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The Diaries of Chloe Wilson - Part Three

This is the third installment of Chloe Wilson's Diaries. Previously, she lost her virginity in the back of a car at the park. This time she finds herself at a party at a local pub. What will she get up to this time?...Read On


Bookstore Crossdressing

Giving Up My Butt-Cherry

It was at an adult book store in the north part of Denver. I had just gotten a nice pair of stockings with the latex band to keep them up and I had a hot pair of heels that brought out the tramp in me. I always entered the store with the heels tucked in my jacket, so they weren’t that noticeable. Once I was inside a booth, the heels came out the clothes came off and the slut came out. ...Read On


A Cuckold By Any Other Name - Part II

Her husband is in self denial as Kate continues to cuckold him.

John did not play well at all that Sunday in the local golf club’s annual tournament. Two years ago he had won it but his form was very poor that day. Three double bogies on the nine out holes had ruined his chances. He had been in quite good form the previous weekend and was tipped by some to win it again but John had other things on his mind that day. On Saturday morning he had woke...Read On


Mankini Bearcub Part 1

Bazza is intrigued by comments made about his ice bucket video which shows his mankini falling down

A couple of months ago a lad called James I know at work pulled me to one side to show me something on his phone. I knew it was going to be a piss-take the way his mates were all snickering and throwing glances at each other and it turned out it was the stupid mankini video which my missus had uploaded onto YouTube. Maybe you've seen it: it was my 'Ice Bucket Challenge' filmed in August in...Read On


My New Neighbor

Slender cross dresser can't resist well-hung guys.

I'm a slender, thirty-two year old, bi white male. I've been cross dressing since my teens and love the look and feel of wearing women's clothes. I'm not into all the heavy stuff like wigs, breast forms, padding etc. I mostly wear lace panties, bras, lingerie, garter belts, sheer nylons and heels. I was blessed with long legs, a slim waist, nice round hips and a very shapely little ass. As...Read On


The Choice

Deena has a choice to make, her dignity, or her husband's legs.

Deena’s Story Tears ran down my face as I walked up the garden path towards our new house. Blinded by the sadness, I couldn’t find the keyhole as the key scraped over the brass lock. My shoulders shuddered while I let out another cry for help. “Toby!” The door opened and I fell into the arms of my love. “Fuckin hell... what’s up with you, Rainy Face?” I didn’t know how to tell him. So...Read On


Teacher's Pet

Classroom daydreams become reality...

Today I resume my post as a History teacher at the girls’ college I left two years ago. My name is Dean, I’m a thirty-five year old married father of two and am looking forward to teaching the girls again. My first lesson of the day is with a group of seventeen and eighteen year old girls, one of whom I taught two years ago. I taught some of the others but it is Gabrielle who stands out, she...Read On


A Very Good Friend

Sometimes, you just need a little kick in the ass...

The local salon had been good to Caty. At thirty-seven, she had built up a nice clientele, and enjoyed the time with her customers. A down-to-earth soul, she enjoyed the conversations and idle chatter while she transformed ordinary soccer moms into PTA starlets. Occasionally, the conversation was therapeutic for stylist and customer alike. Nearly one year removed from her divorce, she...Read On

Audio version available
Recommended Read

Mark Me On The Inside

There are moments  Like this  When you need more from me.  You don’t just want my kisses,  My roaming hands and tongue,  My sweet words  Whispered in your ear,  Deep moans of satisfaction  When you enter me,  Slow grinds  That intensify  And tender cries  Before you ease out.  Eye to eye,  Cheek to cheek,  As we come effortlessly,  Wrapped in our love,  Secure in its warmth. ...Read On


Desert Heat

Michelle's road side stop gives her the adventure she had been looking for.

