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The Busty Hooker

Jon goes to visit a busty young hooker, and gets a lovely surprise...

Jon Douglas had been married for almost twelve years. He was pretty happy; he had a decent job, enough money to support his wife, whom he loved. But their sex life wasn’t great. To be honest it had never been that good at the start of their relationship. She was a bit too timid, even shy. This was why he had, for the past four years or so, visited hookers on a fairly regular basis. ...Read On


Hitting All Three (Part 2)

Later, without you, I recreate the sensation of triple stimulation.

Later, without you, I recreate the sensation of triple stimulation. *** It's the middle of summer so I've been wearing as little clothing as possible. Trying to stay cool is my main motivation. Today I wore a thin cotton dress and underwear, nothing else. I was out and about earlier in the day, but always moving slowly to avoid getting sticky in the heat. I feel so aware of my body in...Read On

Recommended Read

All I Need

I never dreamed this could happen...

With thanks to JWren for the editing and support. Five in the morning. Wide awake, I listen to the gently stirrings of a new day; bird song, a car engine revving, the distant rumble of a passing train. The central heating pipes twang softly into life. The metallic tap-tap plays a staccato rhythm, syncopated against a blackbird’s intricate, floating melody. Beyond my curtains,...Read On

Recommended Read

The Blue Guitar

A modern telling of the Orpheus-Eurydice legend

While sweeping the hallway, or emptying the trash cans, or making sure the bathrooms had paper towels and toilet paper, Orrin thought about Emily. So what if I’m the janitor and she’s a lawyer’s personal assistant, I’m just as good as anyone who works at Ainsworth and Thelin…she'll see. Orin was determined to get up the nerve to ask her out. He believed that if she got to know him, she...Read On


Good Solutions

Subconsciously her anger fuels her arousal.

Glancing at the clock as she walked into the bathroom she realised she had more than an hour to get ready for her date with Rob. Rob was her boss, and he wanted to discuss a matter over a few drinks and maybe dinner. A matter? Geesh! Did he think she was stupid? But it was an opportunity to get out for a few hours. Jamey was out with Dean anyway, and no telling what time they would get back. ...Read On

Recommended Read

Le Grand Feline

This was a far more refined creature than the bawdy harlots he had planned to pluck tonight.

The Count D’Urberville’s strumpets were as requested: a comely pair, scrubbed clean and unencumbered by any kind of underwear. He reclined on the shabby hotel’s best furniture, did his best to ignore the drunken cacophony from the bar downstairs, and surveyed the naked rumps revealed by cheekily raised skirts. “You.” He prodded one bare buttock with the cold silver tip of his cane, making...Read On


Revolutionary Opportunity

It was an exciting time for a young girl first arriving at college.

The sun shone brightly as Kristen made the rounds answering want ads a few days after arriving for her first fall semester at Penn State. The next job on her list was waitressing at a country club. Her sole waitressing experience was a couple of summer months at a department store lunch counter. It was harder than she expected but Kristen was a hard worker. And she needed to work to avoid...Read On



Julie’s perfectly round, luscious ass was sticking up high in the air, while her head, turned to the side, rested on the mattress. Her beautiful, curly, dirty-blonde hair covered her face slightly. Her ankles were held spread wide apart by a sturdy, metal spreader bar, while her wrists were clasped close together between them. She was completely naked, and exposed, and more turned on than...Read On


The Highest Bidder

Simone gets more than she bargained for when she auctions off her virginity

“Two point six million dollars!” thought Simone as she waited at the airport terminal, sipping a green tea Frappuccino. “Two point six MILLION dollars!” She knew that these virginity auction sites could fetch a girl a pretty penny, but she had never imagined so much. Though it was quite a shock, it was a welcome one. Not only was she going to buy back her mom’s house at the courthouse...Read On


Truth Is Better Than Fiction- Part IV

Riley was great, but her black sheep daughter and her stripper friend surprised me...

