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Lactating Hot Wife - Chapter 3 - My men give me a massage

Chris, Glenn and I establis the rules before they seduce me again

Previously: As you read previously, my husband's best friend and college roommate, Glenn, stayed with us at our home in Aurora, Colorado during the summer of 2015. I had given birth to my first child, Amy, less than a month earlier, and was breast feeding her. Soon after Glenn's arrival, I became aware that he had discovered some naked pictures of me that my husband, Chris, had...Read On


My Love: The Final Chapter

“I do,” I said nervously as the entire room watched me. Time seemed to freeze for a few moments as we both stood there at the altar. I gazed into Kyle’s eyes, as always, they were big and beautiful. I had always had a thing for baby blues and even now they had me mesmerised. His short, spiky brown hair went well with his suit and slim physique. He was my perfect man and I felt like...Read On


Scenes from a Marriage

Beginning at the end

Prelude She lay beneath two quilts listening to the gentle lapping of the lake against its shore. Soon the chirping of the birds anticipating the rising sun would infiltrate and then obliterate the peaceful sounds of the depths of night by the shore of the lake. The morning dew, or the fog rising from the lake would penetrate the solarium where she slept (or lay resting, alert, unable to...Read On


Karly’s Getaway Final - Perfect Holiday in Amsterdam

Having Michael in Amsterdam completed my weird but super fun holiday in Europe.

Michael’s plane landed this morning, and we checked into the Grand Hotel Amrath in Amsterdam this afternoon. I’d like to say we’ve toured Amsterdam already, or at least eaten dinner. We’ve been naked since we got into the hotel room. Michael didn’t even wait for the bellhop to leave. His hand was under my skirt and in my panties while he handed the man his tip. He was good looking. If...Read On


Hotel Massage

He never expected her to be masseuse

There have been rough days at work before, but this had to be the worst of the worst. After leaving at seven, an hour later than usual, I stopped at a local watering hole across from my hotel. The food was passable, the waitress was pretty and the beer was cold. Good enough for me. I entered the hotel and noticed that April was the receptionist on duty. It seems that she only works one or...Read On


Anna and Sam Chapter 15

“Oh Anna, has it really come to this?” he whispered.

Although my eyes closed sleep did not find me. My head was pounding from a combination of hitting the door frame and the stress of what I had done. The room was dark and silent. I knew Philip was also not sleeping as I could not hear him breathe. I could sense more than feel his chest rising and falling but not like when he was asleep and it was occasionally interrupted by little jerks...Read On


Finding Time For Us (Part 4)

Brian, Chrissy, and Candy enjoy a late night

The night out had been rather enjoyable, all things considered. Lori and Jake were friends of pretty long standing for us, the restaurant had been a good choice, and the show was better than expected, and the drinks and conversation after were entertaining. The only downside, if you can really call it that, is that these friends are rather conservative, so we have to be careful to keep...Read On


Sex In The Office - Part 3

Larita gives Andy a very special surprise.

On Monday at work Larita informs me that there will be no sex between us until Friday night. She tells me that there is a conference downtown and that she will be attending it for the rest of the week while staying at the top hotel in town. I am to meet her in the hotel restaurant at six pm sharp Friday. “Andy, you will not contact me in any way and you will not masturbate at any time....Read On



When you just can't get enough of one another

The door had barely shut before our hands were all over one another. The sexual tension that simmered through the night was finally reaching a crescendo, igniting flames of insatiable lust. Eager hands pull you tight against me, bodies writhing against one another as hungry lips meet. We kiss passionately. Deep and hard, willingly giving into our desires. Lips melt in an instant, mouths...Read On


The Picnic

A picnic in the woods

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. Puffy white clouds wafted slowly across the sky. My neighbour came outside into her yard looking as hot as ever. Jenny is a thirty yr old divorcee with no children and as I had often spoken to her when she had been out in her yard, I suggested we go for a picnic or dinner sometime. So it was arranged for the next day as we...Read On


