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Blackmailing My Secretary

Joanne would do anything sexual with me, except oral. I had to somehow change that.

I’m the accountant for a small legal firm in Atlanta and it’s my job to do all the billing and charging of our clients. Joanne had been my legal secretary for five years and had become invaluable to me. She learned the details of the job quickly and eventually took a big load of my work. Joanne is simple gorgeous, which was my initial reason for hiring her. She has long, thick, silky...Read On


Silent Love

A Second Chance

Some months after my first sexual experience with another boy an opportunity with another boy at school came my way. The boy and I were both seventeen. He had the loveliest body of all the boys I had sex with – it could have been made in heaven and yet I will freely admit he was not a good looker but it was not his looks that attracted me. His younger brother, as it happened, certainly...Read On


My Wife's Best Friend Is Now My Best Friend - Part 2

My friend invites me to her house while the husband is away

After months of hiding our affair in hotels, and sometimes in cars, Danni invited me to happy hour. She said, "Aaron is on a fishing trip. Do you want to do happy hour Friday?" "Hell yes! I can leave work early if you can." We had this conversation on a Tuesday. My dick got hard as I anticipated our get-together coming up. I love how the times we spent together so far have only heightened...Read On


Cocktail, the first sip

Lisa tossed and turned one last time and then she gave up the idea of going back to sleep. She ran her fingers through her hair, thinking about whether to hit the shower or make some coffee first. She finally made a high bun and sat up on the bed to head to the kitchen, and that’s when she saw Bob sitting on the couch and staring with a piercing gaze set onto her face. She sauntered slowly...Read On


A Good Wife. Chapter 6

And the ruining of....

Now, straddling her legs, I grabbed her arse cheeks masterfully with my hands. I then slapped them both in unison, and grabbed again, squeezing just a little to much. She bucked, trying to throw me, but I was equal to it. I walloped her cheeks again, hard, and growled 'This is for being a big cock whore!' I instantly cringed, but it had just come out, I guess from the heart. As I smacked...Read On


Alex Reborn: Chapter 9 First Date

Allie has her first date with Liam

I remembered a lifetime ago when I was a kid, that Wade once got his grounding shortened by doing extra chores and work. I figured the same tactics would work on my new parents since they value hard work, and they love it when we step up and take responsibility, something I will admit I try to avoid like the plague. Wednesday evening, when we were supposed to be in bed, I kicked the top...Read On


Shouldn't Have Peeked

Work Me loses the battle to Lush Me, courtesy of a fellow scribe

It’s a busy weekday morning in the office, but nothing I can’t handle. Lists dwindle as the 'things to do' get dispatched. A nice, uneventful day so far. While I’m figuring out which item gets next priority, my tummy does a crazy flip. It’s done that intermittently for the past three days so I know damn well it’s not the mango I had with breakfast. I motor through another item on the...Read On


My Angel's Demons - Prequel

This part is purely a prequel, just to say how the two characters meet. No Sexual act takes place.

Screams. All around me, all I could hear was screams, echoing through my mind, splitting my skull in two. My mind frantic, eyes wild with fear, begging for the screaming to stop. And then, amidst the silence, that's when I realized. I was the one screaming. Today was the day I turned eighteen.  Today was the day, my parents died. Six Months Later "My name is Brooklyn Wilkes." ...Read On


Tania takes a co-worker

Co-worker see nude photo of my wife on the phone.

I was at work the other day and left my mobile phone on my desk when I needed to grab a ream of paper from our store room. I was only gone for about fivr minutes or so but that was enough time for one of my colleagues to see the picture of my wife on my phone when she rang. As I walked back into my office Simon was sitting at my desk with a huge smile on his face, to which I asked him what was...Read On


Would You Mind?

With their arrangement, just what would he mind?

“Would you mind,” Lynda asked me, “if I went out on a date with Daniel?” “A date?” My wife was asking me if she could go on a date with a man. “What kind of a date?” “A date kind of date. You know, drinks, dinner, maybe a movie.” “Anything else?” “It would sort of depend on what you would mind,” she answered, seriously and yet not. Lynda and I were swingers, had been for a few years....Read On


Ascendance - A Romance (Part 3)

Ishmael’s journey of self-discovery continues as ecstasy and degradation prove to be intertwined.