Michelle was cruising down the highway with the top down on her car, singing at the top of her lungs to the feminist tone of the Beyonce hit song, Single Ladies. It was a song that she had recently adopted as her anthem after she left her boyfriend of three years. It was liberating to walk away from someone after years of on and off again chances, ultimately deciding not to waste anymore time...Read On



A dutiful wife wants more from life

“Darling,we have a problem,” I said to William, my husband, as we rested after a moderately satisfying lovemaking session. “I feel boxed in. Our marriage, kids, work, house, all have become too small for me. I need be me.” “Who else do you want you be? You’re my wife, for god’s sake.” “I am more than just your fucking wife.” “Who else can you be, Norma?” “I don’t like normal,...Read On


He's Never Made Me Come

Therapist admits her sexual needs have never been fulfilled....

“Come in!” I pushed open the door and shyly walked into her office, not really knowing what to expect after our last session. I’m pretty new to therapy, having only been recently diagnosed and only having had 3 appointments so far with my counsellor, but even I was fairly certain that what had happened last week wasn’t exactly usual. It had begun like the two sessions before it;...Read On


It's a Beautiful Day

It's easy to appreciate a beautiful day.

It had been a hectic past five years. I had fallen in love twice with men who turned out to be uninspired, and now I was twice divorced and had to pay alimony to the men I chose to share my bed with. They were cute, but they didn't have very good imaginations or what it took to be my man. Young muscular men had always been my downfall. Their touch was electric; their bodies were...Read On


Sex on the Beach

Holiday in the sun leads to a heated romance...

Drops of water collected around my glass, which had become steamed up with condensation. I took a sip of the ice cold beverage, enjoying the refreshing taste of the aniseed and citrus zing of my Ouzo and lemonade. "Ha! This one's ironic!" I joked to my friend Steph, slamming the magazine I was reading down on the table. "Three letter word for warm. Real tough one that!" I shook my head at...Read On


A Summer Night Cruise

Bi Cross Dresser Showoff

I'm a thirty two year old slender, leggy, well-hung cross dresser. I've been wearing panties since my teens and probably always will. The feel of sheer nylon panties covering my cock and hugging my girly little ass makes my eight inches rock hard the minute I slip into them. The only thing better than jacking off while wearing them, is letting another guy do it for me while I'm pleasing his...Read On


Self discovery

A winter escape leads to the pleasures of self discovery

Thanks go out to Bob, SexyShay66 and LovesCyber for their review and editing of this story. This was my first attempt at writing erotica. Bob and I had a little contest so I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of this story. Thanks, Kati Self Discovery It had already been a very cold winter in Minnesota and I was looking forward to an escape after all the busy holidays. Ken had...Read On


The Limo Driver

There was a guy standing next to his car, it was a big Lincoln Limo. He saw the bulge in my pants...

Let’s face it some people are always horny. I’m one of them. Let’s get started… It was late in the morning one summer day, and I was driving around making sales calls and visiting customers. I had a few cups of coffee under my belt and suddenly had to take a leak. I was familiar with the area and knew there was no nearby gas stations, just a forest preserve, so I decided to stop there. I...Read On


New Roommate Pt. 2

Nathan returns the favour to new roommate Jay

Nathan entered the bathroom, feeling a combination of embarrassment, surprise and relief. It wasn’t ideal to be caught wanking by your new roommate but the result was unexpected. There had been many rumours about Jay’s successful pursuit of the girls on campus and Nathan hadn’t been sure about being his roommate on this football trip. But that changed pretty quickly when he felt Jay’s...Read On

Recommended Read

Images Of Sin

My nighttime distraction becomes my husband's latest fantasy...

I tossed in sweat-drenched sheets as the dream continued vividly in my mind. And though I was vaguely aware that my body approached climax, I didn’t intend to do so alone. I woke fitfully, and Natalie came to mind just like she was in my dream…naked. We’d been together three times since the spontaneous sex on the beach. ‘The woman is truly addictive,’ I thought as I threw my dark legs over...Read On


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Cheryl continue to explore her sexuality, and the couple receives an invitation.

