asks her if she wants him to continue. “ Volete che continui, Gabriella ?” She does. “ Lo voglio, ” she responds, just barely audible. He unfastens her blouse,...Read On


DeAnn's Submissive Weekend ( Part Nine )

Suzy gets DeAnn ready to perform at the dinner party

Mark shook me awake and said, "Time to get ready for dinner." I got up and took another shower then dried off and asked Mark, "What am I wearing tonight?" Mark locked my collar back in place and said, "Suzy will be up with your clothes in a few minutes. I believe Robert has a nice outfit picked out for you." No sooner said and there was a knock on our door. Mark let Suzy in and said,...Read On

Recommended Read

Going Down

A fear of heights has unforeseen benefits

Level eleven… When the doors swished open, Amy found herself face to face with a woman she both feared and revered. Marsha Hardwick: businesswoman extraordinaire whose racy looks and appetite for scandal were as legendary as her razor sharp mind. Heart pounding, Amy wiped her sweaty palms before extending a hand and timidly mouthing, “Hello.” The greeting was acknowledged with a...Read On


Maitresse en titre dans l'amour III

Giles has an offer for Isabel, and she thanks him

May 1391, Guildford Hamon de Grey, the bastard half-brother of Sir Giles re-adjusted himself and tried to act as if nothing had happened, yet inside he was on fire, his heart and mind racing. He tucked his shirt back into his breeches, re-adjusted his tunic and grabbed his hat from the ground, where it had become crinkled and crumpled. He smoothed down his silvery blond hair and put the...Read On


East Meets West

Josh West meets the Asian woman of his dreams.

Josh had been to any number of Nancy Walters’ parties. They were one of the few things that he looked forward to after having lived here now for the past five years. The people that attended her parties were always interesting and rarely were the same people invited a second time. After attending the fifth consecutive party Josh had pulled his hostess aside for a chat. “Nancy,” he said, “I...Read On


Voyeur Times Two

I didn't think I was a voyeur, but I guess I am. So is my neighbor. Oh Great!

I hadn’t really planned on seducing or being seduced by my neighbor. I really didn’t. It just happened. Jim was a nice guy, a really cool guy and much older than me. I had dated a few guys at the college, but none of them really peeked my interest like Jim. I am twenty-three and Jim is in his late thirties. Jim and his wife, Mandy, lived next door and as far as I knew, they were a...Read On


Ashley Art Model: Part Two

I looked down. Her labia protruded from the smoothness surrounding them.

I arrived at my dorm to find Taylynn's sock slid over the doorknob. I rolled my eyes; I was tired and I wanted my bed, but now I had to wait for her and her boyfriend to quit fucking first. Great, just great. All I wanted was to get an hour of sleep before I went back for another modeling session this afternoon. I started to slink down against the wall when Kiera, another dorm neighbor,...Read On


Teacher's Pet

Cynthia had been teasing me all year. It was time to test her resolve.

I teach Health and Chemistry at a small high school in a southern state. I grew up in the town and graduated from this school, then returned to teach about two years ago. So I’m only twenty-four and most of my students are juniors and are mostly seventeen year-olds. I love my job and the small classes allow me to give a lot of one-on-one attention to any student that requires extra help. But...Read On


Tipsey Wife, Happy Life CH.2

Bryan and Jenny decide to keep pushing the boundaries

I awoke late on Saturday. I mean, I love to sleep in on the weekends, but was shocked when I glanced at the clock and saw 12:00 lit up in red numbers. The events of last night played back in my head. It almost felt like I'd dreamed them. Could it really have happened? Did I really have a threesome with my wife and her best friend? I noticed a note on the bedside table. I reached for it, and...Read On


Good Solutions (Part 6)

Laura is perpelexed about the feelings dominating her thoughts and body

Just beyond forty, Laura was still in good shape. She had never allowed herself the attitude of ‘I’ve got it anyway so why be careful’ and knew she still had what it took: the events of the past twelve hours were sufficient proof of it. Even Dad mentioned that her physical attributes had not escaped his keen eye. Laura blushed at the recollection of her conversation with Dean. Phrases such as...Read On


Stood Up and Bent Over

Getting stood up and having the night turn out better than planned.

This was my third time trying to get drinks with him, and he texts me he cannot make it… again. Stood-up, does no one find me attractive? Three martinis later a god of a man walks in. 6’2”, red hair and dashing in a grey suit. Wow and he appears to be alone. I can handle that. Maybe I should see just how attractive I am… maybe he can help. I rush into the bathroom and reapply my...Read On



Hot threesome with military wives.

