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My first (almost) Anal sex

I was invaded by a massive cock

I remember one of the few times I let someone fuck me. He was Russian. We met in a bog and he invited me home to his place. I was hoping for a good oral session and believe me, he was very good, but he had an ulterior motive. His cock was the largest I had ever seen outside of a porn film. It was thick and long and it fascinated me. He asked me to let him try to excite me enough to let him...Read On


Meeting with you (Part 2)

Arms bound behind and blindfolded, I feel completely exposed before him. He moves closer, circling me. His fingers drag along the back of my neck, across my collar bone, and back again. I try to lean in to his touch, only for him to remove contact altogether. I have the urge to plead with him then, feeling as though the contact is a lifeline to him, a lifeline removed. Instead I bite...Read On


Wrong Room

My roommate's girlfriend gives me a blowjob by mistake

I woke up with a pair of lips wrapped around my cock. Half asleep, I groaned as she swirled her tongue around my head and squeezed my shaft with her hand. I felt, more than heard, the aroused sounds and small moans she was making as my cock stiffened in her mouth. I reached down, running my fingers through her hair, feeling her head bob up and down on me. I opened my eyes and jolted wide...Read On


Workplace Object of Desire

Colleagues crossing the line

I look across the crowded bar, watching you talk, smile, and every now and then, laugh with our colleagues, who seem especially animated tonight, or is it that there are just more of them moving in and out of the different collections of people. I hate these happy hour gatherings. They are just too much work for my brain. I finger and palm my drink, taking a sip, but not really sipping. I...Read On


Best Buddies - Part One

Hank conquers the woman of his dreams...

Hank and Titch were best buddies. From the age of five they were inseparable. They first met when Titch’s father was employed by Hank’s dad as the foreman on his farm. Hank’s parents were wealthy farm owners and had a very successful business. The two buddies spent their entire school careers together and at the age of twenty, had completed a further three years at an agricultural college,...Read On


The House Sitter Chapter 1

Sometimes a want ad gets you more than you advertised for

Karen and Dave looked over the ad, "House/Dog Sitter wanted, must be mature, experienced, reliable house/pet sitter living in the greater Portland area. Must be flexible, excellent references. Pay commensurate with experience.” “I think we need more details, hun,” Dave said sipping his coffee. “We can add more if we don’t get any responses, dear.” “Okay, so when do you want to start it?” ...Read On


A New Bookstore

For years I'd frequented adult bookstores. I would bourse around a little pretending to be interested in buying something from the store. After what I felt was a sufficient amount of time browsing I would get tokens from the clerk, always hesitating to look directly at him so as not acknowledge what I was about to do. Then, my nose assaulted by the quasi-chlorine smell of the cum combined...Read On


In The Darkness

First attempt

I woke in a panic and bolted straight up in bed. My whole body shaking, I tried to take calming breaths. Hoping I would be able to get back to sleep at some point, but this happen all to often. Nightmares plagued me, almost like fate was saying to me, 'I can get you a great life, but your sleeping hours will be horrid.' I looked over to the man I would do anything for, hoping my...Read On


Phone Sex On The Way To Work

Cum for me baby you ubeg.

I text you as I drive. You tease me, push me closer to being naughty. "Call please," you beg. "Come on, pull over and call me baby," you say. I stop in the middle of nowhere on a dark country road. My phone rings, it's you moaning my name. "Come on baby please play for me, touch, tease, cum for your lover," you beg. "Undo your pants, slide your fingers in. I need to hear you moan my...Read On


First Love

Crossdressers first love

This is the story of the first time my first boyfriend and I fucked. Before I get started I should give you some background information about myself. I had always considered myself straight and had been happily married for fifteen years before my wife and I drifted apart and divorced. While we were married I had wondered what wearing some of her heels would be like. Unfortunately my feet were...Read On


South Beach - The Closing

Three white cougars become involved with two BBC men. The sex is hot and the women satisfied.

