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Popsicle - Part One

Travis tries a new popsicle flavor, and it tastes good...

I was slowly unwrapping that strawberry-flavored popsicle when my eyes met his beautiful blue eyes glowing in the hot afternoon sun. He winked at me. I held the popsicle closer to my lips and gave him a suggestive look. He smiled, a dazzling smile that made the ice pop melt a little. He came closer, his tall figure overshadowing mine. “Hey there,” he said with a British accent. “I see...Read On


Perfect Duty

Army Manuevers

I am US Army Medic and my name is Greg. Most people call me"Doc"'even though I am not a real one. It was early March of 1945 in Italy. I was part of the US Army assigned to distributing food and medical supplies to the locals. It was a four man team made up of two PFC's and two sergeants. After being wounded twice, I got this duty instead of being sent stateside. We got our orders. The...Read On


Horny Boss

As Tony knows what he must do, there is still one thing standing in his way.

"Hey, Shyla," I said, in a low voice as I entered her office. "Oh, there you are, Tony," she greeted me, standing behind her desk. "Did you fuck your wife last night? Did you stick that cock into her pussy and make her beg for more?" she pondered, grinning. "I bet you did, didn't you?" "Yes, we had great sex, thanks to you," I answered her, glancing at the floor. "Listen, I can't work for...Read On


Master of The House - Chapter Two

Maria's stepson steps up and fills her sexual needs after her divorce.

My step-mom, Maria, and my step-sister, Gwen, seemed happy for the next few days. Maria had a whole different attitude and was no longer crying. Gwen decided to return to college for the fall semester and not skip a year. She would be leaving in a couple of weeks. Maria would not let me get anywhere near her after we had sex. Neither would Gwen, in fact she outright ignored me. My ego was...Read On


Pleasuring Him

And finally we are there, in the small cozy bedroom, our hands roaming freely and clumsily over each others bodies, our lips finally touching, our body pressed against each other, my breath ragged. It’s been too long since last time. I feel my cheeks burning as I stare at him, my lips trembling as I try to speak but he knows already. This is the bond we share, we do not have to say much. We...Read On


Collecting The Sample

Wife helps husband collect his sperm sample.

I was sitting at our bedroom window with a heating pad tucked against my tummy watching it rain and crying. As I watched, my husband, Archie, sprinted around puddles on his way to the front door. A pang of guilt added to my misery. I hadn't fixed his supper. I was too fatigued. "Lovey, where you are?" he called. "Up here!" I hollered back. Archie had stopped by the bathroom to fetch...Read On



Oh how we all love 69.

We kiss, touch and undress each other. Our breaths coming out in lustful rasps, we devour one another with our hands and mouths. Standing before each other naked and wanting, you lean in and whisper one thing against my ear. "69." My eyes light up as I begin to pant. Leading me to the couch, your hand on the small of my back, you smile and ask, "Top or bottom?" I can't hide my hunger as I...Read On


The Shaming Part 2 (Sweet Interlude)

The Morning After

Slowly I wake up. The rays of the sun enter through the slats of the blinds, and as I open my eyes, I see stripes painted across the walls of the room by the sun. My mouth is dry, and I am confused as to where I am. I have a moment of panic and then memory returns. I recall yesterday, my shame at having been caught shoplifting, my humiliation, the spanking I received and finally the...Read On


Welcoming Holly and Nick to the Group

Holly and Nick are introduced to the pleasures of bi group sex.

On Thursday afternoon, Holly sent an e-mail at the end of the day telling me that she and Nick looked forward to Saturday night and being introduced to our group. This month's gathering was set for Jennifer and Jerry's. I smiled couldn't help but smile. I looked forward to Saturday myself. Saturday afternoon, Jennifer dropped the kids off at her parent’s house at noon and the three of went...Read On

Recommended Read


Sequel to Mastered....

Gregory knew that Alice hadn't seen him since Friday night. However, he saw a lot of her on Saturday. He couldn't get her out of his mind; he dreamed about her red braid in his grip and woke with a throbbing erection. He drove to her apartment on Saturday morning, noting that the old car in her parking space now had four functional tires. The registration was still out of date. Sweet Alice...Read On


Getting to Know the Sorority Sisters - Part I

Some things are just too good to believe, but this? This is true.