My Naughty Exhibitionist

Submissive secretary learns how naughty she can be

Dating Samantha had been the most exciting time of my life since my cousin had taught me how to properly please a girl and gave me the confidence to do so before unleashing me on the unsuspecting girls of my High School (let me know if you ever want to hear THAT story) I was drawn to her quiet and shy demeanor, her genuine kindness and joy at being with people, her quick smile and...Read On


More Adventures with Amy

After my initial shock, Philip becomes part of a sexy relationship with Amy and me

I woke up a bit dazed, then almost immediately remembered the night before and buried my head under the pillow. Reverberating in my head was the realization I had sucked a cock. I felt Amy's hand run down my naked back. "Good morning, lover," she said. She moved closer and slid one leg over my thigh and I felt the warmth of her bald pussy against my butt. "That was so wild, last night,"...Read On


The Odd Boy

Docking with dad's best friend

I was always the odd boy in my family…In fact; let’s make that our entire neighbourhood. I grew up in a mining town, and the suburb we lived in was like planet butch. Dad, Ben 2nd was a mine worker just like his dad Ben 1st , before him. My older brother…you guessed it, was Ben 3rd . I was named Joseph after my father’s best friend, who was also my godfather. Everyone, however, referred to me...Read On


A Lost Island

Five black football players wash up on a lost island

The five, black football players were on their way to the Bermuda islands to shoot a commercial when a strange cloud appeared. As the plane flew into the cloud it started to get engine problems and soon the engines had cut out and they were going down. Down on the island two people, a man and a woman stood and watched the strange cloud as something they did not understand fell from the...Read On


Private Tuition: Natalie

Natalie calls on her friend Gemma and loses her virginity to Gemma's mum's boyfriend!

Have I mentioned Gemma, my best mate at school? Well, her mum and dad are divorced and Gem lives with her mum but sees her dad quite often. Gem is three months older than me but has always been well developed. The lads at school called her ‘melons’ and now ‘super melons’, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t had sex yet. The boys I know are so bloody juvenile, whilst the older ones...Read On


Top Cut or Bottom Cut?

One man's erotic experience at the Manly Services Salon

It was time for a haircut, but I got extended out of town for longer than expected. I was walking down the street in a very chic part of this southwestern town when I walked past a place with a catchy name that was, in essence, a “barbershop for men”. Not that it was a jock place with a sports feel, it was kind of hard to describe – it just had a masculine look to it. I also noticed that all...Read On


Just What I needed

After a bad break-up Lewis gets exactly what he needs

“Screw you, asshole,” my girlfriend of three years said to me right before slamming the door in my face. I was holding my possessions and valuables in my arms; the rest of my meager belongings were in the trunk of my car. I didn’t think Sally would be so heartless and selfish as to throw me out during the middle of a snow storm at six o’clock in the evening, but I guess I had misjudged...Read On


How I became a slut for an older man, Part 2

My journey Into the servitude of my Dads best friend continues

Following my initial encounter with Paul my servitude to him had progressed; I had embraced my role as his personal fuck toy and he’d made me aware of desires that I didn't know I possessed. My devotion to pleasing him was absolute. If you’ve read part one of my story and are curious - yes, of course, I sucked Tom’s cock and, as ordered by my Daddy, I sent him the pictures of my...Read On


Talking in His Sleep

Two high school loners become friends and go on a trip that will change their lives forever

My name is Mason Spence and this is my story about my best friend in high school, Luke Parker. I’m not sure where to start, so I guess I’ll start the first day we met each other. It was the first day of tenth grade and no one acted like they were happy to be back at school. I was only happy about the fact that I was now able to drive instead of taking that god-awful cram packed stinking...Read On


Bexley Perplexity CH.1

Wyatt's new girlfriend may have more to offer than she lets on

I could feel myself beginning to dampen with perspiration, and my shirt starting to cling to me as I jogged up the hill toward Elswood hall for my final class of the day. As a junior starting the fall semester, I should have left earlier for class so I could have walked leisurely through the humid, muggy air, but when your frat brother challenges you to a game of Madden a man of honor...Read On


Becoming Chloe - Part 31

Colin and Chloe babysit, and then a trip to the pub takes an unusual turn!