Riley had raised two girls as a single mother. One daughter was just getting out of college and the other, well, she was what the family called the “black sheep” of the family. Riley was a close acquaintance, since her sister and my wife were best friends. I never really knew much about Riley and her daughters until things fell into place and then I got to know them all very well and...Read On



A sorority president takes more than one for her house...

“This has got to be the sickest stunt us Delts have ever pulled,” Phoebe whispered. “Poor Colleen.” “Shh,” Brooke said. She watched Colleen through the gauzy curtain surrounding the bed. “I mean it,” Phoebe said. “I could puke. How can she stay so cool?” “Because she’s Colleen,” Brooke snapped sotto voce . “She’s our president and she’s got Delta in her genes. Mother. Sister. Grandmother....Read On


Bad Day in Toulary chapter 2

Vance slowly losing ground

Sara, still naked walks into the kitchen and starts breakfast, leaving Vance wondering what the hell is going on. He thinks to himself, "I find her in the spare bedroom, fucking this idiot and she blames me and won't get out of the house. And now she is in the kitchen naked with his stuff oozing out of her, fixing breakfast. I have to be missing something here somewhere." He walks slowly...Read On


The Diner

A casual glance turns into a night of Dominance

I left work late on Thursday evening. I was on edge and beginning to feel my frustration level rise. I haven’t fucked a woman in a while, and the agitation was starting to show. I looked at the clock in my car as I pulled out of the parking lot, eleven-thirteen. Not really in the mood to head home to an empty house, so I decided to pull into a small coffee shop on the way home. I climbed out...Read On


My Husband And His Computer

As a married man is watching porn and masturbating, he gets caught.

I stepped into the front porch and immediately dropped my keys and bag. "Fuck the office," I moaned, while stretching out and taking off my high heels. I strolled right to the living room and halted. "Oh, that's hot," I whispered before I tip toed towards my hubby on the couch. His eyes were glued to the laptop while it sat on his lap and his right hand was attached to his seven inch cock....Read On


Lake District Holiday (part 4)

Nicki wreaks revenge on the blackmailer

I wanted a shower. I wanted rid of the smell and the spunk and the thought of that man overpowering me. What kept me going was his comeuppance. And that was approaching. When I came out of the bathroom, I found that Lisa had made another cup of tea, but she’d gone off to finish cleaning the bedrooms on the third floor. Just as I finished getting dressed, the door opened and there were Jen,...Read On


Surprise For Christopher

Christopher finished work early; he felt good to be heading home for a long weekend with me, his girl Alana. He pulled into our long driveway, and he thought to himself, "It will be nice to have a little alone time, to relax and plan some surprises for my sexy wife."  He works hard, and never gets home before 5:00. He wanted to have our home sparkling clean and dinner ready, so I would have...Read On


At the DIY Store

William meets a young girl while out shopping and gets more than he was expecting.

William browsed the array of batteries on display. Each little pair trapped in their own clear plastic and cardboard prison. He ran his finger along the row before him, then descended to the next one, searching for the correct size. Around him, a handful of other shoppers had also decided to spend their Saturday at the out-of-town DIY store on this typically drizzly English spring day. ...Read On



life as a human ashtray can be a sight.

Sitting in our modest house naked while stroking my pathetic four inch cock, I listen to my breathing, but I have to stop and use my hands to adjust the mask I’m wearing. It’s a black leather strap across the bottom part of my face which supports a stainless steel ashtray sticking out front. It feels loose and is throwing me off, so I make it a little tighter. There, that feels better. I...Read On


Meeting Joan for the first time

I met Joan in college

Hi I'm Tom. I've written several stories about my wife Joan and her voracious sexual appetite. I thought I'd write about our first meeting and our early dates. I met Joan in college. We were at a frat party and it was getting pretty wild. This wasn't my scene, so I was easing toward the front door. At the door there was a beautiful girl also sneaking out. I paused on the porch and said...Read On


Makes Me Complete

Complex webs of affection.