I first met Rachel at a sorority mixer on campus. I was attracted to her friendly smile and dark green eyes. She had a cheerleader-like body that any guy on campus would die to lay next too. For me, I liked the way she laughed and flirted with me. Our first date was a shared hamburger at the Student Union. Our second date, was off campus at a bar. Our third date found us trekking off to...Read On


Widow's Walk

Sex on an Outdoor Platform

Josephine stares out at the gray, choppy water of the sea, the wind whipping her long, brown hair in its ponytail and her skirt around her ankles. She is standing on the ironically named widow’s walk of the old 19th century house she and her husband have rented for the summer. 'And here he is.' She thinks with a smile as her husband, Luc, comes onto the walk, smiling back at her. ...Read On


Finding Time for Us (part 10)

Brian gets a phone call at work from Chrissy

The first half of the week after returning from the weekend at Palm Grotto had passed in a blur. My wife, Chrissy, had her hands full with the kids, and I had lots to do at work. As much as I liked to let things run themselves as much as possible, there were always things that accumulated over time that waited for me until I came back. Decisions that only I could make, for instance, or...Read On


Taken by My Boss' Husband

Incapable of movement, I allow him to continue ravishing my attire.

Every year my principal had a tradition at the end of the school year. She hosted an end-of-the-year celebration for all her teachers and staff at her home. She lived in a huge six- bedroom, six bathroom ranch type house out in the countryside with about forty acres of land, a big swimming pool and hot tub. Only on a principal’s salary can you afford a place like this. It was the perfect...Read On


Sexual Telepathy

I was rendered completely speechless by this young beauty.

I retired the very day I turned sixty-two, that was several months ago now. I’m lucky to have a few good buds from work that I frequently talk to, but I do miss the guys. Yesterday a few of us met at our favorite watering hole near the office. Seated across from us were four college-age girls, one as cute as the other. But one, a natural blonde with gorgeous long hair and big boobs, she...Read On


So In Love (Part 1)

Upon meeting him, he took more than just her breath away.

001 All I did was walk into the conference room and present a pitch to a list of producers before an assistant asked me to join them for dinner. My pitching partner and I were stumped, thinking that we had a chance, and then the assistant clarified that it was only me who had been invited to dinner, and it wasn’t with a producer in the room, but one that had been watching from...Read On


A Real Big Surprise

A guy and girl eventually have sex, but all is not what it seems.

Jonathan had been seeing Katie for about two months. She was loverly, calm, beautiful looking with a voluptuous body. She had large breasts that were perfectly formed, a small waist, large pear shaped hips, big thighs and and very round large bum. She always wore very hugging clothes, dresses, skirts but never trousers. They had gone to museums, art galleries, concerts and walks in the...Read On


My Best Summer

This happened to me at the end of my senior year in High School. I’d just graduated, turned eighteen and was looking forward to the summer. I normally worked in my uncle’s store during the summer, but I’d planned to take the summer off and enjoy myself before starting college in the fall… one last fling, so to speak. My friend Wesley and I were spending the weekend at his parent’s house...Read On


Becoming Chloe - Part 38

Tina & Vickie get married

Well, the day finally arrived. After an incredible amount of last minute telephoning and running around, my ex-wife Vickie was getting married to her female partner and lover, Tina. They both looked absolutely stunning as they walked down the aisle, in almost matching white wedding dresses that I was quite envious of. At least as Matron of Honour, I did manage to get to wear a lovely...Read On


Catholic School Sins... Jamie's Bad "Habit"

God will understand.... Maybe???

Jamie was your typical high school jock, with one exception. He had already turned eighteen and was starting his Senior year at a brand new school. After getting caught dating his math teacher and the gossip that followed, his parents thought it best that he get his priorities in order. Being one of the best pitchers in the area and a lefty to boot, Saint Mary's, a Catholic school two towns...Read On


Adventures In Cock Sucking: Part VI

The GF has another lover on campus and was it surprising to meet him.