The story I'm about to tell you happened two months ago. My name is Margie Nelson, my husband's name is Jack. Jack and I have what is called an open marriage. I was faithful to my marriage until I caught Jack with another woman in my bed. I beat her ass, slugged him and walked out. I took a trip to Miami, FL and ended up in bed with a handsome young black man named Javon. Turns out that he...Read On


The Shaming Part 1 (Sweet Punishment)

The consequences of shoplifting

Evie my eighteen-year-old stepdaughter and I decide that a girl’s day out of shopping and lunch would be the order of the day. Evie has just graduated from high school. My husband and her brother will be gone till Sunday night leaving us girls free for the next three days. My name is Rachel I am thirty-eight years old. My husband has two children twins, Evie and her brother Ed, from his...Read On


The Breakfast Table

I stared at the ceiling. The magnolia paint almost matched the sunlight that was creeping through the blinds. I don’t know what it was about the pattern in the ceiling but it always mesmerised me when I found something that oddly looked like an object or a face within it. Even at nineteen, I still looked for these things. Minutes whizzed by on my clock as I carried on staring. I...Read On


Let The Dragon Free

A young man's first time to a public sauna nearby proves to be an incredibly sensual, exciting time

I had four hours in between clients and I decided to go for a swim in the middle of the day. This wasn’t normal for me but I decided, fuck it, if I have the time, use it! I’m not sporty at all and you can see it – I’m a little chubby but I’m not bothered by it. I’m in my late twenties, average height and I’ve started to lose my hair. I don’t believe in shaving my body hair either. I couldn’t...Read On


Mood Ring

After 25 years two silent lovers meet again

Grey I’m glad my husband’s BMW6 series has darkened windows in the back. I take a deep breath, ring the doorbell, hurry to the backseat and gaze at your front door. Finally it opens. You take two steps look around and shrug. I can’t breathe. I see how resilient you walk, your youthful appearance and the intensity in your eyes. My face starts glowing and I feel shivers covering my body...Read On


My Wife's Studio Photo-shoot

Photo-shoot takes a surprising turn!

I got into photography many years ago when we went on holiday together and borrowed a decent camera as I couldn’t afford one. As years passed and we got financially more comfortable, I bought one and started to learn how to use it properly. One thing I wanted to try was studio photography and I learned through a friend of a new place that was opening up nearby and I joined one of the clubs...Read On


Shard 17: Reruns

“You’ve made me your slut, you know.”

They tossed flame-thrower glances at each other all through dinner, and began fucking as soon as they got back to the room. They fucked their way from the floor to the couch to the bed, through the evening into late night, then early morning. He was now lying on the bed, utterly spent, remote on his chest, watching an ancient rerun of Seinfeld. It was a show they both knew by heart. Every...Read On


The right circumstances

It’d been a week since the hot three some weekend. The weekend involved my buddy Kevin and I getting pretty drunk and double teaming this very hot raven haired girl we had met in a bar. Normally it wouldn’t have been a week since we saw each other, but, even though we were drunk, there had been some ‘cross contamination’ as we fucked the shit out of Linda. At some point, as I sixty-nined...Read On


Antonio's Garden

My gardener makes me his woman...

Eighteen months before, after having lived in an apartment for five years, I decided to buy a house. The home needed quite a bit of work, but the two acre garden, having been neglected in the preceding years needed a miracle. The house renovation was the easy part of the transformation, and within four months it was looking great. Two months later I met Antonio, a gardener, who was recommended...Read On


Emily - Our Tex-Mex Waitress

A threesome was the farthest thing form my mind. My wife sutprised me.

My wife and I frequent a Mexican restaurant here in a Dallas-area suburb. Our favorite waitress is Emily, a young girl about twenty-five with long brown hair and an hour glass figure. Emily is always very friendly and provides excellent table-side service. On one particular night, not long ago, as I was seated across the booth from my wife, Emily stood at the side of our table, taking our...Read On


The Cheating Wife

Emma couldn't pass up on the opportunity of a big black cock.