My husband, James, was in the Army stationed in Texas. We had been there about a year and made close friends with Chris and Veronica. My husband and Chris went through basic and AIT together before we all ended up at the base in Texas. Veronica and I hit it off right away; we were the same age and had a lot of the same interests. We were instant best friends and, with our husbands so close,...Read On


Fantasy of getting rimmed came true

I have been fantasizing about getting a rimm job and I am finally going for it.

After my crazy encounter with my uncle about which I have written in my first story, my sexuality has stirred. I am not sure if I am straight or bisexual. I definitely have romantic inclinations towards women but when it comes to pure sexual desires I also think about men. Following these desires, I started to explore my body. I started thinking about men and how my uncle gave me a blow...Read On


A Sensual Awakening

A man and woman experience each other immediately upon waking

He wakes in the hours just before dawn, lying on his back in the big bed, a gentle ocean breeze wafting in through the open window. The sounds of the ocean are relaxing in the quiet of the very early morning, reminding him again of just how much he loves the beach house that he and his wife share. He turns his head and looks at the form of his sleeping wife next to him; she is lying on...Read On


Scotch Diaries - Dakota (Part 1)

The best night in my life so far - getting rich and getting laid

I'm a very simple man; rich but simple. I have lived a pretty ordinary life till now - average student in school, quite dorky in high school, even nerdier in college. But hey, I'd learned the value of money very early in my life so I wasn't going to waste my important years on crazy parties that would be temporary fun. You see, I understood that money is what can give you a permanently fun...Read On


Perfect Duty--Part 2

The Conclusion----A Promise Fulfilled

With the end of World War II, I got discharged at Fort Dix, New Jersey, and made my way to Darla's hometown in Pennsylvania. I found her house and rang the bell. Darla opened the door and almost passed out. Immediately, she began to weep with joy and happiness. "Greg, you came for me. I thought that I would never see you again and Italy was a wartime fling." "No, I always keep my...Read On


A friend with something extra.Part 2

Ian and Grant test the waters.

Ian headed to the bathroom to clean up. As he did he allowed his mind to recall the most recent events of the evening. He arrived at his best friends house for one of their pizza and movie nights and discovers a sexy girl in his buddy's bedroom. He soon discovered that the sexy girl was, in reality, his friend Grant. He didn't look or talk like the Grant he knew, he talked and looked like...Read On


My New Pick-Up Fuck

Prudent negotiations ensure all parties win...

Fap. Fap. Fap. “Uhh.” Fap. Fap. Fap. “Uhh.” My wife had barely enough time to catch her breath as this distinctively carnal sound pattern repeated. Fap. Fap. Fap. “Uhh.” Fap. Fap. Fap. “Uhh.” Like clockwork, every three violent ball slaps released a loud, open-mouthed moan from Denise. Three violent thrusts, each one causing his black balls to slap loudly against the front...Read On


The Start of Something

The Masseuse meets a client at home...

The first thing Mr. Hardy did after he bought me out was close down my parlor for the "re-branding" process. For three months. I told him I'd lose my clients. I told him I'd lose everything. Three months? Suddenly, the seventeen thousand didn't seem so valuable. After about a week, Maxwell called me at my home number. "How did you get this number?" I asked him. I was curled up in my...Read On


Holiday Surprises

A very promising holiday

It was a glorious evening to take a stroll. A warm Mediterranean breeze flowed around me; an arm of air sneaking up my light wraparound skirt to gently caress my naked, freshly shaved mound and send excited shivers through me. To be without knickers these days is very daring of me. I don’t really know why: when I was younger I did it all the time, and thought nothing of it. We were...Read On

Recommended Read

What Love Means in Tennis

It had been a long time coming.

I was tired out after one set of doubles. Sara was a much better tennis player than me, almost a match for David, and able to hold her own with my husband Eliot. She didn't want to stop playing. We had a quick lunch on the patio, sandwiches, and iced tea, and she and Eliot went back out on the court to play another match. I had cooled down some, at least, but I didn't want to go back onto...Read On


The Late Bloomer (My First)

And they called me a late bloomer...

The summer leading into my first year of college was when my innocent horniness ended. For weeks, I'd wondered how I ought to pop my cherry before meeting college boys and needing experience to do them the way they wanted to be done. I'd been to college parties and whenever sex broke out, my friends and I would watch with cups of untouched beers in our hands, as a drunk girl rode and sucked a...Read On

Comp Entry


Arousal is all in your head.

I tie off my left arm with a rubber tourniquet and wait for the vein to pop to the surface. As always, it emerges, blue and ready. My vein is conditioned, like one of Pavlov’s dogs. A stinging swipe of alcohol and the sharp snap of rubber against my skin prompts an immediate reaction. I give the needle a final glance. The extract is clear, with no signs of contamination. There’s not even...Read On