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Lost but never forgotten...

I close my eyes and lean back in the car seat. I feel the bumps in the road as we begin the long journey. Thoughts of happier times and places are what I wish for now. My mind drifts away but at present I am unable to reach the right side of my mind. To those faraway places and days when life was so much more. I take a deep breath and try to focus, hoping to find some special moment past....Read On


Future Perfect - Chapter Two

Sorry, still no sex. It'll be there soon!

We walked through a dark living room, strewn with books and papers. There were laptops, calculators, and all sorts of other educational paraphernalia spread about. As we went through to the kitchen, I saw that Amanda was at the stove putting the kettle on while Bethany added wood to the fire. The girls must have run around to the back door. “Have a seat,” Kyle said quietly, gesturing to...Read On