Colin was okay with the idea of looking after Nathan, although he was a little concerned about having to look after him for most of the day on his own on Saturday as I would be at the shop. Personally, I was quite excited about the idea of having a baby to tend to and looked forward to it immensely. Tina and Vickie dropped Nathan off early on Saturday morning, and I made sure he was settled...Read On


Finding Time for Us (part 3)

Wife explores her bi side with support of her husband

I was sitting in a rather dull meeting when I noticed an incoming text from my lovely wife, Chrissy.   Coming home soon? I hid a smile. The only reason I could think of that she would be asking that at this time of the early afternoon is she hoped I would be able to come home for a little time for the two of us together before the kids got home from school. As much as I wished I could,...Read On


L.A. Heat Pt 2

Pat and I bond after our initial sexual interlude, and begin to explore our sexual horizons.

Like anything unexpected, it started out small. After our first time together during the power outage, Pat and I started seeing each other more often. During those times, I would either stay over at his apartment, or he would stay over at mine. It was purely sexual, and I told him that I didn’t want him pulling my heart into the mix, even though I was quite fond of him. Pat discovered that...Read On


Fixing the Electrical Short

I am a single divorced woman and I know what I like and I know what I want. Still I need some help.

I am a happy-go lucky divorced gal and I love the new neighborhood where I have moved. I needed a new start after being married ten years. While I love being single, I miss having a man around the house to fix things. Lucky for me, my next door neighbor seems to be quite the handy man and whenever I need something fixed, all I have to do is walk next door. I do my best on my own, but lucky...Read On



She straddled him and ripped his shirt open, the buttons popping off as she bit his chest.

His dress shirt was missing the top two buttons. After he left, she kept the shirt hanging in the back of the closet, where no one else could see it. No one but her. He had left the shirt behind because of the missing buttons. One of their first nights together she had straddled him, loosed his tie, and then ripped his shirt open, the buttons popping off as she bit his chest. He rolled...Read On


DeAnn's Submissive Weekend - Part Three

Suzi leads DeAnn into the house on a leash to meet DeAnn's new owner

Suzy stood there, leaning against the door frame and looking me over. She said, "I hear you met my three stepsons?" I replied, "I saw them but we didn't actually exchange names, mistress." She continued to stare at me, then said, "I'm sure you'll get to know them much better before the weekend is over. The youngest one is 19 and just out of high school. They're all just a year apart in age...Read On


Teaching A Teenager About Sex

Terry was a cute little thing and was eager to learn about sex.

When my wife and I first met, she had just become a nurse and was rooming with her best friend, Patti. Patti was gorgeous and my future wife was gorgeous, so I had to choose between them. Which one would I ask out? I chose Jennifer because she was a natural blonde with blue eyes, a terrific body, and was a push-over when it came to getting her into bed. That was twenty years ago and my wife...Read On


Herbal Remedy

A visit to the Chinese doctor solves a middle-aged couple's sexual problems

My wife and I met when we were both in our mid-thirties at a convention in San Francisco. I lived in New York and Leah lived in London. We soon figured out that both of us were recently divorced and therefore available. We immediately hit it off, and I was very pleased when she accepted my invitation for dinner. Three things attracted me to Leah. I am short, but she is much shorter. less...Read On


Getting to Know My Neighbors Better

I thought I knew my neighbors until one Friday night.

I had begun to pull into the driveway having returned from the convention in Dallas. Yes, the same one where I got to enjoy Matt, Henri and Joan when I saw my neighbor Jennifer, waive from her garage. As I pulled into my garage, Jennifer walked out to the middle of the yard and waited for me to get my bags out of the trunk. “How was the trip?” Jennifer asked. “Quite enjoyable, I have...Read On

Recommended Read

Commando In The Mall

Knickerless ladies shouldn't climb escalators

Melanie stepped out of the lift with mixed feelings. She felt nervous and yet excited; she felt fearful and yet emboldened and she also felt shameful yet shameless. She gazed up at the triple sets of escalators that led to the fourth floor of the new city centre shopping mall. She felt the hem of her dress flutter as the summer breeze penetrated the mall from the opened main doors. She then...Read On