I could hear them. Touching. Moaning. Kissing. Fucking. Through the walls, I could hear them so clearly. In the darkness I lay alone in his bed, listening to every move made just outside the door. There was a single candle on the nightstand just beside me. My eyes were glued to it as I listen, while my mind was twisting with the thoughts of how badly I messed up. The morning after...Read On


Seductive Recruit

Sergeant Nash disciplines a horny female recruit

Sergeant Nash had a hard earned reputation as a highly competent and efficient soldier. He had been much admired by his men on operations, but now he was stuck training recruits. He had no issues with women in the military, however one particular recruit was testing his patience and self control, Private Nicole. Private Nicole seemed to have taken a shine to Sgt. Nash and was pushing...Read On


Taking Chances Pt. 2

An older woman takes a chance and nothing will ever be the same.

Catherine barely made the six-forty-five and was glad it wasn’t as crowded as the earlier train. She sat down in her usual seat just as the train bolted forward, then picked up speed. Catherine looked at her reflection in the dark window as the train rattled and wobbled, her mind barraged with thoughts of what had just happened, her emotions swirling, as the realization that she had cheated...Read On



It was supposed to have been a pleasant evening. I had dressed up for him, and we had made plans to go to dinner and a show. Fortunately, we hadn’t made reservations or bought advance tickets, because we never left the house. One wrong word was all it took, and suddenly we were arguing. I don’t think either one of us could have said what we were actually arguing about. But there we were,...Read On


Jack the Big-Dick Gigolo

How I became a gigolo after meeting a rich MILF...

My name is Jack, and I’m here to tell the story of how I got involved in the business of being a gigolo, male escort, social companion, or whatever you wish to call it. I was twenty three years old when it first began. I was a regular guy; I had a regular job working at the airport. I had a girlfriend. Nothing special. Except in one area, I have a very big dick. Almost nine inches long when...Read On


Effortless Cool Pt. 1

High school senior is given the gift of effortless cool.

I stumbled a little as I made my way up the stairs in my house. It was somewhere around 3 am– or wait, it must have been later, because I remember laughing heartily while taking a bong rip at 4:20 am– either way, it was really late, and I was very drunk and very high. It was also the last day of winter break, so in only a few hours I would have to wake up and head to my dear old high school...Read On


My journey into submission (ch 1-2)

The first two chapters of my real story of how I discovered my submissive side

My journey into submission (ch 1-2) The following is an account of real things that happened to me. There is nothing particularly sexual about the events of this story, the purpose of this is to express how I felt about them in order for myself to better understand my feelings and find anyone with similar experiences and thoughts. Everything in this story happened after the age of...Read On


Z's Story

Her Master has a challenge for her

She stood before him and disrobed as she did every day. She did not hurry but neither was she leisurely about it. As she removed and carefully folded or hung up each piece of clothing, the shell, the armor, the protection that she wore each day to protect her from the world peeled away with it. But instead of feeling vulnerable or afraid, she felt peaceful and relaxed because he was there....Read On


Moneybags and Scumbags

Worthless pig pays big money for mistress to humiliate him.

I don't think she knows quite how much of a thrill it gives me, hearing her describe to me how she's going to tell everybody how worthless I am, how little gratitude I give her, how unworthy of her presence I am and how gracious she is to bother treating me like shit when she could just as easily ignore my every word and I'd still give her every penny. The harsh yet swiftly confident bite of...Read On


My Initiation-Part 7

I was having fun watching the sorority girls and their playtimes.

I only had a few days to complete my initiation challenge for my fraternity. I had to collect panties from each one of the sorority girls and the dorm mother from a particular sorority on campus. I had been watching the rooms each night to learn the routines of the girls so find the best way to collect each one. I had to go through the window of each one in turn. I could not go from room to...Read On

Recommended Read

The Cuckolding of Neil Dodds - Part 3

Claire goes out on a lunch date with Karl but there are surprises in store for her.

It was almost two weeks later when Claire and Karl finally got to have lunch together. Neil’s mother was in the locality that Tuesday and asked her out to lunch. She could hardly refuse let alone tell her that she was having lunch with another man. Karl was disappointed but he quite understood. He had dated many married women and he knew that these things went with the territory. They...Read On