Mona said she was going to push me to see just how much humiliation I could take. How far would I go to please her? She loved doing it to me, of course, that’s how she got off. But, she explained, I wasn’t only doing it for her; I was doing it for myself. I had to push the envelope to discover who I really was and what I really needed. She said that she was the key that would unlock a part of...Read On


Mind Fuckery

When HE possesses your mind

When was the last time you made me cum? It has been such a busy week and my mind has been so full of work I can't quite remember. Was it Tuesday? Or, maybe...was it Wednesday? Yes, I think it was Wednesday. That's right. Wednesday we had lunch in my car. Wow. Today is Friday...only two days without your voice in my ear growling, " Cum for me darling, " and I can't think straight. "Darn!"...Read On


The Boss's Daughter - Pt. 9

Clint starts his new life in Denver

~ Evelyn ~ Evelyn, along with a large group of others, had been hired on to an expanding company very quickly. One day she was nervously sitting down for an interview and three days later she was employed and sitting at her own work space. She had fidgeted with the name badge clipped to her blouse then smoothed out her knee-length skirt, her usual attire, before settling in to...Read On


Hubby Surrenders His Lactating, Young White Wife to His Black Boss for a Promotion - Part 2

I use my position as a black business owner to seduce the white wives of my subordinates.

My name is Ken, and in Part 1 of this story I described how I am the fifty-year-old black owner of a successful engineering company in Allentown, PA, and I have a huge, eleven-inch cock. I use my position of power over some of my white employees to seduce their wives, and make the husbands cuckolds. I identified David, an engineer, and his beautiful, lactating wife Kate when they...Read On


High and Dry: Part 1 – Protection

She came to me seeking sanctuary, and I took her in.

A call on my mobile at about ten in the evening was how things would normally start. A withdrawn voice, possibly infused with tears, would ask a simple question: “Can I come over?” It would be the advisory that I should expect a girl and her bicycle at my window within the next twenty minutes. It had become something of a routine over the past few months… ---- I had first met Emma...Read On


The Keyholder

The chastity cage comes with the shop assistant as keyholder

“Just that please,” Ben mumbled as he nervously placed the steel chastity cage and padlock on the counter. He was on his way back from drinks with the football team and the elation of winning combined with the alcohol had given him the courage to finally indulge one of his fantasies. Careful not to make too much eye contact, he glanced briefly at the woman behind the counter, who...Read On


Thicker than Blood-Part Nine

Wo suffers more from betrayal the betrayed or the betrayers?

“I’m nervous,” said Jenna. “No, scared—no nervous. Oh, I don’t know what I am.” There was still a good fifty miles to go. But, the road was clear and the sunny day nice. He smiled over at her. “We’re doing this right,” said James. “We know what we have to do, and, we can do it.” “We have to convince him,” she said. “We will, I have a feeling,” said James. “You wanna stop and...Read On


Float Trippy: Giselle's Tan lines

Island Girls make Friends

Back at the Hollywood Sex Shop, Tory and I were now the new Dare Masters for my three exotic Island girls and the Ass Manager, Giselle. "So how does a couple like you end up with a sex shop? You closed up pretty quick I assumed you must be more than just 'in charge?" I asked my new friend. Outside a purple sunset faded, the summer night deepened; inside, Annette, the fine Phillipina...Read On


Closing the store

Josh get's lucky again, this time after store hours.

Being an assistant store manager had itups and downs. It's good times as well as it's bad times, tonight was one of those bad times. It was my turn to be the closing manager, which meant I had many things to do, with not enough time to do them. Case in point the grocery truck had come a few hours later than scheduled. Which had started a cascade of bad things to follow, the main problem was...Read On


Ally Takes Charge Again

Part 5. Ally is not impressed with the previous night's events.

When I emerged from the bathroom everyone was clearing up and heading off to bed. No one accused me of anything, and no sluts tried anything. It was clear sailing. Exhausted from the days non-stop sexual shenanigans, sleep quickly enveloped me. “It was you, wasn’t it?” The words went in one ear and out the other. A grunt that may have hinted at not understanding was the best I could...Read On


The Contract

“You’re going to learn to ride a horse tonight buddy...”