I'd applied to and was accepted to graduate school at MSU. The idea was to be close to my girlfriend. I'd be starting the following fall semester as a TA in graduate studies. However, when Kim came home for Christmas, she'd been hooking up with another guy and wanted to break up, but I implored her not to. I guess she felt sorry for me, after all I paid for her plane trip home. We hung...Read On


Party Invite

The last ones at the party have a little extra fun

I felt both flattered and pleased when my next-door neighbor Trisha invited me to her apartment party. We had not spoken much except on the day when I moved in. The day had been brutally hot and oppressively humid, and she had brought me a tall glass of ice water. I downed it and told her that, at that moment, I loved her and she was the best woman on the face of the planet. She had laughed...Read On


The Bet

Straight guy loses a bet at the gym...

At school, I was on the wrestling squad. I wasn’t exactly stocky, but well-built. Apart from wrestling, I also dabbled in martial arts, and boxing. The latter was not my forte, and didn’t come to me naturally, because my foot and hand speed were never quite up to scratch. But when it came to grappling, I was able to hold my own. I was also not the greatest student, and settled for a...Read On


Alex Reborn: Chapter 10 Ghosts from The Past

Allie, goes on her canoeing date when something goes wrong...

…As I was walking towards my front door Liam asks “do you want to go hiking or canoeing tomorrow after church?” “Yes, I’ll check with my parents…” Sunday morning went like clockwork in the Smith house; we all got up, got dressed, and went to mass. Mass went well, up to the Homily. During the Homily, I was staring at Liam, who was sitting two pews in front of me, but on the other...Read On


A Treat For My Master

From my seat in the corner of the lounge and looking around I can see her behind the bar pulling a pint. She doesn’t look very confident and it’s easy to tell that she's still nervous about working there. I have watched her for two weeks now and from the first moment I laid eyes upon her, I knew she was submissive. It’s the way she says “Yes, sir” and it’s the way she lets the men talk first...Read On

Recommended Read

A Dash of Panache

Panache before Punishment

She had a thing about panache so the Audi A5 convertible had to have the top down even though the tropical sun threatened to boil the blood in her head and turn her eyeballs into aching migraine globes, unmitigated by the midnight-black sunglasses perched on her nose. A Mercedes SL or a Porsche 911 would have been ideal, of course, but if a humble Audi A5 was all that was available you had...Read On


Katie (Part 2)

Once I Found Out She Was Into Me...

Moving into our house just outside the city was an experience that I knew my wife and kids and I were going to greatly enjoy. We'd left a smaller house in the city with just enough room to move around in and barely be comfortable in, to a bigger house with a huge yard, a big garage, lots of space between the neighbors, and a quiet are with little noise. It was a huge change, one that I had...Read On


The Wedding Proposal, chapter VIII

An apology is needed, but how will we end up? Lonely? Pals? Friends? Friends with benefits? Lovers?

I was beginning to get used to this now. My heart had stopped racing when I ventured out the door. I did not examine every approaching face for signs of suspicion, or spend all my concentration on every little detail a women would do unconsciously. I walked onto the bus as a free and independent woman. Never questioning my right to be there. A text message arrived as I watched rows and...Read On


My Secretary’s Granddaughter, Chapter 3

With Gillian’s help, I was building a harem of teenagers, all wanting my special shampoo.

When I woke up a few hours later, both Brittany and Gillian were still asleep, apparently exhausted from their bi-sexual experience. I spent some time reviewing what had happened earlier. Gillian, then Brittany had given me blowjobs in the shower while I shampooed their hair. Then they eat each other and made out while I fucked Brittany from behind. The memories and images got my cock hard...Read On


Damien Freshwater Sucked Downstream

Life is but a dream...

Early June was delicious at the Academy. Exams over, papers in. Going home soon, to eager, abusively bossy parents. Nothing to occupy the mind but erotic fantasies. All those boys in shorts and T-shirts, sometimes not even T-shirts, sunning or playing Frisbee on the campus green. That was the spring that the Academy confiscated the brand new T-shirt, which said, “Love has pitched his mansion...Read On