The phone rang just after three the next afternoon. Cheryl and Drew had been indolent, opting for brunch rather than breakfast so they could make love, shower, and fuck before they left the room. Cheryl had insisted on a noon-time walk on the beach wearing only her scarves. Before they had gone a hundred yards, she had stripped them off and walked naked in the sun, chastising him for his...Read On


Friday Afternoon

Can anyone please explain to me why a twenty four year old supposed heterosexual female would fall head over heels in love with a forty four year old married woman? It just doesn't make sense in any logical way, shape or form. I mean there was no compatibility on the face of it. I was an outgoing person always out doing something and she was married, home loving and liked baking. She, I say...Read On


An Amazing Oral Experience

One great blowjob

I was a bit taken back at first. My wife showing a little unexpected sexual dominance, but I was more than happy to roll with it. Now pushing me back onto the bed was a good start. Standing over me looking right into my eyes was better, but then grabbing my pants at the waste and yanking them off was hot. She laid on top off me. Her body pressing hard against mine she started to nibble on...Read On


The Best Summer Of My Life: Part 1

Aj is about to come face to face with the woman of his dreams, in the most unlikely place.

"You need to get a job son. We love having you home now that you've graduated college, but it is time for you to step into the real world." "I will Mom, just give me one more day of lounging around. Please?" "Alright young man, one more day. I need you to go into town and pick up a few things. Think you can manage that?" "Sure can. Be back in a jiffy." Anything was better than getting...Read On


My First Fellatio Experience - Part 2

Sally's plan has the desired results, much to her and Chad's delight.

Before I continue with our story, I want to take the time to introduce ourselves for those of you who have not read “My First Fellatio Experience.” My name is Sally, I am twenty years old with 38DD-cup breasts and a shaved mound. Chad is my seventeen year old stepbrother. He is a strapping young man with a seven inch clean shaven thick cock. Yesterday I gave him his first...Read On


Do Your Duty - part four

Private Lovall completed her training at Fort Meade. She was at the top of her class. Because she had done so well she was allowed to select her next duty station. She was going to Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. She would be there after a short leave. Her buddy, Private Donahue, was also going there. The two of them decided to find an apartment to share off base. Living on base would have...Read On


Tempted by Eve

temptation is sweet, a mistress is sweeter...

Eve smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Her chocolate eyes had darkened a little with nerves but brightened as her teeth showed in her red lipstick smile. With a slender hand, she tousled her hair and let her curls hang with a bounce before tugging on a red hat and wrapping a scarf around her neck. Her bust was noticeable beneath her boat necked plum jumper, and her petite build...Read On


Mile High Club: Part One

Cara seduces her co passenger but will they speak after the airport?

Across the departure lounge, a man stood with his back to the wall and his attention on his music player. Cara appraised his muscular build, tanned biceps and forearms flexed as he stretched and she averted her eyes. Such a bloody kitten, she thought, he had to be ten years older than her if not more. Still, he was fucking hot. Cara groaned silently, two weeks without an orgasm and her...Read On


Animal Passion

The room was hot and dimly lit. Lust was in the air, not to mention extreme tension. I couldn't help teasing him. I knew it drove him crazy. I could see it in his eyes. I refused to give in, and it was killing him. I felt somehow in control. I was about to learn I was wrong. He looked at me. I knew he wanted me desperately, but I was going to make him work for it. I was sick and...Read On


Student Days: More than friends

Mel and Lucy prepare for a night out, but get a little side tracked.

My name is Mel. I made the decision to experiment and become as promiscuous as I could when I left my religious home for University across the country. This a story about my unexpected first time with a woman. - After we met down in the basement, Lucy and I became good friends very quickly, and we were finally going out for a night on the town. She had invited me to her flat for a...Read On



She craved his control

I could feel the hands tighten around my throat, my hair being pulled, my neck arching up to accommodate the pulling. I felt the whisper of his breath on my throat. Hot and breathy, chills running down my spine, I moaned quietly as the tingling hit my pussy. I loved this feeling, for however long it lasted. The feeling of being controlled, having to submit to someone who controlled my need. ...Read On