Six months after I began working at an engineering company, I was informed by my boss that I would be spending one week per month overseeing work on a contract our company was busy with. The plant we were constructing was outside a small town one hundred and fifty miles away from the city, I lived in. I would drive to the town early on a Monday morning and stay in a motel, before returning...Read On


B & E (1st Part)

A little bit of larceny, a lot of bad behavior

The man was a little buzzed, but not as much as the two women. They seemed fine in the club, dancing, laughing, talking loudly to hear one another above the music. But when the three of them stepped out into the mild night on the way to the car, they were both a little loopier than he realized, one on either side of him, each clutching an arm and taking small, careful steps, punctuated by...Read On


My best friend, the love of my life, Chapter One

It was results day at Aylesbury Grammar School. I sat in silence in the back of our family estate staring out at the worried faces of my peers hurrying towards the building looming in the distance. "Don't worry about it James, I'm sure you've smashed your exams son." My dad broke the silence from in front of me. I didn't answer for a few seconds and I could sense him looking at me through...Read On


lactating hot wife - chapter 1 - Chris exposes and shares me with his best friend

I breast feed in front of m husband's best friend

Setting the context : First, a little about me. I am twenty three, and married to my high school sweetheart. I am five foot, nine inches tall, with a slender athletic frame. My hair is blond and I frequently wear it in a ponytail, giving me a youthful, innocent look, even when naked. Normally, my breasts are small, but firm and perky with large prominent nipples. However, at the time...Read On


The Taboo Lounge

I needed a drink and some cheap entertainment. I got more than I wanted.

The Taboo Lounge was not at all, what I had expected. I stepped into the upscale topless club, pub and bar with plush mahogany wood setting. Several young ladies, very beautiful young ladies, dressed in 1880’s period style corsets and black stockings, greeted me at the front door. On the far end of the dimly lit bar, was a stage with a totally naked young nubile laying on her back, her sexy...Read On


Serial Cocksucker - A Short Story

Serial cocksucker learns to love being fucked.

I was a serial cocksucker in my youth. It is a long story how I got into it, and we won’t discuss that here. Things changed after I got interested in pussy. I got married, had a wonderful wife and two sons and the thought of sucking cock did not cross my mind for many years. In my early sixties, I started visiting erotic story sites on the internet and somehow gravitated to bi and gay...Read On


DeAnn's Submissive Weekend - (Part Two)

Arriving at the mansion DeAnn meets Suzy for the first time.

As the front door opened I felt my heart start pounding. I had no idea what I was in for but I knew I would do my best to make Mark proud. Next thing I knew I was face to face with a drop dead gorgeous Asian woman dressed in a black corset, thigh highs and platform heels. She had long, shiny black hair that fell down almost to her waist. She was much younger than me, maybe mid thirties and...Read On


Watch Yourself

Guided by her Dom a sub discovers her erotic beauty.

“Have you ever watched yourself cum?” asked my Dom, moving a big floor mirror in front of a chair. Embarrassed by his question, I silently shook my head. “Answer me when I ask you a question,” he snapped. “I’m sorry, sir,” I whimpered and hastily added, “I have never watched myself cum, sir.” “What’s Rule Number One?” he demanded, displeased with my hesitation. Dropping my eyes to...Read On


Full circle

Sex coach goes full circle and allows the student to become the teacher

My first career wasn’t destined to be my last. I still enjoyed Accounting, but being a Sex Coach was far more fulfilling to me physically and emotionally than the satisfaction of having a Balance Sheet balance. My career change happened gradually, with friends and then friends of friends coming to learn from me or ask for some sexual advice. I suppose they did it because I was so joyous...Read On


First Time Anal

Mel is persuaded to try taking it where she's never taken it before

"No. Fucking. Way!" "Aw, come on, Mel. Why not?" "No! I won't do it!" "You might like it. Look, she seems to be enjoying it," I said, pointing to the tv screen where a lovely blonde girl was squealing and moaning with delight as she slid up and down a large, well veined cock. "Luke, there is no way I'm ever taking it up the arse! Ever!" "At least give it a try," I said, trying...Read On