Emma and Kevin had been married for about ten years now. She was a kindergarten teacher and he was the assistant principal at a elementary school. They met at the school and got married after only a year of dating. Emma was ten years younger than her husband, she was twenty-six years old when they got married. They both now have two boys, ages eight and six. Emma has always been of a fun,...Read On


Frozen in a kiss - part one

A lovingly filthy multi-dimensional time travel tale.

It was a rather busy day at work and I was having a hard time shaking it off so I stopped at a bar nearby to have a quick drink, not to actually get drunk, I just needed something to put that shiny hue back into the world. I decided to go to this little place I have never been. There was really nothing particularly interesting about it but the sign said “Longest bar in town!” Hmm …Is...Read On


My Step-Brother; My Love - Chapter 2

He knew it was wrong, but he didn't care.

Fuck. That’s the only word I could conjure up in my brain after what I had just seen. My god, I just saw Ann, my fucking step-sister, masturbate! I quickly ran both of my hands over my face, sighing out loud. As I open my eyes, I can see the evidence of my thoughts through my pants. Jesus, my cock was hard as iron. Slowly, I unzip my jeans and free my rock hard dick from my boxers. As...Read On


Schooling The Teacher

Her professor went too far, and now she's getting even

A week of reconnaissance on her part was worth the time invested. The history professor who had recently passed her in his course was still at work that night, staring intently at his laptop screen. It was late enough for the hallways to be deserted and their lights lowered. Even the classroom was dark except for the immediate area around the professor's desk. She watched him through the...Read On


Amy's Little Black Dress

Amy's little black dress gets the desired result

Amy’s craving for sex had exploded over the past five years. She had never known the heights of sexual gratification that her lover had shown her time and time again during that period. Each new experience only fueled her desire to push more boundaries, and she wanted him to teach her everything. The fact that she could ask anything of him, and he of her, in their mutual quest to fulfill...Read On


Library Colonel

She was married to a colonel, but she wore the birds

I had been out of the service for a year, and married to Peppi for six months. Peppi was one of the most sexual women I had ever met and our marriage had been an impulse. She introduced me to the lifestyle. With her, daily sex was a given. She even drove to the small, local college I attended so we could fuck in the parking lot at lunch. The VA helped me finance college with the GI Bill and...Read On


Spying on the Cheerleaders

Troy spies on a group of cheerleaders.

Summer had just wrapped up and school was now in session. All the high school aged children were returning back to Beverly Hills high school. The kids that attend this high school are all a bunch of rich snobby kids. They drive to school in BMW’s, Porches, and Mercedes Benz’s. Their cars are not used; they are brand spanking new. Most of these kids are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. ...Read On



I never knew she was into me.

When my wife and two daughters and I moved into our house a couple of years ago, the only thing we really knew about the neighborhood was the fact that it was outside of the bigger city, it was remotely quiet, and not a lot of traffic. It was a nice subdivision off a main road, with easy access to town, grocery stores, and about fifteen minutes across town to the local mall. It also was right...Read On


Initiation to Black Cock in the Steam Room

I meet a black man in a steam room and end up becoming a cock sucker and cuckold for black cock.

My wife Diana and I recently made a big move, from Boise, Idaho to Jackson, Mississippi, to be closer to our two children. We were forty-eight at the time, and our two children were in their twenties and married with children of their own. Our son lives in Memphis which is only about two hundred miles and a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Jackson, and our daughter lives in New Orleans, which...Read On


Erica's Second Time

After being taken by a man the first time, Erica is ready for a woman.

It was early July and I had fucked Mike a few times since he took my virginity. It would have been more if it wasn’t for him. He didn’t want to get involved in any kind of relationship, not even as fuck buddies. He did teach me a few things, though, which I am glad he did. Mostly about sucking cock. In the beginning, I used to get my teeth in the way, but under his tutelage, I became...Read On